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12.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1014.06 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹922.19 Cr
Kya setting hai!! Converse to expectation DIIs continue to remain net sellers as it seemed that they might have bought the morning dip but figures don't speak so. FII buying tepid as y'day & day before. Thus in lieu of such tepid Institutional activity mkt also remains undecisive.

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NIFTY 50 18314.80 +17.80 (0.10%)
NIFTY BANK 43793.55 +318.25 (0.73%)
Nifty managing to close in +ve territory supported by renewed strength in Banking pack after opening weak with almost 100pt cut at lows. Recovery however remains fragile due to lack of strong volumes & major +ve triggers. Strong Q4 nos. by TaMo & lower Inflation figures for Apr23 at 4.7% should provide some incentive for Bulls on Monday though other factors like US mkt turbulence over debt ceiling & lack of Inst participation are -ve overhangs.


11.05.2023: AMFI MF Apr 2023 data released today shows major drop in Equity MF flow to 6480 Cr MoM though not fully comparable given Mar flows tend to attract lots of accumulated flows for tax benefit purpose. SIP flow at 13,728 Cr nonetheless remains strong!


11.05.2023: CM Inst activity (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹837.21 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹200.09 Cr
FII buying toning down significantly today as weak Q4 nos & margins by Nifty majors L&T & DrReddy's & sell-off in theses respective stocks probably spoiled mood coupled with tepid global cues & triggers.

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NIFTY 50 18297.00 -18.10 (-0.10%)
NIFTY BANK 43475.30 +144.25 (0.33%)
Gap-up opening for Nifty thoroughly sold into as weak Q4 results & margins by L&T & DrReddy's acted as sentiment dampener & repeated attempts to prop-up mkts & buy the dips failed to move mkts .to higher levels. Lack of +ve global cues/triggers & tepid activity from Inst side (as reported in news channels) ensured mkt remained choppy & slightly fragile. Any fresh -ve news flow especially the incoming storm of US debt ceiling in June could cause unwanted volatility & uncertainty leading to major downside risks for equity mkts.


10.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (but) ₹1,833.13 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹789.67 Cr
FIIs continue to buy but safely & DIIs for a change deciding to play safe by selling some at higher levels.

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NIFTY 50 18315.10 +49.15 (0.27%)
NIFTY BANK 43331.05 +132.90 (0.31%)
Mkt traded mostly choppy with some see-saw movement as players play safe (some even cut excess positions) ahead of US consumer inflation data due evening. Banking made a strong recovery from over 300+ pts loss around noon to close near morning highs. FMCG & Auto showed some shine while mid & small caps too recovered from lows. Dips r somewhat getting bought though not very aggressively. Also, Karnataka state election exit pools after 5pm too expected to provide add. triggers.


09.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1942.19 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹404.7 Cr
Inst remained decent buyers mkt today broadly remained subdued also due to lack of fresh triggers. US inflation data due tomorrow 6pm IST likely to provide some fresh direction to mkts.

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NIFTY 50 18265.95 +1.55 (0.01%)
NIFTY BANK 43198.15 -85.85 (-0.20%)
Nifty closing flat as bulls failed to build into decent morning start & gradual retracement seeped in triggered by soft weakness in Financial & Banking while other sectors too remained subdued.


08.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹2123.76 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹245.27 Cr
FIIs resume their buying spree clearly taking full adv of Friday's dip & seemingly bought into from morning start itself while DIIs too not needing to play any spoiler as HDFC fear subsided.

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NIFTY 50 18264.40 +195.40 (1.08%)
NIFTY BANK 43284.00 +622.80 (1.46%)
Bulls make a flying comeback into mkts aided by Fri US mkt rally fueled by Apple's +ve Quarterly results. Nifty managed to regain Fri loss entirely while Banking significantly recovered. Broad -based participation by other sectors like FMCG, Auto etc. ensured rally was durable. Mid-cap Index too had a real good day with over 1% gain.


05.05.2023: HDFC twins MSCI wght reduction news clearly spooling mkt mood. Next week crucial in deciding whether Bulls hold their breath over mkt sentiment or uncertainties in Financials helps bears play spoiler in this nice hard-earned rally post budget disappointment.


05.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹777.68 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹2198.77 Cr
FII buying toning down obviously due to HDFC factor spoiling mkt mode. DII selling seemingly led by MF selling in HDFC twins & financials for re-adj factor & pricing rationality.

