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Grateful 💙

Having gratitude for your finances is one of the keys to helping you have a positive relationship with your money.

Gratitude is about being intentionally thankful. It requires a mindset shift.

Here are 5 reasons to be thankful for your finances, regardless of how much you have;
💙Be thankful that you made it through the last 5 months
💙Be thankful that finances are fluid - things can/will change
💙Be thankful for failures and past mistakes and the lessons they have taught you
💙Be thankful for the new habits you are cultivating- even if they are small steps
💙Be thankful that you are in a position to give


Are you grateful for your finances? 🤔


Who else wants to retire early?☝️

Fire stands for:
F - Financial
I - Independence
R - Retire
E - Early

If you’ve ever dreamt of retiring early, not needing to work to live, you are not alone. Apart from visualising yourself in the future, have you ever put numbers to this dream?

It is more than picking a random number and saying “I want a million, yes that will do me”

No that won’t do.

A person who invests 25 times their annual expenses will have more than enough for retirement.

FIRE plan

💙Calculate annual expenses (monthly expenses x 12 months)
💙Invest this figure x 25
💙Retirement years withdraw/live on 4% of total amount


What’s your relationship with the unknown? 🤔

“There is something about uncertainty that stimulates your consciousness- it allows you to see what you couldn’t see, create what you couldn’t create. You see more so you can do more”
Karl Lokko

Yesterday I attended Sam Conniff’s Masterclass on “Uncertainty Experts” at the Conduit in London Covent Garden.

This masterclass confirmed my work with clients through financial coaching, such as helping them work through cognitive dissonance, letting go of old beliefs and old ways of doing things, and embracing uncertainty.

I’ve talked to clients who fear opening up envelopes and tuck letters away in drawers, and who also have an adherence to focus on the negative.

If you also have this fear of the unknown here are some key takeaways from the “Uncertainty Experts”

💙Fear can be reframed into a positive driver into action 💙Fog(the unknown/ uncertainty) can be adapted into a positive way 💙Stasis - the importance of understanding that our mind and body are not separate decision making centres but both play a role in of connecting to self, purpose, and others.

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Saturday work out

Some goals will require more of you…

Feel the stretch but don’t stop


"channel through which you develop your deepest beliefs about yourself... quite literally you ARE your habits"

James Clear- Atomic

One of the keys to staying consistent with your financial goals is to set up automatic transfers

Once you’ve created of a financial plan and savings strategy. The tough part is actually sticking to it.

Here is a tip:
Create a monthly electronic transfer from your paycheck or current account to your investment or goal account. If you can’t fully fund the goal, then start with whatever you can. The most important thing is to start and keep going.


It’s official 💃🏽💃🏽

Been just over a year since I started this journey- and I am pleased to join the financial coaching community as a certified financial coach 🙌🏾🙌🏾 thank you @themoneypanel

So what’s a financial coach?

I show up everyday to help people explore their life goals and show them they can make these goals a reality without anxiety or stress.

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Mo’ money mo’ happiness 💃🏽

Our relationship with money is governed by our internal feelings and long held beliefs we hold about money, and those beliefs were often generated in the past and by forces outside of us.

What music genre influenced your beliefs about money?


Leaving a legacy for generations to come💯

The legacy I will be leaving is having the courage to say YES to my dreams and teaching this to my children as one of the keys to

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience one of your dreams in reality?

Or do you come up with reasons to say no because saying “yes” to your dreams to you doesn’t make sense?

Here are a few common reasons we often come up with:

1. I don’t have enough money.
2. I’m too old.
3. It seems impossible.
4. I simply can’t.

If you’ve ever said one of the above, then it’s time for a wake up call. Many of us spend our time acquiring years but never fulfilling the true value of the life we’re intended to live here on earth. If you’ve been struggling to say yes to your dreams I urge you to;

💙place a higher value on your dreams -
💙If you are not willing to pursue your dreams then consider this “maybe you’re not dreaming big enough”
💙use one of your money pots to serve your dreams


Affirm this!

Change your narrative - you can break a cycle of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs by constantly declaring positive affirmations.

💙I am an excellent money manager
💙I am committed to constantly growing and learning
💙I am living a fulfilled life
💙I am living my life on purpose
💙Everyday money flows freely and easily to me
💙I am experiencing financial peace

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Is thinking about debt interfering with seeing the bigger picture?

While it's a good idea to plan and make arrangements to pay off what you owe there is also a point where paying too much attention to debt can leave you operating from a constant state of worry.

✅Stressing over your bills daily won't make them disappear any faster.

Having any level of debt is not a cardinal sin. The fact is, we live in debt driven economies.

✅Don't assume that just because you have debt, you're bad with money.

If that was the truth most of us, would be considered financially irresponsible at one time or another.

✅It’s also ok to enjoy your life whilst you pay off your debt.

🔑The key to financial wholeness is to assess the amount of time you are giving to worrying about it versus your plan and actions to reduce debt and the steps you are taking to prevent accumulating more debt.

✅If you are motivated about being debt free then it’s worth being mindful about assessing the why behind holding debt.


What steps are you taking to invest in your financial iq?

👋have you visited my page yet

If no, what are your waiting for 🤷🏾‍♀️


Do much more with less 💙


I’m a big fan of spending diaries or journals or an excel spreadsheet 😃👌🏾

First things first:
It’s midweek

I’m looking at my excel spreadsheet I call “financial freedom”

I’m making changes to my spending plan, to accommodate the unexpected holiday costs

Here’s what I’m asking myself;

✅Did you meet your savings target?
✅What ways did you find to save money?
✅What areas did you spend too much on?
✅What needs to change this month?


Post vacation money blues ?

It doesn’t have to be a thing!

Most of us overspend on vacation, or maybe we whipped out the credit card to pay for a few things, and as soon as the vacation ends our hearts start palpitating at the thought of not being able to pay our bills ; there’s also the possibility we won’t make the credit card payments when it’s due.

To avoid post vacation money blues here are 2 things you can do:

✅On vacation focus on making experiential “purchases” , rather than shopping for material goods.

✅Start planning your next getaway. But when you start planning your next getaway, start with a straightforward list of how you’ll do things even better next time — or even something as simple as the places you want to go or the activities you want to do. Do your research factor in all costs.

I’ve had so much fun with my girls I’ve started planning a mother and daughter getaway for 2023 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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Before travelling with my girls I set a budget for spending and factored in necessary expenses with a little wriggle room for unexpected costs….

Or so I thought

When the bill came, it was higher than expected. Food checked and accounted for, drinks checked and accounted for, but there’s something about a 'coperto' charge. An additional 6 euros, 2 euros per person!

Nobody told us about it, we certainly didn't eat the free bread at the start.

We were faced with two options:
1. We assumed they were trying to scam us, so we challenged the waitress
2. Take a breath, pay the bill walk away and do a quick search on 'What does coperto mean in Italy'

After challenging the waitress and paying the bill we discovered that, the coperto charge is not a tip or a scam, but a cover charge for the table, sometimes bread (no you can’t stand to eat instead, and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t eat the bread, we thought of this too😂)

My budget, had to change. Since arriving we have had to factor in the coperto on meals out for the rest of the trip. So for this reason today the budget says brunch at McDonald’s 😂(no coperto charge 👌🏾)

I would rather spend money on excursions, pack a lunch than pay for bread and table 😆👌🏾

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