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International day against Nuclear test


Chennai's Cooum River was polluted mainly due to sewage inflow when the River enters the city and solid waste dumping. An integrated Cooum restoration project was taken up by the Chennai River Restoration Trust (CRRT). In this project, solid waste dumped was removed , land was levelled, dumping activities are prevented by fencing. Parks were established in the area to beautify the place and also to prevent waste dumping. The desilting of nutrients and sediments from sewage was done by earth movers and the bunds are strengthened. The sewage entering was routed through a baby canal, lined with stones which was formed in the middle of the river bed. The river bed was cleared and the formation of baby canal done. Geosynthetic membrane was laid at the bottom of the baby canal to prevent the entry of pathogens and sediments from sewage to the ground beneath. The people who were in the river banks causing sewage entry into the river were rehabilitated to the outskirts of the city. In order to prevent the entry of raw sewage, the interceptor pipe lines are proposed to be constructed. In addition, modular Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) are proposed to be set up along the length of the River to treat the sewage before it enters the river. A workshop on sensitizing people on the Integrated Cooum River Eco-Restoration Project was also done along the stretch of the Cooum river and the people’s queries was also attended.
The integrated scheme has prevented the dumping of solid waste in the river and the construction of rainwater drains leading to the river has helped in improving the quality of water reaching the River. The proposed schemes in prevention of sewage entry need to be carried out and the strict enforcements are needed to prevent the entry of pollutants from factories and industries. This can only be achieved if the STP’s are properly established. Though the scheme is integrated and takes into account all the facets of the cleaning of the River, it lacks in the social aspect. The rehabilitation of people has drawn much criticism from the slum dwellers. They were rehabilitated to a place far away from the City leading to loss of livelihood for many as accused by them. The sensitizing workshops were welcomed in knowledge dissemination as the author came to know much about this only after attending such a workshop. But, the people needed to be involved more in such efforts for better implementation benefits to be achieved.
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Waste,the biggest question of the developing India. India produces million tonnes of waste annually which without proper management and recycling techniques are a threat to the human health and the environment.
We as a individual human can help a bit from managing huge waste by segregating the waste at domestic level.
In recent days,this segregation methods and recycling techniques have paved way for the new business ventures which are in demand and highly profitable.
So, Let us try to manage it from small scale so that there will be less pressure in future.



A waterfall is a river or other body of water's steep fall over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below. Waterfalls are also called cascades. A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close. It was as if the cascades of water conjured cascades of equally powerful emotions in his brain and it quite took his breath away. It was simply spectacular, the most magnificent sight he had ever beheld.

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Video by *th

A waterfall is a river or other body of water's steep fall over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below. Waterfalls are also called cascades. A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close. It was as if the cascades of water conjured cascades of equally powerful emotions in his brain and it quite took his breath away. It was simply spectacular, the most magnificent sight he had ever beheld.


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A poem collaboration by .vocal_get.amused

Waterfall signifies that there is a reason in life why we all fall and seldom we realise that our fall now will eventually make us rise. It tell us that we should face problems head on with all our might and keep thriving till we succeed.

The water falls onto the river and the river just keeps flowing duly on to the sea and eventually the water evaporates and rises. If the water doesn't fall on to the river and just stagnates there would be no life on land. All of us would be submerged underwater.

Do not block your mind when you fall, open it and see the bigger picture like how a waterfall does keep falling everyday to serve a bigger purpose❤️.


Animation by Surendar Babu

This study was performed by our very own team at Hydrosphere Reserve . This gives a brief timeline of the extent of the floods in assam. Hope this puts perspective into the gravity of the situation. Save Assam and Save kaziranga.


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Hydrosphere Reserve presents

Virtual water

The concept of water conservation was always minimalistic. Although less was more before, the growing population and loss of biodiversity lead to series of chain reactions which resulted in water shortage and water scarcity. This demanded a new methodology of conservative quantification of water, herein comes the concept of virtual water which seems like a boon to address the current problem.

Virtual water could very well be the solution to solving transboundary issues, prevent water wars and also provides sustainability in food and nutrition. This is where the future of water conservation policies should be headed. Hope this post raises concern.

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Mithi is a seasonal river. It has historically also served as a stormwater drain, a part of the island’s natural drainage come rainfall. Mangroves on both sides act as a natural flood barrier and are a vital part of the river ecosystem.

Mumbai booming population and rapidly expanding urban areas have exacted a huge toll on Mithi river.
Over the decades, the river has been systematically ravaged by dumping of raw sewage, industrial waste, settlements along its banks, and governmental neglect.

Afroz Shah Says, The bigger challenge is to instill a sense of belonging among residents. The lack of a garbage disposal system in the slums forces them to fling solid waste into the river.

The Mithi River can be cleaned only by changing the mindset of the people who are working and living along with it.

The right use of technology, coupled with the political and administrative will, can certainly help to achieve some of the targets, but this would still not solve the crux of the problem which makes the Mithi River’s ‘restoration’ is far more complex than it seems.

