Self Transformation

Self Transformation


"Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience; there is no other way to know.”
"Be an encourager the world has plenty of critics already"
8 daily looks for a positive life:

1. Take a moment to sit quietly.
Whether this is through meditation, journaling, or prayer, take the time to reflect and listen to your inner self. Create space for positive energy and force out negativity. Find a location that allows you to sit, shut out the noise of the world, and sort through the noise within. Doing this in the morning will release stress and start your day with peace and clarity.

2. Practice gratitude.
In a world of entitlement, we sometimes forget to be grateful. Acknowledging your blessings each night will put your mind in the positive state needed to welcome rest. Keep a notepad by your bed where you can write down your blessings. This way, if it’s been a hard day, you can see several examples of good.

3. Learn something new.
Continual learning and the growth produced, as a result, help to mold us into well-rounded people. We may not always be the best at the new things we try, but taking risks and being open to new learning will ultimately develop confidence and courage. Read a book, take an online class, or skim through articles about a topic that interests you. Growth from learning empowers positivity.

4. Connect with positive people.
Every now and then we find ourselves around a person who brings us down. If we build relationships with positive people and work on connecting each day, we will soon reflect that same positivity in our other relationships.

5. Spend time in nature.
Go outside, breathe in the fresh air, walk, or ride your bike, and take notice of the beauty around you. Movement combined with the outdoors is always nourishment for the soul. Nature makes us slow down and appreciate what’s alive and thriving around us. We will soon thrive as well.

6. Let go of the past and focus on new possibilities.
It’s easy to get sucked into disappointment about the things we haven’t accomplished or the many failures we have all experienced. But if we take the time to dream and dwell in possibilities instead, we will soon develop a natural, positive way of thinking.

7. Share kindness.
The old saying, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” really holds true! Spreading kindness through words, acts of service, or giving your time not only instills positivity but also shares positivity. Practice taking notice of situations around you in which you could share a kind word or deed.

8. Set fear aside.
Fear of failing or taking risks can be paralyzing at times. But if we get into the habit of naming our fears, owning them, and then setting them aside, we create room for positivity to take root. Just as fear can embed itself into our souls, we can dig up the roots and plant positivity in its place.

- Atanu kar
Self Transformation
"Use the treasures you have in a practical way and you'll find benefit.

Checking: Check what treasures you have that you could share with others. It could be the treasure of happiness, of love or of clear thinking. Check if you are using any of the treasures for your own benefit or that of others.

Practice: Each day begin the day with a thought to use the treasure that you have discovered for yourself. Remind yourself that the more you give the more it'll grow. Continue using your treasures in this way and bring benefit to all"

A beautiful and important purpose of our lives is to make everyday important and worthwhile and also make sure that each moment of our lives is extremely valuably spent.

Let us give, share and donate our inner treasures of peace, love and joy to everyone we meet and let us experience these treasures in every action that we perform.

A powerful stage is like a switch which finishes darkness of negativity in a second.

Expression:Darkness is dispelled when a light is switched on. Similarly, a powerful stage is also a light switch. When this switch is on, one can put an end to all wasteful darkness and no longer have to labour to stop any wasteful thoughts. By becoming powerful, one can naturally become a donor, as there is nothing waste within.

Life Experience: When we are aware of our positive qualities and what we can contribute to others, we are able to be powerful. This naturally enables us to be light and spread the inner light to others. We are never influenced negatively with any kind of waste or negative, but we are always able to maintain our own positivity and that of others too.

Self Transformation
In all Respects keep giving Respect

Atanu Kar founder of the Self Transformation International INC™ builds Innovative educational services on how to live well with balancing your mind, How to Transform self, Consciousness, Daily effective affirmations, Pranayama, Meditation

Self Transformation
"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man" Swami Vivekananda
Self Transformation International INC builds innovative educational services on Self Transformation, Soul Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, life Balancing by way of education and training, learning from e-books for all ages, through mediums that range from Study Materials, digital publishing

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Aum Namohya Shivhya Namohya

Aum Namohya Shivhya Namohya


🙏🏻🙏Jai Maa🙏🙏
I wish you peace, tranquility and enlightenment
Stay Blessed

🙏🏻🙏Jai Maa🙏🙏
I wish you peace, tranquility and enlightenment
Stay Blessed


🙏*Dasha Hara is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you*:
*Ahankara* (Ego)
*Amanavta* (Cruelty)
*Anyaaya* (Injustice)
*K**a vasana* (Lust)
*Krodha* (Anger)
*Lobha* (Greed)
*Mada* (Over Pride)
*Matsara* (Jealousy)
*Moha* (Attachment)
*Swartha* (Selfishness)

Hence, also known as *'Vijaydashami'* signifying *”Vijaya”* over these ten bad qualities.

Shubho Vijaya Dashami & Happy Dusshera to you & Your family.🙏🙏

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যা চণ্ডী মধুকৈটভাদিদৈত্যদলনী যা মাহিষোন্মূলিনী
যা ধূম্রেক্ষণচণ্ডমুণ্ডমথনী যা রক্তবীজাশনী ।
শক্তিঃ শুম্ভনিশুম্ভদৈত্যদলনী যা সিদ্ধিদাত্রী পরা
সা দেবী নবকোটীমূর্তিসহিতা মাং পাতু বিশ্বেশ্বরী ।।


THREE things you cannot regain in Life :-
The Moment after it is Missed,
The Word after it is said and
The Time after it is Wasted .

