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Arts in Rome


Goodafternon! I'm Marta, from Brazil. I have interest in one of the courses you . I am an amateur designer without knowledge in human anatomy. I can do the course or need to have advanced knowledge ? What is the value and dates for the second half ? thanks for listening
"Sunset in Toscana", oil on canvas, 50x70cm, Ezio Ojeda, Brazil
J'adore ROME !
I would love to participate! See my artwork...
Grazie mille. .lieta di essere vostra amica..!!!
Grazie per avermi invitato alla vostra pagina
Paras Rautre Digi Portrait Art

no profit organization with the mission to support young and adult people and professionals living in rural areas in Cultural and Creative Industries field reaching their highest potential through continuous personal and professional development.

OID E10261862
What we offer?

- experience in Europe for young people and adult people
- courses on Cultural and Creative Industries entrepreneurship
- no formal learning activities as a new approach of learning
- stage in Europe for Entrepreneurs

Normali funzionamento

Immersive Experience by studio Holymage 18/03/2022

Immersive Experience by studio Holymage

Arte & Tecnologia: immersione sensoriale a 360°

Cosa ne pensi?


Immersive Experience by studio Holymage Founded by Xavier Mailliez and Antoine Géré, Paris-based studio Holymage specialises in creating beautiful and captivating visuals for large-scale events. Fo...

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 09/03/2022

Lo scorso 10 febbraio è ufficialmente iniziato il progetto UPGRADE&CONNECT, Co-finanziato dalla Comunità Europea, in collaborazione con 🌟🇮🇹🇪🇸

Sono stati presenti anche i Partners Locali Italiani e Spagnoli quali Comune di Isola del Liri nella persona di Massimiliano Quadrini, @accionsocialporlajuventud e Ingalicia Europortunidades

I Partners ci aiuteranno a divulgare il 🌟CORSO ONLINE Gratuito🌟 (disponibile dal 31/07 in poi) dedicato agli Artisti, Artigiani e Creativi che vogliono mettersi in proprio 💪💪

🟠 Perché gratuito? perché il progetto è finanziato dalla Comunità Europea 🇪🇺 per lo sviluppo sociale e culturale a livello locale

se sei interessato/a al progetto e anche a partecipare al Corso Online segui Arts in Rome 😊😊

Stand With Ukraine! 28/02/2022

Stand With Ukraine!

We know that many of you: both NGO leaders and individuals are wondering how you can support Ukraine.
🇺🇦Being a Ukrainian, in the last 4 days I’ve been closely following the situation and collected concrete steps and trusted sources you can rely on.
Here are practical steps you can take:
1. Donate directly to the National Bank of Ukraine and support Ukrainian Armed Forces: (different currencies supported).
2. Send humanitarian help: food, clothes & medications to Volunteer Warehouse Center (Poland) which will be delivered to Ukraine. More information here:
3. Help with hosting Ukrainian refugees. If you have a place to stay, please fill in the form: Your contacts will be forwarded to people in need.
4. Follow trusted news sources: international media like CNN International, BBC News etc. If you want to read real-time news from Ukraine, you can subscribe to a verified Telegram channel: (English).
5. If you’re from a border country: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary or Moldova and want to help as a volunteer, please contact your local refugee centre. For everyone else - express your support by joining a local protest/march. You can check upcoming events in your country/city here:
P.S. Feel free to share any of these links (all verified and trusted) within and outside your organizations. Every action matters.

Thanks for your solidarity and support! 🌺
Erasmus+ Youth Academy

Stand With Ukraine! We stand with Ukraine. Check out our constantly updated list of demonstrations supporting Ukraine happening around the world and other ways to help.


Forza Ucraina 🇺🇦

Arts in Rome updated their information in their About section. 25/01/2022

Arts in Rome updated their information in their About section.

Arts in Rome updated their information in their About section.


Our KA1 for youth workers "Self-employer in a Rural Area? Why not?" got approved by Italian National Agency 😍😍

It will start on February 2023

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 18/10/2021

Between 10th and 17th of October 2021, Bianca Maria and Giampiero Abate, as youth workers, partecipated in the Training Course "Youth worker training (North2South)" that has included participants from Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia.

The TC took place in the beautiful hut in the center of Mokymų centras "Daugirdiškės" (Lithuania).

The course was part of the strategic project "From North to South" developed under the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ project and we had the pleasure to be involved thanks to Sfera66 - Italy, Marius Ulozas and Marius Miginis.

