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Hi Guys,

Advice needed, one of our student properties last night had a party of 30 plus people in the early hours and police etc were called (we have gone into tier 3 after lockdown)
Has anyone had to deal with this yet ?
I'm going to the property today and spoken to the lead tenant who is coming across as sorry.
I'm thinking of sending letters to all tenants warning about the party and the fact of the lockdown and also writing to their guarantors as well...
Any advice before i do the letters would be great.
Feeling sad! So today we heard the news that one of our tenants had passed away. It really is sad. He was a tenant we placed with a let only landlord, however, we have a close relationship with that landlord and keep in touch. This tenant was wheelchair bound and amazingly, our landlord had this brand new bungalow, totally equipped for their disabled daughter who never ended up moving in and he got to let it! Anyway, we don't have too many details yet but he wasn't even 60 and all I can say is bless that man and we're all really happy he got to live in that bungalow for the time that he did. 😞 😢
Quick Question:
If a tenant pays 6months rent in advance, is it best practise for us to pay that all to the landlord straight away, or hold it and pay it monthly?
How has the second lockdown impacted your business?
Hi, does anyone have an Assured Tenancy they can share with me? I have plenty of AST's but need an Assured Tenancy. Thank you.
Hi all - has anyone used 'netanagent'? We get regular emails about submitting proposals to win instructions locally. I presume you have to pay for the service or a percentage of your fee to them. I've read less than favourable things online but wondered if anyone had any success?
Hi I need help.

The out of ours phone has called and we have identified that a tenant in a HMO property has via 3rd party and told tenants has tested postitive for covid19

Tonight we have informed our staff and contractors not to attend the property without a designated member permission

The landlord agrees

We are emaiing tenants of the HMO to advise of the situation

What the f**k do we do next basically

As all tenants share the same bathrooms and kitchen I persume they Isolate as a house

As it is a HMO should we inform the local authority ? As we will not be conducting our standard weekly fire checks and inform the fire authority of this risk

Any HMO managing agents able to assist?

I know it is Sunday night but this is new territory to me

Any help is greatly appreciated
Hi Rainmakers I need a little advise with regards to a disclaimer. We have a property we are managing on behalf of a landlord which has an open staircase, banister down one wall but totally open the other side. I have spoken to them at length explaining from a health and safety point of view this is not acceptable and suggested ways to remedy the situation. They are not having it and insist on leaving it as it is. I have new tenants moving in with small children who insist it is not a problem and wish to move forward as it is. Would you just o a disclaimer for both parties? If so what is the best wording? Thank you so much as this is troubling me. TIA
Can anyone recommend a company that they are using to set up their social media marketing and Facebook ads?

Also the automation process through drip or something similar.

Ideally for them to set up and run for property sales?

Thanks — looking for recommendations.
WTF! Are you kidding me??

How securing possession of your rental property has changed
As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Welsh Government has announced new Regulations that temporarily extend the minimum notice periods landlords must give to tenants with Assured and Assured Shorthold tenancies. These will come into effect on Friday 24th July 2020. In summary, this means that:
A 6 month notice period will apply to section 8 notices issued on or after 24 July 2020 except those issued on grounds relating to anti-social behaviour (for which a 3 month notice period will continue to apply); and
A 6 month notice period will apply to notices issued on or after 24 July 2020 under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988
Welsh Government has produced the following frequently asked questions which should answer any questions you have.

The published guidance on the Welsh Government website will also be updated to reflect the new position.
If your within the M25 let me help you showcase you’re property’s
hi guys - for those using Payprop for their client accounts - what CRM property management software are you using please?

The ones Ive been looking at seem to do everything - but payprop takes away all the invoicing/receipting and im thinking i can use a more basic CRM? Any recommendations for new business? pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Changing the landscape for letting agents around the UK - focusing on strategies for GROWTH

Operating as usual


We love a birthday breakfast! Today we’re celebrating Max’s birthday 🎈

Timeline photos 13/03/2022

Next week is going to be SUPER exciting... 🤩

We cannot wait to see our Agent Rainmakers 360º studio style for 3 days of letting agency coaching, motivation and FUN!

Will you be joining us? 👉

How To Grow And Scale Your Letting Agency 12/03/2022

How To Grow And Scale Your Letting Agency

Do you feel as though your letting agency is standing still?

Check out our blog on growing and scaling your business, where Sally Lawson shares 5 tips for getting your agency moving forward again! 👇

How To Grow And Scale Your Letting Agency In episode 2 of Squeeze the Juice, we covered all of the tips to double or treble your letting agency's revenue, giving you the roadmap to scale and grow.

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3 WHOLE DAYS of coaching growth strategies for letting agents, where Sally Lawson will be sharing...

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Introducing the official ARX Mastery speaker line up! 🤩

We have THREE days of GROWING your Letting Agency Learning...

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ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement

Kate will be joined by Goodlord's Ross Nicholls to talk about their involvement in our ARX Mastery event.

Goodlord provides agents with a full range of lettings services all under one roof and their main goal is to help you win and retain landlords....

Find out how, LIVE at 12pm 9th March.

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Achieving The Freedom You Wanted When Running Your Own Letting Agency 08/03/2022

Achieving The Freedom You Wanted When Running Your Own Letting Agency

Did you start out in business with the dream of having the freedom to live the life you wanted?

Many letting agents fall into the trap of sacrificing their evenings and weekends for their business - BUT it doesn't have to be this way!

