Wolves Anime Society

Wolves Anime Society


Is this thing still on?
Hello, fellow anime lovers! Independent game dev here. I recently released a demo for a free fantasy sim/visual novel, Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

It's currently in beta, so give it a try and let me know what you think, it'd really be helpful. If you can, please do share it. The more feedback, the better!

You can play it here: https://poison-apple-tales.itch.io/beautyandthewardemo
Over a decade ago Neil 'Hunter' Chester and Liam Reid started this club. I took over as chair, followed by William Mountain. This month I got married, and they were my ushers. Friends for life can be found in this club!
So. Any club members, past or present going to Telford Expo?
Hi, considering joining if its not too late in the year. When/where do you meet :)
To any of the members of WAC going to birmingham MCM today. See ya in there.
Hey, indie game developer here! This is totally random, but as a club of anime fans, I was hoping to share my passion with you all.

Would any of you be interested in playing a visual novel game I just made? It's totally free.

Check it out:
I'm guessing you have to be a member of Wolverhampton Uni to Join :(
Do we have any activity for Christmas?????????????
i love anime !!!! i love this page
Wolves anime club reunited. Myself and Drango aka Jonathan Foyle at Hyper Japan. Been 7 years since we last saw each other and the was a complete surprise! Too bad I was working the table and was awake from 4.30am so I look like a dropped pie.
Hopefully I'm not being inappropriate by posting here.

I'd like to direct everyone's attention to a petition for a new Digimon game to be localised in Europe. Bandai Namco have stated that, if the petition reaches 50,000 signatures, they would localise Digimon: Cyber Sleuth for Playstation Vita.

I have not watched the Digimon TV series in a decade, but I have heavy nostalgia for the original Playstation Digimon World. An homage by the name of Digimon World Re:digtize on the PSP is also being fan translated.

I look forward to returning from placement this year and seeing you guys again!

We are the Anime Society of Wolves Uni. We watch Anime. We talk about Anime. You know, general W

Operating as usual


Hiya peeps. Society will be starting up again from this Friday, the 4th Oct, and will be every Friday at 5pm in MC228.


Keneki gimp looks pretty rockin if i do say so myself👌

Photos from Wolves Anime Society's post 24/03/2019

Comic con 2019

Saul Brolly | Academic Officer 19/03/2019

Saul Brolly | Academic Officer

Hey guys the student union are voting for change, if ur interested in the future of this uni i suggest voting sam as hes going to implement changes we've all wanted; a bar for the uni and panopto lectures for revision. Also fundings been confirmed for conic con trip sunday, further details friday y'all.

Saul Brolly | Academic Officer Saul Brolly | Academic Officer


Hey guys cause theres exams anime society will start up again on friday 18th of jan in mc225 like always (or is it mc228 definitely one of those 2 rooms)


Its come to my attention that fridays can be hard to attend by some members so if u wish to come society but have nothing 2 do in the meantime i usually do work in the library from 12/1 so im thinking of booking a room if anyone wants 2 do a revision session, btw im a third year genetics student if that helps, msg for feedback or ask friday


Attention society members and people interested in it, the room has changed to mc228 but the time is still the same, fridays at 5pm.


Freshers this year the society is positioned at mb, rosalind Franklin building so if u want to know more about the society and what we do ask us there.


Hi all so the society should have a stall on the 28th at the uni's freshers fayer so meet and ask questions to the bloke at it about the society, meetings should start up again 5th october, the first teaching week in mc225 at 5pm. Cya then.


Hi to anyone intested in wolves anime society amd is viewing this page, meet ups are every friday at 5 in mc225 starting up when uni classes do although exact date will be anounced closer to the time, mid/late september, we watch anime and talk about manga and do that sorta stuff. The union page says tuesday as well but it needs updating as not on those days.


Hi guys, long time no see! Anime Society will be back on starting January 26th, in the regular spot! Looking to see you there!!


Hi guys! The Anime Society will be starting up again next Friday at 5pm in the MC Building, room MC228! Please come an join us!


Hello all! A quick update on our situation.
The room we'll be in from now on is MC225, on the second floor of the MC Building. Also we will be starting up NEXT week... Sorry about that


Good afternoon guys! Anime Society will be starting up again on Friday 14th, in the room MCb28!

