Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training


Dear Colleagues,
sorry for disturb you, but I write to help my pupils.
Next year I will have new kids in a new class. They just finished kindergarten school now. They will start to read, and challenge the world of books.
I would like so much to motivate them. Because of this reason we participate in a competition in Hungary. Just immagine, it's possible to win 50 books, a mini library in our classroom.
Please, if it is possible, give us a like on youtube, below our video.
1 like- a big happiness for children. Thank you for your help.
the people go
Required Nursery Teacher for Kuwait
Required Nursery Teacher for kuwait

International Training Academy is one of the prime names in the field of teacher training.

The most important duty of ITA is to continuously recognize the fundamental elements of teaching. The company is fortunate to have professionals who are dedicated and prudent. This has helped the institution to achieve appropriate analysis and teaching practices for its students.ITA believes in the continuous reconstitution of teachers with the latest teaching techniques and methodologies. The institution caters to students pursuing both online and distance teacher training courses, worldwide

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What is Montessori Education?
Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson 10/08/2017

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson Teach your students that the world is giving answers to every problem, everyday. Learn to listen. A good teacher also means a good caretaker, but teaching and taking care at the same time is


The Importance Of Elementary Education

Elementary education refers to the first phase of compulsory education that children obtain during the few years of starting schooling. This education has specific goals that meet the special needs that children have.

Elementary education offers children an opportunity to have a group that is stable to interact. Usually, when children stay away from familiar faces, they tend to suffer for parting anxiety. However, with time and as the children start to attend preschool, they interact with similar faces daily and regularly. This results to attachment with other children of their age, an aspect which is very vital in the growth and development of a child. Therefore, elementary education offers children a stable peer group interaction, playing, and sharing, whereas, adults who are associated with elementary education assists to develop the essential traits in children of trusting older people besides their grandparents and parents. Therefore, elementary education enables children to make friends who facilitate acquisition and development of vocabulary as children attend preschool. As children converse with their peers, they also learn how to make personal decisions, as well as choices. They are also able to participate and enjoy various activities and games with their friends. When in school, their listening ability develops, they also acquire the concept of sharing and turn taking. In addition, when children receive recognition and encouragement from their teachers, it helps them to develop self confidence and set personal goals

Elementary education is very beneficial not only to children, but also the nation at large. It is the foundation of advanced learning. It shapes the lives of people even into adulthood by promoting wise decision making. Children who obtain this education develop many skills such as sharing, turn taking, communication, as well as math skills. They also rapidly develop socially and emotionally as compared to those who never got this basic education. In addition, when a population is educated, the nation does not suffer many losses due to innovativeness of its people who are able to bring about economic development both at the grass root levels and nationally.

5 Things That Makes an Outstanding New Primary School Teacher 07/08/2017

5 Things That Makes an Outstanding New Primary School Teacher

5 Things That Makes an Outstanding New Primary School Teacher 5 Things That Makes an Outstanding New Primary School Teacher Want to produce outstanding lessons on a regular basis? Want your students to become excellent learners? Want to achieve an absolute plethora of gold-standard, nailing on to everything that is thrown at you? Want to


Starting School Tips for Parents

Attitudes about starting school can vary widely from age to age. Use these tips to help your child feel more confident at each stage.

1.Preschool-Preschoolers are often worried about practical issues such as, “When are you coming back? Where is the bathroom? What if I can’t open my lunchbox? What if I don’t want to nap?”

Plan to stay around the classroom for a while for the first few days to help with any transition issues, if you can. If your child doesn’t want you to go, look for something you know your child likes to do. Young kids often like physical materials like play dough that they can work with their hands.
Turn to the teacher or guidance counselor for assistance if your preschooler won’t let you leave. Many preschool teachers have been dealing with separation issues for years, and if you picked the right school, you are leaving your child in good hands. You can often call later to check on your child.


Kindergarten often means the start of a new and bigger school. Kindergartners have many of the concerns of preschoolers about leaving home, plus some new ones.

There are many new things for your child to adjust to in kindergarten. There may be more children in the class and on the playground. The school day itself may be longer, and there may be many new friends to meet. Kindergarten becomes more comfortable once kids get used to and understand the routines.

Moving to a New School

If you’ve moved or your child is switching schools, much of the advice in this article will help. In particular, you may want to do things to help your child feel physically and emotionally secure and comfortable. Review the route carefully. If you tour the school before it starts, go over the floor plan find the bathroom together, and find their classroom as well as other classes in the building. Meet as many people as you can in advance. This is important for your preschooler and your fifth grader too.


Fun Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Write Better

Your toddler or preschooler may be an enthusiastic artist, wanting to draw random figures everywhere. But to teach him to write will involve more than just stick figure art and random shapes. Here, we give you tips to help him master the task.

1 . Do not rush to the alphabet or number. Create simple lines and shapes and ask him to copy them.

2 . Toddlers can either use their fingers or small sticks to trace in oatmeal, sand, pudding, shaving cream, rice, etc.

3 . You can encourage your toddler to write on dry erase boards, Magnadoodle, or chalkboard. This way he can re-write several times at the same place.

4 . Allow your toddler time to move at his pace and learn through the process.

5 . When you feel your toddler is ready for papers and pencils, encourage him to draw shapes and lines before proceeding to letters.

6 . You can make it interesting using letter tiles, fridge magnets, and alphabet blocks.

7 . To make writing on paper interesting, add colors by providing crayons and sketches. If you are afraid that your tot may spoil the walls, get washable colors.

8 . Make sure that the activity is fun and relaxed. He need not achieve perfection when he has just begun to write.

