Papa Bouye nursery and lower basic school

Papa Bouye nursery and lower basic school

This is a school in need of support Since her inception in 2010 the school is running on the funds collected from the students that cannot meet the salary scale of the staff and the smooth running of the school thus realising a bad financial situation.

So we are seeking support from any phylantrophy who can I aid for the school. As it is established as a selfhelp project In a needy community.

[06/29/20]   Thanks very much for liking the Papa Bouye nursery and lower basic school

[04/24/19]   To change roof before the rain start


Students linking up for classroom activities


School activities


All those who care about kids are welcome to join us at farato Village West coast region in kombo south

[10/12/15]   good work going on

[10/11/15]   This is a school In the founded in 2010 as a selfhelp project, its established in a needy community with the aim of reaching relevant education to the needy children that cannot make it to other unaffordable school.
The scholl is registered under tne ministry of education in the gambian government and is takinv thesame syllabi with other school. So the school is seeking aid from any open hearted phylantropby who can step in to free the school from the poor financial situation as the school is running on the little crumbs collectes from the students tbat cannot meet the deman of the school.

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