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'Nishka Vaghela, founder and head of our school's research club, is a grade 12 learner who advocates for the importance of research beyond the classroom. She helps cultivate a culture of scientific inquiry and inspires students to create research projects and papers.'



Another big win for Rahul International School - Mumbai!

Rahul International School, Mira Road, Mumbai, has received an award in the category for excellence in “Inculcating Logical and Advanced Learning”.
It gives us immense joy to receive such a mention which upholds our strong value system that believes in excellence and high-quality education.

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World Tourism Day, observed annually on September 27th, is an important global celebration established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Its goal is to emphasize the significance of tourism and its social, cultural, political, and economic value.

A special assembly was conducted in Rahul International School Mira Road on 27/9/23 to celebrate the day. Students of the secondary section presented informative posters and presentations about famous tourist destinations, their historical and cultural significance, and the economic impact of tourism on those places. They also spoke about the importance of respecting local cultures and the environment.

The World Tourism Day celebration in our school was not only enjoyable but also educational. It instilled in us the importance of responsible and inclusive tourism while celebrating the beauty and diversity of our world's cultures. This event served as a reminder that through tourism, we can bridge gaps, promote understanding, and contribute to the global community.

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गर्व हमें है हिन्दी पर, शान हमारी हिन्दी है
कहते-सुनते हिन्दी हम, पहचान हमारी हिन्दी है।

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on the 14th of September. To mark this occasion, Rahul International School Mira Road, celebrated Hindi Diwas with great zeal and enthusiasm for the students of classes I to XII from CBSE and IGCSE sections. This entire week's morning assembly was dedicated to the Hindi week celebration. Students across various grades expressed the importance of Hindi and the way it is accepted as an official language in speech. It was an enriching celebration of the Hindi Diwas that inspired our students to take pride in the Hindi Language. A skit was presented in the morning assembly highlighting the importance of the day and was shared with students
Students of grades IX and X students participated in activities namely- Kavi gamelan, Hindi Recitation Activity, songs, and Dances. The self-narrated stories and poems written by children were greatly appreciated by their respective teachers. Children also designed thought-provoking and beautiful posters.


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Pickleball is considered an aerobic activity, and studies show that playing it can help improve cardiovascular fitness. That said, pickleball can be played in a slower, more casual way, too, or you can crank up the intensity and incorporate more running and movement into the game.

A special Pickleball session was conducted for the students of grade 9 CBSE and IGCSE in Rahul International School Mira Road on 18/8/23, where students participated and enjoyed the session a lot.

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Rahul International School joined forces with ELEVATE - an organization that aims to help youngsters experience the real high that comes from an aware, empowered, and uplifted society.
The learners from grades 9 to 12 actively interacted with the volunteers of Elevate and gained a lot of insight into the miseries of a drug-dominated life. The presence of the Greater Mumbai police personnel added value to the program.
The learners of Rahul international school had a meaningful interaction with the volunteers as well as the police authorities.


Emerge, Evolve, Embrace Freedom! Celebrating 77th Glorious Years of Independence at Rahul International School!

On this momentous occasion, we celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity that defines our great nation. As we raise our tricolor high, let's remember the sacrifices of our heroes and strive to build a brighter future together.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the values that define us as a nation by educating and empowering our students. Together, let's recommit to upholding the values that make India truly special.

Happy Independence Day!

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English Language Club Activity!

Shatkashi Jha, a student of Grade XI at RIS as a head of the English Language club, conducted the activity 3 words 1 story with the learners of VII A.
This club activity was a wonderful peer learning experience too! The learners of grade VII enthusiastically took part in the story writing activity and also participated in a debate related to elements required for a good story.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 09/08/2023


As a part of the TECH Club activity, the heads - of our grade 11 learners Pratik Rao and Arnav conducted the following activity with the grade 8 learners
Following is the sequence of the activities done:
1. Introduction to Python as a programming language
2. Object-oriented programming
3. Hands-on Python (Print statement)
4. Strings (with code examples)
5. Data types and variables
6. Input statement (with code examples)
The learners of grade 8 were seen actively taking instructions from their seniors and they really felt it was a welcome change seeing their seniors in such responsible roles.


🎉Join us in celebrating the birthday of a true education visionary!🌟

On this special day, Rahul Education extends our heartfelt wishes to our Chairman Shri L. R. Tiwari, an exceptional educationist, and the esteemed founder chairman. 🙌📚
Your dedication to empowering students and shaping young minds has been an inspiration to us all. 🎓
Thank you for transforming countless lives and creating a legacy of excellence in education. ✨
Wishing you a joyous birthday filled with happiness, success, and all the blessings on earth.🎈🎂

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International Justice Day!

