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Share with us how your child answered… “Who made you smile today?“💜💜
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Ericsson and Save the Children are joining forces for helping critically-ill children from marginalised communities get better access to healthcare services. Ericsson India Global Services and Save the Children have set up Child-friendly Pediatric Wards in five hospitals in Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata and Pune each. Under this initiative, we have provided essential medical supplies and equipment for setting up the ward, while also establishing a Child-friendly Space through wall paintings. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring that children coming to these hospitals can avail quality healthcare and medical services and get a shot at a healthy and happy childhood. We leave you with glimpses from the launch of one such Paediatric Ward at Institute of Child Health in Kolkata.
Smile Train India and the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd announce a partnership to support 230 surgeries in the state, to be conducted at Smile Train partner facilities, Institute of Child Health and Repose Clinic & Research Centre, in Kolkata.

This partnership will add to the many free cleft surgeries already provided in the state through ’s network of partner hospitals in , , , and more.

Reposeclinic Institute of Child Health
After losing one twin and drained of resources at a private hospital, these distraught parents approached Institute of Child Health for help. The baby was born at 26 weeks and weighing about 800 grams only , and had been ventilated for 10 days. So from day 12 till discharge on day63 our team of trained nurses and energetic residents took full care of this little one. We made sure baby had no infections during hospital stay. And baby is now feeding well and gaining weight and has nearly doubled his weight. Good bye and good luck. See you in our clinics
With Kheya Ghosh Uttam Rafiqul Hassan Apurba Ghosh
Kidney disease or chronic kidney disease means the kidney is damaged and can't filter blood the way it should. Patients who have diabetes or high blood pressure are at a greater risk of having kidney diseases. Longstanding kidney disease may also lead to kidney failure.
Dr. Deblina Dasgupta Consultant Nephrology Institute Of Child Health (ICH) explained in detail about the early warning signs & symptoms of kidney diseases.
Institute of Child Health

The Pediatric Nephrology Division of the Institute of Child Health, Kolkata has undertaken a month-long initiative called ‘Prayas’ on the occasion of the World Kidney Day this year with the aim of spreading awareness about kidney health in children. It kicked off with a renal health screening programe for children of Future I lope School, Kolkata. A team of medical professionals visited the Future Hope School, Kolkata and conducted simple clinical evaluation including measurement of BP and urine analysis to detect earliest signs of kidney problems. Similar screening programe was also conducted for street children residing in Kolkata. Children found to be having abnormalities during this screening procedure will be followed up at ICH Nephrology OPD where basic evaluations and investigations like routine blood and urine tests will be done free of cost. Awareness programes were organised for parents caring for children with kidney diseases and Nursing Officers of ICH Kolkata. An online quiz competition was conducted to create interest about childhood kidney disorders amongst doctors pursuing post graduate course in pediatrics in various medical colleges across West Bengal.

The month-long initiative will culminate in a walk across a small stretch of Kolkata from Don Bosco School till Institute of Child Health on 10th March 2022 consisting of doctors, parents and eminent personalities with colourful banners, slogans and balloons to raise awareness about the importance of kidney health. “At the end of the walk, we will be felicitating some of our tighter children who have been battling kidney diseases for a long time with unwavering zeal. The final day will also see at spreading important messages about kidney health in a popular radio channel all through out the day.

Institute of Child Health
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Moms and parents.. Did you know that the 3rd wave of COVID 19 is just on the way? Experts says, it is likely to attack kids. Kindly watch the video till the end so that you can save your kids from the horrified virus in 3rd wave. All the facts are expert's advice. So, those are proven and tested.

Praxis Business School is going to organize a 4 day workshop on 'An Introduction to Clinical Research Methodology and Use of Statistics' in association with Institute of Child Health, Kolkata.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Professor and HOD, Division of Pediatric and Nephrology, Institute of Child Health and Dr. Sayantani Roy Choudhury, Associate Professor, Praxis Business School to be held on 13, 14, 20, 21 February 2021.

Participants will be given E-Certificates for attending this workshop.

