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[09/01/17]   Esther's real name in the Bible is Hadassah (Esther 2:7) which means *perfume*. But when she became a slave they named her Esther which means *hidden*. But they didn't know you *cannot hide a perfume*. No one can hide you because God will restore you to be a queen or a king as God has made you to be.
You are coming out and no one can stop you. You are unstoppable when u walk faithfully with Jehovah

You are blessed!!

[05/09/17]   We humbly welcome you all to the 3rd term of the 2016/2017 academic year. Your likes and suggestions and concerns are highly acknowledged and we expect more from you this time round. The academic calendar for the term will be made available here in the course of the week. We appreciate all you suggestions. Thank you!

[03/19/17]   An engineer in a car manufacturing company
designs a world class car. The owner is impressed
with the outcome and praised him a lot.

While trying to bring out the car from the manufacturing area to the office they realised that the car is few inches taller than the entrance.

The engineer felt bad that he didn't notice this one before creating the car. The owner was amazed on how to take it outside of the manufacturing area.

The painter said that they can bring out the car and there will be few scratches on top of the car that he will do the tinkering later on.

The engineer said that they can break the entrance and after taking the car out, they can cement it.

The owner was not convinced with any ideas and felt like it is a bad sign to break or scratch.

The watchman was watching all these drama and slowly approached the owner. He wanted to give an idea if they have no problem.

They thought what this guy would tell them that
the experts could not give.

The watchman said that the car is only few inches taller than the entrance so if they release the air in the tyre, the height of the car will be adjusted and can be easily taken out.

Everyone there was surprised and clapped their hands for him.

Don't approach problems only from the expert point of view. There is always a layman point that may provide needed solution... Moral Lesson; Everyone around your life has a key role in your life accomplishment.

Don't look down on anyone in your life.

Take note everybody is important in this life. You are very important to me.


[09/13/16]   We warmly welcome you all to the first term of the 2016/17 academic year. Have a successful academic year.

[09/05/16]   *BECE results to be released from Sept 12*; some students risk postings A total of 461,013 candidates sat for the exams in June this year Results of the candidates who sat for the 2016 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) will be released from September 12, officials have announced. A total of 461,013 candidates from 14,267 public and private junior high schools wrote the exams that was conducted by the West African Examination Council [WAEC] between June 13 and 17, 2016. They were made up of 239,963 males and 221,050 females as well as 57 visually impaired.

“We would like parents to be aware that after September 12, WAEC will release the results of the BECE,” Public Relations officer of the Ghana Education Service, Rev. Jonathan Betteh told 3News on Sunday. The release of the results will enable successful and qualified candidates to enter Senior High Schools and Technical Institutes across the country, which are set to reopen for the 2016/2017 academic year on September 8. Some students risk getting their choices Meanwhile, some of these candidates risk getting posted under the Comprised Schools Selection Placement System [CSSPS] to any of the four schools they selected.

According to the National Coordinator of the CSSPS, Kwasi Anokye, some heads of junior high schools have failed to forward the data of the their students for processing. “There are still some junior high schools, as I talk to you today, [are] yet to submit their data.

It will cost the candidates a lot because if we don’t know the four schools they will go, it will be difficult for us to assume for them,” he told TV3. He explained that the affected students will not lose out in getting placement in any senior high or technical school but will rather not be able to get any of their preferred schools irrespective of their performance.

He said such candidates would not have the opportunity to be placed in the first phase, as they will be treated as reserves, saying “those candidates will normally be reserved or taken to the next face after we have finished with those with their data. “It will affect them because if their performance deserve them to be in certain schools, they may lose out,” he added Commenting on why some schools have since not submitted their data for processing, Mr Ankoye said the schools claimed some of the candidates after registering for the BECE, failed to come to school again. “So getting them [the students] to even tell the school the kind of schools they will go becomes very difficult. And some of the schools, they have the data but just following the guidelines; the deadline to submit the data becomes an issue,

” Mr Anokye said. He said heads of those schools faces sanctions if they fail to submit the data on time, noting “last year, some of them were punished, especially the heads of the institution. “They were relieved of their responsibilities as heads of the institution because if you are not able to do this simple task, we don’t see why you should be the head of a junior high school,” he stated.

How to verify your data Meanwhile, he said parents and students who sat for the BECE can check to find out if their data has been submitted to the CSSPS by texting their index numbers to the short code 1060. “We have put in some measures now where candidates can confirm their choices. You just text the index number 1060 and all the four schools will appear on your phone for you. “If it appears, it means your data is intact with us. If you don’t get any message as far as the four schools are concerned, then you need to let us know,” he advised.



1. Remember to set achievable targets for the term:
A. how many students should be able to read by the end of the school term
B. how many homework must be given each day
C. which student needs extra attention.

