Self Transformation

Self Transformation


"Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience; there is no other way to know.”
"Be an encourager the world has plenty of critics already"
8 daily looks for a positive life: 1. Take a moment to sit quietly. Whether this is through meditation, journaling, or prayer, take the time to reflect and listen to your inner self. Create space for positive energy and force out negativity. Find a location that allows you to sit, shut out the noise of the world, and sort through the noise within. Doing this in the morning will release stress and start your day with peace and clarity. 2. Practice gratitude. In a world of entitlement, we sometimes forget to be grateful. Acknowledging your blessings each night will put your mind in the positive state needed to welcome rest. Keep a notepad by your bed where you can write down your blessings. This way, if it’s been a hard day, you can see several examples of good. 3. Learn something new. Continual learning and the growth produced, as a result, help to mold us into well-rounded people. We may not always be the best at the new things we try, but taking risks and being open to new learning will ultimately develop confidence and courage. Read a book, take an online class, or skim through articles about a topic that interests you. Growth from learning empowers positivity. 4. Connect with positive people. Every now and then we find ourselves around a person who brings us down. If we build relationships with positive people and work on connecting each day, we will soon reflect that same positivity in our other relationships. 5. Spend time in nature. Go outside, breathe in the fresh air, walk, or ride your bike, and take notice of the beauty around you. Movement combined with the outdoors is always nourishment for the soul. Nature makes us slow down and appreciate what’s alive and thriving around us. We will soon thrive as well. 6. Let go of the past and focus on new possibilities. It’s easy to get sucked into disappointment about the things we haven’t accomplished or the many failures we have all experienced. But if we take the time to dream and dwell in possibilities instead, we will soon develop a natural, positive way of thinking. 7. Share kindness. The old saying, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” really holds true! Spreading kindness through words, acts of service, or giving your time not only instills positivity but also shares positivity. Practice taking notice of situations around you in which you could share a kind word or deed. 8. Set fear aside. Fear of failing or taking risks can be paralyzing at times. But if we get into the habit of naming our fears, owning them, and then setting them aside, we create room for positivity to take root. Just as fear can embed itself into our souls, we can dig up the roots and plant positivity in its place. - Atanu kar Self Transformation
"Use the treasures you have in a practical way and you'll find benefit. Checking: Check what treasures you have that you could share with others. It could be the treasure of happiness, of love or of clear thinking. Check if you are using any of the treasures for your own benefit or that of others. Practice: Each day begin the day with a thought to use the treasure that you have discovered for yourself. Remind yourself that the more you give the more it'll grow. Continue using your treasures in this way and bring benefit to all"
A beautiful and important purpose of our lives is to make everyday important and worthwhile and also make sure that each moment of our lives is extremely valuably spent. Let us give, share and donate our inner treasures of peace, love and joy to everyone we meet and let us experience these treasures in every action that we perform. A powerful stage is like a switch which finishes darkness of negativity in a second. Expression:Darkness is dispelled when a light is switched on. Similarly, a powerful stage is also a light switch. When this switch is on, one can put an end to all wasteful darkness and no longer have to labour to stop any wasteful thoughts. By becoming powerful, one can naturally become a donor, as there is nothing waste within. Life Experience: When we are aware of our positive qualities and what we can contribute to others, we are able to be powerful. This naturally enables us to be light and spread the inner light to others. We are never influenced negatively with any kind of waste or negative, but we are always able to maintain our own positivity and that of others too. Self Transformation
In all Respects keep giving Respect

Atanu Kar founder of the Self Transformation International INC™ builds Innovative educational services on how to live well with balancing your mind, How to Transform self, Consciousness, Daily effective affirmations, Pranayama, Meditation

Self Transformation "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man" Swami Vivekananda Self Transformation International INC builds innovate educational services on Self Transformation, Soul Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, life Balancing by way of education and training, learning from e-books for all ages, through mediums that range from Study Materials, digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, yoga, Mudra education, mobile apps, content, events and more. We stand for Value ideas that enable people to be Consciousness and impact On their lives. Founded in 2016 by Atanu Kar,we are a team of 2 people from India, working across a wide range of inter-related services that are dedicated towards the consciousness of humanity & forward through reforming global Value education.

