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Teaching Piano, Guitar and Musicianship for almost 20 years in Waterford. Previous positions: owner of Music for Minors; Music Examiner for the London College of Music; Music Teacher at Yeats College, Waterford; Piano Teacher at the WIT Music School.

Mini Musos

Thought I'd share this beautiful live butterfly who visited my garden for all my little Musos. .. we've been singing about Caterpillars and butterflies in our May Mini Term and they all created the most beautiful wings with their wee fluttering fingers, flapping hands and swooping arms !! Enjoy this wee butterfly in all its glory x happy long weekend

Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg

Mozart lived to the age of 35 – and he spent 10 of those years on the road 🤩

Superstars!! Every single student is a superstar! Thank you all so much for joining us - and especially to grandparents who got to see their grandchildren perform. The video is processing at the moment and as soon as it’s ready I’ll send it to parents!

The countdown is on for the first ever #keyboardkapersvirtualrecital. Everything is set up and ready to go! Fingers crossed the technology will behave 😅.

This recital is a celebration of the students! They have worked very hard and have superstars 🌟 with the changeover to online lessons!

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Hi everyone! The newest Zoom update is mandatory by May 30th. To avoid confusion and delays before joining lesson, it’s best to update it as early as you can 😊

From the Zoom website:

"Begin updating your clients to 5.0 now! Beginning May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients must be on 5.0+ in order to join any meeting, as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled for all Zoom meetings. Zoom 5.0 clients are also compatible with the current encryption used by Zoom meetings prior to May 30 How to etc here: "

Getting some wonderful performances sent to me today for next weeks semi-live recital.

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Head over to Bella the Butterfly for amazing mindfulness, relaxation, reiki, etc to do together with your children. Absolutely wonderful material.

I’ve known Belinda for a lonnnnnggggg time 😂 and we’ve reconnected over Facebook when her page popped up in my timeline.

Belinda and little Saorla are a great team ☺️☺️

Pampering and self care for children #mindfulnessforkids #mindfulnessforchildren hair by #coconutoil mask, nails by mom! It’s that kinda day 🦋

[05/22/20]   End of the day. First time hosting #musicworkshops online - a steep learning curve. It was great for the students to virtually meet and they had great fun 😊. Now I have to typeset their wonderful #compositions

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First online workshop done and I’m now getting ready for the next one! So impressed with how well the students took to our composition segment. I’m looking forward to typesetting their music and adding their own, special lyrics.

Next - older students 🥳

Mini Musos

Hope you're all having a good week. DROP-IN links for this weeks Zoom sessions are up and available for booking . Anyone is welcome to join us as a drop-in with your young families. You can also sign up for zoom PLUS on demand videos for the remaining 2 weeks of May and get your little ones practising & singing songs with me every day!!

FRIDAY 22nd May @10.30
SATURDAY 23rd May @10

🎹 For all of you eagle-eyed musicians out there - what’s wrong with this picture?

🎲 Using #manipulativegames in #musiclessons is so much fun for students #learningwhileplaying

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🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Success!! Another tool to help with my online lessons!! I can demonstrate on my digital piano and #classroommaestro displays everything on screen!! #makesiteasierforstudents #digitalkeyboard #gear4music #onlinepianolessons #onlinemusiclessons #angelabuckleymusic #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #vibrantmusicteaching #waterfordcity #education #musicologist #musicteacher #summersessionswithangela #zoom

Mini Musos

Everyone signed up for Friday morning zoom should have received their email with log-in link and password! Any issues let me know. Had some new sign -ups this week so looking forward to meeting some new faces too! See you all in the morning at 10.30!🎶🎶💓

Mini Musos

Some feedback coming through from families joining in on zoom makingvthe transition with me from physical classes to virtual classes . Thank you to everyone whose taken the time to provide me with feedback it means a lot and helping me to shape my business at this time . Zoom classes back tomorrow at 10.30 and Saturday at 10 for all the family , or 10.45 for preschool specific learning . Drop in option now available go to Book Now tab above for all booking info.

