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Mft Anzali


Just wow!!!!! How human being, take advantage and do use others, manipulate ppl and do whatever it takes for their reputations to not fall and look good outside. And after such long time, the behaviour off the man made so much sense. While trying to be in touch with exe’s to help him to get out of the world he destroyed his life, at the same time attacking ex by the order of es**rt wife. The abusive bisexual South African white man, with australian citizen, divorced from a first ex wife South African also, ended up with the Shia Iranian women with hijab whom pretended vergin while an es**rt from Iran to get her to Australia via marriage and and in return with money. Met the man online, at her first visit from Iran to Australia on a short visa, without marriage, and aware of the man’s history for being criminal and a psycho with mental health issues- on medications pills, and on drugs co***ne, drugs pills, and abusive history to others and coming home drunk to her on drugs, in depression and lost and lust of regrets for the previous women’s and depress of loosing his entire life because of several conversions from Christian to Jewish for 3 years then to Sunni Muslim for 6 months then to Shia Muslim. The Shi’a girl with hijab from Iran, takes advantage and knocked up herself- gets her self pregnant from the abusive bisexual man whom changed to bisexual after his first ex wife and second ex fiancé.

Later, which also made sense all of his behaviour of acting being in the side of exe’s then all of a sudden attacking ex. Due to the Shi’a girls abusive, threatens behaviour to the man, forced to marry her.

Such an es**rt behaviour. . No wonder why they call such women’s es**rts. . Due to their es**rt behaviour to the man. Which also make sense at her first visit to Australia, why left hijab and turned up with short skirts and bikinis on social media on public profiles. And this was meant to be an Iranian Shia girl, with hijab, educated with science from IAUI from Iran, BA city.

This proves that just because someone is religious women under hijab, doesn’t mean they are with good characters, but only hiding their bad side under religion and pretending. And now the Shi’a es**rt wife’s hiding her identity due to being caught up by their surrounded family friends and friends.

Otherwise, why western culture girls didn’t take advantage and do such thing to the abusive bisexual South African white man with Australian citizen, against his first ex wife. Because they’re wiser. Even thou they’re not religious.

Now, after pregnancy, force marriage
Es**rt women, Knocked up herself, with unwanted child- via es**rt way, to get to Australia and for revenge to others. Not surprising from an abusive criminal bisexual psycho and an es**rt women- whom would do anything to stay in Australia. And the man did anything for his destroyed life- world to be recognised, while have found the women to manipulate for his reputation. And at the end bite the man in the Arse.
That’s the type of humans we have today.
To all the women’s out there to protect yourselves better moving forward. Below man is with criminal mind. And a lover was a criminal.

The man becomes friend with a girl, while his going through divorce. The girl pushed him to go back to his wife & treat her right. Advising him the right thing to do if his in love with wife. After Several times going back to his wife. Days later again would return back and they were gone through divorce.

Later months, the man falls in love with his friend girl. The man pretends he’s kind, caring, loving, emotional and with his matches with the girl’s hobbies, needs, personality, socially, culturally, and specially religiously- for trying to be a good man and believe in god. Became closer to the girl his friend. Next day buys all type of flowers, candles, takes the women to dinners, nice places in nature, showing the most of his love to her, stands for her for a tiny things at that time, works hard for better future, calls the girl friend 10 times a day even if she was at work and never leaves her alone. Send plenty of emotional love, caring, protection, and meaningful emails and messages. Then the friend girl trusts and allows him to be her first love and moves to a deeper relationship, gets engaged with him to a marriage life. The friend women becomes fiancé.

