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Photos from Child and Youth Care Workers' Association of Manitoba's post 22/10/2021

I think these are excellent reminders, what do you think?


Bole Counselling Services is closed until Tuesday 5th January. I will be unavailable until then, and will respond to enquiries when I return. Wishing you a calm and peaceful Christmas and holiday season. Take care of yourself 💗

If you are struggling, here are some useful numbers for mental health support over the holiday season:

* For immediate assistance in a crisis please dial 999

* Samaritans ~ 116 123
* NHS 24 ~ 111
* Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
* MIND 0300 123 3393
* CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) ~ 0800 58 58 58 (or contact their Webchat via their website)
Shout ~ text SHOUT to 85258

* Childline ~ 0800 1111
* Young Minds ~ text YM to 85258
* Papayrus (Young Su***de Prevention Society) ~ call HOPEline UK ~ 0800 068 4141


Boundaries are so useful......

As the holidays approach, remember and honor your boundaries.

It's okay to set boundaries with your family. People will not figure out what your boundaries are without you telling them. Tell them precisely what you want and need.⁣

At first, you might feel mean, worry that you won’t say the right thing or experience guilt. But, the more that you believe that you are entitled to have healthy boundaries, the easier it will become to set boundaries.⁣

What boundaries have you set with your family? ⁣

#nedranuggets #cyclebreakers⁣⁣


COVID-19 Update November 2020:

Following the recent Government announcement that the whole of England will go into a 4-week lockdown from 5th November, I would like to reassure clients that I can continue to remain open and provide face to face appointments. I am also able to provide online appointments via video calling for those who prefer not to attend in person at this time.

As a health service I am not required to close and clients can continue to attend all appointments.

Please follow the guidelines that were previously advised, i.e.:
Wear a face covering to enter the building.
Arrive just on time for your appointment.
You may wish to bring water and tissues.

Please do not attend if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19.

I continue to be vigilant with cleaning routines and ventilation. There is hand sanitiser available to use upon arrival.

If your personal circumstances mean that you will be unable to attend, please ring and cancel with 48 hours notice, if possible.

I would like to thank you all for your continuing loyalty throughout this difficult time.


Boys can Feel Too

Well worth a watch, written and produced by a 12 year old.

My 12 year old, Zac, ran out of school work, so before blasting his friends on Fortnite I set him some home-work: a short Doodly video on how it's ok to show... 24/04/2020

“I’ve been having therapy over Zoom for a month and it’s completely changed my perspective”

If you feel you'd like someone to talk to, I am using WhatsApp or Zoom video calling to provide counselling appointments.
If you are nervous about using the technology, I'm happy to have a short practise with you before you decide if you'd like to book an appointment. “I wanted to understand why I was laying awake feeling so anxious I couldn’t breathe.”


LRS Therapy Services

Nothing in life has prepared us for the situation we are experiencing right now.
Let us not forget that this is a global pandemic. We are allowed to feel unsettled, anxious, worried or confused.
Our mental health may be affected during this time in a way that is new to us.
Here are some reminders of how to maintain our mental health right now.
If you or anyone you know is struggling then please contact us to arrange support.
Stay safe.


Butterfly Hug

If you feel that you need some calm, try this technique.

The butterfly hug is a self-soothing technique which can bring a sense of calm and help us to process difficult emotions. It might be particularly useful for...


In these uncertain times if you need someone to talk to I am available for video or phone appointments. 25/03/2020

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

This is worth a read The coronavirus pandemic has led to a collective loss of normalcy.


I often talk about healthy boundaries with clients. I think this diagram makes things clear, what do you think?


Rory's Stories

Does this ring true for you? Therapy can help.

Explains the 'Black Dog' perfectly. Worth a watch! Mind your own Mental health 👍



Are you an introvert? Here's why it can be a real strength…


I think this applies whatever your gender. 12/12/2019

I'm sick of it! The fear of vomiting and how to address it – Anna Mathur

This is a really helpful article about a very common phobia. Me: ‘ I can’t stand people being sick’ Someone else: ‘yeah, nobody likes people being sick’  But does everyone else.. Wake with a racing heart after repeated nightmares about vomiting? Replay historic sickness scenarios through…


What are your thoughts on this?



Sometimes when we are grieving the festive season can feel particularly hard.


Does this sound like you? Or someone you know? Counselling can help unpick these behaviours and give people a sense of calm.


Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Are you secretly a bully?

