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Freelance Music Teacher with Brass Specialism. Woodwind, guitar and drums taught, too. One 2 one and small group lessons available. Beginners to advanced.

Swansea and surrounding areas. Online lessons nationwide. I am a brass instrument teacher specializing in individual or group lessons for children of primary and secondary school age. I am also able to teach music theory. I am a County Music Group Tutor at Five Valleys Music Centre in Stroud, where I conduct and arrange music for the junior orchestra and take senior theory classes.

Operating as usual

Photos from Soulskunks's post 28/11/2021

Photos from Soulskunks's post

Photos from SouthgateBrass's post 11/09/2021

#Soulskunks #SwanseaCouncil #Parkgig for tonight.

Didn't realise there were two Jersey Parcs about, so nearly turned up to the wrong venue. Postcode lottery.


Venue for tonight's gig. Soulskunks @neilsouthgate.


We are playing in these local parks, too!

Skunk in the park xx


Come see us :)

Need a Spa day? Nah you need a Ska day.... catch us at The J Shed this Friday.....


Lessons are still on-going online!

Looking forward to some students returning face-to-face in schools from 15th March, 2021 (providing Welsh rules don't change before then)!

Outside of schools shall remain online for the time-being.


Do I know anyone looking to buy a trombone?

Someone I know in Hucclecote has a Bach Trombone - pictures attached - that they are looking to sell. It cost a lot of money when it was purchased and SecondWind have apparently valued it at around £ 350.00 today.

Do I know anyone looking or interested?

Andrew Farrington Omar Khokher 17/12/2020

Christmas Concert 2020

It's been a tricky term, with whole year groups self-isolating virtually every week, yet the children still worked incredibly hard. I was delighted to be part of the team behind the Christmas Concert 2020 and incredibly impressed with the editing efforts of the other staff, especially considering almost all the school were off during the recording week. Well done! Welcome to our Virtual Christmas Concert! Many thanks to our talented pupils and staff for their contributions. We hope you enjoy the show.


This relates to one of my students. It was sad to hear over lockdown that a student had passed and I am glad that something positive can be created from his memory.

It saddened me to hear that over lockdown one of my older students passed. Living in #Rhossili just out of #Swansea, he was renowned doctor and researcher who was extremely into #jazz. We shared countless hours listening to his eclectic record collection. His #bekind attitude always inspired me.

After his passing, his widower kindly gave me some of his trumpet music. As an act of goodwill, I have donated this music to one of my #hhmusic students. This is the kind of thing, we like to encourage at Hot House.

Below is a picture of this student, Ben from Balcarras School in #Cheltenham, playing from one of the donated books. This photo and corresponding information has been passed on to the widower, thanking her and letting her know that the #legacy of her husband has been passed on to a new generation of #trumpet players.


Tip of the Day: Glissando on the Trombone

This is our second #tipoftheday this week and it is from us, here at #HHMusicSwansea!

In this tip, I show you how to properly glissando on the trombone!

Instrument maintenance is very important, always keep that trombone slide moving with slide lubricant. Available from Big Bang Sheet Music!

#access #nurture #legacy #hhmusic #trombone #brass #music


Hot House Music Swansea

Welcome back to a new year with #hhmusic! We're so excited to be teaching lessons again with an option to still have #online lessons!

If you want to find out more about joining us then click on the link:

#access #nurture #inspire #legacy #Swansea #Neath

Welcome back to a new year with #hhmusic! We're so excited to be teaching lessons again with an option to still have #online lessons!

If you want to find out more about joining us then click on the link:

#access #nurture #inspire #legacy #swansea


SouthgateBrass's cover photo 30/08/2020

Music Teacher | Skewen | SouthgateBrass

New look and feel to my website,, including links to HHMusic LLP, for enhanced recording, touring and ensemble opportunities.

Check it out! Brass, woodwind and theory lessons in the Neath and Swansea area brought to you by an experienced tutor. #SouthgateBrass


I've been busy updating my indoor space to better facilitate online and face-to-face lessons. A professional look to match the already professional tuition.

There are a few more adjustments to make but it is starting to come together!

Enquire now for lessons:

With thanks to:
EQ Acoustics Samson PreSonus Audio Electronics Yamaha Pianos Argos Stagg Music (official) Soulskunks Nordell John Packer Ltd Taylor Trumpets Vincent Bach Besson Music Wedge Mouthpieces and others.

#brass #woodwind #hhmusic What's On in Swansea Magazine Hot House Music Swansea 06/08/2020

Neil Southgate

I have created some instructional YouTube videos primarily for students @Penyrheol Comprehensive School located at . For the next few weeks a new video for #flute, #clarinet and #brass instruments will be released daily.

There are only three videos available now and each day three more are added. Videos range from 'how to make a sound' to 'swing', 'jazz compositions' and learning a few familiar tunes.

Please check them out. 😀

Please contact should you fancy an online lesson:

[email protected] and [email protected]


Star of the Day: Thalia and her Trombone

#StaroftheDay is Thalia from #Cheltenham and Charlton Kings, Charlton Kings Junior School.

