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When the Nasdaq Chief Executive, Bob Greifeld commented:

"Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so", he definitely had a point to make. 6 years down the line, indeed Blockchain is a force in the reckoning.

Understanding this force today has become quite pivotal cause it is the future of the world and on the basis of this technology, futuristic technological improvements are bound to happen, the most commonly known today being Bitcoin.

We at EcoFor Be-ites invite all the budding tech enthusiasts and all the curious minds to the session of "Blockchain Technology and its Relevance", in association with CoinTimes.

With 4 industrial experts taking us through the world of Web3, this session will be helpful for all the students to understand the emerging importance of Blockchain and how is it the future!

Date: 27th August, 2022
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Jubilee Hall

Register yourself at:

We hope to host you all to this one of a kind active session and be the part of the future revolution!

Keep your talents alive & kicking!
Team EcoFor Be-ites


Equities & Stocks... According to the data provided by the National Stock Exchange (NSE), there are around 1.2 crore active clients! This clearly indicates that the youth of India is highly concerned about their investments in their youth years and find the equity market as the go-to-market to kickstart their investment journey.

We at EcoFor Be-ites present to you the first ever "EQUITY RESEARCH MENTORSHIP PROGRAM.

This program will give all of you deep insight into the core of Equity Market and its features. Right from understanding the basics of the stock market to analysing a quarterly report of a known firm, the program is the perfect fit for all that you need to know about the trending market for investment by the young & old.

Program initiates on the 20th of November, 2021 online mode.

To register-
Please fill up the Google form-

Poster designed by Siddharth Lathia.

Let's learn, grow and shine together!


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

This is exactly what we at EcoFor Be-ites believe and try to exemplify every day. With the onset of the new batch, there is a bloom of excitement and curiosity amongst our newly joined Be-ites. To serve those curious minds, we at EcoFor Be-ites, warmly welcome all the new Be-ites!!
To give a glimpse of our past and to showcase what we have in store for the upcoming session, here's a small clip for all of you!

Welcome Batch of 2024.
Keep your talents alive & kicking!

Team EcoFor Be-ites.


Stepping out of the school years🏫 and entering a new phase of life😄... Indeed it's a moment of rejoice and celebration😉

We at EcoFor Be-ites are happy to welcome all our new Be-ites to the BESC Family🤗

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 23/09/2021

During the days of Ecognite, we were honoured to host Prof. Muralidhara G V, as the mentor for our Case Study Round. Hosted in association with the ICFAI Business School, the session was an insightful one wherein Prof. Muralidhara made all the students take a deep dive into the world of case studies, explaining the importance of solving such cases, the intricacies involved in the same, and also gave some insight as to how one can smartly approach a case study question.

Indeed we were privilege to have such a session prior to our participants participating in the Case Study Round.

To know about the insights and the feedback of our college mates, swipe➡️.


The final day which shall put curtains to the pulsating 2 weeks filled with enthusiasm🙌🏻 and passion🤩

We invite all the BE-ites to be a part of the Closing Ceremony of ECOGNITE.

Join us at 5:00 pm sharp on September 2, 2021 on the Zoom Meeting platform :

Meeting ID: 891 6656 3619
Password: ecognitecc

You will find the link in the bio or DM us to get the joining link!

Hope to see you all there!


Mr. Ritwik Bhawsinghka is a Certified Financial Risk Manager and a CFA Level III Candidate. He is a guitarist by passion and a risk specialist by profession. In his career spanning over 4 years in financial analysis and risk management, he has worked with and mentored over 20 Indian and international start-ups across multiple industries in preparing pitch decks, conducting valuations, and raising funding to the tune of $5 million+. Ritwik works with world-renowned finance trainer Mr. Aswini Bajaj at Leveraged Growth, a niche financial consultancy in Kolkata, as the Business Consultant and Head of Research. Ritwik manages the entire research, start-up, and strategy divisions at Leveraged Growth and also conducts training for start-ups and corporates across the globe on topics like MS Office, Google, Risk Management, and Personal Finance. He has also worked with a number of large brokerage houses, mutual funds, incubators, accelerators, and serial entrepreneurs in India. Also an avid reader and has written several research papers on finance and alternative investments. He is devoted to community service and currently serves as the District President on the board of Leo District 322B1 – a youth wing of Lions Clubs International – the world’s largest NGO.


Learning with cases can be a challenging experience.👩🏻‍🏫 📚
The Bhawanipur College in association with IBS ICFAI Business School presents " Case Studies & More" with Prof. MURALIDHARA G V, Campus Head - IBS Bangalore.
This workshop will emphasize the value of the case method in the learning process.🛅✍🏼

August 20, 2021 from 3pm Onwards on Zoom Meetings 💻
👩🏻‍💻Register at:

Or Scan the QR Code

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So the final schedule is out now!
Book you dates! Be ready!
Register now! Link in the bio! Registration closes tomorrow morning 10am!


Ecognite, one of the flagship event of EcoFor Be-ites is just a couple of days away from the start of the event. We our happy to host all of you at this event and our enthusiasm is sky-high, awaiting for the burst of varied skills which would be showcased in the days to come.