Any further updates or changes will be posted here


Hey Guy, If any of you are coming to tomorrow's club (06/05/2016) then we will be in MC201 not the usual MCb28. This is only for tomorrow after that we're back in MCb28 :)


Hey Guys, due to a lack of numbers we have cancelled club on a Tuesday. Friday club is still on as usual so still feel free to come then.


Next Tuesday, we'll be selecting new anime to watch for Tuesdays and Fridays! We meet in room MCb28 in the MC building, Tuesday and Friday from 5pm to 8pm!!


Hello all! Society will be proceeding as usual, starting on Tuesday 5th! See you all there!


Hello everyone!
Tokyo Ghoul Ep 6
Beelzebub Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)
Overlord Ep 7
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep 7
One Punch Man Ep 7

Thanks for your time!


Afternoon everyone! Today's anime list will be as follows:

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 5
Charlotte Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)
Overlord Ep 6
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep 6
One Punch Man Ep 6

Thanks for your time!


Hello everyone! Today's anime selection will be:

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 4
Honoo no Kishi - Garo Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)
Overlord Ep 5
Denpa Kyoushi Ep 1(The head's new choice...)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep 5
One Punch Man Ep 5

As a board, the heads of the society decided to move the pick and mix to the second slot, due to the fact that we believe people are missing out on cool anime due to leaving earlier.

We've also moved One Punch Man to the last slot, as an incentive to stay.

If there are any issues, please let me know!


Afternoon everybody! Today's showings will be as follows:

Higurashi no Naka Koro Ni Ep 4
Death Parade Ep 4
Kekkai Sensen Ep 4
Devil is a Part-timer Ep 4
Gangsta Ep 4
Jitsu wa Watashi wa Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)

See you guys there!


Afternoon everybody! This week's screenings will be:

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 3
One Punch Man Ep 4
Overlord Ep 4
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep 4
(Whatever the head decides on this week...)
Ushio to Tora Ep 1 (Sorry we missed it last week!)

Have fun everyone!!


It has come to my attention that some people are interested in watching the upcoming Boruto: The Movie in cinemas either tomorrow or Wednesday

For those who may or may not know, Boruto: The Movie is a direct sequel to the Naruto series, and may contain spoilers for those who are still reading/watching the series.

I know that this is incredibly short notice, but I think that it may be a nice group exercise that can help us get to know each other better.

If anyone is interested, please leave a reply and let me know of the times that you are free on either Tuesday or Wednesday

Thanks for your time!!


Afternoon everybody! Today's showings will be as follows:

Higurashi no Naka Koro Ni Ep 3
Death Parade Ep 3
Kekkai Sensen Ep 3

Devil is a Part-timer Ep 3
Ushio to Tora Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)


Hello again everyone! Today's schedule will be the following:

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 2 (I was mistaken last week, sorry!)
One Punch Man Ep 3
Overlord Ep 3
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep3
Welcome to the NHK Ep 2
Seven Deadly Sins Ep 1 (Pick and Mix) - Sorry we missed this last week!

Have fun and see you all there!


Afternoon everyone! Today we will be watching:
Higurashi no Naka Koro Ni Ep 2
Tokyo Ghoul Ep 2
Kekkai Sensen Ep 2
Death Parade Ep 2
Devil is a Part-timer Ep 2
Seven Deadly Sins Ep 1 (Pick and Mix)


Hello all of you anime-loving otakus! Anime Society starts on the 20th October between 5-8pm, and it's in the Millennium City Building (MC), room MCb28! Come along and let's all have fun!


Hope everyone had a good Easter. Anime club starts up again next week on Tuesday 14th April. See you all there! ^^


It's the last anime club before the Easter break today! The room will still be open during the holiday if anyone wants to come in and just hang out.


Just a quick reminder for anyone going to MCM Midlands with us:
We are meeting at Wolverhampton Train Station at 8:30am. Don't be late!


Wolves Anime Club trip to MCM Midlands on the 14th of Febuary. We are meeting at Wolverhampton Train Station at 8:30am.
Don't forget to buy a ticket if you don't have one already ( http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/midlands/tickets/ ). Free tickets as decided on Friday will be given out on the day.
See you there :)

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