Years later, the fiancé caught her partner first on drugs, second lying, third cheating. Advised him to break off the engagement. The man deny’s, refuses all the discussions and upcoming break ups. Insisting to continue the engagement. Continuously claims his loves to her, and to be good and no more bad behaviour. After being forgiven, Later on, makes the women feel bad and guilty against herself, then makes her feel sorry for himself to forgive him, Then promises his fiancé for no more bad behaviour and will be better moving forward.
Months later, from a very tiny small discussion- subject, the man gets angry- started again, with abusing the fiancé emotionally & physically, threatens the fiancé that if she leaves him, will harm her and himself. While his with his emotions being so sorry with tears and begs for forgiveness, from deep of his heart and words. Then fiancé gives another chance to him for the sake of love and forgives her lover and made peace.

Days later, out of nothing, no where, just from his anger to another person in his life for cheating and arguing with another women for not being able to go to the women or to the place of drugs. Usually colleagues nights after work. At the back of his fiancé. But the man with his anger, made the discussion with his fiancé a big deal, then attacks and chokes his fiancé at home and leaves her unconscious on the floor.
The fiancé wakes up with no clue of what happened, but seeing herself on the floor and with pain on her neck, remembered the choking, looked for her fiancé then cries for hurting her to that extend. The fiancé leaves the house, being sad destroyed emotionally with her tears, lonely walking on the street shocked, lost, disappointed and wishing she was dead than seeing that behaviour from her first lover. By the time the fiancé gets back home. The fiancé man stayed home and have called the officials and played victim with lies, betrays to his fiancé and the officials and advised them that the fiancé attacked him!!!

3 weeks after the man choked his fiancé and while his fiancé is suffering from abuse emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. While also working with the officials to save herself from all the troubles her fiancé put her through. The next day the partner publishes himself engaged to another women on media & FB. To an Iranian Shia girl from BA city- Iran. The women was cheating with, on his partner- fiancé for 7 months.

The man goes and converts to Shia Muslim religion and pretends a good man to the community and to the Shia Iranian girl from BA City, Iran. A girl with hijab, educated with science, comes from a rich family suppose to be. He gets her to Australia and marries her. Then he finds out that his wife- Shia Iranian girl, turns out to be an es**rt from Iran. Whom manipulated several western man sexually via online to get her to Australia. But used to fail until got this one. Iranian Shia- es**rt wife, to fit with her man husband, gets Involved in drugs use and dealing for money power. avoids her hijab, religion and opens up with bikinis and shorter skirts on public. Then the abuse starts between them. The man decides to break free from marriage. But the Shia Iranian es**rt -wife, keeps the man with force, abuse back, and threatens to keep his marriage to her to be able to stay in Australia. And when going back to Iran- waiting for her visa, back to the hijab.!!! And the man going back to dating other girls front of the communities.

Not only that, but also due to his es**rt- wife’s insecurity with him, knowing her man’s still in love with his ex, feeling guilty sorry toward his ex fiancé, for loosing her, guilty for the damages he caused to her for his cheating. while the man trying to find a way to ask his ex for forgiveness and while also admitting his love over and over and telling her he loves her. On the other hand, trying to hide his lies, cheats to the Iranian Shia es**rt- wife at his home. While at the same time the Iranian Shia es**rt- wife, despite knowing his mental health issues as well, and his history and depression his going trough, still threatens abuses and forces the man to create more troubles and put his ex in more harms for her security with him. But the man fails over and over. And the officials do not trust him anymore and they think of him mentally crazy person as well.

This is the abusive white man South African with Australian citizen. Due to his abusive behaviour to everyone was banned from most communities knew- SA church, Sunni mosque Labanese, synagogue Jewish, and from the Australian communities he knew as well. Including his ex work friends and all his friends. They No longer welcome him. The same man whom would go around and says, he wants to believe in god and find god and be a better person. Manipulated one girl to another then one community to another. The man whom looks after himself so well, fit, and due to his good look he thinks, it’s a credit for him to his achievements. Pretending an angel blaming others, by lying, making stories, with all of his lies, cheats, betrays, harms to others, and finally gets to hide under Iranian Shia community. After being converted from Christians to Jewish for 3 years, then to Sunni Muslim for 6 months then to Shia Muslim.