2. Reassess your strategies that didn't yield much results.

3. Plan your daily activities. You may need to get 'sticky notes' pasted on your table with plans for the day.

4. Improve your relationship with your boss and colleague staff members.
Forgive those who mistreated you.

5. Do the work as though its your own business. ECCL 9V10.

6. See the student as your biological child. MATT 7V12.

7. Create an interactive and emotionally supportive classroom.

8. When the child comes to school sad, she must go back happy and yearning to come back the next day. This makes the school (your classroom) a home away from home.

9. Investigate offences before you punish (correct).
Don't tell the offender "I will punish you", rather, " I will correct you."

10. Encourage, advice and inspire your students. Assure them of your belief in their potential for success even beyond the framework of the school.

11. Recognize and reward every effort of the student in a variety of ways.

12. Do not undermine or ridicule the potential and failed attempt of any student neither give room to such from any other mate from the class.

13. There's a student that didn't go to break that day. Please draw near and find out why. Help if you can in which ever way.

14. Send your regards to their parents and family as they close from school to go home. Remember to also ask about the welfare of their family when they arrive at school early in the morning.

15. PRAY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR STUDENTS ALWAYS. Before class begins and before you end the working day. Is somebody angry after reading this? Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

[09/02/16]   In the jungle which animal is the biggest ........
I heard you say, Elephant.

In the jungle which animal is the tallest ........
I heard you say, Giraffe.

In the jungle which animal is the wisest ........
I heard you say, Fox.

In the jungle which animal is the fastest ........
I heard you say, Cheetahs.

Among all these wonderful qualities mentioned, where is the Lion in the picture.Yet, you say the Lion is the king of the jungle even without any of these qualities. But, I discovered something fascinating about the Lion.

The Lion is courageous, the Lion is very bold, the Lion is always ready to face any mountain, any challenges, any barrier that crosses his part, no matter how big they are. The Lion walks with confidence. The Lion dares anything and it's never afraid. The Lion believes he is unstoppable. The Lion is a risk taker. The Lion believes any animal is food for him. The Lion believes any opportunity is worth giving a trial and never allows it slip from his hands. The Lion has charisma.

- What is it that we get to learn from here ...

• You don't need to be the fastest.
• You don't need to be the wisest.
• You don't need to be the smartest.
• You don't need to be the most brilliant.
• You don't need to be generally accepted to become your dreams and be great in life.

• All you need is courage.
• All you need is boldness.
• All you need is the will to try.
• All you need is the faith to believe it is possible.
• All you need is to believe in yourself that you can do it.

[08/31/16]   Precious One! If the *Sea* couldn't stop Moses, if the *Wall* couldn't stop Joshua and *Death* couldn't stop Jesus; Then in Christ nothing can stop you today. Remain blessed.

[08/01/16]   Third Term Vac. Starts from 29th July to 12th Sep., 2016



[08/01/16]   Third Graduation Ceremony held on Wednesday 27th July, 2016 at the Sch Premises.


In attendance, were the Municipal Police, Immigration and Fire Commanders, Dunkwa Manhene, Municipal EC boss, Central Regional Cadet Training Officer, and other very important Personalities.

Also in attendance were Rev. Ministers,Past students, St. Peter's Army Cadet (which placed 1st in the zonal competition), the school choir etc.

Activities include; Cadet display, Cultural dancing, Chorography, Drum interpretation, Poetry recitals Speeches and Awards giving.

Thanks to all for making the program a success.

Very special thanks to our invited guests.

Cadet Instructor Bright Fosu Marfo, we shall forever be grateful to you.

God bless us all!

[04/16/16]   2ND TERM VACATION - 2015/2016 ACADEMIC YEAR

The 2nd term vacation of the 2015/2016 academic year start from the 15th of April to 9th May, 2016.
Parents and guardians should be very mindful about their children's movements.
Thank you all for your usual cooperation.

[03/27/16]   Praise be to God, Christ has risen. As faithfuls, may His death, resurrection & glorious ascension bring us salvation. And may He renew every aspect of our lives to His greater glory, Amen!

Happy Easter to you.

[03/05/16]   St. Peter's Army Cadet Corps To Participate In The Ghana's 59th Independence Anniversary - 6th March, 2016.

St. Peter's Army Cadet Corps is one of the few institutional cadet corps selected in Upper Denkyira East Municipality to participate in the 59th Independence Anniversary Parade at Dunkwa Offin.

The parade, which comes off on 6th March, 2016 , will be held at the Dunkwa Sports Studium between the hours of 08:00 and 10:00.

It is the first of it kind for St. Peter's Army Cadet Corps to take part in such anniversary program.


Monday: Teaching and Learning
Tuesday: Cleaning up exercise
Wednesday: Teaching and Learning
Thursday: A Talk and Quiz
Friday: Games @ Omanhene Park - Dunkwa Offin

[12/30/15]   Government has announced an official end to the four-year long load shedding exercise which plagued the country.

In a statement signed by the head of Public Affairs of the Ministry of Power Kweku Sersah-Johnson, Wednesday, government thanked Ghanaians for their patience during the difficult times.

The announcement comes two days before the January 1 2016 deadline given by the Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor.