Mission: Human being are intelligent. a little willpower With self-confidence, patience, a little bit changes in your habits and discipline and set your mind in a way to practice increases your Self esteem in our daily life makes an opportunity to bigger chances to create peace and happiness and getting success in life. Realisation to self increases your self-confidence, patience within and reduce your ego,anger,jealousy,selfishness.The mindset of realisation to self makes life meaningful ,better and helps to achieve your goals by way of self-transformation. Human Consciousness for peace forward through innovation in Value education

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[12/22/20]   Om Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Shaantir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Puurnnam-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Manggalam-Bhavatu |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: May there be Well-Being in All,
2: May there be Peace in All,
3: May there be Fulfilment in All,
4: May there be Auspiciousness in All,
5: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

[12/13/20]   7 Ways Your Home Can Affect Your Mood
1. Height of Your Ceiling :
Higher ceilings apparently make a home’s occupants feel freer physically and cogni-tively. Lofty rooms are ideal for encouraging abstract thinking, but lower ceilings are preferable when you need to focus on a detail-oriented task. Interestingly, if you’re a creative type looking for inspiration, you might want to use lighting or paint to virtually
2. Green view.
Green is good, according to psychologists. Looking out over a natural green landscape reduces mental fatigue and increases the ability to pay attention. When you are in the midst of intense concentration on, say, learning a complex new skill, stopping to see the roses will give you renewed energy. Are you stuck with an uber-urban cityscape outside your window? Then bring nature into your home via a collection of well-loved houseplants, and let your gaze linger on them often.
3. Light.
Inadequate exposure to daylight can disrupt your circadian rhythms. The result is that spending long periods in a dim house may lead to an effect similar to jet lag. On the other hand, sleeping in a dark room increases levels of melatonin, a mood-regulating hormone which is produced by the human body mainly at night. To counteract, try to spend at least some time outside during the day, weather permitting; go for a walk or have lunch on the deck. Indoors, supplement scanty light with soft, glowing lamps in-stead of harsh overhead fixtures. Before you hit the hay, make sure your curtains are closed and lights are off.
4. Objects.
As many of us know only too well, an excess of clutter, especially in public areas like your living room, will bog you down and put guests on edge. On the other hand, an overly spare decor can be equally disconcerting. Display carefully chosen personal ob-jects that you love and that give a sense of who you and your household members are. Some good examples: beloved books, children’s artwork, and souvenirs of vaca-tions or other happy moments.

5. Shapes.
Pointy corners on furnishings or countertops are hazardous for small children. For us kids at heart, these sharp edges are still perceived as dangerous, making it hard for us to relax in a room whose design includes too many abrupt angles. The solution?
Incorporate some curves into your home decor. This can be as simple as sewing some curvy cushions or hanging a circular mirror, for example.
6. Colours.
There is an entire science, called colour psychology, devoted to understanding how differ-ent colours can evoke powerful emotional responses in human beings. In general, tranquil blues and greens are favoured for decorating large expanses, such as
painting the walls of living room. White will make a small space look larger, but it’s best complemented with a splash of stronger colour to keep it from seeming too bland. Try bold red, black, or yellow accents.
7. Room arrangement.
A great winter project is simply reorganizing the furniture and other items in a room or two. Shake things up and experiment with rearranged seating arrangements, perhaps, or posi-tion your desk next to the window that frames your flower garden. You may end up with a whole new perspective on your home.

[12/10/20]   Pause Choose Respond

There are things coming to us from outside, and those that we are sending out. Situations and people come from outside, so what we get from them is not in our control. But what goes out from us – our thoughts, words and behaviour in response is always our choice. We think someone else caused our happiness, anger, pain or fear as we are in a habit of blaming. Also we are not aware that our response is our internal creation. Let's consciously choose to respond with peace, calmness and happiness today. Nobody else can create our emotions or make us feel a certain way. We create them but wrongly believe others are responsible for how we feel. No emotion is obvious and no response is natural. Let’s take personal responsibility of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. He wronged me so I was obviously upset, Her behavior angered me should not be part of our vocabulary.

