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This is a page where Talents are showcase, with good intentions to promote positivity and manners in

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This is Positive Energy a platform whose Aims and Aspirations is to give a voice to voiceless. whose desired is to be narrated their stories but struggle to be viewed...

The Focus will be on hidden Talents, Promoting Skills and Giving Right design to self value and commitment to collaborative society...

We desire to Educate, entertained and informed.. But all this cannot happen without support... we rely on your support and encouragement...

Positive Energy is the page follow us please...


New Chapters of page 2023.
Here we read you in an open mind,
Thanks to love ones and Friends.

Photos from Fatou Camara Junior's post 31/12/2022

Photos from Fatou Camara Junior's post


As it end, so as we are reminded.
it was tough and rough.
it was growing, or denying.

At times we give motivation while we are drying.
we support while the heart is in wander land.
we loss faith about the environment around us,but stand tall.
we became empty at times.
we became depressed at times.
we become ignored at times.
You might think we are all okay.
but Allah knows how we stepping the rock.

it can be hard but it can't break us.
we will welcome you,
and we narrate it boldly.
till we meet there...
thank you for being part of the moments...


Never force it,
Never be in a hurry for it,
Follow the steps and traced the footprint,
For the footprint to be traced,
You most be a good observer,
You most Be a good listener,
Connect the eyes with the mind so to be mindful,
View the world with an open mind,
Verify the tone and read the actions,,,

For they taught they’re wise while trying to fool themselves.
Know more and talk less.
The mind is a powerful house,
In the human body..

Force not Your future,
Allah is in control,,
Do it real not for hype,,
Stick to the command,


Never force it,
Never be in a hurry for it,
Follow the steps and traced the footprint,
For the footprint to be traced,
You most be a good observer,
You most Be a good listener,
Connect the eyes with the mind so to be mindful,
View the world with an open mind,
Verify the tone and read the actions,,,

For they taught they’re wise while trying to fool themselves.
Know more and talk less.
The mind is a powerful house,
In the human body..

Force not Your future,
Allah is in control,,
Do it real not for hype,,
Stick to the command,



You may want to give up, because of the status,
You may desire not stay on the line.
You may want to distance yourself from the scope.

You are you, not a element of competition but human being of value and candor.

You can be painted black or colorless in pigment.
But it shouldn’t determined your future or your life in ranks …

You can’t be hated by all. Or adore by all.
All efforts shouldn’t shadow your believe in becoming you…

Never give up, stand tall,
Fear Allah not the creature.


Don’t feed ego with falsehood.

Feed your mind with truth…

Everything that is hidden shall come to light.

Till we meet there.


Next Spot


In sha Allah.. May Allah make it easy. . ❤️🙏 credit to Kebz Jallow for the beautiful flyer.


Happy Birthday my breda, live upto expectation,
keep inspiring us through your voice.
Keep giving us authentic information...
Keep paving way, you are a bigger than that you think,
may Allah increase you in progress and grant you protection...

you're an inspiring person, you are celebrated all the time...

Positive Energy wish you well...
Photo Credited to Soofg..


Be Mindful the laws you might used against him today,
It might be used against you tomorrow..

Never advocate for the downfall of the fellow,
We can disagree onto points,

But those points shouldn’t warrant you to desire a lifetime punishment for him.

That we know in Africa, truth is selective,
While praise singing is welcoming to some ears…

Love and friendship is never a force,
Being a critics is seeing things out of the box,

But will be painted black or in colors,
If rays of your light are not shining towards the chair,,

For the chair and the Person are both answerable to the lord of heaven and earth…

Be careful, the world shall end,
We will be questioned,
Never bend the truth for falsehood…

Ya Allah grant us understanding,
Protect us from the plotters..

Make us see and feel the truth,
Nothing but the whole truth..


I am a member, Our vision is widening, our passion is for growth and our dreams is growing.

For better individuals, for a better society,
impacting in building the social Space of lightening the young mindset...

Here I introduce to you my home, Support our own Gambian Foundation..

We are more than just a social media page,
Welcome differently in 2023 and Beyond...

Nurturing Creative Minds.


Happy Birthday to you the Honorable, wishing you more life and more Strength.. Continue to be kind soul I know...
Positive Energy


Meet us inna Box Ba


Stick to your religion,
As we are living in the era of dark days,
Money and famed has changed honorable men or women of society to deceiving agents.

Stick your religion for your wellbeing and journey of your sons or daughters..

Stick to your religion. It will seal and save guard you from the causes of falsehood and deception.

Your religion, Allah’s religion, convey to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. To us mankind..

It will be ask off and we shall give testimony in the command and judge of Allah lord of the world..

Stick to your religion. As this world is mere amazement,
For real comfort and victory is in the hereafter.
Where mankind will be degree and rank by his lord Allah..
Blessed Friday. May Allah increase us in understanding,
May Allah safe guard our faith towards his mercy.


Follow the page, we are coming big, soogf


Here I introduce to you the Mc Of the Nation, A veteran in the musical arena,
Dj Senetor,

Let's meet at Brikama Box Ba 24th December Saturday...

