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Hoopla Education specializes in nature-inspired programs that put Sustainability at the Heart of Educ

Hoopla Education specializes in Sustainable Education, starting from ages 2yrs +. We deliver unique nature-inspired learning resources with the goal to nurture the next generation of environmentally concerned citizenry. Our innovative pedagogy applies process-driven approach to learning, starting from Early Years. Schedule a consultation to find out how to integrate sustainability into your school program!

Operating as usual


We take our herbs so seriously that we even organize special herb tasting sessions - in this picture featuring four types of mint (spearmint, peppermint, wild mint, mentha dahurica and mentha canadensis). Only .ble.sardegna 😄🌱

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Nothing is more magical than dying yarn with herbs and natural materials ✨🌈

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Taking our Sticks & Stones program overseas to in Panama 🇵🇦


See you in Milan Sfide - La scuola di tutti] on Saturday March 25 from 4-5:30p!
👉Ci vediamo a Milano Sfide - La scuola di tutti] sabato 25 marzo dalle 16 alle 17:30 per un bellissimo laboratorio sui colori nelle quattro stagioni 🎨🌱


For international women’s day I’d like to give each woman a flower as a reminder of how special you are. Your dedication and love does not go unnoticed. It’s the reason the world keeps going round 🌍


Your creativity is a beacon of light to those who surround you 💡
Today we’re running an activity exploring the color grey from our latest book “Laboratori sui colori nelle 4 stagioni” published by


I love this Christmas tree 🎄

It was taken in a small village in the mountains on the Eastern Coast of Sardinia. The reason I love it so much is that it’s a perfect reflection of the local environment - cacti, oranges, lemons - put together creatively to give its own unique interpretation of a Christmas tree. It’s a perfect example of the way I believe education should be: creative, adaptive to the local reality and yet universal enough for all to feel connected to the message that is being conveyed.

Happy Holidays to you all 🎄✨

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Ciao a tutti! Appuntamento da KW BABY venerdì 18 novembre alle 16:45 per un bellissimo laboratorio di osservazione degli alberi e colori autunnali nei giardini! Il laboratorio è tratto dal nostro libro “Laboratori sui colori nelle 4 stagioni”, pubblicato da e in vendita a Bologna presso A presto 🍂

See you Friday November 18 at to explore autumn colors and trees. The workshop is inspired by our book “Laboratorio sui colori nelle 4 stagioni” published by Erickson and for sale in Bologna See you there 🍂

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Ci vediamo presto a Rimini!
See you soon in Rimini!

Quest’anno saremo al convegno di a Rimini con due Tavoli Operativi il 19 novembre. La sessione avrà come tema Laboratori sui colori nelle quattro stagioni:percorso e attività STEAM per riscoprire il legame tra bambini e natura sin dalla prima infanzia, tratta dal libro che abbiamo pubblicato quest’anno con la Erickson. A presto 🍂

This year we’ll be at the Erickson conference with two exciting workshops taken from the book we recently published, linking seasonality and colors to immerse even the youngest children in the magical world of nature 🍂


How many seeds in a sunflower head?
This one had over 1,000! From one little seed, next year we could grow a field of sun flowers 🌻🌻🌻

Nature is generous


A seed, is a seed, is a seed 🌻

This seed belongs to this beautiful sunflower and is an achene. Seeds are the destination and the departure for all plants. There’s nothing better than exploring seeds and then planting them 🌱😉


Nature is a constantly giving. Today’s gift was finding this praying mantis’ exoskeleton that was shed on a leaf. Pretty incredible ✨


We believe that sustainability should be introduced from the Early Years for there to be a significant impact in children’s attitudes towards nature. How? Read the article on Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson] for details

Noi crediamo che sia fondamentale introdurre la sostenibilità sin dalla prima infanzia. Come fare? I dettagli si trovano nel nostro articolo su Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson]



Super excited to share with you our newest editorial project! 😀

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Join us this Sunday at 4pm CET (Central European Time) as Angelica, founder of Hoopla Education and author of The Garden Project, shares her journey from teaching to living The Garden Project 🌱

Check out to register for@the webinar

Seed you Sunday 🌱

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Super excited to share that our newest editorial project can be purchased from , #1 publisher in Italy for educational material!!

This book is for teachers or parents who are looking for ways to connect their children to nature with simple and fun hands-on activities that engage children, ages 3-6yrs old (and older!). You’ll be taken on a journey of color and light to explore all the colors of the rainbow throughout the seasons 🌈

Siamo super contenti di darvi la meravigliosa notizia che il nostro ultimo libro è disponibile presso , #1 casa editrice per materiali didattici in Italia!

