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[10/27/16]   We got talent. If you not here you missing out.

Sexual Abuse is Real. Protect me Now!

[10/27/16]   We have lovely weather today. Come out at 11am to commence our child month march.

[10/26/16]   We want to apologize! Due to the inclement weather, the march was cancelled.

[10/25/16]   Asking everyone to join us out on the streets tomorrow Wednesday 26th October as we have our child month march. The theme this year: LOVE THE CHILD, SEXUAL ABUSE IS REAL. PROTECT ME NOW!

We begin at 9am from the school grounds. Bring your banners and posters

[07/28/16]   Gentle reminder to all Parents & Guardians: Read across Grenada taking place at the school on Saturday 30th July from 9am. Invited are all children in the surrounding communities. Let us empower our future by showing them how to and educating them on the Importance of reading.

Tell one, tell All!
Come out in large numbers

[07/07/16]   Anybody has a group shot of the graduates? Post It!

[06/20/16]   Meet us in La Tante junction now

[06/08/16]   Special Thanks to all who turned out and supported the Tea & Fair. Its much appreciated and we look forward to your support the next time around

[02/17/16]   Hey everyone!
The time is here again when you come out to support your dearest school compete against the other primary schools in St. David for athletic supremacy. Come out in your large numbers to support, representing with your true colours BLACK & YELLOW. Date; Friday 19th February - 11am

[01/10/16]   The results for the first event; road race, of our annual parish sports which was held on Friday 8th January 2016 are as follows:
St. Theresa's RC & St. Martin de Porres RC - 9, Corinth Govt. - 14, St. David RC - 25, St. Dominic's RC - 51 & last but never ever will be least our beloved St. Joseph's RC amassing a total of 62 points.

Special congrats goes out to all our participants. Be aware however that the journey has just began and that perseverance is the key to victory.

To everyone. Please continue to encourage our athletes. As a result we would remain victorious.

[12/30/15]   be sure to check out the new years night dance ppl. tickets only $15 single. $25couple.

[12/03/15]   Thank you and much love to all who supported the barbecue in whatever way u did. Its greatly appreciated!

[11/18/15]   Incase persons are wondering what the challenge trophy situation is about...This was an initiative we as a staff came up with to propel our students to aspire for success. The goal of the initiative is for every child to strive to get the top performance in their monthly continuous assessment. Thus, the student would be awarded the trophy for a week to go home and returned at the end.

The holistic view is for every child to want the trophy and strive to attain it. Parents and Guardians! Please push your children to want to succeed, remembering that success is not a big leap in a short space of time but small steps over a period. Over time it adds up!

[11/06/15]   Win again!! Is like that's all this school does. The boys defeated St. David RC in a keenly competitive match coming out wit a 2-1 final score. All the boys played well but hats off to the goalie Jason Charles for saving those bullets.

[11/06/15]   Cum out today to witness the match up against St. David RC n St. Joseph's R.C. Game was cancelled yesterday due to inclement weather.

[11/05/15]   FOOTBALL!!!
Big win yesterday; 4th November 2015. St. Joseph's RC (7) vs St. Martin de Porres (0).

Catch the next blow out @ Bellevue 6th November 2015 time 1:15pm.

St. Joseph's R.C. vs St. David RC

[10/09/15]   Share and Like the page and invite others to do the same. Let's promote our school and get it better than it already is.





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