Check the link to get more information about the project

We had the opportunity to visit a youth center in Elektrėnų kultūros centras, discover the legal youth framework from the participating countries, and explore Lithuanian culture and kitchen (even got to make their own kibinai and experience Sauna).

It was an unforgettable and educational experience and we can't wait to apply what we have learned in our next Erasmus projects!

Thank you all‼

Youth Workers & Cultural Organization in Rural Areas 02/10/2021

Youth Workers & Cultural Organization in Rural Areas

Hey guys, we need your opinion‼
Only 6 fast questions 𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘃𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝗥𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀
as self employer or cultural organization 😊

Plese, help us dedicating only 1 minute to it ⚽

👉𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘃𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝗥𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀

Youth Workers & Cultural Organization in Rural Areas We really want to know your opinion and needs about carry on their youth work in rural areas or have difficulty setting up their own business. Only 6 questions :-)

EMUN+ Erasmus 19/09/2021

EMUN+ Erasmus

Here the dedicated website of EMUN+ 😍😍😍
You can enjoy the experience whatching the YouTube Channel, Photos and you can DOWNLOAD the Toolkit about how to make the AR, Murales, Vlog and Social Media Marketing.
Enjoy it!

With the collaboration of ABCD Innovation Center, ADEL Slovakia, Unique Projects, Sztukater and CSTD.

Thank you Erasmus+ and Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG for this great opportunity💚💛

EMUN+ Erasmus Erasmus KA105 per la promozione degli scambi giovanili e rivalutazione del territorio attraverso Arte e Tecnologia.

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 14/09/2021

Photos from Arts in Rome's post

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 07/09/2021

Erasmus EMUN+ Erasmus 2021 story - Chapter 1

Everything started from here. Rome Anagnina, August 18, 2021. A coach is ready to take the young people to Isola del Liri for a fantastic adventure 🌟

36 young people from Armenia, Polonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania and Italia for 9 days

Città Isola Del Liri European Commission

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 07/09/2021

Some good photos of EMUN+ at Città Isola Del Liri :-)

Thanks to the Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG and Co-funded European Community


The First day of the Erasmus EMUN+, participants has to focus on

"How to re-evauate suburbs of their cities using creativity, art, technology and social media".

This Is the funny Common Collage made by Polish Group 😁

Leave your comment below

@artsinrome @erasmus @emunplus


The National Newspaper tell about Emun+ at Isola del Liri 🌟

Participants walk around Ciociaria visiting Arpino and sorrounding, Isola del Liri Castel and so on in order to discover the Italian Culture and Enviroment sharing feelings, activities, languages to became One eterogeneus group 🤩

Thanks to the Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG and Co-funded European Community

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 28/08/2021

**It was sunny afternoon**

It was sunny afternoon, something around 35 degrees, sun was kissing the leaves of trees, without any cloud in a sight.
It was at that moment when I saw them.
All the beautiful people I have never seen before.
Some of them were from country full of mountains, I believe you call it Slovakia.
Some of them were already holding bottle of vodka, so I dont have to tell you they were from Poland.
The rest of them been throwing gestures all over the place, so I figured that would be Italian guys.
When I have noticed one guy checking out my neck, I knew Romanians are with us as well. And of course I couldnt unnotice the baltic beauty on the faces of other guys, which of course represented Lithuania. And like that, with all of us on board, we moved to little village in the heart of Italy. It was one and only, Isola del Liri.

The moment I put my foot out of the bus, I couldnt help but notice magnificent waterfall of 27 meters right in front of me.
This beautiful place became our home for the following 8 days.
I assume you think it is not so long time, but it is enough to make friends and have unforgetable moments together.
Especially during our amazing activities where we had the opportunity to paint the murales in the gallery.
On the top of that we actually made our painting into real life, using the advanced technologies of Augumented reality. Nothing beats the feeling when the pizza you painted on the wall suddenly flies to your mouth from your phone. Working hard on our time-managment skills helped us to have some free time to see around the region. Team work was also one of our focus area, because we have been working in groups and fitting our skills together to deliver the most amazing outcomes.
As we have been in interculutral enviroment, there was plenty of funny and interesting situations. We have sweated during the traditional dances of each others country, and we shared headaches after tasting Polish wodka and we gained some weight from Romanians snacks. Moreover we learned some spells from Lithuanian team and beautiful dances represented by armenian team. Slovakia showed us their beautiful country and all the stereotypes. and Italy, well the wine was everywhere, like really, EVERYWHERE. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

Lukas, Annamaria, Natalia, Diana, Filippe

Massimiliano Quadrini Pro Loco Isola del Liri Alberto JointeLeague Lorenzo Mezzone Isola del Liri
Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 23/08/2021

Tutti a lavoro!!! Three Work Groups to work together to make a Murals, the AR and Vlog.