Il libro è rivolto a insegnanti e genitori che cercano attività semplici e divertenti per coinvolgere bambini di 3-6anni nell’affascinante mondo delle natura. L’esplorazione comincia con un viaggio attreverso i colori dell’arcobaleno nelle 4 stagioni 🌈

Per ordinare la vostra copia cliccate sul sito o chiedere alla vostra libreria di ordinarne più copie!

Un grazie speciale a per il suo impeccabile lavoro grafico

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Our word of the day (or decade) is Koyaanisqatsi [pronounced koy-yan-iss-cat-tsi] It is a word from the Native American language Hopi and means “Nature that is out of balance or a way of life that is so crazy it cannot continue long term”.

This word sums up where we are today as a Human race. Isn’t it incredible that the Hopi language actually has one word to sum it all up?!

We’re all interconnected and we all rely on one another. What can be more important than finding our balance within nature? How are you transmitting this to your children? We’d love to hear from you!


A wise old owl sat in a an oak,
The more he heard the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?

Have you found your owl on your oak?

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Dorodango (Japanese for "mud dumpling") is a Japanese art form invented by children, in which earth and water are molded, then carefully polished to create a delicate shiny sphere.
I cannot express how satisfying the whole process is, molding the earth and reversing the earth erosion process.
It’s a wonderful activity to do with all ages.

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This year for Dia de los mu***os we decided to honor our loved ones who have passed by planting a tree for each one of them. Now when we see our forest we’ll be reminded of them and our love for them can continue to grow 🌱🌳


This picture fills my heart 💚

I just received it from a mom who is running The Garden Project with her 3yr old daughter in Canada. They started the project in June and didn’t know what to expect but since then the project has not only brought them so much learning, but a lot of joy! And let’s not forget many nutritious meals 😋

There is no better teacher than Nature and The Garden Project highlights the natural learning processes 🌱🌳🌻🐝


The Garden Project weaves the exploration of nature’s life cycles and learning experiences within the 5 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) disciplines.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how to enhance learning through nature!


The nice weather has kicked in many places making it the perfect time to start planting your veggie plot! Looking for ideas? Try salads, not only are they nutritious with a good source of fiber and vitamin C, but you can start harvesting after only a couple of weeks!

Contacts us for a step by step guide of how to set up your veggie plot this summer and combine it with key learning experiences with The Garden Project


How often do we rush to fill up our children’s time with activities, toys and things to do? Yet there’s nothing better than a dose of boredom and few open ended materials to stimulate children’s creativity!

This activity from the Sticks & Stones Art Portfolio stimulates children’s creativity by encouraging children to transform this image of a rope into something else.

In this picture, the rope was transformed into a beautiful olive tree, something that can be found in this child’s natural environment 🕊🌳

How do you stimulate your children’s creativity? Register to our hoopla.education site for more nature inspired creative activities. For children ages 3yrs+


We. Are. Nature 🌱


We’re excited to participate for the second year in a row in 24 Hrs PBL+, a marathon webinar lasting 24hrs with best practices of PBL from all over the globe 🌎🌍🌏

Our session NATURALLY AUTHENTIC LEARNING at 12p CET (Rome time) will be about making learning truly authentic by linking students’ learning to their natural environment and how this is accomplished through The Garden Project, our award winning PBL curriculum for children ages 3yrs+.

👉To register link in bio👈

Seed you tomorrow 🌱!


It all starts with this: healthy living soil! And the best soil on our land is found under our big oak trees, enriched by the dry foliage from the trees🌳

This soil is packed with microorganisms, including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, protozoa as well as wide variety of larger fauna such as earthworms, ants and insects that spend part of their lifetime underground, all working together to make this healthy, living, nutritious soil! If you were to observe this handful of soil under a microscope, there would be more life in it than there are humans on the planet!

The value of rich soil is immeasurable and something we need to transmit to our children 💚🍃🌳


Nature explorations. A beautiful way to display nature’s treasures found on several walks in the area: forest, beach and countryside!

The Garden Project is a nature inspired curriculum for children ages 3yrs+ that starts with by exploring children’s natural environment by creating nature’s palette and documenting them on the children’s journal! What treasures have you found on your nature walk 🐾🍃?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

Our Story

Hoopla Education specializes in Sustainable Education in the Early Years, through a series of unique programs that apply a dynamic PBL approach to fully engage children connecting them to nature and awakening their creativity.

Learning is made visible through a series of curricular solutions that include age-appropriate and skilled based student journals, diaries and art portfolios that document each child’s learning journey through the Natural World!

Contact us to find out how to integrate Sustainable Education in your school program, starting from age 3!

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