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Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology - Shibpur


GYWS brings to you the first-ever edition of ADHHYAYAN: The Socio-Innovation Case Challenge 2021, with an aim to connect and empower Innovators for Social Good.
Participate to experience the thrill of problem-solving and bring out of the box solutions to the table to tackle some of India's most pressing problems!!!
So, are you up for the challenge?
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Eligibility Criteria:
1) Each team should have 3-5 members.
2) Students from any institute irrespective of their departments or fields of study can participate.
3) All the participants must be from the same college.
We also would like to thank our title sponsor Dalmia Cement and our partners Dare2Compete, GrabOn and MyWays for making this event happen.
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Grab on to your mechanical prowess, jot down those dynamic equations. It's gonna take every bit of the Newton in you to win this one. Vivarta 2019 presents MECHMANIA! From water polo to water rocket, from hydraulic arms to bridges built to last, from ropeway rescue to project that sets stages on fire. Come join the craze.
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It's time to end that AFK! Because game mode just started. Whether you enjoy short term full blown attack or strategic snipping, it's all here, it's all now. Vivarta 2019 presents GAMING!
Whether PUBG pulls your thread or CS:GO lits your life, we have it all!
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Infinite objects scenario in the universe is a miracle. It opens up a different angle whether there is any other universe? Just look at the sky and harmonious behaviour of the nature. Our safe day to day life on earth is apparently due to absence of collusions at a noticeable scale except natural wear and tear of objects. This safety is because of gravitation impact of each object and regulated space in between. Gravitation impact must be in varying degrees due to prevalent conditions from object to object. Lesser is the gravitation, more is the energy output. So E=mc2 on earth could undergo a change elsewhere as for the said equation conditions on the earth are specific. There are two evident groups in universe, living and nonliving; both carrying soul energy, the former with self-activation and latter needing external support. The energy in nonliving is not as powerful as that in living. Ageing in both is natural, entry and exit is beyond imagination. The exit may be absorbed in nature. Nothing happens at random but on a calculated format which is not restricted to known mathematics. Oxygen for living is on earth. This might be in different manner on other objects. So there is a certainty of living elsewhere too, may be even in advanced technology. Perhaps knowing other living pattern would go a long way as medical support and backup. The existence of other universal setups cannot be ruled out; as there may be safe distance between them like objects in the known universe. It appears that there must be one common language in waves spread in the universal frames for communication purpose and on which footing the natural phenomenon rests on sound and safe pillars. The language is made known to us by thunders, lightening, and sounds of waves. Further the universal language is presented through beautiful seasons. Our weather forecasts depend upon wave movements and degrees of sound. Study of atomic sub particles in communication waves would pave way to understand some threads of universal language. Once this is analysed, messages of any calamities would be in sight along with remedy routes. This is complicated but simple once energy wave functioning is within our reach through common universal language.

To put the best foot forward, framing a full-fledged probe of the nature is essential. Natural rules will ever remain permanent and scripting thereof is paramount. Flow of waves encompasses the universe covering all that exists in visible and invisible sectors. Nature is a big treasure and atomic sub particles are the basics. Interestingly all objects might be having soul energy and inter

communications must be on with some common language in waves as otherwise concealed harmonious splendor is impossible. Segregation of communication waves is the prime need to enrich discovery dimensions. Everything is in abundance and only routes are to be revealed. Like mobile operations some code numbers of the universal setups and that of each object may be functioning, decoding of which is possible through atomic sub particle wave communicators.

Virtual reality is nature is not completely known to science; even a part is also incomplete. Green neighborhoods on earth will be a good step for environment care. Tapping and transformation in waves is responsible for universal installation and development. Due to environment disturbances, wear and tear and fast ageing of objects including earth, a changed scenario can occur. A new ball moves efficiently but damaged one would restrict its action; likewise ageing of objects would develop wobbling in rotations causing problems beyond control. Such a situation would affect life. So clean environment is to be maintained to help the earth in particular and the universe in general to at least some extent.

