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Dr. Amit Gupta

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Answers Provided by NTA in revised answer key for Two Questions of #NEET2019 are controversial

1)#Biology : correct statement about Cornea (we believe 2 options are correct)
2)#Chemistry : work done by the gas (we believe -30 J is correct)

जहां बड़े कोचिंग संस्थानों ने अपने ही पढ़ाये हुए छात्रों को फिर एक बार मझधार में छोड़ दिया है और Result की खुशियां मना रहे हैं वहां कई बच्चे इंसाफ के लिए मदद मांग रहे हैं।
अब मैं यह फैसला आप लोगो पर छोड़ता हूँ..
10 marks can make a huge difference in ranks
There is No Guarantee of Victory
But Still..
◆Do you think that we should fight a Legal battle in court with the prayer of a #Revised_Result and a #Stay_Order on counseling ?
समय कम है, जल्दी बताइये!!!


Biomolecules 3 | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Class XII / Organic Chemistry / Biomolecules In this lecture, structure and properties of amino acids is discussed


Biomolecules 2 | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Class XII / Organic Chemistry / Biomolecules In this lecture, the structure of disaccharides and polysaccharides is discussed


Biomolecules 1 | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Class XII / Organic Chemistry / Biomolecules In this lecture, the structure, nomenclature and classification of carbohydrates is discussed along with some im...


Tautomerism | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Clear your concepts on Tautomerism! Have a look!

Organic Chemistry/Isomerism In this video, the concept of tautomerism is discussed with detailed description of its mechanism and its various types and numer...

[03/02/18]   Holi is the festival of colours, sharing joy, happiness and love.
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Even if you want to celebrate Holi this way, use water balloon which I guess wont hurt
Why do we always choose saving money instead of saving our standards/culture/ethics?

It doesn't seem that we as a society are educated enough to think about this. Your education becomes worthless if you cant even think this much.

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The Solid State | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Do watch for conceptual clarity and better visualisation...
ALL THE BEST for your upcoming exams!

Class XII / Physical Chemistry / The Solid State In this video, the study of the lattice structure of crystalline solids has been discussed.


Work Calculations in various Thermodynamic Processes | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry
Don't just memorise the formulas...
Do watch it for conceptual clarity...

Class XI/Physical Chemistry/Thermodynamics In this video, calculation of work done by system in various thermodynamic processes is being discussed 10/12/2017

JEE Main Eligibility Criteria 2018 - Marks, Age, Number of Attempts CBSE has defined JEE Main Eligibility Criteria 2018. The eligibility criteria of JEE Main 2018 are set norms which the candidates must satisfy in order to appear for the exam. The criteria are concerned with Age Limit, Education Qualification, Number of Attempts, etc. Also, it is advised to students...


The Aldol Song

Happy Children's Day...
Let's study in a very entertaining manner...
Hope you Enjoy!


Aldol Condensation | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Class XII/Organic Chemistry/Carbonyl Compounds The detailed mechanism of Aldol Condensation reaction is being discussed in this lecture


Introduction to Chemical Equilibrium

Class XI/Physical Chemistry/Introduction to Chemical Equilibrium The approach of the study of equilibrium in a chemical system is being discussed in this video


The story of PH5!

Do watch this video for conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of bonding...

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SN(Ar) - Substitution Nucleophilic Aromatic - Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Mechanisms!
Do watch for getting your concepts crystal clear!

This lecture discusses the reaction mechanism for Nucleophilic Substitution on Aromatic Compounds. Faculty - Raghav Mundhra


Prayas Chemistry

Class 11/Chemical Bonding/Introduction to Dative Bond 12/05/2017

Tricks to simplify pH Calculations for Weak Acid | Raghav Mundhra | Prayas Chemistry Class XI/Physical Chemistry/Ionic Equilibrium/pH Calculations This video is a continuation of the previous video on pH Calculation. The video on pH Calculati... 02/05/2017

Raghav Mundhra

Dear Students,

The new batch for Class XI for the session 2017-19 will be starting from 14th May, 2017 @ 10AM

Every interested student is welcome

Contact : 8820844932 for further details.

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Prayas Chemistry


Prayas Chemistry

Class 11/Chemical Bonding/Introduction to Dative Bond


Prayas Chemistry's cover photo


Stereoisomerism in Co-ordination Compounds
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Class XII/Inorganic Chemistry/Co-ordination Compounds/Isomerism In this lecture, stereoisomerism of co-ordination compounds having CN = 4 is discussed.


Hydrolysis of Salt

Very Important Concept in Ionic Equiibrium... Do watch it for your Conceptual Clarity...

Class XI/Physical Chemistry/Ionic Equilibrium Basic Concepts of Hydrolysis of Salt has been discussed in this short video. For any queries, feel free to cont...


pH Calculations

Class XI/Physical Chemistry/Ionic Equilibrium Calculation of pH of a solution is being discussed in this video.


All are welcome...


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SN(Ar) - Substitution Nucleophilic Aromatic - Prayas Chemistry

Class 12/Organic Chemistry/Reaction Mechanisms
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This lecture discusses the reaction mechanism for Nucleophilic Substitution on Aromatic Compounds. Faculty - Raghav Mundhra

[10/30/16]   Light over darkness...
Hope over despair...
Knowledge over ignorance...
Calmness over Frustration...
Victory over failures...
Strength over adversities...

Wishing you a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali...!!!

May this Diwali light many new beginnings in your life...


Introduction to Dative Bond

Class 11/Chemical Bonding/Introduction to Dative Bond


Timeline Photos 05/10/2016

3 win Nobel chemistry prize for molecular machines - Times of India The laureates share the 8 million kronor ($ 930,000) prize for the "design and synthesis" of molecules with controllable movements, which can perform a task when energy is added, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said. 19/09/2016

20,000 more will be eligible for JEE (A) 2017 - Times of India Mumbai: Twenty thousand more students will be eligible to write JEE (Advanced) 2017 after clearing JEE (Main), taking the number to 2.


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Timeline Photos

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The Aldol Song
The story of PH5!
Introduction to Dative Bond
Student Review( Class XII batch of 2015-17)





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