After 3 years of good & bad all for love, fiancé newly discovers all of her ex partners issues with everyone to everyone. From different and all the communities and his friends suppose to be. Including his secrets being on, and dealing with drugs, for money power, and being on mental health medication. And thanks to the official’s help as well for saving her life.

Lastly, before above ex fiancé, and above Shia Iranian es**rt- wife. The first ex wife of above man. Whom actually brought him to Australia via marriage and lived with him for 6 years including in South Africa. She also stated to the communities that he’s the most violent abusive person. Ones received his residency in Australia, his true colours appeared first with lying, cheating, using & dealing with drugs, on mental health medications, abused her emotionally, physically & financially. Then was kicked out on the street, divorced him and cuts him off completely with everyone in the community. And everything the man had told about first ex wife South African, was all a big lie. When he’s the abusive, violent, and psycho with harming & betraying people in every ways. Emotionally, financially and physically. Not only does this to women’s partners but also to his friends, family community friends, ex colleagues friends, work friends everyone around him. During his needs, nice and charming, and when not in need, psycho abusive, harms and put ppl in harm to get away with his needs to another way or to another women cheating with.

So women’s out there:
If a lover harms you first time, even if little thing, straight away get help. At least go to a doctor straight after the incident. Harmed you ones, will do it twice, three and definitely it gets worse. Such man, don’t even think about the love to them or their love to you. never forgive. If you do, forgive and force yourself to walk away from them. Even if they beg you to forgive and stay. Don’t. Because it will be waste of your time/life/love.

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جلسه روز معلم(مجتمع فنی تهران-نمایندگی بندر انزلی)

[02/08/14]   Grammar Time 3.Type of Sentence (b)
Proper sentence construction

Time is usually placed at the end of a sentence.
Example: I visited the Eiffel Tower in 1999.

Time may also be placed at the start of a sentence.
Example: In 1999, I visited the Eiffel Tower.

Place comes before time in all cases.
Example: I visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1999. I visited the Eiffel Tower in 1999 in Paris. (INCORRECT)

An adverb is usually placed between the subject and the verb.

Example: He often looks at the sky.
Example: She always grumbles about the weather.
Example: Tom seldom talks to anyone.

Some adverbs can be used at the beginning or end of a sentence.

Example: Normally I go to the library with her.
Example: Sometimes I feel tired for nothing.

Adapted from '' English Grammar ''

[02/08/14]   با سلام،به استحضار می رساند از روز شنبه 19 بهمن ماه 1392 کلاس های مجتمع فنی تهران تشکیل می گردند،لذا خواهشمند است در صورت امکان اطلاع رسانی نموده،با تشکر.

[01/24/14]   Grammar Time 2.Type of Sentence (a)

The type of sentence is determined by the number and type of clauses it contains. It falls into one of the following:

Simple sentence

A simple sentence conveys a single idea. It has only one subject and one verb.
Example: She is my girlfriend. / I am bored. / That is a fat monkey.
The verb in each sentence is in bold.

Complex Sentence

A complex sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. The independent clause is called the main clause, and the dependent clause is called the subordinate clause. These clauses are joined by conjunctions which include: as, as if, even if, if, because, unless, etc.
Example: As she is a big bully, I stay away from her. / I will do it if I have the time.
The main clauses are in bold; the subordinate clauses are not.

Compound Sentence

Compound sentence is composed of at least two clauses or sentences joined together by a conjunction, i.e. words like: and, but, for, nor, or, so, therefore, either ... or, neither ... nor, not only ... but also, etc., or punctuated by a semi-colon. A compound sentence consists of at least two Independent or Main Clauses and verbs. The subordinate or dependent clause may or may not be present in a compound sentence. It is possible for a compound sentence to have three, four or more independent clauses. But commonly, it contains only two clauses.
Example:I am skinny and you are obese. (Two main clauses joined by a conjunction.)
Example: I always tell you what I know but you never tell me what you know. The second Example shows a sentence with two main clauses and two subordinate clauses.