In our latest blog, Sally Lawson shares how you can tackle this, break free and find your freedom 👇


Kate Gregory

Achieving The Freedom You Wanted When Running Your Own Letting Agency Freedom is a concept that so many people strive for when setting up their business – the freedom to claim back evenings and weekends for themselves, the freedom to enjoy family time and holidays, and the freedom to spend time growing the business rather than ‘doing the do’. Yet the reality is ...


Happy ! Appreciation post for the power-women behind everything that we do here at Agent Rainmaker 👏💪


ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement

Join Kate as she welcomes another awesome sponsor for ur upcoming ARX Mastery event, PayProp! Bernadette Sheridan will be chatting with Kate about why PayProp is the ultimate rental payment platform that frees up your time, your money, and your agency for more!

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ARX Mastery - Speaker Announcement

The next speaker who will be LIVE on the Mastery stage is... Vito!

Vito quotes that he was “born” in an estate agency, as that was his families business, he knows no difference, but after 30 years the agency was stuck in old ways and needed a revamp in the services they offered, the additional income streams and additional revenue opportunities, as well as streamlining to reduce workload and remove unnecessary tasks, which in total transformed and modernised his 40-year-old agency, generating over 500k in additional revenue as a result.

THIS is a story worth listening to!

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We have thoroughly enjoyed going LIVE for our Squeeze The Juice Series...

Over the past 6 weeks, Sally Lawson and Kate Gregory have been sharing key tips and techniques for how letting agents can fully optimise their existing business...

Join us today at 4PM for our FINAL episode, where we will be sharing tips on how you can build a lead generation system and never run out of valuations again 🤯

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The LAST episode of Squeeze The Juice Live – six weeks of key tips and techniques for how letting agents can fully optimise their existing business to increase profit, without doing any extra work!

This week, Sally and Kate are sharing how you can build a lead generation system and never run out of valuations again! We will be LIVE on the 8th of March at 4 PM.

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ARX Mastery was such an incredible event last year and we can't believe is just around the corner 🤯

The team are SO excited to head back to the studio in London, where we have a jam packed 3 days of coaching prepared!

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We're so excited to have Tom back on stage next week! 🤩

Creation in progress for my latest speaking gig (which I’m loving by the way) at ARX Mastery which is all about my business story, where I was, where I am, how I did it. Special emphasis on marketing automation.
Also, how I’ve built the business to enable me to step back and focus on my own property ventures. It’s all very exciting 😂

5 Essential Steps To Increase The Revenue In Your Letting Agency In The next 12 Months 06/03/2022

5 Essential Steps To Increase The Revenue In Your Letting Agency In The next 12 Months

Do you feel like your Letting Agency is standing still?

Check out our latest blog, where Sally Lawson shares her 5 essential steps to increase the revenue of your letting agency in the next 12 months

Click here to read 👇

Kate Gregory

5 Essential Steps To Increase The Revenue In Your Letting Agency In The next 12 Months The reason so many letting agents get stuck is because their leader, the business owner, is stuck on the tools and is totally IN the business. This blog explores the notion of stepping back as the business owner, allowing more focus for growth.

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What could you do with over 5000 landlord & Vendor prospects?

Well, over the last 12 months, that is exactly how many we have added to our prospect database for our Wolverhampton Branch alone, for the team to nurture, work on and convert.

That’s around 80% landlords 20% vendors (purely because most of our marketing is aimed at landlords)

These have been added by using automated marketing and lead
generation funnels, we even have a range of funnels that also works to convert these into valuations

At a time when most agents are reporting, there aren’t many landlords out there, and saying they are getting 4-5 landlord leads per week...

Sally Lawson will be going over our most effective funnels at ARX Mastery later this month and sharing with you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve this!

Pre-paid tickets are currently 2-4-1 (£147+VAT) - grab yours here:-

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Kate Gregory


Kate's Industry Spotlight!

Sally and Kate will be joined at 11am on Friday 4th March by the newly appointed Managing Director of Payprop.

A few months ago Sally and Kate were asked to contribute to a recording of a 'round table' session hosted by PayProp which saw the meeting of industry heads to openly discuss the key findings of the Special Report: Trust through transparency - building landlord and tenant confidence in the lettings industry.

It was a fantastic session and Neil joins us to discuss this further on this special edition of 'Kate's Industry Spotlight'

Timeline photos 04/03/2022

Can you believe we are 2 weeks away from ARX Mastery?!

3 whole days of coaching specifically designed to help letting agents fully optimise and grow their businesses...

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Do you know what the #1 data capture tool is for letting agents right now?

Watch this video below to learn more 👇

If you enjoy this video and want to learn more strategies for growing your letting agency business, join us at ARX Mastery:-

Kate Gregory


ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement

Join Kate for her final installment this week of her Supplier Spotlight as she welcomes Mike and Ben from Vouch!

Vouch will be sponsoring our ARX Mastery Event starting in only 2 weeks' time and will be chatting about their newest service 'Vouch Voids' which offers a utility switching service at no extra charge. Agents can track the progress of each switch through their Vouch Dashboard.

As we have built it in-house, there is no double data entry & everything can be managed through their Vouch Dashboards. Not to be missed!

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ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement
ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement
ARX Mastery - Speaker Announcement
Kate's Industry Spotlight!
ARX Mastery - Sponsor Announcement
Patrick went from STRESSED out and hating his business, to loving life.mp4
Stage 7 - Getting to 3000 Properties and preparing to let go






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