Teaching a toddler to write depends on a lot of factors such as the ease with which they can hold a pencil or a crayon, their enthusiasm to write or draw, their interest for big or small letters, and more. Not all toddlers learn to write in the same manner and to teach them can be a test of patience.


Teaching Gifted Students

If there's one constant about gifted students it's the fact that they're full of questions (and full of answers). They're also imbued with a sense of inquisitiveness. Providing for their instructional needs is not an easy task and will certainly extend you to the full limits of your own creativity and inventiveness. Keep some of these instructional strategies in mind:

Allow gifted students to design and follow through on self-initiated projects. Have them pursue questions of their own choosing.

Provide gifted students with lots of open-ended activities—activities for which there are no right or wrong answers or any preconceived notions.

Keep the emphasis on divergent thinking—helping gifted students focus on many possibilities rather than any set of predetermined answers.

Provide opportunities for gifted youngsters to engage in active problem-solving. Be sure the problems assigned are not those for which you have already established appropriate answers but rather those that will allow gifted students to arrive at their own conclusions.

Encourage gifted students to take on leadership roles that enhance portions of the classroom program.

Provide numerous opportunities for gifted students to read extensively about subjects that interest them. Work closely with the school librarian and public librarian to select and provide trade books in keeping with students' interests.

Provide numerous long-term and ex-tended activities that allow gifted students the opportunity to engage in a learning project over an extended period of time.

How Coaching and Mentoring differ in Teaching Profession? 29/07/2017

How Coaching and Mentoring differ in Teaching Profession?

How Coaching and Mentoring differ in Teaching Profession? How Coaching and Mentoring differ in Teaching Profession? Papers are spilling off the table. Your phone is ringing. You are buried under piles of notebooks and little smiley face stickers seem like smiling at your poor condition! All teachers have been through this phase. When it

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson 28/07/2017

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson

Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson Attention Teachers! Here’s How You should Teach a Listening Lesson Teach your students that the world is giving answers to every problem, everyday. Learn to listen. A good teacher also means a good caretaker, but teaching and taking care at the same time is


School leadership is the process of enlisting and guiding the talents and energies of teachers, pupils, and parents toward achieving common educational aims.
Leadership training for teachers can provide significant benefits to principals and school administrators.
With leadership training for teachers, principals and school administrators will:

Be able to forge better partnerships with teachers

Reduce conflict between teachers, principals and school administrators

Improve student achievement

Increase pride in their schools from students, parents, and teachers

Be viewed as being more open and fair by teachers

Have better communication with teachers and students

Be able to introduce new ideas and approaches in their school with greater receptivity

So enhance your knowledge with our International Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration & Management

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Neurological research shows that the early years play a key role in children’s brain development.

Babies begin to learn about the world around them from a very early age.. Children’s early experiences – the bonds they form with their parents and their first learning experiences – deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

Optimizing the early years of children’s lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success.

So enhance your knowledge with our International Diploma in Early Childhood Care Education And be an Internationally Certified Teacher..
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Great teachers help create great students. Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through examining case studies, learning best practices, and participating in internships, exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in a real classroom.


The Importance of Special Education

One realm which is grossly under appreciated and definitely in need of qualified candidates is special needs education. The importance of special education cannot be overstated; kids with special needs can grow up to be fully functioning, productive, and happy members of society. Or they can fall through the cracks. It could be argued the importance of special education really rests on four basic pillars.

Innovation: For too long kids with special needs simply “got by.” In this day and age there really is no reason for that. When you have dedicated, innovative, resourceful, and intuitive special education instructors helping these kids out, they are going to thrive individually. When teachers share their successful innovations, everyone wins.

Research: Another area where special education teachers really help is on the more observational and research geared studies. When those who may not be directly involved as instructors are able to observe and study behaviors, that is when critical breakthroughs are made. Special education instructors are a pivotal component to this advancement.

Excellence: Kids with special need have sort of always been relegated to their lot in life. But that doesn’t have to be and the very best special education teachers know this. When an instructor has touched the life of a student, the students whole demeanor is elevated. Even more, when special education teachers uncover promise in these individuals and pull out the best from them, the excellence in the students shines through.

Impression: Finally the most lasting component to the importance of special education and perhaps the most fulfilling for instructors is when they make a lasting impression on a student. Every student is able to remember a few of their favorite teachers from years past. This is even more critical when you are dealing with special education students. Giving kids hope and a reason to reach outside of themselves and beyond what they ever thought was possible may be the biggest reward of all.
If you have a talent for working with young people or you have always felt at ease with people with special needs, perhaps you should heed that call. The importance of special education in the world will never go away; kids with special needs will always need individualized, exceptional care.

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International Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training 21/07/2017

International Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training

International Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training International Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course with a Specialization in Language Enrichment & Classroom Material Management About The Course The International Advance Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Specialization in Language Enrichment and Classroom Material M...

Thematic Approach of Teaching in Pre - Primary Education 20/07/2017

Thematic Approach of Teaching in Pre - Primary Education

Thematic Approach of Teaching in Pre - Primary Education THEMATIC APPROACH OF TEACHING IN PRE - PRIMARY EDUCATION Definition :- Thematic instruction is the coordination of a curriculum around large-scale “themes.” Thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines like reading, math, and science with the exploration of a broad subject, such as communities,...



Importance of Elementary Education

Elementary Education covers the primary(6-11 years) and upper Primary (11-14 years) agegroup. In most Indian States, this translates into successful completion of prescribed educational requirements till class VIII.

The essence of the goal is for every 14 years old to ability to read and write with fluency, numeracy, comprehension, analysis, reasoning and social skills such as teamwork.

Equally, elementary education should instill in children courage, confidence, curiosity, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience and understanding




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