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Center for Social Emotional Learning


In addition to celebrating 10 years this summer, we at FuelEd are hiring! Do you (or anyone you know) love....

---->supporting educators
---->personal growth and development
---->laughing with your teammates

Then the team at FuelEd would love to have you (or your friends!) join us on our mission to grow more emotionally intelligent educators and relationship-driven schools.

Check out open roles and help us spread the word!
In addition to celebrating 10 years this summer, we at FuelEd are hiring! Do you (or anyone you know) love....

---->supporting educators
---->personal growth and development
---->laughing with your teammates

Then the team at FuelEd would love to have you (or your friends!) join us on our mission to grow more emotionally intelligent educators and relationship-driven schools.

Check out open roles and help us spread the word!
Hello Center for SEL.
Announcing a comprehensive new book on Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)
Would you like to know:
*How to identify, understand and manage your emotions?
*What is Emotional Intelligence?
*How and when is E.I. employed?
*What are the applications and benefits of E.I.?
*How do we measure and improve our E.I.?
*What is the impact of E.I. on our daily lives?

For more details, please click :

Vasant Agarwal, Author, Speaker and EI Coach, Discover My Mind

To order, please click on the link:
1) Instamojo Link for Rs. 295/- :

2) GooglePay: 9958960437 Rs. 295/
I am asking pretty much everyone who has a sense of our team’s campaign if you would kindly make a tax-deductible donation of any size to help keep moving the campaign forward. Or commit to $19 a month!

Our mission is getting emotional intelligence life skills training in all schools (educators call it Social-Emotional Learning) and we do so on behalf of 21 allied grassroots SEL educator organizations. This is THE mindset and behavior game-changing skills learning for kids, schools, communities, workplaces and human life on the planet -once we get it universal in schools.

Okay, as a group of people invested in social-emotional learning, most of us are probably familiar with two common and well-known responses to stress - fight or flight. But did you know that a lesser-known view from science is emerging shows that under stress, there is actually an alternative stress response: flock!

What this means is that —in the face of stress— if given the opportunity to connect with people who feel safe and familiar, they are less likely to “flee” or “fight” and more likely to “flock” together as a way to cope with stress and self-regulate, staying at their organizations or schools, growing and thriving, instead of fleeing or fighting.

The result: a committed group of educators that's equipped, clear, supported and strong for the year to come.

If you're a school or district leader who cares about SEL and mental health of adults and students, come to our free webinar TOMORROW (4/21) to learn more about how to bring relational practices to your school or district that will build safety, promote growth, catalyze engagement and ultimately lead to the strongest and most socially-emotionally strong team possible?

Sign up here - spaces are running out:
Hello CSEL.
Your work is indeed impressive!
Please join and share the global EI platform:
Thank you.

By 2030, the work of CSEL will have contributed to mainstreaming learning processes that help build cognitive and social-emotional skills in educational and community institutions, in India and internationally.

Operating as usual


Here’s an example of how an workplace could deal with planning time and delays in completing assigned work.


Which of the following have highest influence on ? Employability, income or social and emotional skills?


What does integrating skills of and in biology look like?


Kickstarting Children’s Mental Health Week with this wisdom by Master Shifu that correcty describes the theme of this year, “growing together”. We all grew a little with Master Shifu’s wisdom. Stay tuned. Place2Be Social-Emotional Learning in Education

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In what way does the NEP (2020) espouse the mainstreaming of social emotional learning?


Shortcuts in SEL programming don't go a long way. How do we build for sustained work in ?


Equity, social justice and SEL can be woven beautifully together :)


Error correction is an everyday phenomenon in the classroom. How we do it is crucial.


Point number 4 is our favorite. It upends what most of us have grown up believing about success.


The nature of learning is that it involves setbacks, mistakes and failures. Which subjects and which pedagogical styles are particularly susceptible to , and hence offer plenty opportunity to inculcate a ?


Pedagogical inputs we've been making in Navneet to stimulate and .


SEL . The big question :)


Notice how the research unequivocally shows that implementing SEL effectively requires a lot more than providing standalone classes to children? Which organizations do you notice prioritizing some of the efforts specified below? Tag them :)


In our work with Navneet, we used the last two points given by American Institutes of Research to guide our work of SEL integration into subject textbooks. Which of these strategies could work in your context?


There are limitations to the extent standalone SEL classes can help improve students' social and emotional skills, attitudes, behaviors, and academic performance. When SEL is integrated into core subject material and instruction, students get an opportunity to apply SEL skills in real life settings. Take a look.

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Teens struggle with making sense of their identities and the constantly evolving world around them. This often results in heightened stress and anxiety at this stage of life. However, just simple ways of extending support can make a big difference to their lives. #

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Self care when introduced at a younger age allows individuals to avoid confusing self indulgence for self care.
What are you doing to support your child in developing self care habits?
***enlife ***ens

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The continuous lockdown has taken away the space to form new connections. While adults have been able to navigate through, it has been difficult for children to maintain the existing connections. As adults we should be able to support them to help with their development.

