WIT Law 2011 - 2014

This Page is for the Law class 2011-2014 and will have updates from the class representatives .

[04/12/14]   Hi everyone,
Got an e mail off Grainne asking me to let you all know there is a Gradireland fair on in the RDS on the 11th of June! Could be very beneficial!
Best of luck in the exams!

[03/05/14]   Hey guys! Finally orders will be taken next Monday for the hoodies! They will be in college tomorrow for more people who want them. Money will be collected on Monday!

[02/26/14]   Hey guys!
Class hoodies are being organised, I'll have the booklet in college tomorrow sand hoping to have them ordered this time next week!

Take a look at this guys!
Could be fun 😊

[11/09/13]   Hi guys!
After some feed back no one seemed keen in the idea of Monday or te Dome!
So after chatting to a few different people, we've agreed on Thursday this week! No college on a Friday so it seems the perfect night!
Thursdays are always fun, Divil the bit are playing in Kazbar so we'll head there about 10 and then onto the foundry hopefully.
But of course the pre drinking will be done at 4 mall lane. You are all more than welcome and hope to see you all there :) if ye need directions to the house just ask, it's right by the Tower!
See y'all there :-)

[11/04/13]   Hi all!
So, class party! it's a little late, but better late than never.
The plan is, up to the Dome on Monday after college where we'll have a few drinks and chill for the evening! Then, we'll all head out for the Monday night to the Foundry!
Hope this suits all and if it doesn't, get back to me!

[10/12/13]   Hello all! The Law Soc party is booked for the Monday Oct 20th, (because we start at 11 on the following Tuesday). We've decided to put the two themes for the party up to a vote, so it's between 'Great Gatsby' theme and the second option is 'Dirty Hoes and Tennis Pro's'. Comment underneath with opinions! There's going to be a separate class party that will involving only the third year law class, entry at the door will be 2 euro in aid of the Law Soc and there'll be free food/drinks before 10.

[10/12/13]   If any of you need to get in contact with me about anything just give me a text or a call :)
Aoife: 087-7760085
(leave you name afterwards in case i havent already your number.)


Careers Centre | Waterford Institute of Technology

http://www.wit.ie/current_students/student_life_and_learning/the_careers_centre I think a lot of us dont have a notion what we want to do after this year, so get in contact with the careers centre and they'll help you figure out your next step!

wit.ie Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is a university-level institution in the South-East of Ireland with over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff. WIT offers tuition and research programmes in various areas from Higher Certificate to Degree to PhD

[10/11/13]   Hello all! The Law Soc party is booked for the Monday Oct 20th, (because we start at 11 on the following Tuesday). We've decided to put the two themes for the party up to a vote, so it's between 'Great Gatsby' theme and the second option is 'Dirty Hoes and Tennis Pro's'. Comment underneath with opinions! There's going to be a separate class party that will involving only the third year law class, entry at the door will be 2 euro in aid of the Law Soc and there'll be free food/drinks before 10.

[10/07/13]   Hey everyone!
Just so u all know, this week was supposed to be te class party, but due to not enough people knowing we've decided to set it for next Wednesday night! The plan so far is the Kazbar for promo drinks then off out :) also how would u all feel to a tour of that haunted house in Wexford for Halloween!? Think about it an ill get back to you all gain :)

[09/18/13]   Best of luck to everyone in the repeats

[08/22/13]   Hey guys, anyone that may be repeating constitutional law 2 the exam has changed, it is now 5 questions to answer 3, question 1 is a compulsory question worth 40 marks.

[05/16/13]   Another Year Gone Congrats To All :D Let the Drinking And Sleeping Begin :D - A

[05/04/13]   Best Of Luck in the exams everyone :D - A

[03/13/13]   Labour cancelled today :) - A

[03/12/13]   Hey guys constitutional is cancelled this wednesday march 12 2013 for the morning class there are notes in the students union - A

[03/10/13]   Hey Guys myself and michelle will be attending the course board meeting next week . Here we will discuss issues that apply to the class. So if there are any issues big or small we will relay them to the course board on your behalf just let us know :) - A

[02/23/13]   Hey guys rag week is just a few days away :D so i said id give a little info the hoddies are €20 the tshirts are €8 and they look great !!! tickets can be bought in the students union as usual and the timetable is just below this post :) hope everyone has a great rag week :D - A

Hey Guys Just a Heads up for the elections and Nominations for the 2013 students union :D

WITSU Officer Positions

[02/11/13]   Hey guys there is an issue with loging onto moodle which would be handy for IP LAW notes since we have the coursework !!! :S so if You have any issues give wit a call !!! #ugh - A

[01/29/13]   Hey guys kyle last years law society president will be giving a talk tomorrow at 10.15 about after college opportunities the time on the posters is a mistake ! Thanks guys :)

WIT Law Society

Heys Guys the law society career weeks timtable is at this link :) http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/WIT-Law-Society/160208067338895?fref=ts

The Law Society is the oldest society in WIT and also one of the most active. Based in College Street, the Society is not confined to law students but to those who have an interest in law.

