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Enjoyed your post as I spent years practising classics!
Thanks for inviting me to this page. I'm looking forward to being mesmerized by all your creativity on it.

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The Write Route to Radness. With a Radical yet Sensible approach, Robyn Radcliffe is a Creative Powerhouse run and owned by Robyn Radcliffe who holds Degrees in English & Communications Science.

She combines her vast experience in Education, The Arts, Copywriting and as a Lecturer in Public Relations to Create Customised Solutions for her varied clientele. Whether your project targets Pre-teen School Kids or Top-level Corporate Executives, whether it's a 2-line Blurb, a 2-minute Corporate Event Theme Song or the Script for a 22-minute Play or Corporate Video, Robyn Radcliffe IS The Write

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A snippet from a Deep House collaborative track with Kgabo Chris-Kay KokoKgabo Chris-Kay KokoKgabo Chris-Kay Koko featuring poetic vibes from me.

Jitsvinger - Die Profeet feat Robyn Radcliffe, Ferdy Ferd (Audio) 31/01/2022

Jitsvinger - Die Profeet feat Robyn Radcliffe, Ferdy Ferd (Audio)
Poetess vibes featured on this amazing multi-musical track, from Jitsvinger's new album, Compos Mentis. Have a listen and be inspired!!

Jitsvinger - Die Profeet feat Robyn Radcliffe, Ferdy Ferd (Audio) From the album "Jitsonova, Vol.1 (Compos Mentis)" Out now!Buy link: #Jitsonova...


Contact me for any voice over endeavor.


Contact me for personal poetry commissioned pieces.


My cousin Daniel and I both absolutely love Helena Bonham Carter. 😂❤️

Learning, Practice, and Repetition: Why the Act of Writing Is Work 06/01/2022

Learning, Practice, and Repetition: Why the Act of Writing Is Work

Learning, Practice, and Repetition: Why the Act of Writing Is Work If there is anything I believe to be foundational to the business of writing then it is this: writing is work. To frame it in this way is to acknowledge that good writing doesn’t come out, fully fo…


Super excited about conceptualizing my first creative project with @geraldweber for 2022. The journey has begun.

#newproject #poetess #creative #collaboration #ideas #watchthisspace

How Ramona Quimby Taught a Generation of Girls to Embrace Brashness 29/12/2021

How Ramona Quimby Taught a Generation of Girls to Embrace Brashness

How Ramona Quimby Taught a Generation of Girls to Embrace Brashness Plucky heroines abound across Anglo and American children’s literature, yet their own struggles with gendered strictures and the trajectories of their comings-of-age often present conflicting narra…

On Loving, Losing, and Returning to Poetry 13/12/2021

On Loving, Losing, and Returning to Poetry

Rumi's daughter writes. ❤️

On Loving, Losing, and Returning to Poetry I was calling on a la la la status thanks to disco number after the garage installed it is now. Pissant! A suitcase on made you down for dairy pro so be there no child lyrics and you crazy is it go…


I got stuff - aka creative project admin - done (with much appreciated help) today. Educating myself along the way. The drink was well deserved. Learning curves are being served.


Extended Streaming van my Album Launch Concert (27Nov-3Dec) nou available op by die link:

Features: Clarence Stanley Finck DIVA T Niko10Long Robyn Radcliffe Amy Brown DJ W***y ZA CACO & Def Eff

Film Crew: Soema Just
Proudly supported deur Concerts SA

In Search of Words for the Most Obscure Sorrows 24/11/2021

In Search of Words for the Most Obscure Sorrows

In Search of Words for the Most Obscure Sorrows It’s a calming thing, to learn there’s a word for something you’ve felt all your life but didn’t know was shared by anyone else. It’s even oddly empowering—to be reminded that you’re not alone, you…


Phenomenal experience with an amazing group of talented individuals, both on stage and behind the scenes. ❤️🙌🏼

Ticket link:

Een virrie books!

