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A new age ,one of a kind Virtual Preschool with a holistic curriculum designed to be delivered on a

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Creating a corner for learning continuity at home by teachers and students of Vedic lore!


Our cofounder Divya mam will stay in our heart forever and will always be remembered for her amazing persona, her hardworking passion driven intentions to do the best for everyone, her charisma which attracted all forms of positivity, her selfless, ever giving nature of wanting to celebrate every day as a new day and most importantly for her straight forward nature & amazing instincts to do the right thing for everyone. She made sure that everyone around her is always well taken care off , she always knew the right healing, compassionate words to speak and made every effort to always reach out to those in need at the right time in the right place.

She is a person like no other and is someone who showed us that being honest, truthful, content with what we have and working on our self created passions till the maximum possible time is doable and important.

We will honour her and try to continue doing atleast a percent of what she did with such wholehearted interest so that we can relive a few of her dreams atleast in the near future.

Please guide us so that we may always walk the straight and right path.

Our Dhara and mother - never alone , always together🙏🏻


Do register in our 5day free trial program to engage children in totally fun, immersive- play way classes and to experience holistic learning in early education!

It may even give you a really good perspective into understanding the real meaning of what educators mean when we talk about “alternate / progressive inquiry based preschools - especially like ours which follow &preach the play way methodology ” & also may help you gauge your child’s interest/ readiness toward online classes!

This if for Children between the age group of 2.5-6.5years of age!

As an early learning centre which has always believed in constantly innovating our teaching strategies and as a group of educators who are continuing to work hard towards reforming / counselling the mindset of young parents into understanding that the early age (1-7) is the peak time to activate and expose any child’s mind to a wide range of creative topics & interest in earth/physical/body sciences as well as simple social studies to develop basic civic sense .We are planning a 5 day (free) online program for parents to allow their children to get exposed to a virtual kindergarten which goes above teaching just “English” especially through the rote method!

Don’t get us wrong here - we do know the importance of language in early education, but we just want to change the mindset of parents into not believing that ' Preschool means following a certain curriculum to achieve a certain percentage of proficiency in English and Math alone !'

Now how exciting would it be if your little one can look up at the sky and tell you the different types of clouds ??

Be part of our program to believe in the change !

We request our Vediclorian communities to help us spread the word!

Fill your details on the google form to get the invite:


Happy Ugadi to everyone !!


In our Knowledge series , we aim to throw more light on Phonics and how it can be effectively taught .

Enrol in our Phonics and Math Boot camp this summer to help your child learn the sounds of the Alphabet in a jolly playful way !


Learn how you can start teaching a new language to your child, the right way!

How does one learn a new language?

Have you ever wondered how babies start responding to you when you talk to them even before they start crawling??

Lets think about what we all did - go back to basics, replicate them at preschool 🙂


Happy Republic Day !


Wishing you a very happy Bihu / Lohri / Makar Sankranti / Pongal!!


Get ready to Experience a one of a kind, in person - personalised teaching where your child and teacher learn & bond together at the safety of your own home!!

We are closing admissions for the current batch of children by the 20th of January! Call us @+91 97403 77410 / +91 96862 93277 for a trail session at our preschool !!

Vedic Lore – Preschool by moms 28/12/2020

Vedic Lore – Preschool by moms Play-Based Learning Vicarious Learning Over Theory Child-Directed Nature-Based Multi Curriculum Approach Specialists Stream Welcome to Vedic Lore Pre-School Dear Parent, We warmly welcome you to our school. Our Pre-school and Day boarding is open for children between the ages of 8months to 6years be...


Merry Christmas everyone !!!

Merry Christmas everyone !!!!

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Our preschool has been listed as the 3rd best emerging preschool in Bangalore!

Contact us to know about our award winning pedagogy, virtual preschooling methodology, teacher at home options , learning kits & much more!


Vedic Lore has always believed in continuously creating and introducing the most unique, interactive and early educational experiences for Preschoolers!

We launched 'Bodhi Tree - epreschool ' amidst the Pandemic. We successfully completed 10 weeks of content with engaging videos ,worksheets and concept based lesson plans for preschoolers. This was greatly appreciated both by parents and teachers alike, not just in India but globally as well!

Next, we initiated our virtual classes for our existing Vediclorians with exceptional home teaching lesson plans and curated teaching kits. The creatively designed games for learning the concepts was much appreciated by our children. Our virtual celebrations has been an additional feather on the cap.