Compound-complex Sentence

A compound-complex sentence has at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.

Example: Although the car is old, it still runs well, and we intend to keep it.
Dep. Clause indep. clause indep. Clause
Adapted from '' English Grammar ''

[01/23/14]   Grammar Time 1.Subjects,Verbs and Objects
Subjects, verbs and objects are the building blocks of any sentence. To be able to identify and use them correctly is one of the first steps to writing and speaking good English.
A sentence is the conventional unit of connected speech and writing. It is a group of words that together makes sense as a statement, question, command or exclamation.
-Begin with a capitalised letter,
-Conclude with a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark,
-And are, at the most basic level, comprised of a subject and a predicate, or verb.
The subject is generally a noun, a noun phrase, or pronoun, about which something is said in the predicate, which usually follows it.
Take the following sentence:
The dog barked.
Here, the subject is the dog, and the verb 'barked' describes what it was doing. The place of the noun in the sentence, as the subject, can be taken by noun phrases, such as the five dogs, or by pronouns, such as I, you, he and she.
Another role played by nouns in sentences is that of the object which, directly or indirectly, receives the action performed by the subject. For example:
The dog barked at the postman.
Here, the postman is obviously the object that the subject's action (the barking of the dog) is directed at. In this role too, pronouns such as they, it, us, them, me, etc. can replace nouns.
To conclude, let us analyse another sentence and see if we can identify the subject-verb-object pattern:
Rita was furious with me.
1. 'was' acts as the verb that links the subject, 'Rita',
2. with the adjective 'furious',
3. and together they establish the relationship between the subject and the object, 'me' (used in place of the narrator's name).
Adapted from '' English Grammar ''

[01/23/14]   با سلام ،از این پس شما دوستان عزیز میتونید پست هایی رو با عنوان Grammar Time دنبال کنید،تو این پست ها قصد داریم گرامر اون دسته از دوستانی رو که به کلاس زبان میرن تقویت کنیم ،بدیهیه اونایی که میخوان تازه یادگیری زبان رو شروع کنن نباید از اینجا شروع کنن البته ما واسه اون دوستان هم برنامه هایی داریم که هنوز کار به مرحله نهایی نرسیده که شروع کنیم.شما دوستان عزیز میتونید سوالی که در مورد این پست های گرامری دارید مطرح کنید تا ما به اون جواب بدیم.با تشکر


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مجتمع فنی تهران - نمایندگی بندر انزلی 20/01/2014

مجتمع فنی تهران - نمایندگی بندر انزلی

[01/15/14]   Common Vocabulary Suffixes
When you’re stretching your vocabulary, pay attention to the endings of new words (their suffixes) for clues to their meaning. The following table lists common suffixes and their meanings:
Suffix Meaning Examples
able/ible capable or worthy of, fit for; tending to, causing, given to, or liable to commendable, edible, impressionable
d/ed indicates past tense of a verb baffled, flummoxed, wasted
ence/ance quality or state; an action or process clearance, reference, remembrance
ing indicates the present-perfect tense of a verb (such verbs are called gerunds) admiring, discussing, perplexing
ion act, result of an act, or state or condition integration, obsession, possession
ment an action, process, or act of a specified kind bereavement, merriment, movement
s/es indicates the plural form of a noun analyses, arguments, results

[01/15/14]   Common Vocabulary Prefixes — Co-, De-, and In-
Adding to your vocabulary is easier if you know meaning of common prefixes, which help you understand the meaning of words. The following list contains three common prefixes and their meanings:
• Co- means "with." Variations include col-, com-, and con-. (cofounder, commemorate, concussion)
• De- can mean “reduce,” “remove,” and “to get off of.” (decaffeinate, decapitate, deplane)
• In- and its variations — em-, en-, il-, im-, and ir- — can mean "not," "in," "within," "put into," and "surround." (incapable, enrage, impassioned)