She is a super enthusiastic as is doing a wonderful job after only a short time learning the #trombone!

Thalia contacted us during lockdown as she had struggled to find a replacement teacher after I had moved across the border from England to Wales. We may be #HHMusicSwansea but we teach nationwide and internationally, too! #onlinelessons #virtuallessons

Join us for a free trial:

#access #nurture #environment #legacy HHMusicSchool


You can #access #elessons with our #amazing #teachers from anywhere in the whole world!!! Book and award winning music lesson today #nurture #hhmusic Tel: +44 3303 200 880 or email: [email protected]


Lip Slurs at Night: Lip drills on the Trumpet

Today we have a #tipoftheday for brass instruments. HHMusicSchool Hot House Music Swansea

In this one, I show you how to annoy the neighbours through lip slurs. One way to become your teachers best friend is to practice these - but, maybe not first thing in the morning out the window!

Hint: Check out @Charlie Porter and #thestraightlineapproach

#access #nurture #legacy #hhmusic #WednesdayWisdom #trumpet #lipslurs #liptrills #embouchure #trumpet #environment Dr. Selfridge 01/06/2020

Can You Taste Music??? By #HHMusicSwansea Director Neil Southgate

Thanks to my as yet un-described battles with the English language, I have a quirky writing style. Last week, I was asked to write a blog about something musically related and I really had no idea what to make as my topic.

I have been writing a lot about #mentalhealth recently and the importance of thinking about and exploring things you enjoy - to stay positive. I wanted to include mental health in as lighthearted way I could think and stumbled on an idea.

Second to #music, I really enjoy #eating (naturally). I therefore decided to combine the experience of eating with that of participating in music. #Food and music, what a happy combination!

One of my colleagues likened the writing style to #TerryPratchett. Too kind and exaggerated, just like the piece itself!

The below blog is the result of my thinking:

Take a read, if you dare!

HHMusicSchool #nurture #environment #legacy #access #hhmusic A charming an engaging blog from our "man in Swansea". Do you believe? Do you want to book a FREE trial to put it to the test??? 03303 200 880


The 'Claw': Shaping the hand to avoid accidental notes on the Saxophone

Today's #TipoftheDay comes once more from my unscripted mouth.*

While playing the saxophone there are a lot of keys on the side of the instrument that are difficult to avoid, especially for beginners and those with small hands. This often results in accidental notes appearing, while playing, which are as irritating to play as to listen too!

I have my students imagine they are making claw shapes with their hands (much like a crab!) This creates more space between the fingers and the palm of the hand, making it less likely the fingers will depress the side keys and create the accidental notes.

I recommend checking out @Dr. Selfridge as he is full of excellent tips and advice. He also recommends the 'claw' - separated by an ocean, yet marine life held the answer for both of us! #Greatmindsthinkalike

#access #nurture #environment #legacy #hhmusic @HHMusicSchool Neil Southgate SouthgateBrass

*#TipoftheDay2 is to write down what you are saying in advance! #Stillneedtoworkondelivery #Makesabetterteacherthanwouldmakeacarsalesman 10/05/2020

Vox - Visiting E-Speaker Programme featuring Hot House Music Alumni Exclusive& inspirational talks that demonstrate the value of a Hot House Music education in all aspects of portfolio and traditional career pathways.


Lip Bends

Bending notes with Jon Eno. #TipoftheDay

Controlling the pitch of a note is a brilliant way to add colour and expression to solos in genres, such as #jazz, and improve awareness of the pitch of sounds in general #environment #legacy.

Not only does Jon show you what a pitch bend is and demonstrates the use of it in context, he even demonstrates you how you can do it, too! Get practicing! #access #nurture

HHMusicSchool Hot House Music Swansea


Beware the false mute effect! The secret dangers of wearing headphones while teaching

The rather ponderous attempt at humour displayed in the following #TipoftheDay was brought to you by me. My personal bias allowing it to make the cut. ;)

If you sometimes teach with headphones beware the false mute effect! I wish it didn't happen so frequently! The secret dangers of teaching with headphones.

#access #legacy #nurture #environment #needstoworkondelivery #comedy #hhmusic Neil Southgate


Trumpet Shakes

A Tip of the Day about shakes on a brass instrument from one a leading jazz expert (#hhmusicschools #hhmusic) @Jon Eno.

Ever listen to a recording and hear some fancy sounding stuff going on near the top of some riffs? ... Quite often what you hear is the 'simple' shake. Check out this video to see what to do.

If you can't play that high yet, why not get in contact for a lesson. :) #hhmusicswansea

#learnanewskill #improveanoldskill #access #nurture #legacy #environment


Hot House Music Swansea

It's important to keep upbeat during the lockdown. At Hot House we've been creating helpful hints and tips in a humorous way to share. Here is one I created to remind everyone to save energy :)

I am somewhat forgetful and have forgotten on several occasions in the past few weeks to switch off my piano at night. Although the advice was meant in jest, it is actually sound advice for someone like me!

