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[04/17/16]   Whats -2^2


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[09/05/15]   Explaining 1÷0, 0÷1 and 0÷0 To school stds


Division is seen as repeated subtractions

For instance
Can be seen as continuous subtraction of 2 frm 20 until 20 is exhausted.
The answer is 10 cos this can be done 10 times

What abt 1÷ 0?
Or any number (apart from zero) ÷ 0

it Is a continuous subtraction of zero frm 1(or de numba) till it is exhausted.

It can be seen in this case that, the subtraction can be done many billion times but it will not be exhausted.

Dats why any numba (except zero) ÷ by 0 is undefined or better still infinity


How many times can one be subtracted frm zero?

Is zero times

Then 0÷0

zero is null, No value, or nothing

Hence the value of 0÷ 0 cannot be determine. Henceforth 0÷0 is known as 'INDETERMINATE'

0! = 1 for reasons that are similar to why
x^0 = 1. Both are defined that way.

You cannot reason that x^0 = 1 by thinking of the meaning of powers as
"repeated multiplications" because you cannot multiply x zero times.
Similarly, you cannot reason out 0! just in terms of the meaning of
factorial because you cannot multiply all the numbers from zero down
to 1 to get 1.

x^0 = 1 in order to make the laws of exponents
work even when the exponents can no longer be thought of as repeated
multiplication. For example, (x^3)(x^5) = x^8 because you can add
exponents. In the same way (x^0)(x^2) should be equal to x^2 by
adding exponents. But that means that x^0 must be 1 because when you
multiply x^2 by it, the result is still x^2. Only x^0 = 1 makes sense

In the same way, when thinking about combinations we can derive a
formula for "the number of ways of choosing k things from a collection
of n things." The formula to count out such problems is n!/k!(n-k)!.
For example, the number of handshakes that occur when everybody in a
group of hakes hands can be computed using n = 5 (five
people) and k = 2 (2 people per handshake) in this formula. (So the
answer is 5!/(2! 3!) = 10).

Now suppose that there are 2 people and "everybody shakes hands with
everybody else." Obviously there is only one handshake. But what
happens if we put n = 2 (2 people) and k = 2 (2 people per handshake)
in the formula? We get 2! / (2! 0!). This is 2/(2 x), where x is the
value of 0!. The fraction reduces to 1/x, which must equal 1 since
there is only 1 handshake. The only value of 0! that makes sense here
is 0! = 1.


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[05/10/15]   DID YOU KNOW?
End of Term form two Section B question 3 was very similar to WASCE 2015 QUESTION 11C

3. An operation ■ is defined by m ■ n = mn + 2 in arithmetic modulo 7
a) Construct a table for ■ on the set {1, 3, 5, 6}
b) Use your table to find
i) 3 ■ n = 3 ii) m ■ m= 4

WASCE 2015 Q 11C
The operation ■ is defined by m ■ n = m + n + 2 in arithmetic modulo 7
a) Construct a table for ■ on the set {1, 3, 5, 6}
b) Using the table, find the truth set of
i) 3 ■ n = 3 ii) n ■ n= 3

[05/04/15]   QUESTION OF THE DAY
Dueling Idiots Problem: three idiots participate in a fight.
They shoot at the same time.
If each idiot randomly chooses one of the other two idiots and successfully shoots him, what is the probability that at least one idiot will survive?
a) 65%
b) 75%
C) 50%
D) 80%

[04/14/15]   All second years in my class are to bring along Aki Ola Maths pasco when coming to sch.
We shall begin a rigorous training towards 2016 WASCE 29/03/2015

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Form 2 Marching Scheme March 2015 second term.docx

End of term form 2 marking scheme

[03/14/15]   Good luck to all final years students of Ansec


End of term time tabke

[02/03/15]   QUESTION OF THE DAY

The line y = 2x + 1 is perpendicular to the line 3y + 6x + 4 = 0. Find the values of b

[01/02/15]   Happy New year to all my students


TakeHome Ass Rev PaperOne Q 1 Form 1 and 2 Part 1

Solution to Christmas Take Home Assignment (2014) Assignment One (Form 1 and 2) Question


TakeHome Ass Rev PaperOne Q 1 Form 1 and 2 Part 1

Solution to question One (Form 1 and 2)
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Solution to Christmas Take Home Assignment (2014) Assignment One (Form 1 and 2) Question

[12/24/14]   All students should note(Both Form Two and One)
Insert this statement as last sentence in the Revision Paper One Question 1

21 students obtained exactly two books

See full question below





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