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The Age old story has always directed the society in the correct path. All the characters portrayed has their own significant role in shaping the entire story. The moral of the story is that, GREEDINESS is the sole reason of destruction. All the characters you name has been guilty of being greedy once at least in the entire story line. The dance drama helped our students and the audience realize the importance of selflessness and Greed free life!

Still from the Third Day of our 30th Annual Function!

We are extremely Happy to announce that amidst this sorrowful condition, we will be able to showcase our little one's enthusiastic performance within a couple of months. We are planning to present our 31st Annual Function Digitally so that it can reach our well wishers and music lovers throughout the world.


Jagacha Aikatan .. Nice memories..

Shuvo Vijaya.. 🙏🙏

Jagacha Aikatan International Institute of Music

NICE MEMORIES...Jagacha Aikatan International Institute of Music.. Saraswati Puja celebration on January, 2020..

Practice every time you get a chance, and you will Excel!

An excellent shot by Sandip Dey

Learning is a never ending process!

Senior most students of our institute deliver the best always, you're nor too old to learn and never over qualified to refuse dancing with juniors. We feel lucky and motivated to see their brilliant performances.

Still from "Alibaba" presented by seniors of our institute.
30th Annual Function!

Presenting: Jayatri Karmakar as Fatema
Sudeshna Dutta as Alibaba
Directed by: Dr. Rupa Chakraborty
Photography by: Sandip Dey

Happy Independence Day!

India gained Independence from the Britishers which marked the begining of a new era making India the largest democracy in the Whole world. For almost two centuries we were ruled over and they supressed us till the point we went numb and started fighting back. The struggles and sacrifices of our Martyrs from every field brought us the most precious gift of all times, Independence. They dreamt of a free India, the Unity in diversity being our greatest strength we today feel immensely proud of our nation men and our county. Being proud and responsible citizens of India, we wish Happy 74th Independence Day from the entire team of Jagacha AIkatan.

We feel extreemly proud for being responsible to be able to carry out our rich Indian tradition to the entire world. The performances in several Embassy, being able to represent India for years give us immense pleasure. May we continue this legacy though our budding extreemly talented students.
Please bless us and all our students so that we can make the county proud all the time

[08/11/20]   Krishnashtami, the Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Nandalala, the eighth avtar of Vishnu. Krishna is born in an area of chaos. It was a time when persecution was rampant, freedoms were denied, evil was everywhere and when there was a threat to his life by his uncle King Kansa. Immediately following the birth at Mathura, his father Vasudeva Anakadunbhi takes Krishna across the Yamuna, to foster parents in Gokul, named Nanda and Yashoda. This legend is celebrated on Janmashtami by people keeping fast, singing devotional songs of love for Krishna, and keeping a vigil into the night.

A small presentation by our young students in our 29th Annual Function.
Jay Madhava Madana Murari

[08/07/20]   You are the origin of primary energy
Oldest glow is your radiance
Seen across the horizon
Your fundamental words merrily flaunt your bliss
That evolve evr new version within various begins.

On the 79th Death Anniversary of our beloved poet, our humble tribute to Rabindranath Tagore. May we soon overcome all obstrucles coming our way

Morning Bliss ❤️

|| সাপ্তাহিক বর্তমান ||

জগাছা ঐকতান পরিচালিত "স্বামী হরিদাস সঙ্গীত সম্মেলন" কলকাতা ২০২০ ❤️

ক্ষুদে শিল্পী ❤️

Still from the first day of our 30th Annual Program.


23rd "Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan" Kolkata, presented by Jagacha Aikatan.


We were truely blessed to have caught you play live

Go through the link below ❤️


Amongst all negativity, my contribution to the society being a musician has been presented here, please go through the link and provide me an opportunity to entertain you.
Show your concerns and do Share my Art❤️


Follow up everyone, tomorrow from 9.00 pm onwards, Dipak Chakraborty will go live, it will be more of a live talk show. To know about his musical journey, follow Hint Radio 90.4 fm's page.

Going live with RJ Anand Raj tomorrow, follow there page for more updates!

Join us to know about my musical journey, from being an aspiring artiste to an eminent Tabla Player❤️

This lockdown is proving harsh on our mental heath everyday, just a little try to keep you well motivated.

"বেতার সেতার দুটো..
তবলা টা ফাটা ফুটো"

A part of "Nritya Giti Alekho" on lifestyles of Bangali Babu was Showcased by little ones of our Music and Dance department.

Still from 2nd Day of our Annual Show.
19th October 2019.

Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre - IGCC

#IndiaBangladesh #ভারতবাংলাদেশ #Culture #সংস্কৃতি #IGCC

Details of the program are given below:

Program Duration: 1:45 Hours.

