We support girls' education and our Nsawam community since 2011. Our efforts are focused on girls' access to education and teacher training.

We partner with others to provide a holistic approach to the community economic development of Nsawam, Ghana.

Operating as usual

Photos from CPASGhana's post 03/02/2021

Our sponsored girls returned today after being out of school since March 2020!!! They are so happy to be back and ready to catch up on all they have missed.
The masks we had made for each of them and their teachers were made from Cecelia’s hand-batiked cloth, custom made for us and sewn by Gifty and Ellen, who are local seamstresses. 30/04/2020


This is how one teacher in Ghana is reaching his students during the school closures, due to COVID. Our CPASGhana sponsored girls attend Exploratory classes in their schools, when schools are open. Just two weeks ago, the government of Ghana announced an end to a three-week lockdown that was imposed on some selected cities and towns to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, covid-19. Since…


Hello & Greetings from Nsawam students to Charleston, SC students

We have launched the partnership between Burke High School students in Charleston, SC and CPASGhana sponsored students in Osaebo and Sakyi Agyakawa Schools in Nsawam. They will be learning about each other's culture, history, connections and environmental concerns in both communities. There will be more to follow.


Gifty, our local seamstress, is with some of our sponsored 2019-2020 students at Sakyi Agyakawa Schools. She was there to take the students' measurements in order to sew their new uniforms for the upcoming school year. Gifty has been sewing uniforms for our students for five years!


New school year begins

This video was taken at Tieku School, where CPAS sponsors the education of 25 girl students. School has started up again and our staff is busy purchasing books and school materials for the upcoming school year. The cloth for the uniforms has been purchased and tomorrow the seamstresses will be taking measurements in order to sew one for each of our 75 sponsored girls.


In Science Club this week, we included art with a science lesson. Because these students don't have art classes, or any art supplies at their school, they really enjoyed drawing what they saw under the microscopes. And I enjoyed teaching art once again!


Students learning about alkaline and acid in the-Exploratory Science Club at Sakyi Agyakwa and Osaebo schools today.


Today I'm packing the beautiful, hand-quilted sleeping mats,
100 hand-knit wash cloths and 100 newborn hats
made by the Knitting4Peace creative, thoughtful hard-working volunteers. in Denver, Colorado.
These unique hand-made items will be distributed to the maternity and childrens' wards at the Nsawam Hospital, in Ghana when I get there VERY soon.


from Program Director: Christian Sakey-Acquah

Christian has made the first in a series of new videos introducing you to our sponsored girl students and our work in Nsawam schools. 29/05/2019

Millennials ‘Make Farming Sexy’ in Africa, Where Tilling the Soil Once Meant Shame In Africa, farming is widely considered a synonym for poverty. But university graduates have set out to prove that farming is a future with “bling.”


Consider a gift of a girl's education before ringing in the new year. Girls, who we sponsor, attend after school classes and Science Club. The girl students receive a uniform and textbooks, as well as support for them and their families, to ensure their success at school.


Christian Sackey-Acquah, our Interim Program Director, distributed new textbooks, notebooks and uniforms to our 75 sponsored girl students. They will now have a what they need to perform well this school year.

Thank you to all of our supporters. You are responsible for making this a very happy day for the girls and their teachers, They are very grateful.


Since 2012, 11 October has been marked as the #International Day of the Girl Child. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.
CPASGhana does this every day through our support of girls' education


Another school year has begun for the 75 girl students we sponsor. Because we pay their school fees, buy their textbooks, school supplies and have a uniform sewn for each one, they are able to attend school.

We also support them by working closely with their teachers and families to ensure the girls' continued success in school and in the community.


We distributed hand knit dolls and hand quilted sleeping mats to children and their parents at the Nsawam Hospital Childrens' Ward. All were made by hand by Knitting4Peace PeacePod volunteers.


Students in the STEM program at Tieku School decided to build a bench for the women who make their lunch. It is a combined STEM & community service project, which involved math and engineering.


CPAS sponsored students attend Science Clubs at their schools. These two classes are working on water retention of differing soils and microorganisms in soil as part of their agriculture unit.


At Sakyi Agyakwa School today, students were learning about agriculture in their science clubs. Nsawam is surrounded by farming communities, so the curriculum is particularly relevant.


Our new team met at Tieku School. The school is overcrowded due to double the number of students since we began sponsoring girl students there. There are now up to 60 students in a classroom with one teacher.


Recess at Sakyi Agyakawa School


CPASGhana's cover photo


Our sponsored girl students enjoying their "batteries and bulbs" unit at their Science Club for Girls at Sakyi Agyakawa School.


All CPASGhana sponsored students participate in Science Club for Girls in their schools.


Today our new staff member, Michael, met with the girl students supported by CPAS and checked on their progress at their schools.


We are very pleased to introduce the hiring of our new Program Director, Michael Kwao. He is a valuable addition to CPAS. He brings new energy and expertise, which we need in order to grow the organization and to do our important work of improving educational programs and educating girls in Nsawam.


CPASGhana is celebrating our 7th anniversay of working in the Nsawam, Ghana community !!!!!!!


CPASGhana is celebrating our 7th anniversary working with the Nsawam, Ghana community!


Consider giving the gift of a girl's education in Nsawam, Ghana this holiday season.


CPASGhana founder met with members of three other organizations engaged in grassroots community work. They are from the-exploratory, Move the World and the Dagara Music and Arts Center. Will post more on the work we will do together as these partnerships develop.


CPASGhana staff, teachers and administrators distribute uniforms and textbooks to our sponsored girl students at Sakyi Agyakawa and Osaebo Schools. Educating girls to become Ghana’s future leaders and decision makers.


Today we started working on our first rural village school project. Thanks to the generous donations of the Education for All Club at Greenwich High School, we were able to deliver school supplies and learning materials to the Panpanso-Ningo Basic School. They had virtually no school supplies. Please help us support this new endeavor


Our sponsored girl students making circuits at Science Club.
The clubs were established as part of our partnership with, another non-profit which conducted STEM teacher training. They also provide ongoing support for the teachers and our sponsored students. Previouslly the teachers had recieved very little science training and the students rarely had a hands on experience in the classroom.


Just received new uniform and books at Tieku School


CPASGhana's cover photo


This is the 4th year of distributing uniforms and books to our sponsored girl students at Tieku School. Many of our first girls are now in junior high school.

Supporting the Education of Girls
in Nsawam, Ghana

CPASGhana, (Community Partnership of Akuapim South), is focused on providing girls' access to education as well as teacher training.
We partner with other organizations to provide a holistic approach to community economic development in Nsawam, Ghana.

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Hello & Greetings from Nsawam students to Charleston, SC students
New school year begins
from Program Director: Christian Sakey-Acquah
Recess at Sakyi Agyakawa School