He had vowed to resign if the perennial power crisis continued after the end of the year.

It appears however that government has resolved the crisis.

The following is the full statement;


The Ministry of Power wishes inform the public that its Load Shedding programme in respect of electricity supply has been brought to an end.

The Ministry takes this opportunity to express its profound gratitude and appreciation to the entire citizenry and residents of Ghana for their forbearance and understanding during those difficult times.

The Ministry and its Agencies wish to assure the public that it shall continue to pursue policies and programs to consolidate the gains so far made in the generation and transmission of Electricity for the country.

[12/24/15]   We wish all friends, parents, stakeholders and students on this platform a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

[12/14/15]   Hi All!

Please, all students of St. Peter's Catholic Prep. & JHS are being reminded to come for their Terminal report cards on Thursday, 17th Dec. 2015 at the sch premises.

[11/23/15]   Dunkwa West Circuit Sports Starts Today, 23rd Nov. 2015 to 27th Nov. 2015

[10/21/15]   Hi All!

Greetings to you!

Many thanks to you all for liking this page.
Here, we inform, share, advise, suggest ideas and discuss issues concerning or related to the school.

All views are welcome!

[09/13/15]   2015/2016 ACADEMIC CALENDAR.

1. Reopening day-Sept 8, 2015

2. No. Of weeks - 14 weeks

i. Founder's day - Sept. 21, 2015

ii. Eidul Adha - Sep. 24, 2015

iii. Farmers day - Dec. 4, 2015

4. SBA 1 - Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2015

5. Mid-term Holidays Oct. 23-26, 2015

6. SBA 2 - Oct. 27 - 30, 2015.

7. Submission of Term's Exam questions - Nov. 6-9, 2015.

8. SBA 3 - Nov. 23-27, 2015.

9. Revision week - Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2015

10. Terminal Exam - Dec 3-10, 2015

11. Declaration of Exam results -
Dec 11-16, 2015
12. Collection of terminal reports - Dec. 17, 2015


We humbly wish to inform all students, Parents and Stakeholders that this yr's vacation classes organised for students ended on Friday, 28th August, 2015.

We urge all students to be with their books in order to fully realise the benefit of the classes attended.

Thank you!

[08/21/15]   Lord Jesus! We thank you for a successful week!

We wish all students, teachers, and members on this page a safe weekending holidays.

God bless you all.

[08/17/15]   MONDAY, 17TH AUGUST, 2015.

Welcome to the 34th Week of 2015. It is also the 3rd week after vacation and the 2nd week into the vacation classes.

Have a Blissful week

[08/14/15]   Vacation Classes In Focus!

Vacation Classes began on Monday, 10th Aug., 2015.

Teaching and learning: very effective.

Attendance rate: Satisfactorily high.

Discipline Level: Standard.

Category: Natives and outsiders.

Everyone is welcomed (S1-F3).

Hope to see you next week.

Thank you.

[08/01/15]   End of Term Vacation: 31st July - 7th Sept, 2015.

Vacation Classes: 10th Aug - 28th Aug, 2015.

Enjoy your holidays!

Thank you!

[07/31/15]   Woooooo! Ebenezer! This is how far the Lord has brought us.

We thank the Almighty God for such a wonderful celebration.

Many thanks to all guests, old students, parents, teachers and the PTA for your immense contribution toward the Anniversary and Graduation.

We specially want to also thank Planners of the even, the anniversary committee and all other sub-committees for the excellent work done.

Last but not the least, many thanks to the sch Authorities for setting the pace straight for this event to happen.

We say God richly bless you all!

[07/27/15]   STREET PARADE!

Good morning to you all!

We humbly remind and welcome you all to the 20th Anniversay Street Parade (Float) which starts this morning at 9:00.

We hope you will come in your numbers.

We appreciate all your tireless efforts in this respect.

Thank you!

[07/26/15]   Pls, teachers in charge of the sanitation sub-committee are being reminded to get their plans right and ready for easy facilitation of the cleaning-up exercise.

Thank you!

[07/24/15]   St. Peter's @ 20
Program Line-Up

Monday: Street Parade (Float) 9:00am Prompt

Tuesday: Open Forum + Games 8:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday: 20th Anniversar/Graduation 9:00am Prompt.

Thank you!

[07/10/15]   Hi Dear Ones,

We have the pleasure to inform you that, preparations are underway massively for the all awaiting 20th Anniversary/Graduation Ceremony and the Alumini Home Coming.

We also wish to remind all about it. It is our great hope that you come in your numbers to grace the occation.

The program line-up will be made available next week on this platform. Thank you.

St. Peter's Catholic Basic School, is 20years old. It is the wish of Mgt and stakeholders of the school to celebrate this in a spectacular way. By this, all old students and associates are being called upon to join us. It is just coincidental that this exercise meets with the school's 2nd Graduation and Speech and Prize Giving Day. We welcome you all!

Date: 27th to 29th July, 2015
Venue: Sch Premises Dunkwa Offin