[01/27/13]   WIT Law Soc is hosting Careers Week 2013 commencing on Monday the 28th of January in The Chapel. There will be six talks to be held over the course of 2 days on Monday the 28th and Wednesday the 30th Timetable of events for Law Soc Careers Week 2013: Monday 28th: @11.15am Talk on the proposed LLM in WIT, @12.15 pm Barrister to discuss the King's Inns, Bar Exams,etc. and @1.15pm A career in An Garda Síochána

[01/24/13]   Hey guys hope the exams went well and that we all reaped the rewards of our study ie that hectic week or two :P

Events for the week guys :D

Its Positive Mental Health Week next week! The week is dedicated to spreading the message of asking for help, talking and de-stressing! The main focus of the week is the launch of WITLINE the new student ran helpline. Please get involved! #thinkpositive :)

[01/05/13]   Monday
09:15 Labour Law 2 AL1
10:15 Labour Law 2 AL1
12:15 Land Law 2 C002
13:15 Criminal Law 2 CL1
15:15 Constutional 2 BL14
16:15 Family Law 2 BL14

09:15 Family Law 2 BL1
10:15 Family Law 2 BL1
11:15 Constutional 2 C001
12:15 Land Law 2 C002
14:15 Intellectual Property Law CL1
15:15 Intellectual Property Law CL1
16:15 Criminal Law 2 C014

09:15 Land Law 2 HA 21
10:15 EU2 C014
11:15 Constutional 2 AL1
13:15 Labour Law 2 C001
14:15 Constutional 2 C004
15:15 Criminal Law 2 CL1
16:15 Family Law 2 C002

09:15 EU2 AL1
10:15 EU2 AL1
12:15 Criminal Law 2 BL1
13:15 Labour Law 2 AL1
14:15 Land Law 2 C014
16:15 Intellectual Property Law BL14

09:15 Intellectual Property Law TL249
11:15 EU2 CL1

[12/22/12]   5 Exams , Lots of C.A , Fear Stress and Anxiety ... But Now Its Christmas Whoop Happy Christmas to Everyone Hope We all Did Amazing in the Exams :D

[12/14/12]   24hrs until our first exam guys :S best of luck to us all remember constitutional is a 4 question exam just like elliots :) Hope you all do great :)

[11/28/12]   Hey guys the law society want to organize a trip to the four courts would you be interested like this if so :) also guys will we continue the soccer in the new year ? :)

[11/26/12]   Hey guys Alan and Michelle went to the course board meeting today. The meeting discussed mainly attendance and wireless internet. The lectures were sympathetic to the need of wifi and assured us that it would be looked into to get it throughout the college. The issue of attendance is still on the lectures minds and they want a higher level of attendance and class interaction.

[11/25/12]   Hey guys the course board meeting is on soon so any problems you might have let the class reps no :) also dont forget the law society abortion debate this wednesday at 6.00 in hao6 :)

[11/21/12]   Congrats to jennifer and colm who got into the top 16 in the advocate :) whoop Fair play lads :)

[11/20/12]   Hey guys the law society are looking for speakers for the upcoming abortion debate which would be a great experiance to develop your debating skills :) it will take place on wed 28th November at 6.00 PM in HAO6 :) and all are welcome to view the debate :) let Alan Cleary Know if your interested in attending or being involved Thanks Guys !!!

[11/18/12]   hey guys timetables for the exams are u and are in the exam section of the WIT website :)

[11/14/12]   Hey guys the land law notes have been distributed to the class and I have 1 copy left it will be put in the students union if anyone needs to get it copied thanks !!! Also we will be attending the course board council so if there are any issues big or small you can chat with Alan or Michelle C thanks !!!

[11/13/12]   Hey guys a few little notifications there the first is that the Notes in the student union folder for constitutional will be removed by the end of the week so get them while you can :) the second is that the class reps went to a meeting today on the possible increase in fees to €3000 and we urge you all to write a letter to your local councilors asking them not to support any increases to fees or decreases in grants in the upcoming budget THEY LEGALY MUST REPLY :)

[10/24/12]   Hey guys change of plan those notes will be in the students union so u can copy them at ur own conveniance :) just give te cass details :)

[10/24/12]   Hey guys if ye want to photocopy the notes from amanda you can get them off me everyday but friday from 8.30 to 9.00 in the morning :)

[10/24/12]   Hey guys just to let you no amanda gave me notes from this week that you can get off me some need to be copied so have 50 cent on the card :p also the law society is running soccor for 5 euro every week and you can get in touch with me for more details :)

[10/18/12]   The Bowling seems to have been a great success lads thanks to all that could make it :D on another note the law society are having soccor nights (no need to be a pro) all are welcome for fun nights at the pitch :) usually thursday nights so let alan no whos intersted and il get ye the details :D

[10/17/12]   Yay class party tonight! :) BYOB Bowling will be funnn! :) See ye all soon!

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