Mini Musos

We had a very successful first week of zoom music at home. Lots of learning, laughter and fun for all young families. Getting lovely feedback too about the online learning videos you guys are checking out in between.
🌟YES there is Still time to sign up!! 🌟
Choose 1 of the following ways to access us:
➡️Drop-in zoom session €7 (sign-up weekly, zoom access only choose from Friday @10.30 or saturday @10)
➡️Book for the whole month of May €35 and join the remaining weekly zoom sessions , as well as receive exclusive links to our online On-Demand follow-up videos AND receive 15% discount at


Very clever 😂

Mini Musos

If anyone has little kids in this age group I’d HIGHLY recommend Karen’s sessions!!

My husband and I have been attending with our youngest two children been for almost 5 years now and Claire still loves attending and Ethan too!

Best of all, travel is no barrier now 🥳🥳🥳

Karen Zooms into our homes every week 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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🐸🐸Sneak peak of what to expect on zoom and with our online interactive videos.... 🐸🐸

Taking the business online was out of my comfort zone. I thrive on face to face interactions. To say I'm sick of my own company and looking (and listening) to my pre-recorded face is an understatement. BUT I did it for all my families who wanted a bit of a routine back!

Now I can reach soooooo many more people, it's very exciting. Last week I had families in London & Cape Town. This week bookings came in from France!! So no matter where in the world you are if youd like to join us then please do!!!


Mini Musos

There’s still time to sign up to this fantastic Mini Musos programme. Follow the link!!! Your little ones will LOVE it and you get a 15% discount code for Redlane 🥳

🐸🐸Sneak peak of what to expect on zoom and with our online interactive videos.... 🐸🐸

Taking the business online was out of my comfort zone. I thrive on face to face interactions. To say I'm sick of my own company and looking (and listening) to my pre-recorded face is an understatement. BUT I did it for all my families who wanted a bit of a routine back!

Now I can reach soooooo many more people, it's very exciting. Last week I had families in London & Cape Town. This week bookings came in from France!! So no matter where in the world you are if youd like to join us then please do!!!


Mini Musos

Last call for Mini Musos fantastic sessions starting tomorrow morning!

15% discount code for the fabulous Redlane Boutique comes with the sign up!! 👗

Last call for Friday morning Zoomers . I'm about to send info along with links and passwords & then have an early night .. need my energy for all our fun and music making in the morning.
Join us at 10.30am toddler music, where you will also receive a follow on link to some of the songs and your 15% unique discount code for one of the mums texted and is already shopping online !!! Dreaming of post quarantine days in a beautiful Redlane dress !! 🌟❤🤞

Music Classes Online @Home - Mini Musos

So excited to join Karen on Saturday morning for #preschoolmusic. Claire has LOVED the last few weeks because she really missed going to the classes.

Follow the link to sign up! It’s such a wonderful gift for your child 🥰. VIRTUAL MUSIC CLASSES ONLINE VIA ZOOM & YOUTUBE Having trouble accessing our music classes at the moment and feel like having a bit of ROUTINE back? Our online Music classes are just as fun, engaging and interactive. They can be enjoyed from home using your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile ph...

Angela Buckley Music's cover photo

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Waiting for #preschoolmusic @the_happy_hub 😍😍😍 #minimusos

A selection of my #interactiverhythmquizzes for my #pianostudents and #musicstudents. Still making some #tweaks but getting there 😁.
#angelabuckleymusic #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #angelasinteractivemusicgames #vibrantmusicteaching #musiceducator #musicologist #workingforstudentsuccess #tech #zoom #online #nothowiwastaught #landmarknotes

I’m having so much fun making my own #interactivemusicgames #landmarknotes is just one of many I’ve created.
#musiceducator #musicteacher #musicologist #piano #pianoteacher #nothowiwastaught #makeitvisual #zoom #tech #musictech
More clips to come I’ve the next while 😊

So much fun today with my new #interactivegames. More standing by on my laptop and the games will be winging their way to students’ devices through the magic of the internet 🥳.