Tragic death of a 7 year old girl for wrong treatment process and overdose of medication. I

A Patient named Priyasmita Biswas was admitted institute of Child health on 10.11.20 and she died on 7.01.21 at 12 pm she is critical condition although at that time there was no senior doctor was available in the PICU unit. Because the institute basically run by some incapable and inexperienced. Because they are working here as a trainee, they only thinking about their future career. They have inadequate knowledge and not capable of handling such critical patient. They are showing that a patient who is slowly improving day by day, but suddenly she fall into a critical state. Why and how the normally stable patient suddenly gone into critical state. But if you asked , they have no justified explanation and proper information. How is that possible ? We are try to think to get some answers, but we can't. I want to inform a sample of their treatment process. Infections are normal on this type of patients. But short of knowledge and experience they have. So all doctors are frightened and for that they inject 4 to 5 seperate antibiotics to a 7 year old girl and the result is obvious. All these antibiotics using one by one in a single day for that reason these medicines damage the heat, lungs, liver and at last kidney stop working.

So. Mr. Giri you are dreamer . But unfortunately we see a end of a 7 year old dreaming girl under your supervision in the I.C.H . So what about your next dream????
There’s a hope for the agony of hives! Join us today at 5 PM for Urticaria Awareness Summit to know all about this common skin condition from India’s top dermatologists!


Sanofi India AllergyFree Max Healthcare
Institute of Child Health DR TAHILIANI'S CLINIC
Dr.Krupa Shankar Skin Diagnosis Center Rj Stutee
This otherwise healthy looking baby had a rare condition where the food pipe was not well formed and it was connected to his airways- a condition known as Esophageal atresia with tracheo-esophageal fistula. With this condition, milk could not go down into his stomach. It would rather go into his lungs, which could be fatal. It was well picked up the pediatrician who sent to our NICU. The surgical team did an excellent job and repaired the defect. But the following period was tumultous with the baby developing an air leak in his chest, then a lung infection, and then getting him off oxygen and fully fed was difficult. However, the NICU team together with the surgical team worked day and night with one goal- to send this baby home..and Finally, after a month, this baby is going home to his doting parents.
Looking forward to performing tonight in Kolkata’s G.D. Birla Sabhagar for Institute of Child Health Institute of Child Health

This is The official page of ICH . The Institute of Child Health was set up by Dr K.C. Chaudhuri, the doyen of Indian pediatrics, in Kolkata in 1956. Pt. Dr K.C.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister, inaugurated the institute on 16 January 1957. It is the first pediatric institute of India. Nehru at ICH inauguration
The event ushered in a new era for organized pediatrics in India. It was the earliest recognition in India of the necessity for institutions catering for child health. What Dr K.C. Chaudhuri had in mind was “ not only a childrenâ€

Operating as usual


Children between nine months and 15 years will be given a dose of the measles-rubella (MR) vaccine in their schools across West Bengal as part of a programme to eradicate measles and control rubella, state health department officials said.
Is it right to administer the dose in school even after your child has completed the MR or MMR vaccination schedule?
Listen what Dr.Prabhas Prasun Giri says....


A good number of children are needing inhaler therapy as they fall prey to asthma like attacks .Asthma in children is one of the most common causes of missed school days. The airway condition can disrupt sleep, play and other activities. Dr.Prabhas Prasun Giri says "about six in 10 children are suffering from asthma and these children are needing inhaler and nebulisers."

Page 7 - Sangbad Pratidin 22-11-22 22/11/2022

Page 7 - Sangbad Pratidin 22-11-22

Cuddling, sleeping, feeding. That’s what it’s all about in the first few months?
Your baby is also learning a lot as you spend time together every day. Your baby’s brain is growing and developing as they see, hear and touch the world around them.
Read what Dr. Apurba Ghosh teaches us about the signs to look forward to our baby grows

Sangbad Pratidin

Page 7 - Sangbad Pratidin 22-11-22

Tie-up Between 2 Hosps Gives New Life To Children With Kidney Ailments | Kolkata News - Times of India 18/11/2022

Tie-up Between 2 Hosps Gives New Life To Children With Kidney Ailments | Kolkata News - Times of India

“Sharing is caring with Young Champions.”
Sagar Jana, an 11-year-old son of a mason from Daimond Harbour. The boy had been undergoing dialysis at Institute of Child Health (ICH) Kolkata for about a year before he got a new kidney donated by her mother. He underwent the transplant surgery at CMRI last year. The tie-up between the two hospitals has already played saviour to at least four children battling with renal failure. More such children are expected to be benefited in future.
Read more at:

The Times of India

Tie-up Between 2 Hosps Gives New Life To Children With Kidney Ailments | Kolkata News - Times of India Many children suffer from advanced renal failure, for which they require to undergo kidney transplant surgery. But a few renal transplant surgeries a

Child Health: ফ্যালসিফেরাম ম্যালেরিয়ায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে কার্যত মৃত্যুর মুখে চলে যাওয়া বালিকাকে প্রাণে বা 02/11/2022

Child Health: ফ্যালসিফেরাম ম্যালেরিয়ায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে কার্যত মৃত্যুর মুখে চলে যাওয়া বালিকাকে প্রাণে বা

A blood exchange transfusion procedure saved a 10-year-old girl who was suffering from severe complications of plasmodium falciparum malaria infection. Recovered from the ailment and its complications, the girl was sent home from the hospital on Tuesday. An excellent team effort by the doctors of ICH.

