Danny at The Body Tech Massage

Danny at The Body Tech Massage




Referrals are the best compliment you can pay us.

So when today's new client travelled past another float centre to come and join us today, specifically because of a recommend, we feel honoured.

A massive THANK YOU to Daniel at The Body Tech Massage for the vote of confidence - we will do our best to look after him!
Had my first sports massage therapy today after years of muscular back problems. Dan is very professional, knowledgeable and also friendly. Will definitely book again and will be recommending to my friends and colleagues.

Sports massage therapist for athletes and non-athletes. Focusing on biomechanics and movement. I work specific to you as an individual after an initial assessment to find the appropriate treatment.

The Body Tech Massage

I aim to deliver high quality, fun and exciting Athletic Functional Training which consists of Strength, Power, Speed, Cardiovascular exercise, Agility and Nutrition. I place a huge emphasis on Mobility, Strength and Stability which is the building blocks of any elite athlete. Every session is different, bringing in new challenges and adding a variety of exercise to achieve

Operating as usual


1-2-1 and group training

1-2-1 and group training availability for March.

Strength and conditioning for athletes who want to improve performance, become more powerful and efficient.

Personal training for 1-2-1s or small group training for those who want to improve their health and fitness using a variety of training methods such as movement drills, pad work and MMA fitness.

Sports massage for everyone and anyone. This is ideal to add alongside regular training and to improve recovery, especially if you have an injury or a highly stressed individual.

Contact me for details and prices.


Sports massage at Intensity MMA

Sports massage and personal training sessions @intensity_mma





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Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Intensity Martial Arts & Fitness for Personal Training, Sports Massage Therapy and Group Training.

Photos from Danny at The Body Tech Massage's post 10/01/2022

Train and Recover with The Body Tech.



The time of year has come once again to re-evaluate your health and fitness to find out whether you need to level up or maintain.

I can help you with both. With bespoke training and plans we can work together to get the best out you.

Message me for details on how to join in leveling up.


Start the New Year in the best way possible!

Start the New Year in the best way possible by becoming a stronger and fitter version of yourself!

We have options for personal training, strength and conditioning and sports massage therapy.

If this is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


I still have a little availablity for Wednesday Boulder Central in Wednesbury for sports massage.

I also have afternoon availablity on Thursday as mobile.

Message me to book your session.


I still have a little availablity for Wednesday Boulder Central in Wednesbury for sports massage.

I also have afternoon availablity on Thursday as mobile.

Message me to book your session.


Sports massage session for Reece


Sports massage session for Reece

Neck and shoulder pain for @reexesmith

Don't chase the symptoms completely, look for the root cause.

Pain and discomfort coming from the chest and core area as well as an small ongoing hip issue. Didn't record the first part of the front work.

First session was too get Reece used to the way the session will run and assessing movement patterns and previous history for why the injury or pain is now prevalent.


Make sure your providing yourself with the treatment and service that you deserve to boost your health, fitness and performance.

I'm introducing a pay per month option as few of my clients prefer to pay per month for their regular sessions to ensure that they take their session which provides them with the best treatment that they first came to me for.

This includes x2, x3, x4 plus. You can mix sports massage and strength and conditioning sessions.

Message me for details on how to block book the sessions.


Impromptu S + C workout

@porkchopmma @apexmovementsmt and myself had ourselves a random on the spot strength and conditioning session @intensity_mma

We each chose 2 exercises each and the sets, reps and/or time.

Pull ups, deadlifts, overhead presses were a key part of the session with a focus on specific strength and core stability.

Taking on 5 new clients with a focus on improving themselves on all levels.


I'll be @bouldercentral Wednesday and Friday this week for sports massage.

I will be doing 45 minute and 30 minute slots.

I have availability within these times so send us over a message to get yourself booked in.



Photos from Danny at The Body Tech Massage's post 06/10/2021


FF is a concept of personal training that allows 1-2-1 or group training sessions. It is designed for multiple reasons.

I understand that exercise can be boring and/or confusing for many people. We can change that! Working with clients from all levels of ability, these sessions are ideal for beginners or advanced trainers.

My focus has been in strength and conditioning for combat sports for many years but not a traditional route of general weight lifting but learning proper biomechanics and movement with resistance to become more efficient whether it be striking, grappling or ground work.

Fighting fit can be for anyone who;

• Want to spice up their training and have fun.
• Train hard without pain.
• Relieve stress.
• Work on movement and efficiency.
• Use strength and conditioning as a medium for getting ready for competition.
• Hit pads and improve striking, timing and coordination.

For any more information contact me via DM or call.


Myself and Nick @apexmovementsmt performing some explosive movements with a focus on biomechanics to ensure efficiency using the myofascial slings.

These movements can be used for any combat sport but specifically grappling and striking.

I'm offering personal training and sports therapy for fighters to help with their strength and conditioning by improvement movement efficiency and force production whilst reducing injury risks during training.

Contact me for details and enquiries.


Personal training

My client this morning attacking a different version of a rotational lunge using a bar attachment on the cables.