#HHMusic #HHMusicSchool #access #legacy #environment #nurture


I am offering online lessons to adults and children on brass and woodwind instruments (and others) :)


It is lovely sometimes to get messages/ reviews from students and parents about my teaching. I don't often post here because, quite frankly, I am usually far to busy teaching! I am posting this review because it made me smile:

"Neil is a really great music tutor . He is very patient and knows exactly how to engage with the student at his or her level while also making the lesson fun . He thinks outside the box and my son wishes he could have lessons with him every day."

The student has only just started lessons and it is tricky to establish a new rapport online - so I am really please with his reaction - and I hope that I can keep his enthusiasm going :)!

#legacy #access #environment #nurture


Thank you to everyone who has shared posts about online lessons. It means a lot to a small business in the current climate.
We teach all ages and abilities for many different intruments. We even do instrument hire, you could go from recieving your instrument to having lessons within 24hrs!
Click on the link:
If you would like more information please contact our page, e-mail: [email protected] or call: 03303 200 880.
#access #inspire #nurture #legacy #music #online #breaktheboredom #thingstodo #learnanewskill #lesson #onlinelearning


For those like me #workingfromhome it is important to maintain a clear #worklifebalance.

If you don't have a separate office space or if you have multiple people working from home, you might be working from a room, such as a living room or kitchen, that is usually used for non-work activities. This can make it hard for your mind to shut off after work and lead to increased stress.

For your health and wellbeing (#worklifeintegration), I recommend setting the room up differently for work compared to home life. Even if it takes a few more minutes at the start and end of the day, the mental payoff will be significant. If you can't reorganise the room, due to space, simply remove any links to work after you are done.

#Mentalhealth is a huge concern during periods of #isolation. Don't get overwhelmed and allow yourself the time and opportunity for relaxation. Keep work and your social life separate where you can.

If you think this tip might help, please consider it.

If you fancy learning a musical instrument during your periods of social time, please get in touch #access #nurture.


ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS available and are not limited by area. Please get in touch :)

The Easter Music Schools previously advertised have been postponed until Summer.

Nevertheless, HHMusic Swansea, is offering ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS! Keep your brain engaged with music. #access #nurture

We cater for many instruments, excluding string instruments. Dust off those old instruments lying about in the house and get in touch. #environment #legacy

Drums, guitar, vocals, brass (all), woodwind (flute, sax, clarinet) and piano.

Please contact if you have any questions or inquiries.


For anyone looking for lessons, due to the recent government announcement, I will be offering lessons online. Please book in advance, get in contact and stay safe :)


Hot House Music Swansea

I would also like to give mention to children at Hendrefoilan Primary School and Pontybrenin Primary School that receive tuition from #HHMusicSwansea. They are welcome to any and all our bands, too :) They do a wonderful job! 😁

A shout-out to Oystermouth Primary School, Mumbles. Following our assembly last week, 20 letters have been returned so far! We can't wait to deliver those FREE trial lessons!

I wonder which of those students will be amongst our next superstars to join our Hot Shots Band @newton_primary_school!

Below is a short clip of an improvisation warm-up led by our wonderful Ffion Dafis.

If you might like a free assembly for children in your school or are interested in the opportunities #hhmusicswansea can bring, please get in touch.

#access #nurture #environment #legacy #hhmusic


I am accepting new students in the Swansea and Neath and Port Talbot areas. If you fancy learning trumpet, cornet, tenor horn, French horn, tuba, euphonium, baritone, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, flute, recorder, piano and others, please get into contact. I am also helping to start-off bands for existing and new adult and children learners. #HHMusic #HHMusicSwansea #Inspire

New year, new me, new instrument, new band!

#HHMusicSwansea are launching bands into the local community for children and adult learners! There are currently bands available in the Mumbles, Uplands and Sketty areas and always looking for new opportunities.

If you or your child is learning an instrument and wants to join a band, please get in touch. There are lessons available for new starters across Neath and Swansea, too!

Please contact [email protected] or message the page for further information.

#access #nurture #legacy #environment #joinourtribe #hhmusic #newyearsresolution


Hot House Music Swansea

Blwyddyn newydd dda!
We can't wait to get started on another brilliant term. Get in touch for information on lessons/bands/choirs
#joinourtribe #access #hhmusic


It has been an emotional end to the year. I have completed my final lessons in Gloucestershire having completed a move to Swansea, thanks to #HHMusicSwansea #HHMusic.

I will miss all my former students and wish everyone the best of luck with the future.

To new adventures!

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Tip of the Day:  Glissando on the Trombone
Star of the Day:  Thalia and her Trombone
Lip Slurs at Night:  Lip drills on the Trumpet
The 'Claw':  Shaping the hand to avoid accidental notes on the Saxophone
Lip Bends
Beware the false mute effect!  The secret dangers of wearing headphones while teaching
Trumpet Shakes
For those like me #workingfromhome it is important to maintain a clear #worklifebalance.  If you don't have a separate o...
When you can't decide what instrument to play, why not play both? At the same time 😎 #sundayvibes
Brass Lessons available :)