If you wouldn't say it to a friend, don't say it to yourself! #SelfCare


Grief in Common

My “other half”…
I used to think this common phrase was nothing more than a romantic way to describe feelings for a partner or spouse.
But in grief, nothing explains the emptiness a person who has lost their spouse or partner feels than this idea of the other half, the half that’s now missing.
It’s why a widow or widower no longer feels whole after loss, and exactly the reason that they feel they’ve lost more than the love of their lives…they’ve lost a piece of themselves.
Understanding and validating why grief is so hard is the first step toward healing. On the days when you feel like you can barely function, this is why. A part of you is missing and it’s going to take time to heal and grow and to figure out who you are without this other half, and what comes next.
Be patient with yourself, and the process, and get support from people who care and understand:



Thank you to Jo (@grateful_growing) for sharing her story with me this week for the Summer of Self Love. Jo wrote to me about her toxic self-beliefs and how they resulted in a surprise medical diagnosis and surgery, saying, “These harmful beliefs infused all aspects of my life and choices. No wonder my body and mind were frantically trying to signal for attention while I powered on ignoring them. In the end it took them saying No! together before I was forced to listen.” 🙌🏻 Toxic thought patterns have real power and a real physical impact on the body—so much so that sometimes they don’t give you a choice but to stop and address them. And it’s okay if it gets to that point—it did for me, too, before I took the time to stop and breathe and unpack my own box of ugliness.
Thank you, Jo, for your courage in sharing your story.
TWO WEEKS LEFT in the Summer of Self Love! I am still collecting stories about the journey to self love and how different it looks for everyone and I would love to hear yours! If you have a story to share—no matter where you are in your journey—or any tips you’ve found that have helped you along the way, please email me at [email protected]. ♥️ 06/08/2019

Anxiety in Boys Looks Different Than You Might Think — Learn the Surprising Signs

Anxiety in boys, or girls and adults for that matter, doesn't always play out with the classic withdrawn, quiet symptoms we might expect. Being defiant or oppositional is a big one.


I think it's important to remember that resting is a useful thing to do. Do you agree?


Sometimes a clear out does us good. What do you think? Is there anything lurking inside you that you would like to be rid of?


Artist: Twigseeds by Kate Kapp


Do you do any crafts that you find helpful to your state of mind?

The act of making is an incredibly therapeutic thing. When you have a knife and a piece of wood in your hands, the world fades away into a meditative silence. Our founder JoJo Wood Craft has spoken for years about how this can really help mental health, and many other people agree.⁣
⁣We want to give something back, and help more people gain access to this sense of peace. Do you know someone whose mental health prevents them from working? Do you think that craft could help them?⁣
⁣Put them in touch with us, subsidised spoon carving course spaces available - [email protected] - opportunities coming up from as soon as this Saturday!⁣
⁣Spread the word, help us help people.


As an ex teacher this speaks really clearly to me.


(From Everyone Needs Attention: Helping Young Children Thrive by Tamar Jacobson) 02/06/2019

Four Types of Grief Nobody Told You About

Grief doesn't have to be about the death of a loved one. This article talks about different types of grief. What do you think? And why it’s important that we call them grief.


Mindfulness Works


If people don't want to talk, sometimes they may just want a supportive friend alongside them.


Cruse Bereavement Care

This beautifully written article describes the pain, thoughts and confusion that may follow after the death of a loved one 💜

"Stumble, somehow through the raw first days. Shower. Press small pieces of bread to your lips. Sip water. Realise the desperate animal sounds you hear are coming from your own body. Wonder how it is that your lungs keep filling with air, over and over again. Be amazed at how the rest of the world keeps hurtling forward: humans rush to work, traffic lights roll from red to green to yellow, the earth continues to circle the hot shriek of the sun, ceaselessly, irreverently."


Cruse Bereavement Care

We know #Mothersday and the lead up to it can be extremely difficult for anyone whose mum or child has died. Here are just a few tips to help you 💜

If you are struggling or would like to talk to one of our bereavement supporters, our National Helpline will be open from 9-5pm on Mothering Sunday - 0808 808 1677

Please share to help others at this difficult time. 03/03/2019

Abuse prevention: how to turn off the gaslighters

"Gaslighting" do you know what it is? It happens more than you might think, and not always within a romantic relationship. This short article describes it well. It’s a coercive and insidious form of psychological torture, but gaslighting can be recognised and stopped


This is a really helpful article to read on this subject.

In case you missed it, new blog post: 'The powerlessness of grooming'

‘This is the nature of a dissociative mind. I both know and I don’t know. I feel and I don’t feel. I am, and I am not’

Read it here:

#secondchance #grooming #trauma #dissociation #dissociativeidentitydisorder #counselling #psychotherapy #mentalhealth #reversingadversity #carolynspring



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