Mathematics and knowledge of atomic sub particles is to be achieved through universal language for which segregation of communication wave areas is to be sourced out. Perhaps then regular and irregular tapping and transformation of atomic sub particles may be in sight with causes thereof which would benefit to prevent natural crisis situations.

At the end everything is in plenty in the universal sub particle waves, out of which communication waves are to be separately studied to know universal language. This universal language would take us beyond horizon to reach the sky, the common universal umbrella. This route will open windows for immeasurable parameters so far unknown to benefit the mother earth by which minimum inputs and maximum results will be on the card for world citizens welfare. Basically world citizens are first universal citizens and therefore nature would look after the earth through our sincere efforts to keep the atmosphere pollution free.

In mathematics 1 plus 1 equals to 2 on the earth but if values thereof differ on other objects due to different gravitation range, the result of 2 on the earth would be either less or more for energy output. The net result of energy is after defying gravitation only. Again square of any figure is more than addition; but in case of square 1 and 2 it is not so; 1 plus 1 = 2 and square of 1 is 1 and 2 plus 2 = 4 and square thereof is also 4. Therefore some combination is needed through universal language to support probing calculation of the universal working. Finally the universal language is the only source to decipher universal conditions and codes to have sound accounting system to adopt the theory of relativity between the earth and the rest of the universe in totality. This may be termed as a magic method but its relevance requires to be investigated to improve quality of life on the earth. Science is important for which science of science is essential to relate the earth conditions to the rest of the universe for better results as the earth is a part of the sprawling universe.

H V Navangul
Age 83

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology[1] (IIEST) are institutes proposed by the Government of India to meet the growing demand for enginee

Operating as usual


Society of Civil Engineers - SOCCE, IIEST Shibpur 23/01/2019

শিবপুরে মৃণাল সেনের ছবি দেখানো বন্ধ হল, নেপথ্যে রোহিত ভেমুলার ‘দোষ’!

মৃণাল সেনের স্মৃতিতে পাঁচদিন ব্যাপী চলচ্চিত্র প্রদর্শনী ‘আপাতত বন্ধ’ রাখার নির্দেশ শিবপুর আইআইইএসটি-তে বিতর্কের জেরে মৃণাল সেনের ছবির প্রদর্শনীও স্থগিত করে দেওয়া হল।


All are requested to go through this and comment on the original post.

The Proctorial Board of IIEST Shibpur has prepared a draft of Disciplinary Manual for Students.

The students are requested to comment their opinion/views in this original post.

Please share this since it directly affects each and every student of IIESTS.

Please note that this document is a draft which is yet to be approved by the authorities. It'll be placed and most likely approved in the upcoming Professor Senate meeting which hasn't been announced yet.


24th August 2014, Inauguration of IIEST, Shibpur by the President of India (then) Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

This auspicious day, 24th of August, 2018 marks 4 years since the inauguration of IIEST, Shibpur by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India.


Artwork by Soura Manna


Rotaract Club of Calcutta

Good Initiative.

Join us for the Women's Safety Workshop organised by Instruo, IIEST Shibpur and Rotaract Club of Calcutta in association with NSS, IIEST Shibpur.
Venue - Netaji Bhavan, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (IIEST)
Date - 8th August, 2018
Time - 4 PM - 6 PM



"Naaam me kya rakha hai"!
"What is in the name?"
Bas naam badal lene se kuch nai hota

The so called "National Institute" which has a corrupt mess administration.

Which has practically no mechanism to sort out student Grievances. For every problem students have to come down on streets.
Even after four years of transformationthere is no one in college to hear us

The only thing that changed here is Tution Fee and Mess Fee.

We are not going to judge this protest if it is right or wrong. The students are mature enough .

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied".

Students be united . Support your friends. Just because you are not a victim today doesn't mean you can't be tomorrow.


Students Come Out To Protest Against The Racial Discrimination In Manipur

News coverage by Times Now regarding racial discrimination against A. John.