#interactiverhythm #interactivelandmarknotes #musiceducator #digitaltuition #onlineteaching #keepingitfresh #zoomlife #zoom #angelabuckleymusic #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #musiclessons #ferrybank #waterford #ireland #vibrantmusicteaching

Back to it today!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing all of the wonderful music that has been practised over the Easter break 🥳

Mini Musos

Absolutely delighted. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s session 🥳🥳🥳🥳

I wrote another blog on my website about Zoom... for anyone who needs to know how to install it, the safety measures applied to entering one of our virtual classes and a basic home utensils music kit to have prepared before joining us x

When I began teaching (almost 20
years ago) I quickly figured out that everyone learns and processes concepts in their own way and it was my job to find the way in. If one way doesn’t work well, let’s find another way!

I’m a #visuallearner and I *know* that it’s very important to take #musicconcepts out of the books, off of the #pianobench and #move, make it #visual, #tactile, a sensory experience, etc. I also know that when you can link a concept to something a student is interested in they will understand it much faster.

Then we went #online so I had to adapt pretty fast 😅. I’m working on a series of online #interactivemusicgames for all of my students. It’s a great idea but I think I have Repetitive Strain Injury 😅🤣🤣🤣

#tellingtime #musicclock

I’m literally in my element 😂😂. My very own #interactivemusicactivities. These are perfect for #online lessons.
#onlinemusiceducation #musicologist #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #angelabuckleymusic #waterford #ireland

🎶 Busy working on some #musicteachingresources for the last few days. Lots to get through 🌈🎶🎵🎹

#musiced #rhythm #rhythmresources #nothowiwastaught #piano #pianoteacher #angelabuckleymusic #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #waterford #pianolessons #musicologist #ferrybank #studentcenteredlearning

📚 What are your 8-12 year olds reading?📚

Let me know!

Mini Musos

This is one of the loveliest activities from Mini Musos - tune in and do it at home with little ones. It’s got everything: movement, stillness, anticipation, singing and most importantly of all fun 🐣🐰🥳. Fantastic as usual Karen Mini Musos

A lovely movement song , fun for this time of year, Easter Weekend!!

This simple yet fun song encompasses so many aspects of our little ones learning and development tapping into:
🐰Creative imagination, pretending to be little bunnies
🐰Listening skills, waiting for that moment to jump up!
🐰Gross Motor Moves as we Hop, Run, Wiggle.
🐰Language development, through repetition of new words
🐰Memory Activation, can we remember at the end the 3 actions we did throughout the song?
🐰 Musicality , subconsciously understanding dynamics , when to play loud and soft, tempo matched with their motor movement : moving slower for hopping and faster for wiggling.

You can adapt this for babies and bounce them on your knee, helping them to move on various ways, encouraging them to sit still and listen... you'll be surprised how the take it all in after a few goes!!!

Would you have thought there were so many elements in this song for your little ones development?

Happy Easter!!

#earlyyearslearning #earlychildhoodeducation #musicfortoddlers #musicforpreschoolers #babymusic #lockdownactivitiesforkids #Covid19 #inthistogether #musicandmovement #minimusos

One of the messages I’ve received lately from a parent ☺️

This is why I do it - the reason students progress so well is because they enjoy it. I want to meet them at *their* level.

That’s what LOVE #teaching #music.

Not just #piano but all that goes along with it.

It always helps to have the #kindestparents onboard 🙏☺️

#pianoteacher #musiced #pianoed #angelabuckleymusic #pianoplaywithangela #keyboardkaperswithangela #online #onlinelessons #preteenpiano #teenpiano #preschoolpiano #anyagepianolessons

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Working on a bit of Billie Eilish 😁 #badguy
Preliminary results 🤪





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Tuesday 14:30 - 19:30
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