[01/15/14]   Vocabulary Tip: Prefixes that Mean "Not"
Expanding your vocabulary is made a little easier with tips that help you understand the meaning of new words. A prefix can often offer a clue to a word’s meaning, and in the case of the prefixes in the following list, the prefix makes the word mean the opposite of the root. All of the prefixes in the list mean "not" sometimes; a few of them have additional meanings:
• A-: Atypical means not the usual.
• Anti-: Antipathy means not with love.
• Dis-: Disagree means not in harmony with.
• Il-: Illegible means not readable.
• Im-: Immodest means not shy.
• In-: Individuality means not divided.
• Ir-: Irremediable means not able to be corrected.
• Un-: Unhappy means not content.

[01/15/14]   How to Identify the Parts of Speech
If you’re increasing your vocabulary and adding new words to your repertoire, you need to know the part of speech the words belong to so that you can use them correctly. The following list shows the eight parts of speech in English. Note that some words, like open or yellow, can be used as more than one part of speech.
• Nouns: Words that name a person, place, thing, or idea (sofa, democracy)
Proper nouns — specific names of people and places, such as Peyton Manning and Indianapolis — are capitalized.
• Pronouns: Words that take the place of a noun or another pronoun (I, you, me, he, she, it, we, who, they)
Possessive pronouns show ownership: my/mine, your/yours, their/theirs, our/ours.
• Adjectives: Words that describe nouns and pronouns (red, more, second, several)
• Verbs: Words that name an action or describe a state of being (run, seem)
• Adverbs: Words that describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs (yesterday, below, happily, partly)
• Conjunctions: Words that connect words or groups of words and show how they are related (and, or, for, but, after, although, because)
• Prepositions: Words that link a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence (by, about, behind, above, across, at, with)
• Interjections: Words that show strong emotion (Oh! Wow!)

[01/10/14]   مجتمع فنی تهران با بیش از سی و دو سال سابقه در امور آموزشی یکی از معتبر ترین مراکز آموزشی کشور و همچنین واحد نمونه آموزشی برگزیده می باشد. نمایندگی بندرانزلی مجتمع فنی تهارن با بیش از سه سال سابقه کار در رشته های گوناگون فعالیت دارد. از دپارتمان های فعال مجتمع فنی تهران نمایندگی بندرانزلی می توان به دپارتمان زبان های خارجه، دپارتمان زبان کودک و نوجوان، دپارتمان ICT کودک و نوجوان، دپارتمان فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات، همچنین دپارتمان های حسابداری، معماری، عمران، مدیریت و... اشاره نمود.

[01/10/14]   در این صفحه سعی خواهد شد که به تعامل با علاقمندان در امز آموزش در دپارتمان های گوناگون پرداخته شود و به پاسخ پرسش های دانشجویان و علاقمندان گرامی می پردازیم. همچنینبا بروز رسانی این صفحه و قرار دادن موضوعات جدید و سودمند، همواره در بهتر نمودن آن سعی خواهد شد. از دانشجویان مجتمع فنی و همچنین علاقمندان دیگر تقاضا می گردد با ارائه نظرات، پیشنهادات و انتقادات سازنده و همچنین با بروز رسانی این صفحه در بهتر نمودن این صفحه یاری رسانند.

[01/10/14]   دپارتمان زبان های خارجه در دو بخش بزرگسال و کودک و نوجوان فعالیت می نماید.
در بخش بزرگسال شیوه آموزشی و کتاب های ENGLISH RESULT تدریس می شود.
این مجموعه کتاب ها در چهار سطح
را شامل می شود. و پس از طی این سطوح زبان آموزان عزیز به سطح پیشرفته LANDMARK رفته و در دوره های آماده سازی برای آزمون های داخلی و بین المللی مورد نیاز خود از قبیل TOEFL , IELTS , GRE , TOLIMO ,... شرکت خواهند نمود.
البه قابل ذکر است که در بدو ورود زبان آموزان گرامی به صورت رایگان از عزیزان آزمون تعیین سطح آموزشی شفاهی و کتبی رایگان اخذ می گردد تا سطح آموزشی زبان آموزان مشخص گردد و سپس در سطح مربوطه و پس از مشاوره هایی که توسط مدرسین مجرب و مدیران دپارتمان انجام می گیرد، به آموزش زبان خواهند پرداخت.