WATCH | Frankly Speaking With Amit Shah ► Click Here For Latest Political News & Updates ► Subscribe to Times Now...



It is unfortunate that despite being so old the atmosphere at IIEST has become so much anti-student. The following is one of such cases where students always suffer!

Plea by a fellow student to fight against discrimination and harassment by the faculty -

"Dear friends,

My name is A. John, a student of IIEST, Shibpur, pursuing my B.Arch in the Department of Architecture and Town Planning. I am from Manipur. I wish to share my grievances and discrimination that I have suffered ever since I joined this institute in 2013.

• I faced discrimination regarding my admission in this institute. One of my department Professor even went to the extent of claiming that I joined this college through cheating. I went to the then HOD for help who told me to leave the college.
• In my 4th semester (2015), after we had written the mid semester exams, I was handed my 3rd semester marksheet, where I came to know that I had failed in a sessional paper which came as a shock to me. We approached the authority and the professor-in-charge accepted his negligence and the failure was removed, but at the cost of more than a month of our time and mental depression.
• In the same semester (2015), the same professor detained 4 of us in his sessional subject for submitting our assignment merely 5 mins late the same day. We approached the authority and it was ruled in our favour after we missed 4 of our exams while running around the university authorities to solve this issue. We appeared for one exam that remained. We approached the authority to allow us to appear for the exams which we missed without our fault, but we were denied of the request which eventually led us to lose a year.
• In my fifth semester (2016), me and my classmate from Manipur were given year lag because of biased evaluation in a sessional paper. When I went on to ask for my mark sheet and attendance sheet, I was called by one of my teacher to say that I will hamper the student-teacher relationship by doing so. I was shocked, how my desire to know my attendance and marks was misinterpreted as a step to hamper the student-teacher relationship. I was even told by my friends that some professor made a statement in front of them that students of northeast can be given year lag and they won't do anything but if it is given to the Bengali students then they will create a lot of problems in the department.
• I had written and submitted my grievances to the authority on Feb 10th, 2017. It has been more than a year and a conclusive response is still awaited.
• I approached the North East Support Centre and Helpline (Delhi), as a result of which, an inquiry committee was formed on May 17th2017. I appeared before the committee to give my statement on June 12th 2017. Though a student representative (General Secretary, Student Senate) was in the committee, he was not allowed to be present during meetings of the inquiry committee and was instructed to sit outside for the duration of the meeting which was also biased.
• I have submitted my appeal to the committee on July 17th 2017 and September 3rd 2017 for the report and submitted another appeal to the Director, IIEST-Shibpur, on March 6th 2018 but to no avail. The authority have turned a blind eye to my case. I have even approached the grievances section of MHRD, the PMO via mail but response is awaited.

I request you to kindly support me in my fight for justice."

- An open letter by Alao John



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Rebeca 2020

REBECA 2018 is just 6 days away now!!!
Feeling charged up yet?
The countdown has begun.



Hello Howrah! Prepare yourself to #TakeCharge with extra thunder.
The #ThumsUpChargedChallenge has arrived in your city.
Join us today at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology - Shibpur, 3:30 PM onwards.
Watch this space for more and #GetCharged for the big day!


Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur

At the outset, we would like to heartily congratulate all the degree recipients of the Fourth Annual Convocation of IIEST, Shibpur.

Amidst all the festivity, however, we would like to bring to your notice certain issues which happened behind closed doors and were done with pretty cold blood by our institute authorities!

Most of you would know that the students had affixed posters at Netaji Bhavan highlighting the resolutions of the General Body meeting of the students held a couple of days back. Most of them were covered up with strategic decoration for the Convocation and some of the posters (7 to be exact) were torn off without any explanation or prior information to the Students' Senate.

Nevertheless, the students got back to work and we have taken our peaceful protest a step ahead with further affixing of posters in front of Second Lobby highlighting our popular demands. The student representatives will have a formal meeting with the authority on Monday (March 5th, 2018) and all the stakeholders of this institute will be informed of its proceedings and another General Body meeting might be called depending on the situation.