Thanks to Erasmus+ , the ospitality of Isola del Liri

Stay tuned!

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 21/08/2021

First day of the Erasmus EMUN+ Erasmus 2021
We created the Common Collage together.
One for each nation in which each group has focused on creative and feasible solutions for the revaluation of its periphery.

A lot of idea come up, some of these verry funny 🙃🤪

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 11/08/2021

Some photos of the APV experience 🤩🤩

We have met a lot of friends here chatting on the street, at bars and thanks to some friends of mine over there we get a lot of experience as visiting the Art Studio of the Professor Fabio or going on the lake by Pedalò with Silvia.

Thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme of the Europea Union Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG


Yesterday we had the APV meeting with the Team Leader Associatios of Sztukater, ADEL Slovakia, ABCD Innovation Center, Unique Projects and Arts in Rome.

We have spoke about games, how to include Armenia participants during their five days of fiduciary isolation because the covid restriction, and the timing of the program.

Everything is almost fixed ⚙🧱🛠

The mobility is going to begin and we are very excited to receive young people from Europe thanks to the Erasmus Programme😃

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 09/08/2021

Today starts the APV meeting with Team Leaders. It was a long long day but full of experience 😊💛🧡

After a little tour in the center of Roma with Emilija from Lithuania, we get Isola del Liri.

A stunning aperitive with Italian guys to improve something about Italian culture having a lot of fun 😁

Wait the Mobility with all participants 💪💪🤩

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 06/07/2021

Questi Poster, creati dai pazienti della Asl di Ponte Milvio, Centro Diurno, esprimono in modo creativo il senso degli Articoli della DICHIARAZIONE UNIVERSALE DEI DIRITTI UMANI delle Nazioni Unite.

Sono temi che per molti sono "scontati", ma per chi è al margine si tratta di una presa di consapevolezza dei propri diritti. 👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏿

Insegnante Alessandra Carloni
Organizzatore Arts in Rome
con il supporto degli Psicologi del Centro Diurno

e con la partecipazione attiva dei pazienti 😊

Photos from Arts in Rome's post 01/07/2021

e anche questo anno si è concluso il Laboratorio di Street Art presso il Centro Diurno Antonino di Giorgio, ASL Roma 1 (Ponte Milvio)!

Con questo Murales si è concluso il terzo anno di corso con i pazienti della ASL che hanno avuto la possibilità di accrescere le loro competenze sociali attraverso l'Arte.

L'inclusione di persone più fragili è un processo complesso che comporta tanto impegno, ma quando ci si riesce...beh... è una soddisfazione immensa 😊

Un grazie a tutto lo staff di psicologi che permettono di far funzionare tutte le attività del Centro, un grazie all'insegnante Alessandra Carloni, ma soprattutto grazie ai partecipanti Diana, Gianluca , Federica , Maurizio, Fausto, Valentino, Alessio che hanno messo il cuore e dedizione nel corso di tutti questi anni.



We are looking for one EU Partner a KA105 project on creativity as tool to promote active participation in urban areas.

Due the covid situation is better a Partner near Italy and without restriction as VISA or flight issues (hours, less companies, etc..)

The mobility is in august 2021 and we need from the Partner five young people (18-26 years old) + one Team Leader (no limit age)

Travel, meals and accommodation costs are covered

For more details send your PIF (with website) to [email protected]

Check the call on SALTO


1 TEAM LEADER (no limiti di età) 📣

INDISPENSABILE 👉 vivere vicino a Isola del Liri o comuni limitrofi

Dal 19 al 25 agosto 2021 a Isola del Liri, Auditorium

✅ Abiti nella provincia di Frosinone (Isola del Liri)?
✅ Hai tra i 18 e i 26 anni? (non limiti età per il Team Leader)
✅ Vuoi vivere un'esperienza europea in Italia, parlare inglese e imparare la AR, Murales, Videomaking, Marketing SMM?

👉 Partecipa alla Candidatura compilando il form qui

Anche se non hai esperienza sei il benvenuto/a❗

(La candidatura è aperta a tutti i giovani che vivono in
Italia al di là della nazionalità, etnia, genere, etc..)