An enriched Session with Advocates was organized for Grades IX to XII both CAIE and CBSE at Rahul International School, Mira Road on 17 July 2023 to commemorate the International Justice Day or Day of International Criminal Justice.
The main objective of the session was to alert the young learners of the laws and provisions prevalent in our country. In the end, a question-answer session was conducted wherein various queries were put forth by the students on Data Privacy, Infringement, and Crimes by Minors. They were given awareness of the Juvenile Justice Act, the Right to privacy, Violation of Fundamental Rights, Defaming, and Modesty.
The session was concluded by asking the learners to be vigilant as Ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse.

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Workshop on Climate Change Awareness!

Rahul International School, Mira Road in association with Anant National University organized a workshop on climate change awareness, for students of Grade 11 and Grade 12.
The workshop aimed to educate students about the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to climate change. Additionally, the university showcased its programs dedicated to addressing these issues, including degrees in Sustainable Architecture, Urban Design, and Environmental Studies. Through this workshop, University demonstrated its commitment to equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle climate change effectively and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Happy New Year 2023! to all the students, parents, teachers, and staff at Rahul International School! May this new year bring joy, prosperity, and success to all of you. We hope that the new year will bring new opportunities for growth and learning, and that you will all continue to thrive and excel in your studies and personal endeavors. We wish you all a healthy, happy, and fulfilling new year, filled with love, laughter, and happiness. May all your dreams and goals be realized in the year ahead, and may you all find success and fulfillment in everything you do. Here's to a bright and promising new year for all of us!

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Instilling traditional values in our children has been an important part of our curriculum. Various festivals are celebrated in the school and children get to learn about our Indian traditions and the stories and episodes related to each festival of different religions. Christmas Celebration, at Rahul International School, Pre-primary wing, was celebrated on the 23rd of December 2022 with great joy. Pre-Primary was festooned with colourful decorations. The children and teachers came dressed in red, green and white.
In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the whole week was celebrated as Christmas week with different activities for Pre-primary learners such as making Snowman, Stars and Stockings.
The pre-primary wing vibrated with the echoes of Christmas carols on the occasion of the Christmas Party. The wing wore a festive look with the bells, stars, Christmas tree and Santa. The celebration culminated with the song, wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Santa made a grand entry and surprised the children. The day ended on a happy note with Children imbibing the true message of Christmas - love, joy and goodwill to all.



Evelyn Suripogu, A student of Rahul International School, Mira Road studying in Grade 8 CAIE, OXFAM Equality Club President, was selected to participate in the Equality Clubs Student Government Conference! Congratulations! It was amazing to see bright young individuals like you who are so profoundly motivated to work on equality issues!

The conference was a 6-hour engagement on Saturday, 17th of December, 2022. As a participant, she was engaged with ideas around gender and economic equality in collaborative and thought-provoking ways. During this event, she was given the opportunity to learn from and interact with experts to develop and strengthen knowledge and enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The conference was conducted online and joined by participants from all over India.

YLAC - Young Leaders for Active Citizenship Oxfam


Adding another GEM to our CROWN!

We are delighted to inform you Mr. Rahul L. Tiwari, Secretary - of Rahul Education has been honored with the “TIMES EDUCATION ICONS” in Education, Mumbai 2022 for Rahul International School - RIS.
The award was presented by Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Arjuna Award winner Ms. Mary Kom- an Indian Olympic Boxer.

Your commitment, determination, and vision inspire us every day. From the depths of our hearts, we congratulate you on your honorable achievement.
Thank you for being the real torch-bearer of the Indian Education Sector!

Congratulations to all our educators, parents, and staff members!

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School Innovation Council | Leadership Talk | Rahul International School 15/12/2022

School Innovation Council | Rahul International School

As part of the School Innovation Council, a leadership talk
session was organised in the school. It was an online session and
the speaker of the session was Mr. Yashraj Bharadwaj.
Mr.Yashraj Bharadwaj and his brother Mr. Yuvraj Bharadwaj
are researchers, ideation and entrepreneurs. They have received a
Karamveer Chakra award in 2016 and also has been named as
Top 10 Young Global Entrepreneurs of 2016 by Success

School Innovation Council | Leadership Talk | Rahul International School As part of the School Innovation Council, a leadership talksession was organised in the school. It was an online session andthe speaker of the session was Mr...