As an extension to our constant endeavour to innovate and create new tools for learning, we are proud to launch a project very close to our heart.

On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dasami, we are excited to release a special teaser!

We want you all to guess what the poster is all about !

**The first three correct guesses will receive the product free ** (Catch the hint !) Awaiting your answers on the comment box.

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We have reopened admissions!

Do call us to know more.


Happy Dasara everyone!!

Stay tuned to our page as we are launching something really exciting for kids!!

Vedic Lore Preschool wishes each and everyone a very happy Dasara!!

On this auspicious day, we are happy to announce that we are reopening admissions toward the next academic year 2021-22(Virtual and physical(small batches)).

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For anyone looking to home school their kindergarteners this year especially using kits and lesson plans personalised for you and your child, don’t hesitate to call us!

Vedic Lore preschools curricula is awarded for its unique teaching strategies and playway curriculum which can be easily replicated at home especially with pre-made kits and printables!

All you need is the full kit, a pocket chart and you are set for the whole year!


Goodmorning!Bodhi Tree Week 10 Day 3- Fabulous Fables

We are going to take you deep inside an African Jungle! Do you want to join us to see how Zebras got their stripes?

Moral of the Story :
-Greed in the end fails even the greedy
-The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others
-Sharing is caring

Download the lesson plan:

Yay ! We have completed 10 successful weeks with all your encouragement, appreciation and are now motivated to continue .
We will be opening up registrations for Bodhi Tree - Virtual Preschool for a monthly paid subscription .

Direct message us on FB page or email us to know more !
Stay tuned for more videos and activities !


Good evening! Continuing with this week's theme - Fabulous fables and today's Panchatantra Story.

We have for you a video to help you learn to make an owl puppet. Our teacher from Vedic Lore , Ms.Vidyavathi will show you this easy and fun craft.

Enjoy !


Hello Everyone ! Welcome to Bodhi Tree Week 10 Day 2!
Today we will be narrating a wonderful story from Panchatantra Tales. The narration has been enhanced with hand made puppets also there we have shown you how to narrate the story in Kannada . You can retell the story in any language that your child understands and build their english vocabulary by translating the words. Introduce them to moral value based stories so that they can act or respond to situations in their own real life using those lessons.

Please download the lesson plan here

We will see you on Friday!

Photos from Bodhi Tree - Virtual Preschool's post 12/07/2020

Our young learner , Ms. Kyra is always enthused to try out all the activities from the Bodhi Tree lesson plans . These are from the Pirate theme and the Day & night theme.She loves to sing the new thematic rhymes as she does the activities . Keep your knowledge growing Kyra!


Good evening! Continuing with today's theme - Force & Motion.
Do you know you can use the popular ''Hot Wheels '' to teach children all about force and motion?
Watch this video by our teachers Ms. Viji and Ms.Remya from Vedic Lore Preschool, who will demonstrate to you, how the level of pressure applied on an object results in it ,moving differently each time!

You can also construct your own ramp with a cardboard box and try pushing your cars with varying forces .Try it and record it !


Goodafternoon! We apologise for the delay !

We have an interesting video to intoduce today's theme - Force and motion.
We have used various objects around us to show how force is applied to make things move!

Download the lesson plan here for more inspirations :

We will be uploading another exciting video very soon, to demonstrate the Play way method of teaching followed at Vedic Lore - how hotwheels can be used to teach children, the science behind force and motion!

Watch this space!


Goodevening ! Bodhi Tree Week 9 Day 1 - Scientific Explorations-Day & night
Watch this video by our teacher , Ms. Kokila from Vedic Lore Preschool showing you a wonderful Day & Night Craft wih easy materials.
It's a great craft which you can make , to decorate your child's bedroom and use it to teach the concept of a clock.

Download our lesson plan here -

See you tomorrow !


Bodhi Tree Week 9 Day 1 -
Scientific Explorations - Day & Night

Watch this video by Ms. Viji from Vedic Lore Preschool explain how shadows are formed. You can try forming these shadow hand gestures tonight under a light or tomorrow in during the day with sunlight .

To know how to make many more hand gestures download our lesson plan of the day!

Let us know what you see!


Welcome to another week of learning !
We are in Week 9 Day 1
We are going to explore what makes Day and what makes night? What is nocturnal ? How does the earth rotate ?
Watch our video to learn more.
To download the lesson plan click here

We will also be releasing some special videos on how to make shadow hand gestures and a Day & Night Craft ! Keep watching the space!

