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Institute that provides the guidance for the Competitive Examinations like SSC, Rail,Police,PSC etc

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Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 26.09.2022
1.Solitary- একাকী
Synonyms- Single ,Lone, Secluded
Antonyms- Sociable, Companionable
2. Tyro- শিক্ষানবিস
Synonyms- Novice, Neophyte, Beginner
Antonyms- Expert, Veteran
3.Servile- ক্রীতদাস সম্বন্ধীয়
Synonyms- Mental,Slavish
Antonyms- Lordly,Masterly
4. Retrospect- অতীতের দিকে দৃষ্টিপাত
Synonyms- Review
Antonyms- Prospect
5. Tangible- বাস্তব
Synonyms- Substantial, Tactile
Antonyms- Unreal, Impalpable


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 25.09.2022
1. Quack- প্রতারক
Synonyms- Impostor, Charlatan
Antonyms- Qualified, Professional
2. Pacific- শান্ত
Synonyms- Gentle, Peaceful
Antonyms- Hostile, Violent
3.Revolt- বিদ্রোহ
Synonyms- Mutiny, Rebel
Antonyms- Obey, Loyal
4.Notorious- কুখ্যাত
Synonyms- Disreputable
Antonyms- Reputable
5. Entice- প্রলোভিত করা
Synonyms- Attract, Yield, Allure
Antonyms- Repulse, Repel, Resist


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 23.09.2022
1. Fervent- উগ্র
Synonyms- Vehement, Growing
Antonyms- Cool
2. Evasive- ছলনাময়
Synonyms- Equivocal, Shuffling
Antonyms- Honest, Frank ,Sincere
3. Gruesome- ভয়ঙ্কর
Synonyms- Grim , Grisly, Lurid, Macabre, Ghastly
Antonyms- Delightful, Pleasing, Charming
4. Juvenile- তরূণ
Synonyms- Young, Youthful
Antonyms- Senile, Old
5. Mutiny- বিদ্রোহ
Synonyms- Insubordination, Revolt
Antonyms- Subordination, Loyalty


The stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 12.09.2022
1. Subdue- দমান
Synonyms- Constrain, Repress, Check, Restrain, Repress
Antonyms- Stimulate, Incite
2. Viable:- কার্যকরী
Synonyms- Fruitful, Fertile
Antonyms- Sterile, Untenable, Aborted
3. Sane- সুস্থ
Synonyms- Healthy, Sensible, Reasonable, Sound
Antonyms- Confused, Unsound, Insane, Unreasonable
4. Pungent- তীক্ষ্ণ
Synonyms- Stinking, Sharp
Antonyms- Harmless, Mild
5. Radiance- তেজ
Synonyms- Brilliancy
Antonyms- Dimness, Dullness


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 09.09.22
1. Itinerant:- ভ্রাম্যমান
Synonyms- Wandering
Antonyms- Settled, Stationary
2. Jubilant:- আনন্দিত
Synonyms- Rejoicing, Exulting
Antonyms- Despairing, Despondent
3. Incite-উদ্দীপিত করা
Synonyms- Exhort, Arouse
Antonyms- Hinder, Subdue, Discourage
4. Lethal- প্রাণঘাতী
Synonyms- Mortal, Deadly
Antonyms- Enlivening, Invigorating, Life-Giving, Harmless
5. Prolific- উর্বর
Synonyms- Fruitful, Productive
Antonyms- Barren, Unproductive


"Both students of our JEXPO-2022 batch have got the opportunity to study in Govt Polytechnic Colleges in 3 months preparation. One student "Swapnaneel Gupta" is admitted to "Central Calcutta Polytechnic" and another student "Rehan Shekh" is admitted to "Baruipur Government Polytechnic".We on behalf of "IK Career Academy" wishes them a successful career ahead.


The stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 23.08.2022
1. Lofty- উত্তুঙ্গ
Synonyms- Tall,High,Elevated,Towering,Outstanding,Summit, Steep
Antonyms- Depressed, Low, Degraded, Short
2. Infringe- লঙ্ঘন করা
Synonyms- Violate, Break
Antonyms- Submit, Obey
3. Humorous- রসাত্মক
Synonyms-Comical, Comic, Jocular, Funny
Antonyms- Dull, Sedate, Gloomy
4. Hapless- অসহায়
Synonyms- Unlucky, Unfortunate
Antonyms- Lucky, Fortunate
5. Stout- শক্ত
Synonyms- Robust, Portly, Strong
Antonyms- Lean, Weak, Thin