Presentation Details:
1. Raga-> Purnia Kalyan
-Alap, Jod, Jhala
-Bilambit Gat & Drut Gat in Teen Taal
2. Dhun-> Raga Mia Ki Malhar
3. South Indian Raga-> Kirwani
-Based on Jhaptaal
4. Ghazal Tune
5. Folk Tune (Shohag Chand Bodoni Dhoni)

Indira Gandhi Culture Centre organised an Evening of Tabla recital by Mr. Dipak Kumar Chakraborty and Sitar recital by Mr. Partha Prathim Roy from India at 11 AM on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at RC Majumdar Hall, Dhaka University and at 6.30 PM on Friday, June 3, 2016 at IGCC, House No. 35, Road No. 24, Gulshan-1, Dhaka.

Mr. Dipak Kumar Chakraborty is from Farrukhabad Gharana. He trained under late Sri Ranjit Kumar Barua and later from Ustad Sabir Khan. Apart from performing as an accompanying artist with many eminent artists such as late Pandit V.G.Jog, Pandit Kartick Kumar etc., he has given solo Tabla recitals in many prestigious music concerts in India and abroad. He is an empanelled artist of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and has performed in Indian Cultural Centres and Embassies in London, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands etc. He has given an exclusive interview for BBC World Service, London. He regularly performs in Kolkata Doordarshan and All India Radio. He has released several solo albums and books on Tabla in India. He is an Examiner and Instructor of various Universities and Boards and holds positions in various music organisations. He is the Principal of “JAGACHA AIKATAN” International Institute of Music for the last twenty years. He has won many awards including ‘Sangeet Gourav’ from ‘Award council of India’ in 2012.

Mr. Partha Prathim Roy is a trained Sitar player belonging to the Maihar school associated with the hallowed memory of Baba Alauddin Khan, and such legends as Pt Ravi Shankar, Pt Nikhil Banerjee and others. He initially got trained in Sitar from Pandit Debiprasad Chatterjee and later from late Pandit Niharbindu Chowdhury and Sangitacharya Ajay Sinha Roy. He has given many solo performances in India which have been highly acclaimed, like Youth Festival, Kolkata, Max Muller Bhavan, German Consulate, Kolkata, Ramakrishna Mission, Lucknow; India International Centre, New Delhi; India Habitat Centre-HCL Concert, New Delhi etc. He has performed in several countries such as Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan, Bangladesh etc. He was interviewed by Washington Bangla Radio, Time Out, Jadavpur University FM Radio in Kolkata etc. He performed live on Albrez Television in Spain. Several of his performances were also broadcast by Wolverhampton City Radio in London and Radio ARA in Luxemberg. He had the privilege of working with the late legendary Anand Shankar in his orchestra. He has also composed music for dance ballets. His awards include Best Instrumentalist Award, IIT Madras in 1987, Sangeet Gaurav Award of the Award Council of India in 2012, Pride of Region by Government of India etc. He has formed his own Fusion Music troupe with various Indian and Western musical instruments with which he gives performances in India and abroad.


মানুষের পেটে নাকি বান্দর প্যাঁচা হয়।

"বুদ্ধ" "ভূতুম" নামে তাদের হলো পরিচয়।

পাঁচ কুমারের পরে রাজার হয়েছিলো কী?
একটি বান্দর একটি প্যাঁচা।

ছি ছি ছি ছি ছি।

As Artists, we recieve inspiration from the environment itself, let's treat it as it deserves to be treated ❤️

World Environment Day❤️
Outside of our classroom!

Credits- Dr. Rupa Chakraborty

Artist- Srijoni Sengupta❤️

Dipak Kumar Chakraborty


25th February 2018
Ranchi, India
Organised by EZCC, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

At any given moment you have the power to say: "This is not how the story is going to end."

Bharata Bhagga Bidhata!

For full video, click here: https://youtu.be/Of96NYydiIY

What is Dance to you?

The question was raised by us to our students on the week of World Dance Day, and this is how Shreya portrayed Dance.
She with her Beautiful skill of writing, presented us this write up

Happy Mother's Day!

Artist:- Rahala Mandi❤️


Suparna Chattopadhayay

অনেক কিছু পেলাম ❤️

Suparna Chattopadhayay presents a song for 'কবি প্রণাম'

Kobi Pronam

Presented by:-

Edited by :- Ayush Bondhopadhaye

Special Thanks to Ayush for putting so much effort

[05/08/20]   Kobi Pronam❤️

Presented by :-

Sorry for the nasty editing (Dia)

Kobi Proman❤️

Presentation by Moyuk Dey

Kobi Pronam❤️

Presentation by:-
Tania Mukherjee
Saheli Barik
Sayani Das

"Laughing is an instant vacation."
Milton Berle

Happy World Laugh Day!!!

It's always good to laugh on gloomy days, we can't change the situation but can always spread positivity through it.