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NIFTY 50 18069.00 -186.80 (-1.02%)
NIFTY BANK 42661.20 -1024.25 (-2.34%)
Mkt experiencing a double whammy early morning as contd overnight US mkt weakness & a slight shocker of HDFC twins MSCI wght reduction post merger resulted in gap-down opening. Mkt did recover from opening low with Nifty coming close to green but BkNifty succumbed to fresh pressure as weakness in HDFC Bk spilled over to other stocks with Kotak Bk, Axis bk & Indusind all weakening forcing BkNifty to close with over 1000pt cut & Nifty closing with a 1% cut.


04.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1414.73 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹441.56 Cr
Inst maintain buying spree today also indicating strong conviction wrt to corporate performance for current FY & overall growth story ahead.

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NIFTY 50 18255.80 +165.95 (0.92%)
NIFTY BANK 43685.45 +372.75 (0.86%)
Mild gap-down opening was easily bought into & fresh buying spree ending with last hour breakout aided by Banking pack as Bulls maintained buying pressure all along to force short-covering.


03.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1338 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹583.99 Cr
FII buying further tapering down clearly due to cautious stand ahead of US fed rate decision, nonetheless their buying interest is maintained unless something were to change fundamentally or change in India mkt view by key Fund managers (valuation wise or liquidity factors).

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NIFTY 50 18089.85 -57.80 (-0.32%)
NIFTY BANK 43312.70 -39.40 (-0.09%)
Mkt opening gap-down due to overnight US mkt sell-off but refused to break-down further though closed weak. FMCG pack remained strong while most other packs weakened or remained sideways. Railway stocks continue to outshine & few bright spot as mkt depicted caution ahead of key rate decision due today by US fed.


02.05.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1997.35 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹394.05 Cr
FII buying continues but tones down likely due to Gap-up opening factor thus reflecting the rangebound cm bullish consolidation movement seen today, cautious bias expected till Wed given Fed rate decision. Though 25bps hike largely factored in, mkt await hints on pause or pivot. Mkt hoping for a short pause (maybe mere 6 months) before pivot in rates.

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NIFTY 50 18147.65 +82.65 (0.46%)
NIFTY BANK 43352.10 +118.20 (0.27%)
Mkt failed to gain further after good start with Gap-up opening (though upside already discovered in SGX Nifty). Thus, most indices traded rangebound with bullish bias with cautious buying visibly the norm of the day. Midcaps fared better as NiftyMid-cap 100 closed with almost 1% gains to close above 32k level & looked steady to test its all-time high of 33,243.5 touched in Oct2021. Metals contd to be bouyant.


28.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹3304.32 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹264.27 Cr
Inst buying in full-swing as contd mkt strength be it wrt to technicals or valuations makes it too compelling to miss out off & then suffer from FOMO.

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NIFTY 50 18065.00 +149.95 (0.84%)
NIFTY BANK 43233.90 +233.05 (0.54%)
Mkt closing with good gains after mild morning gap-up was mostly sold-off but Bulls came back & kept accumulating through the afternoon forcing a major price-volume breakout in last half hour in which broad-based buying seen with all major sectors participating including IT, FMCG, metals, Autos all participating with minor spoilers from HUL, Axis bank etc. Mid-caps & small-caps also saw healthy gains which r currently the darlings of FIIs.


27.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (buy) ₹1652.95 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹97.07 Cr
FIIs continue their buying after holding out for long!!!

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NIFTY 50 17915.05 101.45 (0.57%)
NIFTY BANK 43000.85 170.95 (0.40%)
Bulls maintain their grip over mkts throughout the day with minor jitters & choppiness notwithstanding. Nifty closed above 17900 looks steady to conquer 18k again.


26.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) ₹1257.48 Cr
DIIs net (buy) -₹227.88 Cr
FIIs broke their selling streak to emerge as decent buyers today, perhaps out of conviction after relentless consolidation by the mkt this month.

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NIFTY 50 17813.60 +44.35 (0.25%)
NIFTY BANK 42829.90 +151.40 (0.35%)
Weak opening on Acc of US mkt sell-off overnight was sweetly retraced back & firm closing above 17800 level for Nifty after hard fought battle. Banking & FMCG showed strong determination to close with contd decent gains, also strong rally in Gujarat govt PSUs on newly issued Divd & buyback guidelines nicely flared up overall mood of the mkt.


26.04.2023: Mkt playing time pass, time pass!!!