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 06.07.2022
1. Impertinent- অপ্রাসঙ্গিক
Synonyms- Impudent, Irrelevant
Antonyms- Pertinent, Relevant
2. Malice- বিদ্বেষ
Synonyms- Hate, Spite
Antonyms- Love, Charity
3. Veil- আবরণ
Synonyms- Hide, Conceal, Screen
Antonyms- Uncover, Disclose
4. Solicitude- উত্কণ্ঠা
Synonyms- Concern, Worry, Care, Anxiety
Antonyms- Unconcerned, Careless
5. Onerous- কষ্টদায়ক
Synonyms- Laborious, Burdensome
Antonyms- Easy, Trifling, Light


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 04.07.2022
1.Fabulous- কল্পিত
Synonyms- Not real, Fictitious, False, Mythical
Antonyms- Real, True, Actual, Based on facts
2.Dwindle- হ্রাস পাত্তয়া
Synonyms- Shrink, Decrease, Reduce, Decline
Antonyms- Grow, Expand, Extend, Increase
3. Flimsy- তুচ্ছ
Synonyms- Thin, Slight, Trivial
Antonyms- Serious, Substantial
4. Knack- দক্ষতা
Synonyms- Gift, Aptitude ,Faculty
Antonyms- Incompetence, Ineptitude
5.Immaculate- অকলঙ্ক
Synonyms- Stainless, Spotless
Antonyms- Stained, Spotted


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 03.07.2022
1. Endow- যৌতুক দেত্তয়া
Synonyms- Furnish, Bequest, Dower
Antonyms- Withhold, Deprive
2.Fortify- শক্তিশালী করা
Synonyms- Strengthen, Entrench, Secure, Brace, Encourage
Antonyms- Unnerve, Weaken, Discourage
3. Solace- সান্ত্বনা
Synonyms- Comfort, Console, Peace
Antonyms- Pain, Vex, Irritation
4. Yearn- আকুল আকাঙ্ক্ষা
Synonyms- Pine, Crave, Long for, Covert, Hanker
Antonyms- Liberty, Freedom
5. Vulnerable- দুর্বল
Synonyms- Untenable, Weak, Exposed
Antonyms- Strong, Invulnerable, Fortified


Stock of Words (With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 02.07.2022
1.Progeny- বংশধর
Synonyms- Descendant, Offspring
Antonyms- Ancestors
2. Eccentric- নিয়মানুগত নহে এমন
Synonyms- Anomalous, Irregular
Antonyms- Regular, Concentric
3.Expatriate- প্রবাসী
Synonyms- Foreigner, Expel, Exile
Antonyms- Recall, Repatriate
4. Knotty- কঠিন
Synonyms- Intricate, Hard
Antonyms- Easy, Simple, Smooth
5.Imitate- নকল করা
Synonyms- Copy, Impersonate, Ape, Mimic
Antonyms- Originate, Create


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 01.07.2022
1.Turbulent- অশান্ত
Synonyms- Rotous, Stormy, Blustering, Violent
Antonyms- Peaceful, Tranquil
2.Staunch- কট্টর
Synonyms- Resolute, Loyal, Firm
Antonyms- Unsteady, Infirm
3. Provident- দূরদর্শী
Synonyms- Foreseeing, Thirty
Antonyms- Extravagant, Improvident
4.Quench- নিভিয়ে ফেলা
Synonyms- Extinguish, Put Out
Antonyms- Ignite, Light, Arouse
5. Retrospect- অতীতের দিকে দৃষ্টিপাত
Synonyms- Review
Antonyms- Prospect


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 30.06.2022
1.Obtuse- স্থূলাগ্র
Synonyms- Dull, Stupid
Antonyms- Bright, Intelligent
2. Numb- অসাড়
Synonyms- Insensible, Deadened, Anaesthetized, Deadened
Antonyms- Aware, Active, Lively, Vigorous
3.Resolute- সংকল্প
Synonyms- Firm, Determined
Antonyms- Undecided, Irresolute
4. Seclusion- একলা থাকা বা রাখা
Synonyms- Withdrawal, Separation
Antonyms- Union, Publicity
5. Saucy- উদ্ধত
Synonyms- Rude, Impertinent
Antonyms- Reserved, Polite