Baie Tramakassie aan almal wat die album launch se streamed concert support het gisteraand.

Moerse Dankie ook aan die wattie album op Bandcamp gekoepit!! Julle
Die production en alles wat daarmee gepaard gaan is vir julle.

Ek is honoured om met die artistic genii op stage te wees:

🎙📀: @goddessdivat @robynradwrites @q_amy_brown @djwillyza @niko10long en @mzu_def @clarencestanleyfinck en Caco 🤜🏾🤛🏽

🎨: @istylishcustoms designer @eezzy_issh jou visual deliver op my custom #graasies moet ‘n exhibition kry!! Salutasie my gazilam

🎥: @soema_just Salutasie virrie telescopic accuracy met julle film skills soedat die nasie kan witness in HD! Big ups op julle latest delivery, ek is honoured guys🔥🔥🔥🔥

📸: @photosbysimeon Jys ‘n master met die camera my broe. Ons gaan ‘n lekker roll-out het met jou shots!

🪄: @coloured_girl_blog muuuuuuuuch dankzeggen vir jou assistance met effect make-up, wardrobe en overall comfort wat jy die features en myself gegee het. Jou attention to detail is commendable.

⛩: Tramakassie virrie TEMO family wat altyd my endeavors support deurit ‘n dak te gee!!

Special thanks aan @concertssa virrie support

Album, tickets en merch link in bio


You are where my heart has found its hearth
Beating quiet splendour, resting within its worth
Every vale and hill, the crevice of the earth
Waiting for the words: This love has been birthed

There was a pulsating at the genesis of my awakening
You were there when I became
Where I became
A quaking
A quickening
Shifting timelines as your skin integrated with mine in every lifetime
Changing histories in all the bed-time stories...
We were always the same
You knew my name as a memory
Dreamt into the desire of this world
I knew yours as part of a tapestry
Yet to be unfurled

You are where my heart has found its hearth
Beating quiet splendour, resting within its worth


Throwback to a poem from many years ago. We have a lot of work to do in this world. The "rebel" is often the individual who adds the most value, whether mainstream acknowledges him/her or not.

#beyou #poetry #throwbackthursday


Invest your time, energy and resources into your craft. Expand your horizons in terms of what you think you should focus on. A new perspective can ultimately lead you back to everything that falls under "Purpose."

#keepitmoving #explore #calculatedrisk #strategy #expansion


I wanted to try something different with my poetry and this was a cool opportunity to work with a saxophonist, in the Jazz genre.

I wrote this piece many years ago, basing it on English expressions that are commonly used. "They Say" (insert cliché) but its not important what they say. It's what you choose to do that defines a pivotal moment, or changes your course/trajectory.

Available for streaming on all the afore-mentioned platforms, enjoy the moment where poetry meets music!!

#poetry #saxophone #music #creativelyinspired #collaboration


Craig Masters is a visual artist extraordinaire. When first I came across his work on Fb, I was immediately and irrevocably drawn to the depth of his vision and creative expression. I desired to merge words and sound to the inspiration that his art evoked in me. I'm really excited and honored to be working with him on a poetry and art collaborative endeavour. This is one of the Masters' masterpieces. 🎨❤️


Super stoked for my first poetic feature on a music track. Thanks Denzil Dee Erasmus for this lovely collaboration. 🎶🎼


A misty Monday morning greets us with minty fresh breath. Let's breathe. The haze hovers, lifts into the ethers as it merges with a messy cloud mantle, splotched with grey and a weak-willed, powdery sky piece. Cerulean, dusted with a touch of disdain. A shard of sun elongates uncertainly, longing to stay. It does not feel at all welcomed by the brittle air kisses it receives. No caresses are forthcoming, so it retreats swiftly. A swathe of fog has once again descended, seeking permanent residency. Off white blankets the former blue blotches, erasing the traces of peek-a-boo that had been there minutes before. The cold saunters between the silence of the day's presence. Inviting more.