25.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹407.35 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹563.61 Cr
Inst mein full-on setting jari hai! Subdued net activity by Inst clearly reflecting in subdued movement in the mkt today.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 25/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17769.25 +25.85 (0.15%)
NIFTY BANK 42678.50 +42.75 (0.10%)
Mkt continues with its mild bullish trend though movement remained subdued for major part of the day across indices & sectors. Any decisive trend expected to emerge above 17800 levels in Nifty.


24.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹412.27 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹1177.18 Cr
FIIs toning down their selling stance but DIIs maintaining their buying support Vantage. DIIs clearly maintaining their upper hand over the mkt trend.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 24/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17743.40 +119.35 (0.68%)
NIFTY BANK 42635.75 +517.75 (1.23%)
A strong Gap-up opening was sold-off but Nifty regained steam by afternoon to close with over 100pts gain mainly on part of major strength in Banking & late support from FMCG & IT. Reliance quite most of the day despite strong Q4 nos (maybe slight dip in Gross sales over Q3 & higher Net profit on part of lower tax outgo might have caused confusion), though most brokerages r now bullish on this Nifty ultra-weight. ICICI Bk clearly was the better performing heavy-weight of the day giving fantabulous support to BkNifty, FinNifty as well as Nifty too & also helped push +ve sentiment across financials. IndusInd too reported (during mkt hours) steady growth in Q4 NP of about 46% over Q4 of FY 2022.


21.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹2116.76 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹1632.66 Cr
FII selling intensifying further given current mkt lull for since Infy disappointment though much of it clearly absorbed by DIIs. Seems DIIs not in a mood to easily let go off the building uptrend in Nifty & other major indices. FIIs were looking to wait for dips & enter the Indian mkts (as per analysts with major foreign brokerages/Inv banks) but seems they've changed their mind for now likely due to some Q4 earnings disappointment.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 21/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17624.05 -0.40 (-0.00%)
NIFTY BANK 42118.00 -151.50 (-0.36%)
A promising start failed to live-on & Nifty sold-off but recovered to close flat again mainly on the back of FMCG n especially ITC. Other sectoral indices continue to languish with Auto & Metal showing most weakness today.


21.04.2023: Mkt/Major indices languishing in the same range today as y'day & We'day. Will Reliance Q4 (due today post mkt hours) provide some meaningful direction to Mkts? Sawaal Arboon Rupaiye kaa!!


20.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹1169.32 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹832.72 Cr
FII selling finally coming in today after staying quite since Monday, on the backdrop of clear weakness in global equities today. DII strategic buying seen especially when Indices seemed headed for a crack-down.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 20/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17624.45 +5.70 (0.03%)
NIFTY BANK 42269.50 +115.50 (0.27%)
Nifty closing flat after another day of choppy with trade bearish overtone but refused to crack despite weak US Fut & European mkts. Pharma pack closed slightly more than 1% while Mid & Small caps also closed flat indicating some fatigue building in. Meanwhile incoming Q4 results also not providing anything to cheer for the mkts.


19.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹110.42 Cr
DIIs net (sell) -₹13.17 Cr
Net Inst flows becoming neutral since y'day, they're clearly in a fix, neither wanne buy post Infy fiasco not wanne sell-off out of FOMO. Triggers from US mkt only now likely give proper direction to Indian mkts for remainder of this Apr series which started promisingly but now turning sour session after session.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 19/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17618.75 -41.40 (-0.23%)
NIFTY BANK 42154.00 -111.20 (-0.26%)
Bearish overtones on broad mkt & most sectoral indices continues as IT resumed sell-off, FMCG & Banking refused to come to rescue & remained choppy most of the day.


18.04.2023: CM Inst flows (prov)
FIIs net (sell) -₹810.6 Cr
DIIs net (buy) ₹401.66 Cr
FIIs continue with sweet selling strategy on the wake of Infy triggered shake-up. Decent DII buying support might come-in should Nifty correct from current levels to around 17200.

Photos from Prudent Classes's post 18/04/2023

NIFTY 50 17660.15 -46.70 (-0.26%)
NIFTY BANK 42265.20 +2.65 (0.01%)
Nifty contd with Bearish undercurrent most of the day with lower highs & lower lows, BkNifty too freaked out slightly today on lack of trigger though Pharma pack emerged as the brighter pack among all closing with 1.64% gains (Nifty Pharma), a pleasant surprise. Midcaps too held out with modest gains.






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