Kuntaya Basic Cycle School Ex- Students

Kuntaya Ex-Students'Association was founded in 2015 by its ex-pupils who acclaimed there trade of education and growth from the parent body of Kuntaya Basic Cycle School.

This non-profitable associati

Operating as usual


In its bid to strengthen the cordial ties with its members, the leadership of Kuntaya Ex-Students'Association wishes to inform all and sundry about the association's general meeting. Which is schedule to happen on the second day of Koriteh at Kuntaya Basic Cycle School, 10:00 a.m sharp.
The meeting is geared on a review of the activities of the association. It shall uncover the shortcomings, loopholes and successes registered by the association. And shall also highlight the status-quo towards the Commemoration of the African Liberation Day.
Therefore, the association wishes to register how important this meeting shall be towards the limelight of the association. As such, you're all urged to make on the due date and time.
Information and Public Relations Office, KESA.

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The leadership of Kuntaya Ex-Students'Association has today continued with its structured Courtesy Call Meetings to the chambers of the *Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoBSE, Hon. Adama Jimba Jobe* . This meeting is cordially in conjunction with the selling of the association's agenda to its alumni. In lieu of this, Hon. Jobe has appreciated to be part of the speakers.
Meanwhile, the executive wish to assure the members of fulfilling its expectation pinned on its shoulders. Which we are leavel-headed to abide on representing with utmost service backed with honesty and dedication. We also wish to remind you that similar procession would continue in due notw. Prescisely, the executive body shall meet with some notable alumni of K.B.C.S. We therefore urged the members to join us in this drive, if you can!



Kuntaya Basic Cycle School Ex- Students updated their business hours. 21/04/2022

Kuntaya Basic Cycle School Ex- Students updated their business hours.

Kuntaya Basic Cycle School Ex- Students updated their business hours.


Hello comrades, it has been awhile mates. i hope you are all safe at your current location from the Covid19. stay safe mates!!


Hello everyone, the summer is back, therefore, the classes are also back as how we normally do it. It will be conducted at kuntaya junior school ground and possible the senior school ground as well. Get your sisters and brothers enrolled for this summer with very capable and diligent teachers guiding them.
Classes will start immediately we enter into the summer.
Thank you!


really digging deep inside the core of the exams, it might leads to volcanic eruption because the core's temperature is very high but never mind because you are well armed and shealed by your hard work..wishing my fellow candidates successful exams


happy easter to all members, friends and love ones..love you all


hello everyone, the kuntaya basic cycle school ex-students union will be having a general meeting on 26th, march 2016 at the school ground..your atendance an participation is highly solicitated.


hello everyone in d page..how ar u guys doing? it has been quite a long time no post no info cuz time amut man


Kuntaya Basic Cycle School Ex- Students


wen time changes, all we wish is to change our evrytng bt no matter how time changes I will always love to wear our mighty kuntaya basic cycle school uniform


Mr Touray being da funniest teacher in kuntaya school presently was having a tootache during da day of d tobaski..it started immediately during lunch time by da time he ws just about to hammer da bowl of meat..dis leads to him sleeping for d rest of d days of the tobaski as he could not witness seing people eatin meat while he cnt have any due to da pain..hahahaaa


tobaski has gone an yet we ar preparing for anoda ting, dats how life goes an evrytng dat passes will Neva resume, therefore am urging my fellow WASSCE candidates to start hamering as soon as possible an make good use of any time available in order to b among da list of role models..wish u all da best


wawww guys have u seen how former students of kuntaya ar coming out from Nusrat...9 credits an so many AAAsss


hi guys if any of u is having da badge of d skul plzz post it here cuz is going to be used for d profile pic...




Kuntaya Village, Jokadu District, North Bank Region

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