We urge you to come forward, prepare posters about the various issues that are plaguing the institute, and we will put that up in locations so that it is visible to everyone.

A takeaway for the students would be to realize the fact that if such things as mentioned previously are happening now when the staff, students and teachers are demanding their rights and are speaking against the wrong, then what the condition of this institute will be, when the stakeholders do not raise their voice.

The Students Senate' has since its inception been a hub of cultural affairs in this institute and it is truly unfortunate that in the face of circumstances today, we have had to take a rather tough stance.

Realize that if the Students' Senate had not taken a stand then, we would not have LORDS or OVAL today, if we hadn't taken a tough stance then, we would not have the liberty to exercise the Exit Option today.

This is a shout out to everyone to assist us in this peaceful and rightful struggle of ours and help build Shibpur into an intellectual and academic hub it was always meant to be.

We are committed to a mission that when the Shibpur story is written, posterity should not judge us to say that we (the current batch of students) got the best opportunities possible, but when challenges arose, we were found wanting. (Inspired by Mr. Vinod Rai's speech at the Harvard Kennedy School)

Rise, Shibpur! Resist, Shibpur!


Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur

A hugely successful General Body meeting was held yesterday (26th February 2018) at Netaji Bhavan after quite some time. A lot of important issues regarding the ever-increasing mess fees and academic policies of the institute were discussed. The resolutions were unanimously agreed upon and are discussed in the points given below:

1. We, the students of IIEST Shibpur, residing in the different halls and hostels, refuse to pay the wages of the temporary staffs working in the halls/hostels. We will only pay for the food and other consumables, from now on.

2. We refuse to accept the ad-hoc solution provided by the institute authorities in order to reduce the mess fees, as the process is completely anti-transparent and it might result in increased fees in the following years.

3. We demand that no temporary mess employee be sacked, and they be paid as per the Minimum Wages Act of the Govt. of India.

4. We demand that the institute take necessary steps for the inclusion of IIEST, Shibpur in the Prime Minister's Research Fellowship scheme.

5. We demand that the institute authorities take up these issues with the MHRD and convince them of their requirement, considering the present scenario of the institute.

The fact that BESU has been converted to IIEST implies that certain constraints have to be maintained. This General Body meeting reiterated our belief that even in the materialistic society we live in today, the young bright minds of this institute never think twice to stand up for the oppressed and voice their opinions.

We will place these demands in front of the institute authorities on Monday and based on that meeting, the Senate and HMAC representatives will take a decision in accordance with what has been decided in today's GB meeting. Rest assured, your voice is our opinion. We won't deviate from these above-mentioned resolutions without informing the student masses. We might call another General Body meeting based on the college's response.

Today, 27th of February, 2018, as of such there is no formal meeting. However, we will be there at Netaji Bhavan discussing other various issues affecting our institute after our classes get over in the casual "adda" style. Feel free to join us.

All the representatives of the various halls and hostels are requested to hand over the sheet having the signatures of the boarders of their respective halls/hostels showing their support for the resolutions, tomorrow to the GS or AGS.

GS: Souvik Biswas- 8240433827
AGS: Avik Ghosh- 8420362811

Rise, Shibpur!


Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur

The degree recipients for the 4th Annual Convocation, 2018 are requested to visit the following link.

The online registration portal for the 4th Annual Convocation, to be held on 4th March, 2018, is live now at

Please go through the notice.


Boro Howar Pathshala | Tribute | BEC 1992 Batch (IIEST Shibpur)

A humble effort to pay homage to our "Boro Howar Pathshala" for planting the seeds of knowledge and passion in us. Thank you for guiding us, inspiring us and...


Blood Donation Camp organised by Students' Senate of IIEST, Shibpur on 15 November, 2017.

The Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur had organised a blood donation camp in association with Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata on 15 November, 2017, at Netaji Bhavan.

