Caterpillars Nursery, Wolverhampton Videos

Videos by Caterpillars Nursery in Wolverhampton. Caterpillars Day Nursery was registered in 2006 and is registered to provide childcare for children

Wishing you all a very merry christmas x

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Wishing you all a very merry christmas x

All afloat Noah's boat
Sorry there hasnt been any stories for a while ive been busy getting nursery safe a ready for us to return. Shelly has k...

Big holiday
Thank you shelly for tonights story We all wish we were goong on a big holiday x

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Here is matilda and her mommy with another great story
Hope you all enjoy another great story from matilda and her mommy

Seth and his mommy
Hope you all enjoy tonights story from Seth and his mommy.

Ashleigh ❤
Here is Ashleigh with our story tonight

Here is james and his mommy with tonights story
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Sandeep with our story tonight
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Hope you enjoy
Paige with our story tonight

Here is matilda and her mommy for tonights story ❤
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Monkey puzzle
Thank you to the lovely Kerry Blunt and jospeh for another great story.If anyone else would like to send a story it woul...

Our story tonight from Lilianna and Her Daddy ❤
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What a clever little girl 🥰
Thankyou to matilda for reading tonight's story really hope you all enjoy seeing her and listening to her story

Here is shelly with today story
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Tonight its one of our preschool friends and his mommy reading our story
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Charlotte and a guest apperance from millie hope you all enjoy

Here is sandeep is with tonight's story

There's no such thing as monsters ! Read by Claire and a guest appearance from Archie at the end

Here is charlotte with tonights story x

Here is shelly with a paw patrol story
Sorry i didnt upload a story for the last few days ive been very busy. Here is shelly with paw patrol story for you

We're going on a bear hunt

A story from charlotte x

Lidi reading for you tonight hope you enjoy

Guess how much i love you by Shelly ❤

Paige with your story tonight

Lidi reading room on the broom

Happy Easter everyone hope you enjoy my story Hattie Peck