L'Evento è gratuito e sovvenzionato da Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Our Story

L'Associazione Culturale Arts in Rome è un progetto che armonizza i Corsi di Belle Arti ed il Patrimonio Artistico Italiano. Diventare Socio ed entrare a far parte della nostra Comunità significa avere la possibilità di partecipare ad Eventi, Corsi e tanto altro sia per crescere nell'ambito Artistico che per conoscere il Mercato dell'Arte con Seminari specifici. La Scuola dà oltretutto la possibilità di studiare dal vero i Capolavori che Roma offre grazie a Lezioni nei Musei e Gallerie.

The Cultural Association Arts in Rome is a project that harmonises the Fine Arts courses and the Italian Artistic Heritage. Become a member and become part of our community means having the opportunity to participate in events, courses and much more for both to grow under Artistic and to explore the Art Market with specific seminars. The school moreover gives the opportunity to study from life Masterpieces that Rome offers thanks to lessons in museums and galleries.

Video (vedi tutte)





Orario di apertura

Lunedì 10:00 - 18:00
Martedì 10:00 - 18:00
Mercoledì 10:00 - 18:00
Giovedì 10:00 - 18:00
Venerdì 10:00 - 18:00

Altro Montepulciano scuole/università (vedi tutte)
Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking
Via Del Pelago 11, Loc Fontecornino
Montepulciano, 53045

Cookbook by Pamela Sheldon Johns

Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte
Via Fiorenzuola Vecchia, 5
Montepulciano, 53045

Fondazione Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte è produzione di spettacoli, didattica musicale, mostre, teatro, opera, comunicazione, animazione sociale.

Teatro Poliziano Teatro Poliziano
Via Del Teatro 4
Montepulciano, 53045

Il Teatro Poliziano è ben presente sul panorama nazionale con un cartellone ricco di personaggi illustri e spettacoli inediti, produzioni fresche e curiosità, in linea con i teatri più prestigiosi d'Italia.

Il Sasso - Italian Language School Il Sasso - Italian Language School
Via Di Gracciano Nel Corso, 2
Montepulciano, 53045

One of the best Italian language schools in Italy. Since 1983 it has offered courses in Italian language and culture. Learn Italian in Tuscany @ Il Sasso

Licei Poliziani Licei Poliziani
Via San Martino 14/b
Montepulciano, 53045

IISS A.Poliziano: Liceo Classico, Linguistico, Scientifico, Scienze Applicate e Scienze Umane

Fondazione Conservatorio di San Girolamo Fondazione Conservatorio di San Girolamo
Piazza G. Savonarola ,10
Montepulciano, 53045

L'ufficio della Fondazione è aperto dal lun-ven dalle ore 9.00 alle 13.00.

Poggio Etrusco Poggio Etrusco
Via Del Pelago 11, Loc Fontecornino
Montepulciano, 53045

Apartments, B&B, and cooking classes with cookbook author Pamela Sheldon Johns! #PoggioEtrusco

Pitagora Srl Pitagora Srl
Via Basilicata, 1/A
Montepulciano, 53045

Pitagora S.r.l. Security Project è una società di servizi specializzata in progettazione, gestione, consulenza e formazione relativi a sicurezza, antincendio, ambiente ed energie rinnovabili. Ha sede a Montepulciano, Colle Val d'Elsa e Firenze.

Vocabolario del Dialetto Chianino Vocabolario del Dialetto Chianino
Via Lauretana
Montepulciano, 53045

Tutti i "Chianini" possono inserire all'interno delle varie lettere, vocaboli tipici e di uso comune in Chiana. Le parole devono essere inserite da tutti seguendo il modello di seguito riportato: Parola = definizione/i ed (esempi di frasi eventuali)

Agriturismo Podere San Pietro Montepulciano Agriturismo Podere San Pietro Montepulciano
Via Fonte Al Vescovo N. 3 Loc. Valadergna
Montepulciano, 53045

Agriturismo Podere San Pietro si trova a Montepulciano a pochi passi dal centro storico. La costruzione risale al XIV secolo.

Cooking Class Stella Ercolani Cooking Class Stella Ercolani
Montepulciano, 53045

This course, designed by Stella Ercolani, will give you the chance to understand and learn the traditional genuine Tuscan recipes.

Pace da Poggio Etrusco, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Pace da Poggio Etrusco, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Via Del Pelago 11
Montepulciano, 53045

Organic farm in Montepulciano (SI) with extra-virgin olive oil, holiday rooms and apartments.