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Supporting your child’s development through infancy can go a long way with their social emotional development. What are some ways in which you offer support?

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The experiences of older children through the lockdown have been intense. From mapping the changes in their bodies to making sense of a lockdown. In the following slide is a simple technique to slow down and do a check-in with self. #


The small but mighty, all-spectacled, all-women team at CSEL, this summer!

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Online learning has limited interaction between peers because of which the students are struggling to keep their classroom connections alive. A simple activity however, can help.

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While everyone is struggling to find ways in which we could support the well-being of our students. We have tried to make it a little easier by relying on credible resources and making it available to you.

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What's SEL got to do with SDGs?
Tune in, as Vrinda from CSEL engages in conversation on this topic with Smruti Mirani and Awasthi, hosted by UNCTAD Youth Action Hub on 26th June, 6pm IST.


We are thrilled to partner with BYJUS - the largest edtech company in the world for an important pilot intervention. Thank you *t Shrimn Nish*t and Tannishtha Sanyal for your compassionate and bold choice to offer to students a safe environment to process current realities and learn skills of resilience. This intervention couldn’t have been better timed.
We are pumped to be working with a team as intent on keeping a close eye to student experience as learning as us. Thank you , Melani Almeida, Vidushi Bhatia and the mentoring team.

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Simply telling children to be positive never helps, at best it’s fluff at worst it’s invalidating their authentic experience.

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Children may not be articulate how they’ve been feeling because of the pandemic. We made it a little easier for you to understand them.

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Needless to say that the times have been tough. However, let’s try to take small steps towards our well-being.

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Anxiety and panic are often used interchangeably, there are both similarities and differences between the two. Know what you’re dealing with to cope better.


Sohela is a final year student of M.A in education at Azim Premji university. She is the happiest when she is reading, gardening or petting dogs. She believes that teaching young individuals about empathy can revolutionise social interactions and dissolve boundaries that are dividing and depriving people of a fulfilling life. In this constantly evolving world that poses new challenges everyday, the meaning of education should not be limited to knowledge but enter the sphere of addressing the complexities of human emotions so that the coming generations be prepared with healthy coping mechanisms and not live lives ridden with anxieties.


Ananya is a Teach for India fellow, she is teaching elementary kids from underprivileged backgrounds in Bangalore. She is also a law graduate from ILS Law college, Pune. She is an avid reader, loves playing the guitar and trying out new baked goodies. Ananya believes that SEL is an integral part of education, it plays a role in creating competent leaders and transforming students into self-sufficient individuals who feel equipped to face all kinds of challenges.


In our third Tuesday Thoughtluck, Jayati Doshi and Vrinda Loiwal will lead participants through an exercise on examining the narratives that are unconsciously building for us as we live our own stories of current Covid times, why narratives matter, and how to re-imagine hope and build more life-affirming narratives. Join us by registering at No cost involved.


Step 2 of resilience is tuning into our needs. As long as we are being responsible, can we give ourselves the permission slip we intuitively know we are needing at this time?


"Be positive, yaar!" That's just about the worst thing you can say to someone right now. If you’re reading this in India at this time, then you know what I'm talking about.

Can we be real for a minute? Everyone is experiencing all of this. People in your family, your kids, your parents, your domestic help, everyone. It might be unsaid, but there is a lot is happening in the background for each of us. Step 1 of resilience is knowing what's in the background.


Jayati Doshi and Vrinda Loiwal are facilitating a series of thought lucks for collective care in this rather difficult time. Every Tuesday, starting this week, at 5.30pm. Join for one week, or more - it's up to you. Please follow this link ito register yourself (no cost involved).


for Remote Work:
Apply by April 28, 2021, following the process specified in the attached document.

Center for Social Emotional Learning ( is hiring 2 candidates for the position of curriculum developer and operations.

Time Commitment: 25-45 hours/ week
Remuneration: as per industry standards and candidate's qualifications.


We are thrilled to be selected to present our work among all of these distinguished organizations at the Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment's Expo on Saturday (April 24) at 9.30pm IST/ 12 noon EST. Please join by registering here:

Register here for our two-part virtual Women’s Empowerment Expo featuring nearly 30 organizations from around the world! Join us on April 17th & 24th from 11am-1pm. Click here for our panelists bios:

Why we exist


Every child and teacher will be actively creating and experiencing meaningful connection with themselves, others and the world. They will be creating a future of their choosing, with connection, capability, confidence and compassion.


What We Do:

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How do constraints help bring rigor to the ideation process?
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Design of Curriculum, Assessment, Frameworks and Interventions, Ed-Tech, Training of Trainers and Teachers, End-to-End Implementation Support, and Monitoring and Evaluation of Education interventions.