Deep rotational lunge > diagonal step > woodchopper.

He is improving his biomechanics and learning to leverage the body to become more efficient.

This exercise can improve performance in most sports especially combat sports. The rotational power for throws and punches you get from this. 🤙🏻

Photos from Danny at The Body Tech Massage's post 10/08/2021

Today myself and @apexmovementsmt submitted all of our Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy coursework and case studies.

Awaiting certificates to become official from now.

Thanks to @ap_fitnessacademy and Nicci @cannocksportsinjuryclinic for the tutoring and support after a stressful year.

Sports injuries... Come at me!


Three exercises that explore and develop better rotational mechanics whilst building strength and mobility.

1. Barbell Rotational Zercher Lunges - grip in the arms to develop grappling strength, upper body hypertrophy, rotational power, mechanics.

2. Landmine Rotational Single Arm Rows - using a Fat Grip for grip strength, grappling strength, dynamic thoracic rotation and mobility, striking, posterior chain strength and flexibility.

3. Contralateral Swing to Cable Press - hip stability, thoracic rotation, contralateral pull and press mechanics, striking, core dynamics, whole body connections.

I chose these three exercises to support strength and conditioning for MMA and BJJ but can also be utilised for various sports.

Although these can be applied to anyone for any reason if you want to exercise and become a stronger, more mobile, flexible, co-ordinated, aerobically fitter etc.

Maybe switch up your training every so often and get a little 'functional' strength and conditioning work in. Just choose your normal exercises and add a little spice.

Drop a message if your interested in personal training, sports massage or sports therapy to get you back on the mats.


Two exercises for functional power and reactivity gains!

First exercise is a variation of a deep lunge into a step. I'm holding the medicine ball with a grip which can work well for grapplers.

Go into a deep lunge then explode up into a forward step with rotation.

Second exercise is a drop jump onto a box. This focuses on reactivity and power. Great exercise for sports that require power and speed.

Staying hydrated in this weather is essential. 

Its easy to forget so make sure you carry a bottle around with you or have one near enough. 

And also, sip on your water regularly throughout the day. 

This will keep you cool and will replenish the fluids lost through heat.

#sportstherapy #personaltrainer 20/07/2021

Staying hydrated in this weather is essential.

Its easy to forget so make sure you carry a bottle around with you or have one near enough.

And also, sip on your water regularly throughout the day.

This will keep you cool and will replenish the fluids lost through heat.

#sportstherapy #personaltrainer

Staying hydrated in this weather is essential. Its easy to forget so make sure you carry a bottle around with you or have one near enough. And also, sip on your water regularly throughout the day. This will keep you cool and will replenish the fluids lost through heat. #sportstherapy #personaltrainer


Client Review.


Levelling up!



To ensure you receive sports massage and the treatment on a regular and consistent basis, you can book multiple sessions at once. This confirms the amount of sessions and also guarantees your spot in advance.

Also this makes sure that you are committing to yourself to recover and prevent injuries or to keep yourself in tip top condition and/or for treatment that can take multiple sessions to see or feel progress.

Message us to book in or to see what appointments are available.


A reminder for Stafford people...

Sports massages available @timetofloatstafford every Saturday and every other Thursday.

Check out the website for details on how to book or drop me a message.


Monday mornings can be a tough one after a weekend but there is still a long week ahead.

Every now and again you just need to take a break and breathe.

This technique helps to relax and calm the mind and return the breath back to its natural state.

Set a timer for 2 - 5 minutes

- Breathe in for 5 seconds
- Hold the breath for 5 seconds
- Breathe out for 5 seconds
- Hold the breath for 5 seconds

Repeat the cycle


Myofascial Release of the Rectus Femoris

Myofascial release of the Rectus Femoris.

The rectus femoris is one of four muscles of the quadriceps that runs down the centre of the front of the thigh.

The function is to straighten the knee (knee extension) and/or lifting the knee (hip flexion). It crosses two joints; the hip and the knee. Releasing this muscle can have many benefits such as relieving tension in the hip flexors.

You can use any tool that will release the tissues but I've found a medicine ball does the job as it's slightly bigger than a massage ball and you can still move around the ball to find the trigger points.

Keep yourself in a neutral position at the core and hips, kneel down for support on one side and a slight bend in the other leg being worked. Hunt around. Set the timer for 2 minutes or more.


Absolutely chuffed and grateful for my first stripe in BJJ @graciebarraws1 Thank you guys.

Only the start!


A fundamental part of being a human is having a strong, fit and healthy body.

Sprinting is and has always been an integral part of our human make up and is very beneficial for our health.

As sprinting is a positive hormetic stressor, it stimulates the fight or flight response which we all have.

Try sprinting or moving as fast as you can often to feel supercharged and powerful. Use the body to do what its designed for at a 100% of its potential.

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1-2-1 and group training
Sports massage at Intensity MMA
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Start the New Year in the best way possible!
Sports massage session for Reece
Impromptu S + C workout
Personal training






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