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Our student became the 1st winner


New batch for class 11th Physics will start on 1 Aug in the morning 6AM
Hurry up


Hurry up guy's
Join Indian Navy
12th pass(science) student can apply.


मेहनत के रंगों से अपने जीवन को रंग दे।
सब दिन आपकी होली मनेगी।
Happy Holi


जो विद्यार्थीगण असफल रहे हैं उन्हें परेशान होने की जरूरत नहीं है।
असफलता है इसे स्वीकार करो।
खूब मेहनत करो,
सफलता एक दिन आपकी कदमों में आयेगी।


12वीं पास करने वाले आप सभी विद्यार्थियों को बधाई।
एक बात याद रखियेगा
अभी जिंदगी के बहुत सारे exam बाकी है।


Hurry up guy's....


Special batch for class lX'th and X'th CBSE (Math, Science and SST.) Will start on March 15,2021.
Address:-V.K.Physics Classes,Nearby Dr.A.K.Ray clinic, Khutti Godam, Dalsinghsarai


Physics New batch for class 11th will start from 15 March
Batch Timing 6:00 AM,7:00 AM


V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai Wishes you a very happy Saraswati Puja.
May this year maa Saraswati fulfill your all dreams....


Join Arts Academy(Add-Khutti Godam)
for 11th-12'th arts subject and government jobs preparation


New batch for class 12th will start from 15 February
Time 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Khutti Godam , Dalsinghsarai


V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai, Nearby khutti Godam
Most important questions from optics
1. What is reflection of light ? Write down the laws of reflection.
2. What is regular and irregular reflection ?
3. What is real and virtual image ?
4. What is mirror and it's type ?
5. How image is formed in plane mirror ?
6. How image is formed in concave mirror ?
7. How image is formed in convex mirror ?
8. What is the relation between focal length and radius of curvature of a mirror ? Prove it.
9. Derive mirror formula .
10. What is refraction of light ? Write down the laws of refraction.
11. What happens when a light ray moves from rare medium to a denser medium ?
12. What is magnification ?
13. What is scattering of light ?
14. What is lateral shift of light ray?
15. What is apparent depth of object when it immersed in a liquid (water )
16. What is total internal reflection ?
17. On what principle optical fibre works ?
18. What is lens and it's type ?
19. What happens when a light ray passes through a lens ?
20. Derive the expression for lens formula ?
21. Define power of lens .
22. What is telescope ? Describe it.


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V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai (Khutti Godam Dalsinghsarai)
Most important questions from electric current
1. What is electric current & it's unit ?
2. What is drift velocity ?
3. What is current density ?
4. Electric current in terms of drift velocity (I=neAV)
5. State ohm's law . Derive an expression for ohm's law.
6. What is resistance and resistivity ?
7. What is conductance and conductivity ?
8. What is the effect of temperature on resistance and resistivity ?
9. What is conductor, insulator and semiconductor ?
10. Explain limitation of ohm's law.
11. What are the combination of resistor ? explain it.
12. Explain colour coding of carbon resistance .
13. What is electric cell ?
14. What is internal resistance of a cell ?
15. What is electro magnetic force ?
16. Define electric energy ?
17. Explain joule's law of heating effect .
18. Explain Kirchhoff's laws of electric current.
19. What are the combination of battery ? Explain it.
20. What is wheatstone bridge ?
21. What is relaxation time ?


V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai (Khutti Godam Dalsinghsarai)
Most important questions from electric potential and capacitance
1. What is electric potential and potential difference ?
2. Define one electron volt ?
3. What is the unit of electric potential ?
4. Explain electric potential due to point charge .
5. Explain electric potential due to an electric dipole.
6. Explain electric potential in the centre of a ring when charge is equally distributed over the ring.
7. What is the relationship between electric field and electric potential ?
8. What is capacitor & it's types ?
9. Define capacitance ?
10. On what factors capacitance of a capacitor depends?
11. What is spherical capacitor ? Derive an expression for spherical capacitor. Why it is not being used ?
12. What is parallel plate capacitor ? Derive an expression for parallel plate capacitor.
13. What is cylinderical capacitor ? Derive an expression for cylinderical capacitor.
14. What happens when two capacitors are connected to each other ?


V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai (Khutti Godam Dalsinghsarai)
Most important questions from electric charge and electric field
1. What is electric charge and it's type ?
2. What is electrostatic force ?
3. What is fundamental charge ?
4. What is conservation of charge ?
5. What is quantization of charge ?
6. State coulomb's low of charge.
7. What is electric field ?
8. What is electric field intensity ?
9. What is electric field lines ? Why electric field lines cannot cross each other ?
10. What is electric dipole and dipole moment ?
11. Explain torque due to electric dipole ?
12. What is gauss theorem ?
13. What is electric flux ?


V.K.Physics Dalsinghsarai (ABC Campus Dalsinghsarai)
The Most Important questions for 12'th final exam from semiconductor.
1. what is semiconductor and it's type ?
2. what is energy band diagram of conductor, insulator and semiconductor ?
3. what is intrinsic semiconductor ?
4. what is extrinsic semiconductor and it's type ?
5. what is hole of a semiconductor? How it is generated ?
6. what is p-type semiconductor ?
7. what is n-type semiconductor ?
8. what is p-n junction ?
9. what is depletion layer ?
10. what is doping ?
11. what is zener diode ?
12. what is rectifier?
13. what is transistor?
14. V-I characteristics of a transistor.
15. What is logic gates and where is it used now a days ?
16. what are the types of main logic gates ?
17. What is NOT gate ? Draw it's diagram, and write truth table.
18. What is OR gate ? Draw it's diagram and write truth table.
19. What is NOR gate ? Draw it's diagram and write truth table ?
20. What is AND gate ? Draw it's diagram and write truth table ?
21. What is NAND gate ? Draw it's diagram and write truth table ?


Happy Makar Sankranti


New batch for class 12th
will start from 18/01/2021(Monday)
Batch timing-6:00 AM,
7:00 AM, 9:00AM,10:00 AM


Contact for home tution.
We will teach your child like never before.


home tutor required to teach students of class upto 12th (CBSE)


Two videos are here.
1.Normal Video.
2.Slow motion Video.
Now you can understand that Alternating current has frequency (50Hz in india)


Happy children's day and happy diwali 🎉🎉


Optical density is different from mass density 👍


Question asked in UPSC PT from unit and dimensions chapter of class 11th physics

Photos from V.K.Physics Classes Dalsinghsarai's post 21/09/2020

Work and Energy


Hurry up all the Girls..


Hurry up
batch time
10+1-10 AM(CBSE)
10+2-8 AM(CBSE)
10+2-9 AM(BSEB)


Thora hi sahi , lekin mehnat karte rahen

Photos from V.K.Physics Classes Dalsinghsarai's post 03/09/2020

Gravity travels at the speed of light...

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UnderstandHow same charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other.
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