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In a cause and effect relationship, every cause is the seed of its effect. For example, an ocean is the seed of the clouds, and the clouds are the seed for rain. Similarly, Shrī Krīshna says in this verse that He is the cause (the eternal seed) from which all beings manifest. Being humble, we must remind ourselves, whatever we have and we will achieve is only grace. Let us not be adamant for mere intellect or knowledge or wealth. Lord gives us to test only whether we can digest that success with humility and a good spirit of helping others.

Sri Ramakrishna in his inimitable style told in his gospel, “God laughs on two occasions. One, when a physician says to the mother of his patient, ‘Mother, you needn’t fear. I will cure your son.’ The Lord says to Himself, ‘I am taking his life and this fellow says that he is going to save him.’ The physician thinks that he is the doer. He doesn’t know that it is God alone who is the doer. The Lord also laughs when two brothers divide land between themselves, measuring it with a cord and saying ‘This side is mine and that yours.’ God laughs, saying to Himself, ‘This world, the whole universe, is Mine, but these fellows say: this plot of land is mine and that is yours.’

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In the very beginning, nothing existed. There was no night, no day, no land, no sky, no gods or people, no Egypt, world, or universe. There was only darkness and a vast, swirling, bubbling, watery chaos, called Nun, or Nu. But from this chaos a creator god emerged. He was Atum, sun god and creator of all. Atum was the first and only god. Lying deep in the watery chaos, he thought himself into existence. He emerged from the chaos, shining like the sun, and looked around. “I have no place to stand,” he said. So in the place where he first appeared, he created a mound, which emerged out of the chaos as islands appear in the Nile when the floodwaters go down. The mound was the first land. The god looked around again. There was much to do and he was alone. “Heaven and earth do not exist,” he said, “and the things of the earth do not yet exist. I must raise them out of Nun.” He decided to make more gods to keep him company and help him create the universe. He spat, sneezed, and vomited. From the mess that came out of his mouth and nose, two beautiful children were created—a son and a daughter. Atum named his son Shu. He was the god of the air. He named his daughter Tefnut. She was goddess of mist and moisture. Now Atum had brought order to the chaos. He was no longer alone. He and his children lived together on the mound in the middle of the watery sea. Atum watched his children constantly, worrying that something dreadful would happen to them. Once he looked away briefly and, when he turned back, Shu and Tefnut had disappeared. They had wandered away and fallen into the great watery sea. Atum was devastated. He cried until his sight was blurred, searching everywhere for his missing children. Finally, he removed his eye from his face and ordered it to look for his children. Gazing through the darkness, the eye caught sight of the missing children and brought them back to Atum. He was so delighted to see them once more that he wept great tears of joy. His tears fell on the mound and, where they landed, human beings sprang up.

Now think of Hindu Mythology where similiar story was told in Shivapuraan and Bramha- Vaibarta Puraan, where Bramha, while being incharge of making the universe got attached to his own creation Shatarupa and the work stopped. As a result, Devata s started crying out of desperation. Lord Shiva did come to rescue and did axe down the fifth head of Bramha which gave the name Kapalika to Lord Shiva.

Both stories, in metaphor, tell us a same truth - maya or diversion/loss of focus can derail any great creation and even the GOD can fall prey to Maya if not cautious.

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Charity given to a worthy person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper time and in the proper place, is stated to be in the mode of goodness.


Our salutation to the divine power in form of the goddess in our life, whom we call "MA"




This Akshaya Tritiya let us celebrate spirit of “dāna” to be better human being instead of buying valuables for ourselves. The spirit of Akshaya Tritiya is charity, which is imperishable as always, in sanskrit which is referred as Akshaya.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya and Eid Mubarak to everyone.

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It is that process of keeping a strategy secret from all others, that makes a Kingdom keep growing. A leader must know how to keep his thoughts secret unless that gets translated to work. He must know whom to discuss with and what to discuss about.

Today's management emphasises on information security and corporate espionage.

Arthashastra told this thousands of years ago that this is the building block of a successful Kingdom or organisation.


Supreme Lord says in this verse that those who are seeking God in distress, for worldly gains or out of curiosity, etc. are yet to possess selfless devotion. Gradually in the process of devotion, their hearts become pure, and they realize their eternal relationship with God. Then they develop selfless, exclusive, and incessant devotion toward Him. Now that they have the knowledge that the happiness of the world is temporary and God is the source of eternal bliss, they neither crave for favourable circumstances nor lament over reversals in the world. They become situated in selfless devotion with complete self-surrender. And for their Divine Beloved, they are willing to offer themselves as an offering in the fire of divine love. Shrī Krīshna declares that such devotees are dearest Him.


Wishing you all a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti



कोन्वस्मिन्साम्प्रतं लोके गुणवान्कश्च वीर्यवान् ।
धर्मज्ञश्च कृतज्ञश्च सत्यवाक्यो दृढव्रत:।।
चारित्रेण च को युक्तस्सर्वभूतेषु को हित: ।
विद्वान्क: कस्समर्थश्च कश्चैकप्रियदर्शन: ||
आत्मवान्को जितक्रोधो द्युतिमान्कोऽनसूयक: ।
कस्य बिभ्यति देवाश्च जातरोषस्य संयुगे||

These are the first 3 slokas of Balmiki Ramayana chapter 1 Balakanda where Lord Narada asks Balmiki about the most ideal human being:

"Who in this world lives today endowed with excellent qualities, prowess, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness and firmness in his vows?
Who is that one gifted with good conduct, given to the wellbeing of all living creatures, learned in the lore (knowledge of all things that is known), capable of doing things which others can not do and singularly handsome?

Who (among men) is selfrestrained? Who has conquered anger? Who is endowed with brilliance and free from envy? Who is that when excited to wrath even the devatas, are afraid of (let alone foes)?

Salutations to the lotus feet of Maryada Purushottama Shri Ramachandra on this auspicious day of Ram Navami.

© Puraan Katha


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