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[09/30/14]   Hey guys, do you know who is the inventor of modern keyboards and typewriters?
Well if you want to know who is the inventor, then notice the first row of the alphabet keys on your keyboard. The first 5 alphabets make the name and the next 5 make the surname.

[07/19/14]   Which famous scientist wrote the book, "A Brief History Of Time"
a.) Stephen Hawking
b.) Albert Einstein
c.) Issac Newton
d.) C.V Raman

[04/30/14]   Where were the first sailing boats built ?
a.) India
b.) China
c.) Mesopotamia
d.) Egypt

[04/30/14]   What is the meaning of the phrase "French Leave" ?
Explain in the comment box.

[04/30/14]   Why is a road connecting 2 major cities called a "Highway" ?
Explain in the comment box.

[04/30/14]   The "Little Boy" A- Bomb dropped on Hiroshima used which Radioactive element:
a.) Plutonium
b.) Uranium
c.) Californium
d.) Radium

[03/30/14]   By every 1 degree longitude the time changes by -
a.) 4 minute
b.) 5 minute
c.) 8 minute
d.) 3 minute

[03/28/14]   Which company was the first to install a seat belt in a car ?
a.) Toyota
b.) Maruti Suzuki
c.) Tata
d.) Nissan

[03/28/14]   Who is the first Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
a.) Kalyan Sundaram
b.) Sukumar Sen
c.) S.P.Sen Verma
d.) Nagendra Singh

[03/23/14]   Who gifted Arjuna the Gandiba bow ?
a.) Lord Indra
b.) Lord Surya
c.) Lord Agni
d.) Lord Parushuram

[03/01/14]   How much Megapixels does our human eyes contain ?
a.) 275
b.) 356
c.) 576
d.) 286

[03/01/14]   Where is India's highest Golf course located ?
a.) Shimla
b.) Gulmarg
c.) Darjeeling
d.) Gangtok

[02/22/14]   What is the Persian for Check Mate ?
a.) Shah Mate
b.) Sheh Mat
c.) Raj Mat
d.) Shah Mat

[02/22/14]   What is the full form of NASA?
a.) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
b.) Natural Aeronautics and Space Administration
c.) National Aeronautics and Space Administrator
d.) Natural Aeronautics and Space Administrator

[02/21/14]   Who wrote the book "Coolie" ?
a.) Satyajit Ray
b.) Mulk Raj Anand

[02/20/14]   According to Indian Mythology, whose previous name was Debabrata ?
a.) Bidoor
b.) Dhitarashtra
c.) Vishwa
d.) Pandu

[02/20/14]   Who was the famous painter who designed the helicopter ?
a.) Leonardo da Vinci
b.) Michelangelo
c.) Rembrandt
d.) Raphael





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