Presentation of few kiddies of our Art Department to spread laughter being creative ❤️

[05/02/20]   Day 4:

Speech Devolopment:-

Speech or language, we use them in order to interchange feelings. It may either be in form of gestures, emotional expressions, speech or written language.
Children, if taught kathak, can achieve the skill a lot faster and easily. For Kathak involves a lot of "bol padhan" where the student is made to utter the bols. In that process, babbling becomes clear and words of correct pronunciations are easy to develop.
Even in adults, ones suffering due to lack of confidence and having problem with public speaking can benefit from Kathak Dance. An integral part of it being bol padhan, where the dancer utters bol in counting with taal in front of audience for clarity and then performs. Confidence being another important factor is abundant in Kathak Dancers, they are influenced by there Gurus who they learn from. They have more comprehensive powers than the rest due to critical thoughts of dance form.

[05/02/20]   Day 3:

Development of Creativity:-

"Kathak" is a mixed form Persian Style of dance and traditional Indian dance. To be able to mix both the forms and liberty that the form presents to practitioners make them unique and creative.
Some bols of the form can be presented in innumerable ways. Dancer composes and do it a lot of times differently for students with varied personality. Other than that, the bhav portion, where dancer acts makes him creative. he takes care of each and everything in his presentation. From lights to set he learns it a and utilizes his creativity to bring out the best. he learns makeup or have keen interest in it. He also have interest in Fashion Designing, for every performance he wears something new and extra ordinary either by mix matching or by designing a whole new set of costume.
Dancers are a lot more than what audience sees.He needs to know to paint, it helps him to beautify his postures and movements aesthetically, They have intellectual imagination power. Thus the form being a mixed bag of traditional literature with contemporary takes helps develop in creative side of dancers.

[05/02/20]   Day 2:

Devolopment of Understanding:-

The ability to achieve a grasp of the nature, significance or explanation of something and to have a clear idea of it is called understanding. Kathak's bol padhans are solely are mathematical concepts which have specific "Som" and students need to have good understanding skill to be able to perform it. The basic footwork on tintaal-"Dha Dhin Dhin Dha Dha Dhin Dhin Dha" need immense practice to do it flawlessly. Hard practice and deep understanding of small minute things in performance helps individuals grow there understanding skill.

On the Occasion of World Dance Day, we will mention Seven ways through this week in which a dancer benefits from Kathak Dance.

Day 1:

Physical Development: It can be subdivided into a number of different patterns, they are:

1. Body Size:- Pre-natal and post-natal environment other than hereditary, influence the height and weight to a great extent. If the environment provided to them promote Kathak Dance, body size i.e height and weight is said to develop faster as compared to lay kids.
2. Rhythm:- A strong, regular repeated pattern of movement of sound helps our body and mind to focus and is capable of controlling our breathing rate.
3. Muscle:- Strengthening and control over them is obtained few muscles which we hardly use in our daily life tends to weaken like muscles of our face namely corrugator supercilii muscle located in the medial and end of the eyebrow. Movements in these muscles ensure proper functioning and reduces chances of facial paralysis.
4. While talking about body size, two most vital points are height and weight. Height and weight though is hereditary to a great extent, environment factors also contribute to it.
5. Right amount of sleep is essential, which is gained from physical tiredness through movements of Kathak.
6. Staying active is again one factor, while dancing our body movements results in exercise which help in strengthen building flexibility, etc.
7. Practicing good posture is again one factor which makes us fit. Poor posture result in making us look shorter. Slumping or slouching along with neck and back pain stays away when one practices Kathak, for postures are corrected.
8. Exercises like stretching, dry land swim, jogging, spine stretch etc are said to boost growth of height, there are certain movements which is used in kathak dance. Due to repetitive patterns of use of those movements in any presentation leads to growth.
9. Body proportion:- Movements of Kathak leads to growth of body in perfect proportions. A lot of bodily disabilities or proportional dysfunctions are healed. Hands and legs look smooth and bulging belly disappears giving way to soft and perfect body proportions.
10. Muscles and Fat:- Hastaks(hand movements) in Kathak dance and foot works helps strengthening muscles. Dancer gains full control over them and this being a good form of exercise dose not let fat to store, thus reducing obesity.
11. Bones:- Regular practice of the dance form strengthens bones lowering risk of fracture.
12. Motor Development:- The development of control over bodily movements through the coordinated activity of the nerve centers, the nerves and the muscles. Kathak dance being interesting to the child, motivates it in resulting it to make them mature enough to learn new movements, to practice them under proper guidance, Even in adults, Kathak's footsteps along with variations in hand movement promotes development of motor skills. Dancer hears bol padhan from his or her teacher, reacts accordingly and moves his or her foot works and body movements as per that. Chakkar(spins) in kathak helps dancer to gain body balance and leg muscles also strengthens.

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Jagacha Aikatan .. Nice memories..
Jagacha Aikatan International Institute of Music
Happy Independence Day!
Bharata Bhagga Bidhata!
Kobi Pronam <3
Jana Gana



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