Our situations do not determine our happiness; our response to the situation determines it. The response begins with the thoughts our mind creates. Feeding the mind with good thoughts to begin the day is like planting healthy seeds in a fertile space. The outer environment is often a reflection of our thoughts. We reap the fruits of happy thoughts that attract happy experiences. Sit back and program your mind for a perfect day. Set the foundation of emotional stability to build your responses. Situations and people can be imperfect but your state of mind should remain perfect - calm, happy and peaceful. Your thoughts, words and actions should radiate positive vibrations, influence people and situations, and attract more peace and happiness.


Stay Blessed always

[11/10/20]   “Success, world-class health, internal fulfillment, sustained happiness, peace of mind do not just happen. These elements of your best life are created and within you in life” In this book I guide YOU by way of VALUE KNOWLEDGE and step by STEP PROCESS into the Core of Transformation. YOU KNOW YOUR ability to move from stopped to unstoppable and transform your life. Break through barriers and blocks that hold you back. Create greater abundance, happiness and success in all areas of your life. How to move from stress, lack and overwhelm to a life you love living!
Learn how to attain both inner and outer success and unleash the power within you!
In this book YOU will learn to Practice
YOU AND YOUR FEAR : Overcome your fear of failure
Value of Life
Values of Life , How Values Help you
Behavioural Qualities
Looking at Character
Looking at Discipline and Self Discipline
How Self Concepts affect Self discipline
How your Personality affects Self Discipline
Big Five Personality Traits
Emotional Stability and Patterns
How your Home environment affect your Productivity
Realistic Optimist Outlook
Scares Vs Habits
Quality Consciousness Habits
How habits are formed
Productive and Non Productive Habits
How to form your habits
Time to achieve Productive Habits
Identify your Strength and weakness
Self Assessment :How to Analysis?
Looking at Procrastination
How to Overcome your procrastination?
Looking at Laziness
How to Overcome your laziness?
you will find way to reach your goal and success in life. Realisation to self in-creases the self-confidence, patience within. The mind-set of realisation to self makes life meaningful, mindfulness, better and helps to achieve goals by way of Self-Transformation.
“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.” Swami Vivekananda
Be Fearless,Be Confident,Stick to your Goals,Acquire Knowledge,Trust Self,Stay Brave
Trust Supreme Being
Genius are less about GNETICS but more about SELF TRANSFORMATION
However, for most of us success eludes us. No matter what we try, we never succeed.
Some invisible force seems to hold us back. Preventing us from achieving what we know we are truly capable of.
What seems easy for some, is hard for others. Some succeed no matter what the adverse circumstances, while others, given all the opportunities in the world, still manage to fail.
We are often unaware of how ‘automatic’ our thoughts have become and how they consistently hold us back from achieving our best.
What is worse, is that these negative thoughts are SELF-VALIDATING
I guide YOU applying the strategy actions as practical guidance and follow the practice module of the following Actions
To unlock your full potential, to unlock ALL your possibilities.
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:10 Steps for Personal Development
GOAL HABITS:YOUR 11 simply must have if you want to reach your Goals
POWER of your MIND to change your behavioural pattern
Motivation – How to Motivate – USE Your Motivational Tools
Will Power– How to boost up your will power – USE Your Will Power Tools
HABIT FORMATION:Habits Formation Techniques : Habit Loops
Here I explain how your AMAZING ACTIONS by a little bit change of your be-haviour help you become productive like an ELITE performers do in world.
MINDSET Value ideas to UNLOCK Positive Thoughts
MOTIVATE to start with TINY and KEYSTONE Habits
WING’S life Unstoppable : 18 STRATEGY of Reprogramming Of MIND Behavioural Actions in PRACTICE for MINDSET Transformation
SELF ANALYSIS :Strategy Worksheet
Activity Log
Habit Formation Analyser