Come one, come all...


Tell a Friend fi a Friend. days to go.
Fondinkelu Album launching inna Box Ba.


Protect your intellectual property,
it's not for sale but it's services is monetary...

Some will come closer to you to benefit it and in the end distance you.

Don't fall for cheap praises, some praise are traps.

Protect it for your greater good and for the future of the next generation.

Remember a waste energy can't be regained.
Be wise and be watchful.
here Talents are not value, but they are praised sing just to reap a benefits from it...

Till we unfold the next move...
Fondinkelu Album launching.
youths are the creamy...


It is that time of the Year again. Please stay tuned for more details.

Beautiful Flyer Design by: Kebz Jallow.

Mobile uploads 21/12/2022

Mobile uploads

Photos from Masta Lion's post 21/12/2022

Big to CEO Kebz jallow

Photos from Kebz Jallow's post 21/12/2022

Photos from Kebz Jallow's post


Allah Thank you making interact with my brother Yusupha Kanagi Jawla Jnr Brother, I feel honored to be Around you...may Allah increase us in Guidance and Protection Ameen... Together we can make a change.

Thank you...
Positive Energy


Unity and Strength is for the wise.

Masta Lion - Fondinkelu (Official Music Video) 19/12/2022

Masta Lion - Fondinkelu (Official Music Video)

This is what we were working on and here it's. This is a song that encourages, motivate and inspire youths.
to be hard working and zealous for a greater good.
This is Masta Lion On his Album to be launched Saturday 24th December Brikama Box Ba. Fondinkelu Album.. it contains sixteen tracks, Touching different scopes of the society, from youths, culture, Love and upholding our rights as citizens...

journey of transformation none stopped.

Copied from Kebz jallow

Masta Lion - Fondinkelu (Official Music Video) Fondinkelu official music video. Artist official website https://mastalion.com/


I dedicated this historic day to all our African youths who lost their lifes through migrating from Africa to Europe in searching for basic human rights. Thousands of African youths died and continue to die in Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea because of our African Governments, politicians and stakeholders failed in their duties and wrong policies.
Migrant rights are human rights. They must be respected without discrimination – and irrespective of whether their movement is forced, voluntary, or formally authorized. . We must do everything possible to prevent the loss of life – as a humanitarian imperative and a moral and legal obligation. We must provide for search and rescue efforts and medical care.

We must expand and diversify rights-based pathways for migration – to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and address labour market shortages. And we need greater international support for investments in countries of origin to ensure migration is a choice, not a necessity.

There is no migration crisis; there is a crisis of solidarity. Today and every day, let us safeguard our common humanity and secure the rights and dignity of all.


Greater you go,
Deeper you will be caused.

Faith is a powerful tool,
Subscribe to it and
you will raise from their doubts,

Raise above the doubts,
Allah is in control.

Don't complain,
Allah is Absolute..
Thank you Allah...


Smile 😃 it December, we endured a lot from January to date. We are grateful and optimistic of the future…
Learn and accomplish the mission.
It’s never a competition, it’s to serve the living souls.
You can be letdown, or ill define as they don’t know your journey.
As the journey is guided by Allah. The lord of the world..
Subscribe to his command for your greater good
Blessed Friday.


Purpose, mission,vision and passion driven


Modou Manneh started his educational journey at Gunjur Primary School from 1997 to 2003, then proceeded to Gunjur Upper Basic School from 2003 to 2006, and advanced to Muslim High School from 2006 to 2009.

Upon the completion of his High School, he got enrolled at the Gambia College, under School of Education from 2012-2015. Modou Manneh is a qualified trained teacher with a vast teaching experience.

During his footballing days, Modou Manneh played under Turkey's FC (Gambia) and played for Gunjur Young Team under Gunjur United's Coach Kakai Bojang. While on posting as a teacher in Foni, Mr Manneh had taken part in the second half Teachers Cluster's Football Tournament held in Mayork Senior School in Foni. He also played for Jannehkoto FC for one season.

Modou Manneh has successfully undergone a football coaching course which is two in one both football and Athletic in 2019, club coaching training under GFF in 2020 and coaching Diploma 2021.

Modou Manneh coached a Third Division Side, Hart Football Academy in Jarra - Soma where he successfully guided them to gained promotion to the Second Division. He spent two years coaching Hart Football Academy before relinquishing his duties.

As the coach of Hart Football Academy, Manneh won three trophies with the side - Third División Championship, one Regional Trophy among Upper Areas and a Fitness Tournament trophy in Farafenni.

Photos from Kebz Jallow's post 14/12/2022

Photos from Kebz Jallow's post

Photos from Masta Lion's post 14/12/2022

Photos from Masta Lion's post


The press conference and Album listening was not held on Sunday and rescheduled to tomorrow at lamin willz from 4pm and 8pm
14th of December.
you all invited. come one and come all.

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Positive Energy on the surface grounding to base in the jungle of positivity,,, follow and like us..
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