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The general objective of the VETinSET project will be:
Develop and implement innovative practices to allow the improvement of VET with the acquisition of new practical knowledge in sustainable tourism.


Sustainable tourism continues at the Alte Vocational School, a Portuguese partner in the . Students are marking the pedestrian path along the Ribeira de Alte. The project is over but the concept of continues


During the LTTA C2 performed in La Vall d’Uixó, the students were able to experience how important is to have a sustainable point of view when creating tourist activities in the natural environment.

The students learnt about how to maintain the natural spaces clean and still promote tourism, and the cultural heritage.

Photos from VET in SET's post 25/01/2022

Today we have performed the final transnational project meeting in La Vall d’Uixó.

This was the chosen location for the end of the project and one of the places were most of our objective were met.

La Vall d’Uixó has expanded its frontiers and arrives to be well-known in the Hungarian city og Gyöngyön and the Portuguese village of Alte, thanks to the initiative of the local City Hall and the association .associacio .

Unfortunately, the COVID situation affected the attendance in-person to the meeting of two partners ( and ). Despite of the circumstances, both of them were present online during the meeting.

With almost all the activities completed and all the objectives met, we say see you soon to all the partners.

Photos from Ajuntament de la Vall d'Uixó's post 13/12/2021

We would like to come back in time and have a nice and fun tour with the electric scooters…

We discovered this different initiative that promotes the use of electric vehicles to visit the water route in La Vall d’Uixó.

Photos from VET in SET's post 22/11/2021

We are still remembering the success of the service-learning in the

🛶During this activity, our students, having the role of tour guides, talked about the Caves history giving some information about sustainable practices of the Caves.

👨🏽‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓We had some students from who were actively participatory, asking doubts, reasoning and answering questions.

Photos from VET in SET's post 20/11/2021

Thank you everyone for these two intense weeks.

We are extremely proud of all the students that have participated and how much they have grown in only two weeks.

Also, we would like to thanks to all the collaborators, as we would not have been able to complete it successfully without them:

Finally, special thanks to the coordinators of the activity: and .associacio

Photos from VET in SET's post 19/11/2021

Today is the final day of the LTTA.

We have received students from the and the to discover the water path of La Vall d’Uixó.

We have also talked about sustainable tourism and SDG.

Thank you all of you for being part of this project!

Photos from VET in SET's post 18/11/2021

Service Learning day in the morning and birdwatching during the afternoon

Photos from VET in SET's post 17/11/2021

Yesterday, after a hard working day, the participants involved in the LTTA we able to discover the speleokayak activity in the .

We were able to visit the caves with more time to admire and observe it.

The students also made the most out of the experience to practice the future service they will offer to other students in the Caves.

Thank you , and !

Photos from VET in SET's post 15/11/2021

Second week of our LTTA in La Vall d’Uixó!

Today we talk about the different parts that a good communication campaign should have together with David Tur.

After the theoretical class, we went back to the Caves, for the first practice!

We are really excited on how the activity is going and really proud of the students who each day talk more and more in English.

Photos from VET in SET's post 11/11/2021

Today was an intense day in the Learning Training and Teaching activity we had.

🤓We learnt about how to be a tour guide. Lidia and Alba gave some tips for the Tourism students for the future Service-Learning activity, including the sustainability perspective.

🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏽Later, we did some activities on non-verbal communication, to end up working together on how to create our own script with the help of the notes from Ian, currently working in the Saint Joseph’s Caves.

The teachers also were working on the service learning evaluation.

Moreover, we were able to work together in a yurta, thanks to the collaboration of and .

Photos from VET in SET's post 10/11/2021

The water route in La Vall d’Uixó (el camí de l’aigua).

🛴We used electric scooters as a nice a sustainable way to make this visit.

😃The students from and MMSZKRK had fun while learning the importance of water.

🔜The students will replicate this tour in English for other students of the town.

Photos from VET in SET's post 08/11/2021

Today, in La Vall d’Uixó, together with the , EMSEVALL , .associacio , and the special collaboration of Fernando Nebot, the students from Portugal and from Hungary have discovered the city and the historical route XYZ.

❣️During the XYZ route, the tourism students have been able to ask questions about how it is possible to create more sustainable paths and take care of the environment while encouraging the local tourism.

🔜 Tomorrow, they will discover the thanks to the collaboration of EMSEVALL and the .

Inicio de sesión - Cuentas de Google 19/10/2021

The date of the service learning activity for students is approximating. ✈
In November Portuguese and Hungarian vocational secondary school students are travelling to La Vall d’Uxió in Spain in order to participate in the activities of an innovative transnational training event in Tourism. 🌏
In order to be well-prepared, students are currently doing the online course of the VETinSET project.
Everyone is welcome to do the free online course on sustainable tourism.
Feel free to join in:

Inicio de sesión - Cuentas de Google

Photos from VET in SET's post 28/09/2021

Today we have the TMP in Hungary

Photos from Ajuntament de la Vall d'Uixó's post 22/09/2021

Our project has been extended!

Photos from VET in SET's post 02/07/2021

Multiplier Event - Portugal

Photos from VET in SET's post 15/06/2021

Seminário de disseminação do Projeto dia 1 julho


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