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A Solo Singing Competition was organized in Rahul International School Mira Road, Students from CBSE and IGCSE Grades 1 to 8 participated in the competition. The participants sang with a lot of composure and passion and seemed to enjoy what they sang. It was a tough job for the judges as they found that the voice modulation of almost all the singers was good and the pitch perfect.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 07/12/2022


Solo Dancing Competition was conducted in Rahul International School Mira Road for Students of Grades 1 to grade 8 from CBSE and IGCSE. The lively dancers set the floor on fire with their peppy presentations. Their movements captured the essence of the music and movements were, graceful and elegant. The colourful costumes of the little ones enhanced the pleasure of watching the performance. The judges made a note of the expressions, stage coverage, and choreography and applauded the effort the dancers put in.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 05/12/2022

it was a faced amalgamation of colourful pyjamas, mushy pillows, soft toys and fun, during the ‘Pyjama Party’ at Rahul International School, Mira Road for pre-primary learners. Dressed up in their snazziest night dresses and carrying their favourite soft toy for a sleepover with their best friends.
The classroom was transformed into a haven of moon and stars with balloons and lights to go along with the decorations. The children were amazed to see the magic shown by teachers, watching movie with their favourite toys and enjoyed popcorn.
The objective behind the Pyjama Party was to assert independence among children, to develop social connections and to inculcate the healthy habit of sleeping. It was truly mesmerizing to see the little tots energetic and cheerful.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 28/11/2022

Learning beyond the classroom walls
Professionals are created in school. To enable learning with an open mind within the actual setting and experiencing the learning RIS organized an interactive session for grade 9 learners in collaboration with Smt. K.L. Tiwari College of Architecture.
The children learned about the application of science in the field of architecture.
The question and answer session with the students of the architecture college was a note-worthy highlight of the event.
The children garnered a lot of information through the field visit as it made their understanding concrete.


Rahul International School in collaboration with K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture, presents "An Architectural Aspect to Construction", a site visit set for students to understand the purpose of a site visit of building construction from an Architect's view.

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the aerobic session was conducted in Rahul International School Mira Road on 17/11/22 for Students of the secondary section where coach Mr Akash taught aerobic exercises to students.
Aerobic exercises involve physical activity that increases your breathing and heart rate to fuel your body with oxygen-rich blood.
Students enjoyed the session

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 21/11/2022


POP (Power of Positivity) activity was conducted in Rahul International School Mira Road on 16/11/22 for the students of grades 6 to 9 by Vice Principal, Joyce ma'am.
In this session, students were guided about meditation and were explained that a positive mental attitude produces positive thoughts, which can affect many areas of life in a favourable way. This kind of attitude improves your physical and mental health, emotional health, and immunity system. This attitude can reduce stress and anxiety, and increase confidence and happiness.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 16/11/2022

Rahul International School, Patankar Park, Nallasopara West, was awarded the Best School For Futuristic Education.
It gives us immense joy to receive such a mention which upholds our strong value system that believes in excellence and high-quality education.
For Admissions Enquiry kindly, call us now on 1800 266 4042 or visit our website www.ris.education!!

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A day marking childhood, and to make this event memorable for our little ones, Rahul International School, Mira Road celebrated Children’s Day on 14 November 2022, Monday. The day focused on children and their enjoyment. The day was commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm, and magnificence. The tiny tots of Pre-primary came dressed up in color full clothes. The celebrations began with the Morning Assembly by K2 learners, followed by a variety of fun-filled activities and games planned by the teachers for their children. The teachers made Children’s Day special for their children by involving them in various games like hitting the pyramid, rolling the dice, finding the ball, musical chairs, etc.
All the children were given a token of love from their teachers.
The learners were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day!!


Let's celebrate the budding talents who perceive the world through a fresh perspective. We wish our little bundles of joy all the very best and hope these young stars keep inspiring us as well as amaze us to think differently, just in their imaginative way!
Rahul International School wishes all children worldwide a very Happy Children's Day.


Those who have loved are those that have found God -Guru Nanak
May the Guru's teachings inspire us in all our future endeavors. Rahul International School wishes you a very Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 07/11/2022

Another feather in the cap!
Another big win for Rahul International School- Mumbai!
Awarded in the category for "Adopting Best in Class Futuristic and Life Skill Development Programs" at the Eldrok India K-12 Summit, this is a proud moment for the entire .
The heartiest congratulations to Director Mr. Yigal Banker and best wishes to the school for bigger and better things to come!

Photos from Rahul International School - RIS, Mira Road CAIE's post 01/11/2022

Rahul International School, in Collaboration with Team Adventure organized a Gujarat tour for the students of Secondary and Higher Secondary from 17th October to 21st October 2022. Altogether there were 20 Students from Mira Road CAIE, Mira Road CBSE, Nallasopara CBSE, and Nallasopara ICSE of RIS, were accompanied by two teachers and three volunteers from team adventure.
The students visited the Statue of Unity, Zoo park, Flower valley, Amul Dairy, Akshardham temple, Sabarmati Ashram, and Adalaj Step Well. The students explored and learned a lot of new things.
Moreover, they enjoyed the company of their friends and returned to school with lots of learning and memories!!

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