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 28.06.2022
1.Malevolent- হিংসক
Synonyms- Malignant, Spiteful
Antonyms- Benevolent, Kindly
2.Stout- শক্ত
Synonyms- Robust, Strong, Portly
Antonyms- Lean, Thin, Weak
3.Tacit- নির্বোধ
Synonyms- Implicit, Implied
Antonyms- Expressed, Explicit
4. Sacrilegious- পবিত্র
Synonyms- Impious, Profane
Antonyms- Reverent, Pious
5. Skeptic- নাস্তিক
Synonyms- Atheist, Agnostic, Doubter, Unbeliever
Antonyms- Bigot, Zealot ,Believer, Religious


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 27.06.2022
1. Terse-সংক্ষিপ্ত
Synonyms- Laconic, Compendious, Brief, Concise
Antonyms- Talkative, Tedious, Lengthy
2.Steep- খাড়া
Synonyms- Precipitous, Abrupt
Antonyms- Gentle, Flat, Low, Level
3. Obscene- অশ্লীল
Synonyms- Indecent, Filthy
Antonyms- Clean, Pure
4. Perseverance- অধ্যবসায়
Synonyms-Persistence ,Steadiness
Antonyms- Inconstancy, Slackness
5. Relinquish- পরিত্যাগ করা
Synonyms- Abdicate, Renounce, Resign, Yield, Abandon, Cede
Antonyms- Cherish, Retain, Maintain, Possess


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 26.06.2022
1.Ghastly- ভয়ঙ্কর
Synonyms- Spectral, Pallid, Horrible
Antonyms- Alive, Corporeal, Pleasing
2.Expratriate- প্রবাসী
Synonyms- Expel, Exile, Foreigner
Antonyms- Repatriate, Recall
3. Fragile- ভঙ্গুর
Synonyms- Brittle, Weak, Delicate, Frail, Frangible
Antonyms- Solid, Strong, Tough, Flexible, Malleable
4. Meagre-সামান্য
Synonyms- Poor, Scanty
Antonyms- Plentiful, Plump
5. Knack- দক্ষতা
Synonyms- Faculty, Aptitude, Gift
Antonyms- Incompetence, Ineptitude


Stock of Words(Synonyms and Antonyms)- 25.06.2022
1. Zest- উত্সাহ
Synonyms- Dash, Brio, Drive, Gusto, Pleasure, Energy, Spirit
Antonyms- Blandness, Dullness, Weariness, Distaste, Dislike, Exhaustion
2. Voracious-অতিশয় লোভী
Synonyms- Ravenous, Greedy
Antonyms- Satisfied, Suitable
3. Zenith- চরম অবস্থা
Synonyms- Apex, Top, Pinnacle, Summit, Climax
Antonyms- Bottom, Base, Foot, Low
4. Quell- প্রশমিত করা
Synonyms- Placate, Subdue, Calm
Antonyms- Noisy
5. Irksome-বিরক্তিকর
Synonyms- Tedious, Tiresome, Difficult
Antonyms- Easy, Pleasant


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 24.06.2022
1. Immerse- মগ্ন করা
Synonyms- Plunge, Douse, Dip, Submerge
Antonyms- Draw out
2. Irksome- বিরক্তিকর
Synonyms- Tedious, Difficult, Tiresome
Antonyms- Easy, Pleasant
3. Hostile-প্রতিকূল
Synonyms- Unfriendly, Bellicose
Antonyms-Tolerant, Friendly, Cordial
4. Intricate- জটিল
Synonyms- Complicated, Involved, Obscure, Knotty
Antonyms- Simple, Clear, Straightforward, Easy
5. Laxity- শিথিলতা
Synonyms- Slackness, Looseness
Antonyms- Firmness, Tightness


Stock of Words (With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 23.06.2022
1. Remission- লাঘব
Synonyms- Relaxation, Abatement
Antonyms- Augmentation, Increase
2. Paramount- সর্বশ্রেষ্ঠ
Synonyms- Important, Essential, Predominant, Supreme
Antonyms- Inferior, Irrelevant, Unimportant, Subordinate
3. Insanity-উন্মাদনা
Antonyms- Sensibility,Sanity
4. Imbibe- আত্মভূত করা
Synonyms- Assimilate, Engross, Digest, Absorb, Digest
Antonyms- Discharge, Eject, Vomit
5. Heed- মনোযোগ দেওয়া
Synonyms- Pay Attention, Mind
Antonyms- Neglect,Disregard


We will start a new batch for competitive exams (foundation course) from July 2022.Those who are interested they can contact in 6291794931/9674000475


One of our Students (Swapnaneel Gupta) has secured 2610 Rank in Jexpo Examination in 3 months of preparation. Congratulation to him and wish him a bright future ahead