[01/10/14]   کلاس های دپارتمان زبان در تمامی سطوح به صورت گروهی و خصوصی و به صورت ترمیک یا فشرده انجام می گیرد.

[01/10/14]   در پایان ترم از زبان آموزان عزیز علاوه بر آزمون داخلی، آزمون آنلاین محک که مخصوص مجتمع فنی تهران بوده، گرفته می شود. مدرک ارائه شده به زبان آموزان، مدرک بین المللی مجتمع فنی تهران بوده و در تمامی نمایندگی های کشور یکسان می باشد.

[01/10/14]   به منظور پویایی و جلوگیری از یکنواختی، سعی می گردد به صورت مداوم مطالب، سوالات و نکات جدید یادگیری زبان در این صفحه قرار داده خواهد شد.

[01/10/14]   idiom of the day:
call shotgun.....!

[01/10/14]   words of the day:
1.will(I know for future, what else?)
come on, don't check your dictionary, u r better than that!

[01/10/14]   آدرس مجتمع: بندرانزلی... چهار راه آخر خط به سمت باغ زمانی کنار کبابی درای!

[01/10/14]   مژده*****************************مژده
کلاس های بحث آزاد برای دپارتمان زبان موجود می باشد. زبان آموزای عزیزی که علاقمند هستند برای ثبت نام به مجتمع مراجعه کنن!

[01/10/14]   کتاب ها و منابع کمک آموزشی زیر البته با توجه به سطح کلاس و زبان آموزای عزیزمون در مجتمع تدریس می شه!
منبع کمک آموزشی مورد علاقه شما چیه؟

[01/10/14]   اگر می خواهید انگلیسی یاد بگیرید ولی نمی دانید از کجا شروع کنید متن زیر را بخوانید.
بعضیا میگن، -من با یک برنامه ریزی درست انگلیسی یاد خواهم گرفت-
اوکی من به این آدما میگم مشکلی نیس. خوب برنامه ریزی کن.
الآن که امتحان دارم، بعدشم که عیده و...، بعدشم که بهاره و هوا خوبه و باید بریم به کوه و دشت و دمن، بعدشم که بازم امتحان داریم(امان از این امتحانا. هلااااک شدیم). خوب تابستون دیگه بی برو برگرد شروع می کنم. تابستون که میشه میگن الان که باید بریم دریا و ... و ....
من میگم به جای این همه بهونه، و برنامه ریزی دقیییق، از هرجا که میتونی، فیلم، آهنگ کتاب، کلاس دوستت که زبانش خوبه و.... با انگلیسی درگیر شو.فقط همین!
انگلیسی مثل درس دانشگاه مدرسه نیس که ابرو باد و مه خورشید و فلک باید همه در کار باشن تا تو بیای و شروع کنی به خوندن. اگه با روزی یه لغت شروع کنی و همونو کم کم زیادش کنی یا یه کلاس برسی و به سادگی فقط کارای کلاس رو انجام بدی بعد یه مدت می بینی که نه ، انگار از فیلما یا اخبار انگلیسی که نگاه می کنم یه چیزایی دستگیرم می شه و کم کم، کم کم(نه یهو یهو) زبانت پیشرفت می کنه
نکته اصلی اینه که از هز منبعی که می تونی استفاده کنی تا با زبان سروکار داشته باشی.
منبع: تجربه های شخصی...