To serve as an ice-breaker, Team Ecognite would like to invite all the participants to the Opening Ceremony. Here we would be briefing you all about what is in store for all of you, and also clearing your doubts and queries, if any.

Time: Aug 18, 2021 06:30PM India

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 9382 9256
Passcode: ecognite21

See you all at the Opening Ceremony, today!
DM Us for the joining link or use the meeting ID and passcode mentioned above!


With exact a day to go, are you ready to be the part of the most awaited competition!

To register (if you haven't already ( really tho? What are you waiting for? 🤔) ) click on the link :

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Everyone is aware of how important an interview can be. One doesn't even require a formal description for the same. But PI is such a round which can surely describe your stature as a person and your personality traits!

Confidence and Courage are two terms which defines Personal Interview. The one who possesses these two traits, their victory over the interview round is almost guaranteed!



To register click on the link :

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Discussions and Debates. This is the basis for any new development to take place in the world space. Without healthy arguments and mere one sided views will eventually lead to the downfall of this synchronised and systematic world.

With the same motive in our minds, we bring to you our Penultimate Round of Ecognite: Group Discussion.

Every shortlisted participant will be having a chance to put forward their views and ideas firmly on the topic of discussion at hand. Prove your idea with facts and figures! This is the chance to showcase your personality as a true corporate person who is ready with ideas to implement for the betterment of the company and the society.

To register click on the link :

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The editorials, those magazines, and a quality stuff on the internet in form of blogs...
We usually refer to these reading materials whenever we wish to learn about new ideas, new theories and point of views of different concepts and happenings occurring around the globe. Post that, we often tend to make our own ideas and opinions.
But lot goes into making an outstanding article which would provide a righteous amount of information in the most crisp and specific manner. Analysis, interviews, forecasts and many more, form the roots of a perfect article.

At Ecognite, we provide you the chance to put yourselves into the shoes of those elite editors and writers, put on your analytical skills and pen down your views on the topic at hand.

Presenting to you
Round 4: Article Writing in partnership with Leveraged Growth.

Showcase your vocabulary skills and present your ideas in the most interesting manner and stand a chance to get your article posted at the Leveraged Growth Blog.

To register click on the link :

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Have you ever given a thought as to what would have the heads of Thyrocare Diagnostics and Pharmeasy could have been thought that made Thyrocare Diagnostics merge with Pharmeasy, i.e., an established national diagnostics brand merging with a growing startup.

What could have been your POV if you were the head of Zomato and you would have the option of listing the firm on the National Stock Exchange? What would have been your analysis and the final outcome.

In this 3rd round of ECOGNITE, we give you the golden chance to put on the caps of a firm's administration head and make vital decision which would result in firm's success.

Do you have what it takes to be the CEO of a growing firm and make the right decisions for the firm to succeed.
Presenting to you the 3rd round of Ecognite: Case Study.

To register click on the link :

Photos from EcoFor BE-ites's post 16/08/2021

Did you know what is the size of the global market demand of oil, or can you tell that what would be the future of the automobile industry in India in terms of total contribution to the GDP of India?

Often while discussing with friends and peers, we tend to make estimates and assumptions on grounds of data heard or seen on internet. But for now we would like you to make an estimate with proper considerations made and tell your thoughts about numbers of special interest for the industry concern.

Presenting to you
Round 2: Guesstimates

Bring out your analytical skills and try to sync in all information to provide for an estimate of an industry concern.

Check it out!
To register click on the link :

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Its out now!
How many times have we chose to say as a student that we are sharp with numbers, or we are quiet sharp minded when it comes to solving questions logically...
To keep up with the same strong spirit, we present to you our very first round of ECOGNITE.

A test with about 50 questions to be answered will test you on grounds on not one, or two but on 5 fields. Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.
So it's time to test your sharp minds and a golden chance to prove how strong are you with your skills.

To register click on the link :


The corporate world awaits you. But are you ready to dive into this world ?
Its time to test your skills and competence. The EcoFor Be-ites is here, presenting to you one of its flagship events : ECOGNITE.

With 6 gruelling rounds of fire & ice, it’s time to check your capabilities and showcase your cognitive skills, content writing, case solving, strategic planning, communication and adaptability skills and round the clock readiness with ECOGNITE.

Registrations have begun! LINK IS ALSO THERE IN THE BIO!

To register click on the link :
Login using your institutional email id !

Eligible Participants will get an opportunity to intern with our Knowledge and Internship Partner- Vardhan Consulting Engineers.

View the event brochure :

Registrations ends on 18th August, 2021!
Event starts on: 19th August, 2021.

Poster designed by Bivek Chowdhury ( )


Join us on Sunday, December 20, 2020 and explore the world of Economics, Finance and Data Analytics and learn what we as a collective have to offer!
⚫ Exclusively for the students of The Bhawanipur Education Society College.

DM us for the zoom link and to be the part of the official WhatsApp group of the collective.






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