PQA Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Video May 5, 2021, 5:01pm

Videos by PQA Wolverhampton in Wolverhampton. PQA Wolverhampton is a Saturday Drama School for children aged 3-18... 3 Hours of Comedy and Drama,

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Wishing everybody a great new year!!!

Be Yourself: Be Amazing - You can book a FREE taster session on the link here https://www.pqacademy.com/academies/wolver...

Don't forget that PQA is on SUNDAY this week!!! Same place, different day.AM ALL DAYPM 2-5pm

Pop Open Day

What makes a good PQA'er

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Come Alive! Music Video

2 Hours to go...

PQA Wolverhampton goes LIVE

Performers (not all of them) of the Week 12 September.
Well done to everyone, video features our Performers of the Week, Filmmakers of the week and some of the prize winners o...

Saturday Preview 25/7
a quick peek into what's coming up Saturday at PQA Virtual Academy.

A message from the woods!!!

Thinking about safe practices
Keeping busy planning for the future.