Dr.Prabhas Prasun Giri

Child Health: ফ্যালসিফেরাম ম্যালেরিয়ায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে কার্যত মৃত্যুর মুখে চলে যাওয়া বালিকাকে প্রাণে বা ফ্যালসিফেরাম ম্যালেরিয়ায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে কার্যত মৃত্যুর মুখে চলে যাওয়া বালিকাকে প্রাণে বাঁচিয়ে নজির গড়ল ইনস্টিট....

Watch Out For Arthritis In Kids, Doctors Warn Parents | Kolkata News - Times of India 12/10/2022

Watch Out For Arthritis In Kids, Doctors Warn Parents | Kolkata News - Times of India

12th October is globally recognized as .Conventional thinking teaches us to consider Arthritis an adult onset disease predominantly affecting the elderly population. But unfortunately the disease also affects children, even infants.
Arthritis is a heterogeneous disease with joint pain and or swelling as the presenting symptom. The most important cause of arthritis in children is juvenile idiopathic arthritis, however other connective tissue diseases like SLE can also present with arthritis.Since awareness of childhood arthritis is less, these unfortunate children often present late with complications and deformities. Our modest effort to raise awareness regarding this chronic debilitating disease. Thanks to The Times of India for contributing to the effort

Watch Out For Arthritis In Kids, Doctors Warn Parents | Kolkata News - Times of India When Ahenjita Das (8) was only two-year-and-a-half, her parents noticed swelling in her leg joints along with fever. Local doctors suggested that it

Annual Office Practice CME 29/09/2022

Annual Office Practice CME

Institute of Child health Organised Annual Office Practice CME AT ITC ROTAL BENGAL on 15 August 2022.

Annual Office Practice CME


Thank You Sangbad Pratidin
Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and a strong immune system.Vitamin D has numerous benefits for children and adults alike. It's associated with stronger bones, strengthened immune systems, lower risk for premature birth, and possible disease prevention.

Dr Agnimita Giri Sarkar


Child Health: পার্ক সার্কাসের ইনস্টিটিউট অফ চাইল্ড হেলথে উদ্বোধন করা হল অত্যাধুনিক এক্স রে মেশিনের।

To cater to this huge influx of patients we needed a modern X-Ray Machine to replace the old one donated by the Govt. of Japan 20years ago. As the machine is significantly old the photo quality of the x-ray was not good enough for proper diagnosis of patients. The new Siemens MULTIX IMPACT AND MULTIX IMPACT C with Digital Radiography System uses X-Ray sensitive plates to directly capture data during patients’ examination and immediately transfers it to the computer system without the use of any intermediate cassette. To keep pace with the State of art technology required in the field of paediatric medicine, we are opening a modern X-Ray Unit sponsored by West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company LTD.

BOBBY HAKIM thank you for your continuous support.

Photos from Pushpita Palit's post 12/08/2022

Photos from Pushpita Palit's post

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 08/08/2022

A seminar organised by to educate and build awareness on .
Breastmilk is the ideal food for infants. It is safe, clean and contains antibodies which help protect against many common childhood illnesses. Breastmilk provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life, and it continues to provide up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year, and up to one third during the second year of life. Infants should be breastfed on demand – that is as often as the child wants, day and night. Inappropriate marketing of breast-milk substitutes continues to undermine efforts to improve breastfeeding rates and duration worldwide.

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 02/08/2022

Institute of Child Health is honoured & humbled to recieve ABP Ananda Swastha 'Sreshtha' Samman 2022 for its contribution to padeatric healthcare for the underpriviledged . Our Director Dr.Apurba Ghosh &HOD Dr.Jaydeb Ray recieved the award on behalf of

Laxmi Ratan Shukla


Thank You Dainik Sangbad
Read what Dr.Aniruddha Ghosh points out using antibiotics when they are not the right medicine will not help and may even cause more harm than good. Why? Because antibiotics are medicines used to treat infections—and they target bacteria—not viruses.
Before prescribing an antibiotic, your child's doctor will find out if it is the right medicine to treat your child's infection.

