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The Ultimate Cooking Class Experience at iQ Hotel Roma iQOOK: The Ultimate Cooking Class Experience at iQ Hotel Roma. What makes iQOOK special?

Join us for a culinary adventure like no other with iQOOK, our newest project. Discover the art of cooking Italian food through interactive and hands-on classes taught by our expert chefs. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, iQOOK offers something for everyone. It's not just about cooking delicious Italian meals; it's about learning the techniques, exploring flavors, and mastering

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At iQook Experience, you'll learn to create the finest Italian dishes, both sweet and savory, with your friends. A fun-filled moment to bond and cook up a fabulous all-Italian menu together with our chef Agnese. 🇮🇹👩‍🍳


The meticulous attention to detail that our chef Agnese gives to each participant in the course is sublime. Her care and sweetness will convince you that you've made the right choice! 👩‍🍳✨


We will issue a participation certificate to each of the attendees in this cooking class, whether it's for a keepsake or other purposes. We'll hand you this certificate so you never forget us! 🏆👩‍🍳

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


You'll create the dough for making ravioli, roll it out with a rolling pin, and step by step, you'll craft the best ravioli you'll ever taste! 🍝👩‍🍳


You'll get your hands dirty with flour, oil, eggs, water – enjoy every moment of this hands-on experience until the very last minute! 🍳👩‍🍳

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


Authentic homemade Italian fettuccine made by you! No worries, our chef Agnese will guide you through the perfect creation of a delicious plate of fettuccine! 🍝👩‍🍳


Having fun cooking together with your friends is what you'll experience at IQook . Coordinate in the kitchen and enjoy the culinary adventure! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🍲

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


The best part of our cooking classes is when, at the end, you get to taste the dishes you've cooked yourself, all with your friends. 🍽️👩‍🍳

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


The authentic traditional tiramisù! 🍰 Our chef Agnese will teach you all the tricks to achieve the best tiramisù ever!

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


An Italian espresso is always a good idea for a break during our cooking classes.
Agnese will teach us how to enjoy it☕😍


This is the perfect setting for a special cooking class in which to learn how to make tagliatelle.Simple ingredients, divine results. Learn some essential recipes of Italian cuisine with us. 🍝🇮🇹


Are you a tiramisù lover?😍 Come and learn the recipe with our cooking classes, fun is guaranteed and professionalism is assured.
We are waiting for you, write to us for more info!

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


Everyone will have their own station and accessories. Come and visit us to learn some basics of traditional Italian cooking.🇱🇮🇹
Book your course, we are there every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6 pm

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


The satisfaction after the cooking class is truly priceless, you can taste everything you have created and share it with your classmates🤩


The movements of Italian cuisine are simple if they are done in the right way, come and learn them with our cooking classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6.00 pm. 🤌

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


Relax with a nice Italian espresso after the cooking class to fully round off the Italian cooking experience ☕


🍝 And here's the best part! At the end of the class you can savour the tasty result of a unique experience.


She is Agnese, our fantastic chef, smiling, helpful and very engaging. She will teach some of the secrets of Italian cuisine with joy and passion.
What are you waiting for? Book your course.


And here is some perfect fettuccine, handmade by you thanks to this fantastic cooking class and the teachings of our super Italian chef Agnese 😋


🍝🇮🇹 iQook experience, suitable for anyone, our classes offer the chance to learn authentic recipes from expert chefs. At the end, you'll receive a certificate to showcase your newfound skills. Don't miss out on this culinary adventure! Book your spot now.


And here's the best part! At the end of the class, you'll have the pleasure of savoring the ravioli you've created. Sit down with your fellow foodies and enjoy the fruits of your labor, knowing that every bite is a testament to your culinary skills 🥂


Whether you're looking to enhance your culinary skills or simply enjoy a fun cooking session, our classes are perfect for all levels. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity and indulge in delicious Italian cuisine. Book your spot now and let the culinary adventure begin!

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


Fun is guaranteed during our cooking classes, suitable for everyone, whether you're a beginner cooking enthusiast or an expert in the kitchen👩‍🍳


Attention all aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts! ✨ Enhance your cooking abilities and receive recognition for your achievements with our comprehensive cooking course.


👩‍🍳 Under the expert guidance, you'll not only learn to create delicious dishes from scratch but also master the art of cooking and seasoning. From perfecting the cooking time to enhancing flavors with the right sauces, we'll teach you all the secrets to make your creations truly exceptional😋🍴


Join our cooking classes in Rome for an unforgettable experience filled with Prosecco, delicious food, and endless fun!
Book it now and let the cooking adventure begin! 🍾🍝🎉


Join our cooking classes, it will be an incredible sharing experience where you will learn some tricks of Italian cuisine to reuse at your future dinners.

Book a cooking class and visit us in our brand new open space in the heart of Rome.

📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]


iQ Hotel Roma is happy to host , a unique and a culinary adventure. Discover the art of cooking Italian food through interactive and hands-on classes taught by our expert chef Agnese.
Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, iQOOK offers something for everyone.

Join us!
📍 Via Firenze 10, Roma
📞 +39 06 488 0465
✉️ [email protected]

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🍝 Simple movements and love are the secret ingredients to creating something truly special. 🇮🇹❤️ Join our cooking classe...




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