[10/31/20]   10 Steps to Wholeness
1. Nourish your "light body." If you feed it with fresh energy every day, it will provide you with inspiration and guidance.
2. Turn entropy into evolution. With constant input from your soul, your mind can generate never ending creativity.
3. Commit yourself to deeper awareness. Ask for new vision, new beliefs, and a new sense of self every day.
4. Be generous of spirit. Generosity begins at the level of the soul, which never runs out of the two things totally necessary to life: energy and awareness.
5. Focus on relationships instead of consumption. Wholeness depends on relationships that are whole. You cannot be whole in isolation. As your soul sees you, you are connected to everything. To be connected means to be in relationship.
6. Relate to your body consciously. Every day, your body consciously tends to you, never losing focus. You can acknowledge this faithful service by consciously relating to your body in turn with trust, consideration, honesty, mutual cooperation and loving appreciation.
7. Embrace every day as a new world. There seems to be a gap between mind and body. Since the mind sets the body's agenda, if you win the tiny battles against routine, inertia, and boredom, this gap will close and every day will seem like a renewal.
8. Let the timeless be in charge of time. Your soul's frame of reference is timeless. Live from that timeless place. At your source all events are laid out with perfect timing. Time submits to your desire, not the other way around.
9. Feel the world instead of trying to understand it. The flow of life refuses to be analyzed. Yet you were designed with sensitive awareness that goes far beyond thinking. Instead of trying to understand the endlessly changing world, you can feel your way and trust those feelings. Only then will you know what is unfolding around you.
10. Seek after your own mystery. You must want wholeness as fervently as you want a job, house, car, and family. You must be willing to walk the path alone. The answer lies in seeking your own mystery, not a mystery handed to you by anyone else.

Subho DURGA Astomi

Stay Blessed always

Subho Navaratri

Stay Blessed

MINDSET TRANSFORMATION:SUCCESS MANIFESTATION 18 STRATEGY of Reprogramming of MIND Behavioural Actions in PRACTICE “Success, world-class health, internal fulfillment, sustained happiness, peace of mind do not just happen. These elements of your best life are created and within you in life” In this book I guide YOU by way of VALUE KNOWLEDGE and step by STEP PROCESS into the Core of Transformation...

[09/24/20]   "No rise is permanent and no setback is for long.Everything is changing in this temporary drama of life. Be happy and be blessed"

[09/17/20]   08 Things That Make You Happy And Enjoy Life More

Start with a Good Dose of Gratitude. ...
Make Sure You're Giving Back. ...
Laugh Every Day (It's Better than Money) ...
Foster Good Relationships with Family and Friends. ...
Take Some Alone Time. ...
Do What You Love. ...
Volunteer Your Time. ...
Get Enough Exercise.

Today is Mahalaya...a day when we remember and pay homage to all our ancestors ( tarpan)and pray for their souls to rest in peace and seek their blessings ....and Ma Durga's descent on Earth ,which starts the festivities of Durga puja.
Generate Peace on Earth.
This year this also coincides with Bishwakarma puja,the Architect God who created the world and desined as per his choice.
In 2020 everything has been so different from the ordinary,even the celestial celebration dates ( like Mahalaya falling more than a month before Durga puja).
Let us all pray this crisis ends soon and all bounce back in good health and spirits

Stay Blessed

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Self Transformation "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man" Swami Vivekananda Self Transformation International INC builds innovate educational services on Self Transformation, Soul Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening,Life Balancing by way of education and training,learning from e books for all ages, through mediums that range from Study Materials,digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, yoga, Mudra education, mobile apps, content, events and more. We stand for Value ideas that enable people to be Consciousness and impact On their lives. Founded in 2016 by Atanu kar ,we are a team of 2 people from india, working across a wide range of inter-related services that are dedicated towards Consciousness of humanity & forward through reforming global Value education.

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