Collegium Romanum

The Pontifical Gregorian University is a pontifical university located in Rome, Italy. It was originally a part of the Roman College founded in 1551 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and included all grades of schooling.

The university division of philosophy and theology of the Roman College was given Papal approval in 1556, making it the first university founded by the Society of Jesus . In 1584 the Roman College was given a grandiose new home by Pope Gregory XIII, after whom it was renamed. It was already making its mark not only in sacred but also in natural science.Only the theology and philosophy departments survived the political turmoil in Italy after 1870. Its international faculty serves around 3,800 students from over 150 countries.HistoryFoundingSaint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, established a School of Grammar, Humanities, and Christian Doctrine (Scuola di grammatica, d'umanità e di Dottrina cristiana) on 18 February 1551 in a building at the base of the Capitoline Hill, on today's Piazza d'Aracoeli. Saint Francis Borgia, the vice-king of Catalonia who became a Jesuit himself, provided financial patronage. With a small library connected to it, this school was called the Collegio Romano (Roman College). In September of the same year, the site was transferred to a larger facility behind the Church of San Stefano del Cacco, due to the large number of students seeking enrollment. After only two years of existence, the Roman College counted 250 alumni.

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Altro Scuole di medicina Rome (vedi tutte)
Gemelli ART Gemelli ART
Largo Agostino Gemelli, 8
Rome, 00168 Radioterapia Oncologica del Policlinico Gemelli La tecnologia al servizio della conoscenza, la conoscenza al servizio del paziente.

Rome, 00042

Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta
Borgo S. Angelo, 13 00193
Rome, 00193

The Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta, often simply abbreviated as "LUMSA" is a private university founded in 1939 in Rome, Italy.

Académie pontificale ecclésiastique Académie pontificale ecclésiastique
Piazza Della Minerva, 74 - 00186 Rome, Italy
Rome, 00186

International Conferences on Regenerative Surgery International Conferences on Regenerative Surgery
Via Casilina, 125
Rome, 00176

6th International Conference on #RegenerativeSurgery in Rome Dec 13-14, 2014 focuses on regenerative plastic surgery. Go to

Marianum Marianum
Rome, 00153

Centro Studi di Psicologia e Psichiatria Centro Studi di Psicologia e Psichiatria
Via Monte Santo 7
Rome, 00195

Studio di Psicologia e Psicoterapia integrata

Università Pontificia Salesiana [Psicologia] Università Pontificia Salesiana [Psicologia]
P.zza Dell'Ateneo Salesiano, 1
Rome, 00139

Scuola Superiore di Specializzazione in Psicologia Clinica (SSSPC - UPS)