Be cautious.


Kaushiki Ammaboshyya

Your Consiousness

Kaushiki Ammaboshyya

Your Consiousness


"There will always be people in your life who treat you wrong.
Be sure to thank them for making you strong"



1) Krishna was born *5252 years ago*
2) Date of *Birth* : *18 th July,3228 B.C*
3) Month : *Shravan*
4) Day : *Ashtami*
5) Nakshatra : *Rohini*
6) Day : *Wednesday*
7) Time : *00:00 A.M.*

Shri Krishna *lived 125 years, 08 months & 07 days.*

9) Date of *Death* : *18th February 3102BC.*
10) When Krishna was *89 years old* ; the mega war *(Kurukshetra war)* took place.
11) He died *36 years after the Kurukshetra* war.
12) Kurukshetra War was *started on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi, BC 3139. i.e "8th December 3139 BC" and ended on "25th December, 3139 BC".*
12) There was a *Solar eclipse between "3p.m to 5p.m on 21st December, 3139BC" ; cause of Jayadrath's death.*
13) Bhishma died on *2nd February, (First Ekadasi of the Uttarayana), in 3138 B.C.*

14) Krishna is worshipped as:
(a)Krishna *Kanhaiyya* : *Mathura*
(b) *Jagannath*:- In *Odisha*
(c) *Vithoba*:- In *Maharashtra*
(d) *Srinath*: In *Rajasthan*
(e) *Dwarakadheesh*: In *Gujarat*
(f) *Ranchhod*: In *Gujarat*
(g) *Krishna* : *Udupi in Karnataka*
h) *Guruvayurappan in Kerala*

15) *Bilological Father*: *Vasudeva*
16) *Biological Mother*: *Devaki*
17) *Adopted Father*:- *Nanda*
18) *Adopted Mother*: *Yashoda*
19 *Elder Brother*: *Balaram*
20) *Sister*: *Subhadra*
21) *Birth Place*: *Mathura*
22) *Wives*: *Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana*
23) Krishna is reported to have *Killed only 4 people* in his life time.
(i) *Chanoora* ; the Wrestler
(ii) *Kansa* ; his maternal uncle
(iii) & (iv) *Shishupaala and Dantavakra* ; his cousins.
24) Life was not fair to him at all. His *mother* was from *Ugra clan*, and *Father* from *Yadava clan,* inter-racial marriage.
25) He was *born dark skinned.* He was not named at all throughout his life. The whole village of Gokul started calling him the black one ; *Kanha*. He was ridiculed and teased for being black, short and adopted too. His childhood was wrought with life threatening situations.
26) *'Drought' and "threat of wild wolves" made them shift from 'Gokul' to 'Vrindavan' at the age 9.*
27) He stayed in Vrindavan *till 10 years and 8 months*. He killed his own uncle at the age of 10 years and 8 months at Mathura.He then released his biological mother and father.
28) He *never returned to Vrindavan ever again.*
29) He had to *migrate to Dwaraka from Mathura due to threat of a Sindhu King ; Kala Yaavana.*
30) He *defeated 'Jarasandha' with the help of 'Vainatheya' Tribes on Gomantaka hill (now Goa).*
31) He *rebuilt Dwaraka*.
32) He then *left to Sandipani's Ashram in Ujjain* to start his schooling at age 16~18.
33) He had to *fight the pirates from Afrika and rescue his teachers son ; Punardatta*; who *was kidnapped near Prabhasa* ; a sea port in Gujarat.
34) After his education, he came to know about his cousins fate of Vanvas. He came to their rescue in ''Wax house'' and later his cousins got married to *Draupadi.* His role was immense in this saga.
35) Then, he helped his cousins establish Indraprastha and their Kingdom.

36) He *saved Draupadi from embarrassment.*

37) He *stood by his cousins during their exile.*
38) He stood by them and *made them win the Kurushetra war.*

39) He *saw his cherished city, Dwaraka washed away.*
40) He was *killed by a hunter (Jara by name)* in nearby forest.
41) He never did any miracles. His life was not a successful one. There was not a single moment when he was at peace throughout his life. At every turn, he had challenges and even more bigger challenges.
42) He *faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and yet remained unattached.*

43) He is the *only person, who knew the past and future ; yet he lived at that present moment always.*

44) He and his life is truly *an example for every human being.*

🙏Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami 🙏


One who loves God finds the object of his love everywhere.

Sri Aurobindo


"When Reason died, then Wisdom was born"

Sri Aurobindo


Law of Karma

Humans are the only species who perform good or bad deeds and reap the rewards or punishment from their deeds in done previous and present human life. Deeds performed by humans never go unrewarded or unpunished. Animals, on the other hand, do not do any deeds. They are rewarded or punished with the life and the environment they are given. This is called the Law of Karma.


"You see that the Understanding is much deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know us but very few people who understand us"


Our Story

Self Transformation
"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man" Swami Vivekananda
Self Transformation International INC builds innovate educational services on Self Transformation, Soul Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening,Life Balancing by way of education and training,learning from e books for all ages, through mediums that range from Study Materials,digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, yoga, Mudra education, mobile apps, content, events and more.

We stand for Value ideas that enable people to be Consciousness and impact On their lives.

Founded in 2016 by Atanu kar ,we are a team of 2 people from india, working across a wide range of inter-related services that are dedicated towards Consciousness of humanity & forward through reforming global Value education.

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See You magic of creation of universe
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Self Transformation




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