Tiffin Box: MONDAY To FRIDAY Healthy diet for Children। Dr.Apurba Ghosh। বাচ্চাদের টিফিনে কী দেবো ? 08/07/2022

Tiffin Box: MONDAY To FRIDAY Healthy diet for Children। Dr.Apurba Ghosh। বাচ্চাদের টিফিনে কী দেবো ?

Being in the school, one of the dilemma situations every day in the morning is to think about tiffin. Children want to have something delicious to eat that can sustain till the mid-day as well as they can share with their friends. There aren’t many recopies that can be prepared in a short span of time; hence mothers are usually thinking hard each day . Well, your search ends here, Total Health Plus have sorted out some ideas

Tiffin Box: MONDAY To FRIDAY Healthy diet for Children। Dr.Apurba Ghosh। বাচ্চাদের টিফিনে কী দেবো ? Tiffin Box: MONDAY To FRIDAY Healthy diet for Children।Dr. Apurba Ghosh।সোম থেকে শুক্রবার বাচ্চাদের টিফিনে কী দেবো ?Total Health PlusTOTAL HEALTH PLUS You Tu...


Children of all ages can get the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and experience its complications.

Know the possible symptoms of COVID-19 in children and what you can do to protect your child. Hear what Dr. Jaydeb Ray has to say on it

'এতটা এপিডেমিক আগে দেখিনি', আক্রান্ত হচ্ছে শিশুরা, সতর্ক করলেন চিকিৎসক অপূর্ব ঘোষ 04/07/2022

'এতটা এপিডেমিক আগে দেখিনি', আক্রান্ত হচ্ছে শিশুরা, সতর্ক করলেন চিকিৎসক অপূর্ব ঘোষ

Are the symptoms of COVID-19 different in children? Do the new variants impact children differently? What can parents do to keep children safe from COVID-19.
Dr.Apurba Ghosh explains

ABP Ananda

'এতটা এপিডেমিক আগে দেখিনি', আক্রান্ত হচ্ছে শিশুরা, সতর্ক করলেন চিকিৎসক অপূর্ব ঘোষ Covid Endemic: চিকিৎসকদের অনেকে মনে করছেন, এরই মধ্যে নতুন ভ্যারিয়েন্টে ভর করে হাজির হয়েছে করোনার ফোর্থ ওয়েভ। শিশুদের মধ্য....

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 08/06/2022

Throughout paediatric hospitals all over the world, art has proven to be an invaluable aid for staff in either distracting children, or positively engaging children receiving sometimes painful and frightening treatments by supporting the individual needs of each patient. Through consultation with medical staff and patients Save the Children India have commissioned artists and designers that showcase dynamic design whilst meeting the patient’s needs in the Mrinalini Cancer Research Center - Institute Of Child Health Putting art on the walls of hospitals has been proven to improve the wellbeing of patients and staff members. Art creates stimulation and vibrancy to what can otherwise be sterile walls. It soothes and distracts in intense situations, such as entering into a procedure or chemotherapy. And it's especially effective when the patient is a child.

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 08/06/2022

Ericsson and Save the Children India, have provided life-saving equipment like ventilators, oxygen concentrators, bi-pap machines, pulse oximeters, and other critical medical supplies to .
The equipment will not only cater to COVID cases in children, but will also be life-saving for many children suffering from respiratory distress disorders (lack of oxygen due to infections & pneumonia), critically ill babies/children and for outdoor patients as well. The health facilities are now geared up operationally to provide high quality care to children & babies.

Photos from Smile Train India's post 28/05/2022

Smile Train India and the West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited announce a partnership to support 230 surgeries in the state, to be conducted at Smile Train partner facilities, Institute of Child Health and Repose Clinic & Research Centre, in Kolkata.

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 14/05/2022

Ever wonder what nurses do on their job?
They save lives. They are the ones who notice trouble on the horizon. They trigger the alarm that leads to intervention to often save your life. They comfort you, reassure you, sometimes hold your hand, tell you everything will be all right. Out of all the things they do in this complicated medical world, perhaps that's their most precious role.
Bound by endless paperwork, short on hands, sleep, and energy… nurses are never short on caring.
Respect and appreciate is the least you can do for the “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health”


Hands that turn caring into action... Touch that turns compassion into comfort... Smiles that turn love into healing...