Photos from Vedic Lore Preschool's post 05/07/2020

As promised , we have a special video for you. Ms. Hiranmayi will show you how to make your own authentic looking treasure map!

Do make one and send a picture of yours to us.

See you next week with the Theme - Scientific explorations!


Good morning!
We are in Week 8 and day 3 of the Pirate theme!
Sorry for the delay we were unable to go live because of the unstable internet connection
We have an exciting video coming up post this song session by our music teacher !
Click here for the downloadable lesson plan

Watch out for the next video which has been put together by our teachers from Vedic Lore Preschool just for you!
See you next week with another interesting theme!
Have a great weekend!


Ahoy Maties ! Hungry for some pirate snack? We have young Satvika show us another fruit based snack which will also be great table decor for a pirate theme party!

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Watch this video by a young chef -Miss.Satvika, who will show you how to make a healthy and a great looking snack based on the theme of the week.
Do try it out !

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Bodhi Tree Week 8 Day 2 ! Theme - Pirates .
Welcome to our live session.

We will go on a treasure hunt to find some gold and silver doubloons!

To download our lesson plan click her

Magnets and Pirates rhyme isn't it ? Watch our video to know how magnets work and do the experiment at home.

Count your treasures to keep them safe!

See you on Friday!


Good evening everyone ! In cotinuation to this week's theme - Pirates, learn how a ship stays afloat by watching this video by Ms. Nirmala, from Vedic Lore Preschool explaining the science behind Sink or Float . Do this experiment and record your experience in the observation sheet given as a part of the lesson plan click here -

Go on a treasure hunt and find things around and do the expirement to understand the concept of density .

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Photos from Bodhi Tree - Virtual Preschool's post 29/06/2020

Week 6's theme "Transport" inspired amazing work of children shared by our lovely parents !!

Really happy and glad to see our kids enjoying week 6.❤️😊

Don't forget to subscribe and like this page.


Ahoy there !
A very Goodmorning to everyone! We are in. Week 8 Day 1 !
Pirates are people with a lot of courage, foresight and intelligence ! This week we will show you how to use the Pirates theme in different ways to teach literacy, math and science .

We will go on an alphabet treasure hunt with a special guest today !
This week will be filled with adventures and excitement!

Parents , please use the lesson plan to create a treasure hunt in your own house and watch them enjoy it ! Also play a word memory game.

Download our lesson plan here

We will be uploading another science experiment video shortly - Watch out for this space .
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See you on wednesday !


We have been seeing so many posts and adverts about “preschools” shutting down or early educators/ management/ owners, resorting to sending their teachers to homes to “teach” for varied reasons!

But I am sure any one part of the Vedic Lorain community would agree that early years and early education is more of an experience than a home “tuition”.

We have far too much responsibility at the moment, than to convolute the sole meaning of it! We respect what everyone else is doing but yet we will retain our respect and belief in our own system and the teachers who trust us!

Our initiative Bodhi tree (Bodhi Tree - Virtual Preschool) on the other hand would continue its efforts to help parents and children, so that they can have lesson plans and short simple home learning videos that they can follow to continue preschool at home. We don’t intend to monetise that as that’s purely our passion.

We are seeing people “copying” even that. And we understand that’s their choice! We saw one of our lesson plans totally ripped and re-branded as someone else’s with a cost price labelled and we have nothing left to say!

We are just happy and proud that we have an amazing community of parents who trust and believe us and that will keep us going!

No comparison between apples and oranges is what we teach our children and that will continue as a learning lesson to the adults too! 👶


Welcome to Day 3 Week 7 of the theme Yoga and healthy food.
Today , in our video you will learn fun breathing exercises and the Surya Namaskar poses in an interesting manner !

Make your own Yoga Badge ! You have earned it! Play the games with Yoga as explained to you through the week and keep the Yoga going in you!

Download our lesson plan here

We will see you next week with an exciting theme - Pirates !

All aboard!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

Bodhi Tree - Virtual Pre School

Bodhi Tree aims to bridge the gap between a preschool , the structure & discipline that come with it, with the parents' understanding of early learning and continuing education even at home. First time home schooling parents & parents who are simply looking to continue the learning process back at home after regular preschool hours should subscribe to the program.

What is Bodhi Tree?

page - Complete free content for preschoolers. Each week will be based on a theme. Each day will have one short video and free downloadable!

Website - Will host multiple learning resources for parents to access and will serve as a ready reckoner for topics that are usually covered in kindergarten

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