Ethno Team is group of expat & local fitness experts well-known and well-established in Erbil . Specialize in educations for instructors,LesMills classes, group classes, personal trainings, swimming-judo-gymnastics lessons for kids, rehabilitation

Ethno Team

Ethnogym Team is group of fitness professionals well-known and well-established in Erbil since 2015. We lead the fitness revolution in Erbil, by introducing licensed Group Fitness classes, Creating new fitness programs, educating and leading team of local instructors, professional approach toward personal trainings and education of different sports/skills for adults and children. We are cooperation with Alpha Gym & now you can find us in Mozart Plaza in Dream City, Erbil!

Operating as usual


E-Core classes schedule only during Ramadan! See you

E-Core classes schedule only during Ramadan! See you

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Thank you for having us!

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You asked - we make it!!!

Ladies classes from 5pm in the afternoon, more CrossFit classes, more classes in the mix time! See you all

Ethno Team in ALPHA GYM

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Saturday March 7,2021 1 Day Event. - Come amd get Amazing Alpha Gym Offer, meet Ethno Team And get FREE Body composition measurements!

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Check our new schedule for amazing group classes delivered in ALPHA GYM


Don’t miss it!!

Train with amazing Ethno Team Trainers in ALPHA GYM with special discounted prices!!!
Unlimited access to all group classes, ladies/mix gym, sauna & steam room - and all that 24 hours a day + private parking for gym members!!!

Why training with Personal Trainer is the best choice for you?!? 18/01/2021

Why trainings with personal trainer are great choice for you?
More information on 07508806090


Ethno Team is ready!!!!

Come & train with us programs you love!!!!


We are back!!!

Our team & the group classes you love can now be found in Dream City, Erbil!
Join us!


“If you can dream it - you can make it!”




Happy New Year!!!


Have you checked our new schedule???
Starting from December 20th 2020




Bring a friend (non-member) and you both get 50% discount on one months all inclusive membership!!

Happy holidays!

[12/05/20]   Do you know this girl? 🤔
Our Ena
Here since the beginning
Engineer, yogi, trainer, dancer, crazy one 👻
In sports since 7 years old.
Tried karate 🥋, basketball 🏀, volleyball 🏐, track running 🏃‍♀️, but found herself completely in dancing 💃 and swimming 🏊‍♀️
She is:
•Advanced swimming instructor- worked with toddlers, kids, juniors, adults, seniors, injured, physically impaired and advanced swimmers
•Advanced 500 hours yoga instructor
•Advanced dance instructor, her first love 💕
•Strength and conditioning trainer
•Core and leg focused instructor
•Mobility and rehabilitation trainer
•Group fitness instructor
•Personal trainer
•Over 2500 personal training sessions
•Over 2000 group fitness classes
•Thousands of trainees on classes and
•Over 300 personal clients
AND VERY LOUD 🙈 no need for microphone 😂♥️


Pregnancy & Excercise!

Gift from us: home-workout for pregnant ladies!

Benefits of excercising during pregnancy are numerous!

Preparing your body for labor and after labor, stress-release, prevent and decrease discomforts of pregnancy such as backache, shortness of breath, insomnia and anxiety!
Help your baby develop and progress good by supplying her with extra nutrients, oxygen and hormones of happiness that she gets while you are physically active!!!

We recommend:
- Yoga
- Swimming
- Walking
- Pelvic-Floor exercises


We are happy to announce that from now on you will be able to find amazing Oriflme products. This brand from Sweden is all about quality - so come tomorrow 22/11 between 5:30-8:30 pm to test Oriflame products and talk to an expect.

Oriflame Sweden Erbil

نحن نتعاون مع مجتمع ETHNOGYM للياقة البدنية ولجميع الراغبين في الحصول على كوبون خصم لجميع أنواع الخدمات اتصل بنا
فرصة رائعة لممارسة الرياضة ، وتقوية الصحة ، وشد الجسم ، وكل هذا بخصم يمكننا أن نقدمه لك.
الدرس Oxilife Bodyflex من Oriflame نقوم أيضًا بالتنظيم مع ETHNOGYM - يمكنك أيضًا التسجيل في فصل Oxylife Bodyflex.


Black Friday is coming!
27/11 Bring a friend (non-member) and you both get 50% discount on one month all-inclusive membership.
For Ladies only $75/person/month (Regular price $150) and for Men only $95/person/month (Regular price $190) for gym, gym programs and nutrition guidelines, all group classes, swimming pool, sauna and steam room!!

تكدر اتجيب صديقك وياك والكم تخفيض 50% اشتراك شهري يوم الجمعه 27/11/2020 المصادف
الاشتراك يوم الجمعه فقط في هذا اليوم يحق انك تشترك ويانا في قاعتنا الريضيه وتحياتنا الكم


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Ethnogym Special 2020!

Value of health is priceless still in everyday life we choose to invest our time and money in so many things other then that!

Compare value of the things you are buying!

How much is your health worth to you?

Think about this!


Sunday night ✅
Body Pump - Body Attack - Yoga!!!
Our amazing members smashed it!!!


Children’s Sports Academy - SWIMMING

Children’s Sports Academy - SWIMMING! Have you register your children already???

Special offer - Discount on lessons + FREE Be-Fit trainings for kids by the end of the year for any package you get!


Dear valued members, having in our mind situation from the beginning of year 2020 (government restrictions on using gyms due to pandemic) we decided to extend our regular “6 months validity” policy and allow you to use your NON-USED membership days and/or personal trainings by the end of the year 2020.
If you traveled or you are still not able to use those membership days and/or personal trainings you can transfer them on a person of your choice. After December 31st 2020 all memberships and/or personal trainings payed before March 2020 will be expired and they will not be able to be used or transferred.
Your Ethnogym Team

[11/13/20]   Ethnogym’s finest - Ivana Vasic!

Ivana is born to do fitness. From an early age she was competitively involved in handball and then eventually re-direct her sports journey toward fitness and gym. Her hard work over the years, persistence, motivation & love for sports put her in the elite team of fitness professionals of Serbia.

As Internationally certified instructor she specialise in delivering Les Mills programs (Body Pump, Body Attack and Body Combat) and finishes Advance Instructor Module as Elite Instructor. Beside Les Mills programs she teaches free-style classes as well (Gluteus, E-Core, E-Step, HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamp, Outdoor and many more...)

Her desire to help others guided her toward finishing prestige international fitness education “FISAF” and working as personal trainer and gym floor coach, assuring safety and results for individuals, writing personalised gym programs and nutrition plans.

,Motivational quote that pushes her forward is ”You should always be stronger than excuses“

Thank you Siniša Locic for an amazing video!


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Photos from Ethnogym Erbil's post

In this album, you can always find the current group fitness schedule for kids and adults. 01/11/2020

Check our new Schedule for GROUP CLASSES - Starting November 1st 2020


Check our new schedule!!! Starting November 1st 2020!


Fitness Special! Ethnogym Ethnogym Erbil gives 50% discount on membership for Group Classes! Come, try for FREE, register between 1-5th November & get 140 group classes per month for only $60!!

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Pregnancy & Excercise!
Children’s Sports Academy - SWIMMING
Ethnogym Fintess Motivational Video
Our old but the best one - BODY PUMP! Check why Les Mills is the best fitness brand in the world with leading program Bo...





Mozart Plaza, Dream City
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