The backbone of a hospital....The real heros of a great survival....The eternal caregivers....Take a bow my dear sisters and brothers......
Wish my all nurse sisters and brothers a happy nurses day☺️☺️☺️


#ApnarRaay: শিশুদের শরীরে যদি অ্যালার্জি থাকে তাহলে কী ভ্যাকসিন দেওয়া উচিত?

DGCI granted emergency use authorisation to Bharat Biotech's for 6-12years.
According to CDC,children in this age group are "most frequently" affected by Multisyatem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).Vaccines exhibits robust immune response in children.Hear what has to say on it.
Moupia Nandy Zee 24 Ghanta


Vaccination are the most important health care preventions that save 2 to 3million children every year from multiple life threatening diseases
Ritabrata Kundu Glaxo Smithkline


We are ever grateful to our individual donors for being a continual pillar of support to our endeavour to provide state of the art medical services to the underserved communities.

Thank you Partha Dey !


Thank you Save the Children India for supporting in this massive endeavour of reaching high quality healthcare with compassion to the underserved communities of Eastern India.

The pandemic has been uniquely harsh for children and more so for those with disabilities and chronic health conditions. A large number of them have struggled to access community health services and many have also endured psychological ordeal in the last two years.

Save the Children supported the Institute of Child Health in Kolkata - the first-of-its-kind paediatrics institute in India - by helping set up a Child-Friendly Space in the Haematology Ward. This space will serve as a safe area, a relaxation haven of sorts for children where they can learn, play and unwind when they are in the hospital. A small initiative to put a big smile on children’s faces.


Thank You Ei Samay , Aajkaal

SwitchON Foundation has organized a medical student training workshop on 'Air Pollution is a Public Health Emergency' on this World Health Day 2022 under the ‘Clean Air Medical Student Ambassador Programme’ at the Institute of Child Health (ICH), Park Circus Kolkata. Where all the eminent doctors has joined and made the workshop successful.

We are thankful to all the media houses and participants for supporting this workshop.

Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Kolkata Fortis Kolkata Narayana Health Ei Samay

Photos from Switchon Foundation's post 08/04/2022

Photos from Switchon Foundation's post

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 06/04/2022

Members of the Aarush Memorial TRUST were present today at Institute of Child Health ,Kolkata to support the cause of construction of new hospital building and to make a donation to the three underprivileged padeatric cancer patients undergoing treatment at Mrinalini Cancer Research Center - Institute Of Child Health.
Soldiers are warrior heroes of a country and their people. Aarush is (not was) no less than a little warrior hero who kept on fighting against cancer. 6th April 2022 marks three years that Aarush left us physically, but its through his invisible spirit and blissful soul that Aarush Memorial TRUST is supporting many such little ones belonging to weaker sections of the society who are fighting against the deadly disease - CANCER

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 12/03/2022

Paderatric Nephrology Division of Institute of Child Health,Kolkta organised a colourful walk across a short stretch of the city to raise awareness about kidney health on the event of on 10th March.


Catch us LIVE at 9pm today .

শিশুদের কিডনির যত্ন নিতে কী কী করবেন আপনি? বিশ্ব কিডনি দিবসে জানুন বিশিষ্ট চিকিৎসকদের পরামর্শ

Photos from Prantakatha - Promoting Active Citizenship's post 06/03/2022

Institute of Child Health Kolkata’s awareness initiative about kidney diseases in children on the occasion of to be celebrated on 10th March 2022 by doing a renal health screening for the children in a slum area near Hastings Flyover Kolkata. Thanks a lot to Prantakatha - Promoting Active Citizenship and Bappaditya Mukherjeefor providing us this wonderful opportunity.

Photos from Institute of Child Health's post 06/03/2022

Institute of Child Health collaborated with St. Xavier's College Calcutta Alumni Association to participate in a children's medical camp at their rural campus in Raghabpur under Panuka Gram Panchayat in 24 Pgns(S) district of WB. Hundreds of families benefited from the expertise of our doctors.
Thank You to Dr.Arunaloke Bhattacharya , Dr. Sumon Poddar and Team for taking out time on a Sunday and making the camp a success.

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"হেথায় নিষেধ নাইরে দাদা, নাইরে বাঁধন নাইরে বাধা ।হেথায় রঙিন আকাশতলে, স্বপ্ন দোলা হাওয়ায় দোলেসুরের নেশার ঝরনা ছোটে,আকাশ ক...




11, Dr. Biresh Guha Street. Park Circus
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