Photos from Robyn Radcliffe's post 02/06/2021



No, this word has nothing to do with Twitter. It was quaintly used in the Disney movie, Bambi. Love is in the air. 😉❤️


infatuated or obsessed.
"Gus is still hopelessly twitterpated by Lee"

in a state of nervous excitement.
"The producers are twitterpated over this new idea"



The real prophets are the sons and daughters who see(r) into the future

They are told that their visions are obscure

Those who re-visit  dreams and the  recollection is sensitively inspected

Effortlessly Dissolving the veil between this derivative existence and the imagined narrative of the native soul who seeks to nurture

Those who  are perceived as naive and therefore rejected

Those who have wisdom, unwielded - within the nature of the heart that is  pure


There is no one size fits all when it comes to finding the muse or accessing abundant creativity, but I've come to recognize that subconscious assimilation/integration is key... oh, and coffee also helps nicely!

#unconsciousflow #assimilation #muse #abundantcreative #piscespower #coffee

Photos from Robyn Radcliffe's post 14/05/2021

I had another awesome recording session in studio with @ezeemimobeatz. I'm doing the things. Repping my brand's colours as well. 👊🏼


One of my pet peeves is being around people who smoke ci******es. Those who know me are aware that I have no qualms about leaving company when someone lights up. I wrote this many moons ago, thinking of the enduring nature of our lung(s) and how the amazing intricacy that make up our organs endure.... despite abusive human tendencies.

#smokingkills #quitsmoking #lungcapacity #ihateci******es #yourbodywillthankyou

Photos from Robyn Radcliffe's post 06/05/2021

What a rewarding, exciting time was had in studio yesterday. I learnt quite a bit about the process of recording material. One needs to be mentally focused and open to the creative development that unfolds. I loved it!! Feeling awesome about this project. Thank you to @ezeemimobeatz for making it comfortable for a relatively newbie like me. @denzilmusic I'm glad you are happy with the results. 😃

#recording #studio #focus #voice #words #creative #magic #artist #poetic #smoothvibes


Who is White Jesus, please?

Were we carved in Creation
Hollowed from the hallowed
To be filled
Unnaturally wed
Enslaved to the falsehood
Of being saved

Who is White Jesus, please?

Were we carved in Creation
Holy Ghost hosted
Magic potion bloated
Quoted on Bible stories
Sunday sermon fallacies
Pray every night on your knees

Who is White Jesus, please?

Were we carved in Creation
To surrender
Our serenity
Rendered as riff-raff
Separate the wheat from the chaff
A God of wrath
Did not wreath them
(They were Other)
They chose to smother
With the Good Book

Who is White Jesus, please?

Were we carved in Creation
To be stifled within
Our own Spirit
Present before
The lore across waters
Declared it was the Lord's will
Used their missiles
Those missionary workers
Censored us - the pure

Who is White Jesus, please?

Were we carved in Creation
Bow and arrow bent
Berry picking Kings and Queens
To bow down to read from King James
They paraphrased:
"Savages need civilizing"
We were born savant, not servant

Who is White Jesus, please?


We all feel pain and although it's not the same - it is.

#purging #tearsarehealing #emotion #writingismyfreedom #poetess #empathy


Think about it. 😉

#writer #consciousness #expansion #pisces #depths #manifestation #creativity


There was once such a fun-loving ghost
Who threw the best parties, played host
The guests were all haunted
This left him undaunted
He flew through the doors for a toast! 🥂




The change of season is nigh.

#autumndrizzle #almostwinter #longsleeves #writer #poetry


One day the full feature length film will see the light of day. I trust in the journey and divine timing, come what may.

#writer #poetess #scriptwriter #artfilm #souljourney

Video (vedi tutte)

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Read it, write it, feel it, express it!!  You're all poets, ya'll don't even know it's. 😉
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