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 01.06.2022
1. Judicious-ন্যায়পরায়ণ
Synonyms- Prudet, Well Advised, Discriminating
Antonyms- Imprudent, Indiscreet
2. Intimidate-ভয় দেখানো
Synonyms- Bulldoze, Daunt, Dull, Dismay, Browbeat
Antonyms-Encourage, Blandish,Induce
3. Mingle-মিশ্রিত করা
Antonyms- Disentangle,Dissolve
4. Grim-গম্ভীর
Synonyms- Blend,Mix
Antonyms- Disentangle, Dissolve
5. Exonerate-মুক্ত করা
Synonyms- Acquit, Absolve,Vindicate, Exculpate
Antonyms- Implicate, Accuse


The stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)-29.05.2022
1. Steadfast- অবিচল
Synonyms- Established, Fixed
Antonyms- Infirm, Unfixed
2. Thrifty-মিতব্যয়ী
Synonyms- Economical, Provident
Antonyms-Uneconomic, Prodigal
3. Exalt-উচ্চ করা
Synonyms- Raise,Elevate,Lift
Antonyms- Lower, Caste Down
4. Endurance-সহনশীলতা
Synonyms- Persist, Sustain, Continuance, Withstand
Antonyms- Forgo,Cessation,Relinquish,Bear,Submit,Put Up With,Cope
5. Dwindle-হ্রাস পাত্তয়া
Synonyms- Shrink, Decrease, Decline, Reduce
Antonyms- Grow, Expand, Increase, Extend


Stock of Words(with Synonyms and Antonyms)- 27.05.2022
1. Taciturn- স্বল্পভাষী
Synonyms- Reticent,Uncommunicative,Close
Antonyms- Talkative, Unreserved
2. Savoury-সুস্বাদু
Synonyms- Palatable,Spicy,Tasty
Antonyms- Tasteless, Unsavoury
3. Pretence-ভান
Synonyms- Show,Pretext,Affection
Antonyms- Reality, Sincerity
4. Quell:- শান্ত করা
Synonyms- Placate, Subdue,Calm
Antonyms- Injudicous,Incautions,Imprudent
5. Progeny-বংশধর
Synonyms- Offspring, Descendant
Antonyms- Ancestors


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 25.05.2022
1. Plausible-বিশ্বাসযোগ্য
Synonyms- Credible,Convincing,Believable,Specious
Antonyms- Suspect, Incredible
2. Valiant-সাহসী
Synonyms- Gallant, Brave
Antonyms- Unheroic, Cowardly
3. Wrinkle-বলি
Synonyms- Crease,Crimp,Fold,Pleat
Antonyms- Flat,Surface,Smooth,Straighten
4. Vivid- প্রাণবন্ত
Synonyms- Clear, Lively
Antonyms-Unimpressive, Dull
5. Zest- উত্সাহ
Synonyms- Dash, Drive, Energy, pleasure, gusto, spirit, brio
Antonyms- Blandness Exhaustion, Dullness, Distaste, Dislike, Weariness


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)- 23.05.2022
1. Jeopardy- বিপদ
Synonyms- Hazard, Danger, Menace, Risk, Peril, Threat
Antonyms-Protection, Defence, Safety
2. Implicit- অন্তর্নিহিত
Synonyms-Covert, Inferred, Implied
Antonyms- Reserved, Exposed, Expressed
3. Lament- বিলাপ
Synonyms- Gloom, Mourn, Wail
Antonyms- Approve, Rejoice
4. Prudent- দূরদর্শী
Synonyms- Cautious, Economical, Frugal, Judicious
Antonyms- Injudicious, Incautious, Imprudent
5. Recede-পিছিয়ে যাওয়া
Synonyms-Withdraw, Retire
Antonyms-Retreat, Advance


Stock of Words(With Synonyms and Antonyms)-21.05.2022
1. Intrude-অনুপ্রবেশ
Synonyms- Encroach,Invade
Antonyms- Respect,Keep Away
2. Imprudence-অবিচক্ষণতা
Synonyms- Heedlessness, Thoughtlessness
Antonyms- Carefulness, Prudence
3. Jubilant-উল্লাস
Synonyms- Rejoicing, Exulting
Antonyms- Despairing, Despondent
4. Kindle- জ্বালান
Synonyms- Ignite,Inflame,Fire,Quench,Light
Antonyms- Extinguish, Stifle, Smother, Darken
5. Lethal-প্রাণঘাতী
Synonyms- Mortal, Fatal, Deadly
Antonyms- Enlivening,InvigoratingHarmless,Lifegiving





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