[01/10/14]   دپارتمان زبان هاي خارجي مجتمع فني تهران

فلسفه ما

آغاز هر كاري معمولاً دشوار به نظر مي رسد. آغاز فراگيري يك زبان خارجه نيز نه تنها سخت بلكه حساس است. يك شروع بد مي تواند باعث اضطراب، ترس بدون دليل و يا ... بشود.

رويكرد فلسفي دپارتمان زبان هاي خارجي مجتمع فني تهران مكتب ساختگرايي ذهني است. در اين مكتب ذهن فراگير بسيار پويا، خلاق و تحليلگر است؛ به عبارت ديگر فراگير پس از دريافت مفاهيم بين نكات ارتباط معني دار ايجاد كرده و سپس با آميختن آن ها با آموخته هاي پيشين مطالب جديد را در ذهن خود ملكه مي سازد.

در روش هاي سنتي و زبان محور، فراگيري نكات دستوري در اولويت قرار دارد. تجربيات مكرر نشانگر اين است كه حاصل فراگيري قواعد انتزاعي و خارج از متن و توجه به قالب هاي زباني صرفاً حفظياتي بوده كه هيچگاه به كاربرد اصولي و خلاق منتهي نشده است.

رويكرد ما در زمينه فراگيري يك زبان همان رويكرد طبيعي و اكتسابي است كه موثرترين و كوتاهترين مسير ممكن براي يادگيري زبان بوده و توسط بشر از بدو خلقت آزموده شده و موفقيت آن صد در صد قابل تضمين است.

دپارتمان زبان هاي خارجي مجتمع فني تهران در زمينه تدريس زبان رويكرد همه جانبه دارد. در اين رويكرد يك نگاه همه جانبه به آموزش زبان وجود دارد، به عبارت ديگر كليه عوامل دخيل و موثر بر فراگيري در نظر گرفته مي شود. اين عوامل شامل متغيرهاي عاطفي، فيزيولوژيكي، ذهني، فرهنگي، اجتماعي و آموزشي است.

روش آموزشي دپارتمان زبان هاي خارجي مجتمع فني تهران محتوا محور است. در روش محتوا محور فراگيري معني دار است زيرا آموخته هاي قبلي همواره يادآوري شده؛ پيوندهاي مستحكمي بين نكات جديد و تجربيات گذشته فراگيران ايجاد مي گردد. در روش محتوا محور كسب دانش و مهارت به صورت توامان انجام مي گيرد زيرا اعتقاد بر اين است كه همه چيز منسجم و به هم پيوسته و وابسته است؛ به عبارت ديگر در صورت بروز يك مشكل در يك جزء كل نظام آموزشي و فرآيند فراگيري تحت الشعاع قرار مي گيرد.

دپارتمان زبان هاي خارجي مجتمع فني تهران با سالها تجربه در امر آموزش زبان انگليسي، ارائه مدارك بين المللي زبان و همكاري با سازمانهاي آموزشي بين المللي، افتخار برگزاري دوره ها و ارائه خدمات آموزشي متعددي را جهت ارتقاء و بهره وري علمي كليه اقشار جامعه دارد.

[01/10/14]   آموزش و آزمون زبان انگليسي طبق استاندارد چارت اروپايي

نگرش بين المللي دپارتمان زبان مجتمع فني تهران در آموزش نياز به ديدگاه بين المللي در ارزيابي نيزدارد. سيستم ارزيابي به نظر ما در مقايسه با برنامه ريزي آموزشي اگر جايگاه مهم تري نداشته باشد حداقل از درجه اهميت يکسان برخوردار است.

فراگيران در هر زمينه، رشته و يا در هر سطحي انتظار دارند پس از يک ترم تحصيلي آموخته هاي خود را مورد ارزيابي قرار دهند. به عبارت ديگرآنها علاقمندند بدانند چقدر آموخته اند و کيفيت آموخته هايشان در چه سطحي است. در مراکز آموزشي و موسسات زبان معمولا سطوحي از قبيل مبتدي، مقدماتي، پيش متوسطه متوسطه، فوق متوسطه و پيشرفته تعريف شده است که متاسفانه تعاريف دقيقي از اين سطوح ارائه نمي شود. به عبارت ديگر قابليت هاي مورد انتظار از زبان آموزان در اين سطوح معيارهاي مشخصي نداشته و عمدتا بر اساس ادعاها و سلايق موسسات مختلف بسيار متفاوت است.