110 students donated blood.

Thanks to all the donors and the volunteers for making the event successful.

Here are a few moments from the day captured by Debomit Dey. Thank you Debomit.


Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur

Here goes the list of the members of the General council , i.e. the list of Secretaries of different affiliated societies of the Students Senate of this season. Feel free to contact them anytime! :)


Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur

Here are our newly elected office bearers for the season 2017-18! Feel free to contact them anytime!
GS- Souvik Biswas
AGS- Avik Ghosh
Treasurer- Rajib Kumar Dey


IIEST Shibpur Placements

Congratulations guys!

PwC India (September 01, 2017)


1. Amit Jalan
2. Kunal Jain
3. Mehul Agarwal
4. Abhishek Tiwari (#PR)
5. Aayush Verma (#PR)


1. Anish Chhaparia
2. Saket Modi
3. Vivek Agarwal
4. Debopam Purkayastha
5. Arnab Das
6. Sourav Bose
7. Udayan Subuddhi
8. Saptashwa Bandhopadhay
9. Saptarsi Basak
10. Sourav Kanta
11. Raktim Chaki


1. Saikat Dey
2. Samrat Chatterjee
3. Himanshu Sekhar Mishra (#PR)
4. Souradip Banerjee
5. Poushali Ray
6. Rumani Chakraborty


1. Arkan Chatterjee
2. Sumit Maiti
3. Agnik Dutta
4. Ankita Saha
5. Sohan Banerjee (#PR)
6. Anirban Pal


1. Soumyadeep Kal
2. Swapnil Roy
3. Deepan Das
4. Avik Mallick
5. Sourav Raha
6. Pushpabeeti Samanta

Interns (3rd Year):

1. Namit Bhasin (IT)
2. Rohitashwa Chakraborty (IT)
3. Pritam Pathak (CST)
4. Tarang Barua (CST)
5. Abhishek Pal (CST)
6. Deepanjan Maji (ETC)

Congratulations everyone !!


IIEST Shibpur Placements

Congratulations guys!

Veritas LLC (August 30, 2017)


1. Trishnendu Ghorai
2. Nilanjana Lodh
3. Alokedip Choudhuri
4. Nitin Agarwal
5. Arun Shreevastava


1. Auroshikha Mandal

Congratulations folks!



The place, from where all dream started. It was more than a place which provided great food and shelter for three years, it also created uncountable memories and stories to cherish.. Richardson Hall...IIEST Shibpur.




TRAILER | IIEST Shibpur is one of the Oldest and Finest Institute in India. It is serving the nation since 1856. The Bridge2K17 team has tried to capture the...



Little can be said in words how delighted we,the students are being able to welcome you to the departmental reunion SMRITI 2017.We sincerely hope that the auspicious day will be a wonderful meet between present students of the department and the respected alumni that will replenish the memories of the unforgettable college life and be a memorable day for the students as we come close to our beloved seniors.It is needless to make mention of the strong bond of our connection between the different fraternities of our department, yet its the dire need to rekindle this affinity and affection that we present to you SMRITI Reunion 2017.
We cordially invite you and your family to make this event a grand success by your valued presence.

Thanking You,
Sankhadeep Ghosh
General Secretary,SSAT
Contact no : +918902485141





Elegance of IIEST Shibpur

FOSSILS....BEings night ....
#Rebeca_2017 IIEST SHIBPUR


Elegance of IIEST Shibpur



Elegance of IIEST Shibpur

The night before REBECA 2K17....


Catch Sourendro-Soumyojit LIVE at REBECA 2017 on 6th April.
Vocalist Soumyojit and pianist Sourendro rhyme as a duo. They have been creating, composing and performing together for a decade now.
E365 Media Solutions

Catch Sourendro-Soumyojit LIVE at REBECA 2017 on 6th April.
Vocalist Soumyojit and pianist Sourendro rhyme as a duo. They have been creating, composing and performing together for a decade now.
E365 Media Solutions

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