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Poetry in Mathematics.

(12 + 144 + 20 + 3 x sqrt4)/7 + 5 x 11 = 9^2 + 0

Translation below:

A dozen, a gross and a score
Plus three times the square root of 4
Divided by 7 plus five times eleven
Equals nine squared and not a bit more.

Mobile uploads 13/03/2015

Mobile uploads

Autograph Maths - The Dynamic Classroom Software 05/02/2015

Autograph Maths - The Dynamic Classroom Software

Good news! Autograph is available for Mac users!
Go to the Autograph download site and select the download appropriate for your operating system.

Autograph Maths - The Dynamic Classroom Software You can download and trial Autograph 3.3 for 30 days. After downloading, double-click on the .exe file, and Autograph will install. Each time you start up Autograph you have the opportunity to buy online. If you have already purchased Autograph, enter your details and click "Activate via Web".To upg…


A very useful free app that can be used to quickly plot linear, quadratic and cubic functions. It also includes other useful tools.

Free Graphing Calculator by William Jockusch


What is Mathematics?
Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity , structure, space, and change. There is a range of views among mathematicians and philosophers as to the exact scope and definition of mathematics. Mathematicians seek out patterns and use them to formulate new conjectures. Mathematicians resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof. When mathematical structures are good models of real phenomena, then mathematical reasoning can provide insight or predictions about nature. Through the use of abstraction and logic, mathematics developed from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects. Practical mathematics has been a human activity for as far back as written records exist. The research required to solve mathematical problems can take years or even centuries of sustained inquiry.



BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS "Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music." —Bertrand…

Wanted in Rome: Accommodation in Rome, jobs vacant, bed and breakfast, apartments 09/09/2014

Wanted in Rome: Accommodation in Rome, jobs vacant, bed and breakfast, apartments

Escher | What's on in Rome | Rome City Guide | Wanted in Rome
The exhibition includes more than 130 drawings and graphic artworks by Maurits Cornelius Escher (189...

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Mobile uploads 25/05/2014

If you've read or watched "The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy", you'll appreciate this beauty:

Geometry Pad+ 27/02/2014

Geometry Pad+

A brilliant app found on the app store: Geometry Pad

Great for creating graphs, drawing circles, testing circle theorem, tangents, transformations and much more.

The free version allows to just draw graphs, whereas the full version unlocks all the above mentioned features.

Geometry Pad+ Get Geometry Pad+ on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Today is 11/12/13, the last date this century with three consecutive numbers | Alex Bellos 11/12/2013

Today is 11/12/13, the last date this century with three consecutive numbers | Alex Bellos

Tic-tac-toe day. 11-12-13
This is the final time this century when the date is comprised of three consecutive numbers.

The next consecutive date will be in 90 years!

Today is 11/12/13, the last date this century with three consecutive numbers | Alex Bellos Alex Bellos: This is the tale of Ron Gordon, the American science teacher whose life mission has been to make the world take notice of arithmetically appealing dates

I Want to Study Engineering 11/12/2013

I Want to Study Engineering

Thinking of becoming an engineer? Here is a good website to look at. Your questions may be answered!

I Want to Study Engineering The aim of this website is to help you compete for engineering places at top universities. We also offer lots of help to enable you to solve these problems.

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Video on 17/11/2013

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Video on

Mathematics is ... Awesome.

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Video on Math is logical, functional and just ... awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!)


Reminder: revision session on Quadratic Equations - solving using factorisation and formula. D7 at 13:05 15th October.


New school year. New start. New friends.

Welcome to St George's Maths Department 2013-2014.

Be Confident. Be Inspired. Be prepared!

A Beautiful Mind (2001) 27/06/2013

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Schools out for summer but your education should never stop.

Enrichment holiday task: watch "A Beautiful Mind"

A Beautiful Mind (2001) Directed by Ron Howard. With Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer. After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish.

Timeline photos 29/05/2013

Timeline photos

Getting a little stale in the creativity dept? Here are 29 Ways to Stay Creative (full graphic): ^SC


Revision booklets are being distributed this week. Enjoy!...early bird and whatnot!

An Invisible Sign (2010) 20/05/2013

An Invisible Sign (2010)

A math movie worth watching..

An Invisible Sign (2010) Directed by Marilyn Agrelo. With Jessica Alba, Chris Messina, Sonia Braga, John Shea. Mona Gray is a 20-year-old loner who, as a child, turned to math for salvation after her father became ill. As an adult, Mona now teaches the subject and must help her students through their own crises.

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure 18/05/2013

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

This is worth reading just by the synopsis!

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure Twelve-year-old Robert hates his maths teacher. He sets his class boring problems and won't let them use their calculators. Then in his dreams Robert meets the Number Devil who brings the subject magically to life. The Number Devil knows how to make maths devilishly simple.





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