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Alike many hydraulic structures, a dam is always considered to be an engineering marvel. Dams render multiple benefits to humans as they are used for navigational purposes , for flood mitigations, for recreational activities, they produce hydro electric power and also act as good alternative energy source. On the other hand, many people loss their lands, assets and livelihoods due to forced rehabilitation. Also the environmental system is prone to get collapsed in the vicinity. To top it all, the failure of such massive structures is itself a worst nightmare. So, It is in our responsibility to have a generous approach in analysing the effects and to make wise decisions in the implementation of such massive constructions.
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Enjoy your life and be happy.
Being happy is of the utmost importance.
Success in anything is through happiness.
More support of nature comes from being happy.
Under all circumstances be happy, even if you have to force it a bit to change some long standing habits.
Just think of any negativity that comes to you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.
You may not always have an ocean of bliss, but think that way anyway and it will help it come.
Doubting is not blissful and does not create happiness.
Be happy, healthy, and let all that love flow through your heart.
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Ocean is praised as "Heart of the planet".It contributes to mankind in many ways. It serves as source of food, regulates the climate of earth, produces oxygen, provides habitat for Marine flora and fauna, etc. Nowadays, Ocean health is very much affected by the plastic pollution. Fishes, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, Sea birds, Seals are the species mostly affected by this pollution. Millions of Sea birds are dying every year due to the marine plastics. To effectively address the issue of marine plastics, research and innovation should be supported. Knowledge of the full extent of plastic pollution and its impacts would provide policy-makers, manufacturers and consumers with scientific evidence needed to spearhead appropriate technological, behavioural and policy solutions. It would also accelerate the conceptualisation of new technology, materials or products to replace plastics. Legal efforts have been made at the international and national levels to address marine pollution. Governments, research institutions and industries also need to work collaboratively redesigning products, and rethink their usage and disposal, in order to reduce microplastics.
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My mother called me Blue Nile
I am also named by mother White Nile
When we grew and grew we asked
Oh mother, Oh mother
Tell us, why did you name us Nile
Our mothers said lovingly
Oh our children
You travel and travel
Cross mountains, forests and valleys
Thousands of miles, enriching nine countries
you reach Khartoum
you Blue and White Niles confluence with a mission
God has commanded you to give a message
you give a beautiful message
When we rivers confluence
Oh humanity why not your hearts confluence
And you blossom with happiness.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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Water conservation
Comic by Sri Theepa

Water Conservation

Water is becoming scarce day by day. Once brimming rivers have now been reduced to contaminated narrow streams. The consumption of water is far more than the pace at which nature can replenish its resource. As a result, we are hit by water crisis. It has become the cause of conflict between people and even between states.

Conservation of water is the only solution for sustenance. It has become mandatory that we must value every drop of water and avoid wastage at home, schools, factories and industries. Adopting the policy of Refuse, Recycle and Reuse will help in cutting down water consumption. Recycled water can be used to water plants. Rainwater harvesting will help us save for the rainy day, hence making better use of the resources.

Water is the elixir of life, without water life is not possible on earth, so we need to hear the clarion call and take definite steps to save water.

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Sea level is the base level for measuring elevation and depth on Earth. Sea level rise is a climate change phenomenon through which the ocean water volume increases, mostly as a consequence of glaciers melting and water thermal exansion. Global Sea level rise is nearly 3-6mm/year. These rising sea levels are increasing coastal flood risk. High-tide flooding is already a serious problem in many coastal communities, and it is only expected to get much worse in the future with continued rising seas.

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A waterfall is a river or other body of water's steep fall over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below. Waterfalls are also called cascades. A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close. It was as if the cascades of water conjured cascades of equally powerful emotions in his brain and it quite took his breath away. It was simply spectacular, the most magnificent sight he had ever beheld.
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Kaziranga is made to meet it's maker due to assam floods. Tigers are tired, Rhinos are exhausted and there are not many hands to save. A huge respect to the rescue teams for doing their job even through this pandemic.

Climate change can only be the backbone behind such an event. Many studies explain that the floods become stronger and droughts become severe. This short interval flash flood will not be the last doom. It is just the beginning for a series of chain reactions.
The droughts in chennai, the floods in kerala and karnataka and now it kaziranga. Hopefully you see the pattern, climate change is real. We request all of you fight against climate and save kaziranga, infact all of India from future such disasters.

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Rivers are the veins of a country which carries water. The contribution of rivers to the living creatures is enormous. Oil spills are the major threat to the aquatic ecosystem. We may not stop the damage due to natural calamities but control of anthropogenic hazards is in our hands. It is the responsibility of mankind to protect these resources which brings us joy.
A stretch of the eastern Assam's Burhi Dihing River was on fire for two days due to a leakage in the underwater oil pipeline. The fire was brought under control by the Dibrugarh district authorities.

Thick dark smoke plumes were observed in the region, posing a health hazard for the local population. The impact on the aquatic life in the river is being assessed. The incident took place in a small stretch in Dibrugarh district's Naharkatia town—roughly 400 km from the state capital Guwahati


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The quarantine in our minds is the most dangerous thing. The waterfall makes us understand that we need to go with the flow, let our worries fall away. The music that these waterfalls bring cannot be heard without the rocks, this might be a tough time for everyone but just hold on. A message to everyone is to stay safe during this pandemic and take care of their mental health.

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A follower submitted their emotion in the form of painting to give nature a human right. Nature's majesty is unparalleled and its wrath will only increase if we don't preserve it. In this lock down we choose to stay home and stay safe, while on the outside there are many environmental problems unresolved. Due to this lockdown nature is healing itself. Let's the not stop healing. Share your illustrations with us and we'll raise concern about our environment.


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Wetlands serves as an excellent water storage systems and they are among the world's most productive environments. They improve water quality and maintain ecological balance and hence they are rightly considered as 'cradles of biological diversity' that provide the water and productivity upon which countless species of plants and animals depend on survival. Hence, proper construction, restoration and maintenance of wetlands becomes inevitable.
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waterconservationtiptuesday 💧


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