ما معتقديم که فراگيران يک زبان خارجه در صورتيکه هدف مشخصي نداشته باشند موفق نخواهند بود. به نظر ما هدف مشخص همان معيارهاي ارزيابي است. شايد به همين دليل است که متخصصين اهل فن مي گويند ارزيابي برانگيزاننده و مشوق فراگيري است. زيرا فراگير در اين حالت هدف و مقصد فراگيري را مي داند و با انگيزه بسوي آن و براي رسيدن به آن تلاش مي کند.

دپارتمان زبان مجتمع فني تهران به منظور دستيابي به اهداف واقعي و قابل دسترس ارزيابي پاياني خود را براساس آزمونهاي بين المللي دانشگاه کمبريج قرار داده و ارزيابي تکويني ما نيز بر اساس نمودار اروپايي است که مورد تاييد اکثر مراکز آموزشي معتبر بوده و همچنين قابل تطبيق با استانداردهاي مورد انتظار در آزمونهاي بين المللي از جمله تافل و آيلتس مي باشد.

[01/10/14]   سطح کلی زبان

قابليت عمومي استفاده از دانش زباني


قابليت درک و بکار بردن اصطلاحات روزمره، معرفي خود و ديگران، پرسش و پاسخ درباره اطلاعات فردي از قبيل محل سکونت و مسايل مرتبط به تعاملات ساده در صورتيکه طرف ديگر واضح و آرام سخن بگويد و در صورت نيازهمراهي کند.


قابليت درک جملات و اصطلاحات متداول مورد نياز و مرتبط از قبيل امور روزمره مانند خريد، اطلاعات شخصي، مشاغل و غيرو. برقراري ارتباط در امور ساده و تبادل اطلاعات مورد نياز، توصيف محيط زندگي، کار و سابقه.


قابليت درک امور مرتبط به کار، مدرسه، اوقات فراغت و غيرو. مديريت کردن موقعيت هايي که احتمالا در سفر يا موارد مشابه ايجاد مي شود. نگارش متون يا مطرح نمودن موضوعاتي که قبلا درباره آن ها بحث شده است يا مورد علاقه فردي فراگيران است. توصيف تجربيات، حوادث، روياها، آرزوها و .... با ذکر توضيحات و دلايل براي نقطه نظرات مختلف.


قابليت درک ايده هاي ملموس و انتزاعي در متون پيچيده شامل بحث هاي حرفه اي، تعامل روان و بدون اضطراب و آمادگي قبلي همانند بومي زبانان. بحث درباره موضوعات متنوع و ارائه نقطه نظرات همراه با نقاط قوت و ضعف استدلات مختلف.


قابليت درک متون بلند و چالش برانگيز و تشخيص معاني تلويحي. معرفي خود بوضوح و بدون آمادگي قبلي و مراجعه به منابع. بکاربردن زبان با اهدافي از قبيل بحث در امور اجتماعي، آدکاميک و حرفه اي به طور موثربا قابليت انعطاف بسيار زياد. نگارش متون پيچيده با ساختار مشخص و صحيح با بکارگيري حروف ربط و متصل کننده هاي مناسب.


قابليت درک آسان و موثر آنچه که شنيده يا خوانده مي شود. خلاصه کردن اطلاعات کلامي و غير کلامي. بازسازي مباحثات و توضيحات و ارائه منسجم آنها، معرفي روان و دقيق خود بدون آمادگي قبلي، تعبير و تفسير معاني تلويحي مختلف در پيچيده ترين موقعيت ها.





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