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Blessings to all the students writing the NGSA exam today. May you be favoured.

It’s that time of the year again!
Let’s assemble our Cheer Squads.
Make sure to use the weekend to purchase supplies and make your posters and flyers. Let’s do this 👏


This video is dedicated to all our educators! As you watch, please share and uplift another colleague. Have a fantastic day!




Photos from The Teachers' Initiative Forum's post 26/03/2024

🎓 Innovation in Education: Celebrating Amelia Benjamin

Meet Amelia Benjamin, a visionary educator at The Bishops' High School, who goes above and beyond to inspire her students. 🌟

Amelia recently orchestrated a unique lesson on dining etiquette, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals and dismantle societal stereotypes. When her class received the accolade for the top-performing class at the Grade Seven level this Easter term, , she seized the moment to cultivate a deeper understanding of class and chivalry.

Harnessing the momentum of their success, she collaborated with parents to organize a special dinner at Bistro Cafe & Bar, where students could put their newfound knowledge into practice.

Join us in applauding Miss Amelia Benjamin for her innovative approach to education, fostering not only academic excellence but also essential life skills. 🍽️✨

📸 Also, see snapshots of this memorable evening, featuring Miss Amelia and her exceptional students below!

🌟 Do you know an educator like Miss Amelia, pushing boundaries in education? Nominate them or yourself to be featured on our page! Contact us via email or messenger chat. We're always on the lookout for extraordinary teachers! 👩‍🏫📚

Photos from University of Guyana Berbice Campus's post 12/03/2024

📚 Embracing Real-World Learning 🌐

Hey everyone! 🎓 As we navigate the educational journey, let's recognize the vital role of bridging theory with real-life practice. 🚀 Providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in tangible scenarios not only enhances understanding but also cultivates invaluable skills for the future. 🌟 Let's advocate for experiential learning and empower our students to thrive in the dynamic world beyond textbooks!


Let's not discipline out of anger but rather, let's try to understand the deeper issues behind the child's defiance.


To all the inspiring educators, today we celebrate your passion, commitment, and the positive impact you make.


Ain't this the truth! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️






Professionalism is crucial in education as it fosters an environment of respect, credibility, and effectiveness. Teachers and educators who uphold professionalism demonstrate a commitment to their craft and inspire confidence among students, parents, and colleagues. Professional conduct ensures that educators adhere to ethical standards, maintain appropriate boundaries, and act as role models. It cultivates trust and establishes a positive rapport with students, enhancing their learning experience. Professionalism also involves continuous improvement, where educators seek to enhance their knowledge, skills, and pedagogical practices, resulting in high-quality education and student achievement. Overall, professionalism in education promotes a professional culture that values integrity, excellence, and the holistic development of learners.

Below is a PowerPoint that highlights some critical areas as they relate to professionalism in education.

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Have an anxiety-free Sunday 🌿

Image via: Journey to Wellness


Founder of TTIF and educator, Ms. Hetemeyer, wishes all educators a productive week.



Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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This video is dedicated to all our educators! As you watch, please share and uplift another colleague. Have a fantastic ...
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