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Laris Farm


What a delightful visit to the fabulous Quest RDA Group at Laris Farm. How wonderful to walk the Woodland Sensory Trail and see the various activities that help their riders in so many ways. We look forward to running at the Surrey Half Marathon on behalf of Quest and helping their riders to have the opportunity to experience enjoyment, and to achieve personal goals through participation in sporting and therapeutic equestrian programmes.
What a lovely couple of days it has been. Yesterday was spent coaching my riders at Pigeon House Equestrian which I always love. Thank you Sarah for being amazing with your organising 😘
A fun evening was then had in Windsor with Lorina Waters and my godchildren. I loved going for a run this morning (In the rain) up to the castle, bringing back the good memories of when I lived there…Windsor, not the castle 😝
My day was completed with riding gorgeous horses and coaching some more fabulous people including at Laris Farm and Merrist Wood Arena
A busy rest of the week and very much looking forward to my clinic at Brackenhill Stud on Saturday 🦄❤️

Hello Laris Farm! It’s been nearly 3 years since we bought our gorgeous pony Diesel from Nina so I thought I’d post a few photos to share how well he (and Poppy) are doing. Hope that’s ok as we had such lovely comments when I posted some photos last year. He is adored and much loved 🦄💙
A few update photos of Diesel. I bought him from Nina in August 2017 and since then he has been on beach rides, sponsored rides, been hunting and is a regular Pony Club Member. He has won lots or rosettes for jumping and even the best Easter Bonnet! Here are a few photos from the last 2 years that we have had him. He is very much loved and brings us happiness every day 🦄😘
Please help by filling out my questionnaire into horse owners' opinions on restricted grazing methods (e.g. grazing muzzle, strip grazing):

Hi everyone, I'm doing a Masters at the University of Bristol, carrying out a questionnaire to investigate methods of restricted grazing practised on horses in the UK and horse owners’ opinions on these.

At present we simply do not know what people are doing in terms of restricted grazing and why or the implications for the horses. A survey of this kind has not previously been done and I aim to discover what practices people seem to find most effective. This can then be used to help produce advice for horse owners/carers so that equine welfare can be optimised.

If you either currently or in the past have owned/loaned/shared/cared for a horse, or made a living from working with or managing horses in the UK, I would be very grateful if you could spare some time to take part in my study by completing my online questionnaire (link at the top and bottom of this post).

Further information can be found on the project page:

You must be 18 or over to take part.

Thank you!
Do you do livery? Please pm me
Hi just to point out that your FB webpage link is broken & does not open your webpage - comes up with an error page saying unable to open & retry but hitting retry doesn't do anything.

Laris Farm is a professional and welcoming riding school based in the picturesque Chobham, Surrey

Operating as usual


They ask and Cornish Equestrian deliver! And not only do they deliver everything the staff can dream off, but they also managed to get our fantastic new Numnahs with us in time for Sundays show ❤️❤️❤️

Who would love a torch cap?!


Desensitising Cola today pre the Halloween show tomorrow. What a good pony!!!


The beautiful Misty has got a beautiful new rug thanks to a kind donation to and in one of our favourite brands


As some of you may know Roo had a gnarly sarcoid removed on Friday. She was a fantastic patient for and is recovering well 🥰🥰🥰

Photos from Laris Farm's post 11/10/2023

I’m going to go with… we are big believers that the right horse finds you…. Nay wasn’t looking, but here is her new horse Kontiki Uk 🥰🥰

Photos from Laris Farm's post 07/10/2023

What a difference in two weeks!! Swipe right to see Billy’s transformation in just 14 Days!!! All thanks to 💚💛💚


Looking for a fun, friendly reliable, trustworthy, and engaging freelance instructor to work one weekend day per week. There is potential for cover during the week days.
At a small friendly relaxed licensed riding school based in Chobham, offering a personal experience to their riders.

Teaching from beginners to advanced riders. Ideally looking for someone who can also help inspire teenagers and adults through their BHS stages.
Must be qualified have a good sense of humour in bad weather, safeguarding and first aid as well as hold insurance. Opportunity to ride and take out hacks for the right person.
Competitive rate of pay, decent breaks and nice facilities and a waterproof coat provided.
Call or message: 07472810210

Mobile uploads 30/09/2023

What a fantastic photo from last weekends USJLshow at Oakingham Stud some fantastic photos taken by Jade ❤️ look at our fantastic merch by ! Remeber you can book both show support and buy merch by contacting us at [email protected] and book lesson by going to our website! 🥰🥰🥰


with Betsy’s horse obviously has to be the shiniest!


Billy needed a friend, and Betsy needed a horse, and is it ethical to only have one thoroughbred on the yard? So everyone meet Rue our latest addition, she’s a bit of a project but as Billy’s owners are working on him, team work makes the dream work…. And they’re already best friends! 🥰🥰🥰 wait a couple of weeks and you’ll see why we swear by

Photos from Laris Farm's post 24/09/2023

Some fantastic photos from .equinebess.hollie and and a quick one of .sj flying on Freddie! What a fun fantastic day for Uki first official outing! ❤️ looking fantastic as ever thanks to .embroidery what a fantastic day out for any green horse or jockey such a fabulously ran show worth the drive any day! Was lovely to be able to see and support so many old clients .riding .zav .sj it was so great to see all of you and you’re all doing so well!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Photos from Laris Farm's post 24/09/2023

So endlessly proud of this pair ❤️Placing in their first ever show! I remember when Sandra first called me to coach a child that had barely started learning to canter, on a green pony that didn’t know how to canter. Now they are positively flying thanks to the hard work and dedication of both and Kara! A huge shout out to who runs for running such a fun, supportive and perfectly set up day! 🥰🥰 💚💛💚

Photos from Laris Farm's post 24/09/2023

Visiting an old friend at the most fantastically run these to nutters riding two ponies round their first proper show as well as supporting and bumping into and .sj results to follow but all doing so fantastically already!! 🥰🥰🥰


When you finally relent and let the helpers play chase me Charley well jumped girls! Looking spectacular as ever in there .embroidery merch


Feeling fresh! 🍃


When the staff at Laris say they brought cake….WTH challenge not accepted .equestrian you are clearly the master!


At Laris we think staff welfare and training is very important. So not only do we eat far to much cake but every Monday the staff and a selection of our school horses get training!


What a beautiful day for the horses to have off! Although with the temperatures we are expecting I’m so glad they have the edges of our woodland to stay cool in once the mid day sun hits! Drink plenty of water folks it’s going to be a hot one 🔥

Photos from Laris Farm's post 18/08/2023

*Pony Day*

We still have a few spaces on our upcoming pony days! Pony day This coming Tuesday!!

We also still have space on our 3 day pony camp. Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Pony days are 10-4 non stop fun with games, hacking, interactive learning both on and off the horse!

Pony camp is 3 days of learning and fun followed by a show displaying what you’ve learnt and prizes!!

Book now on our website!

Remember if your have been to a pony day before you get a discount!!!! Email or WhatsApp for more information [email protected] 01276855034


At Laris we think it is so important that the horses get a holiday as well as the staff. They do the hard work so all of the horses also get 28days’ 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks in winter. Here is DB getting a post holiday work up from the fantastic Briony before coming back into work post summer break. Physio, saddler, a bath and a tidy then it’s back to work! Well until Christmas then they’ll go on holiday again! Lucky ducks! Quest RDA Group


Pony Day!!!

*discounts* 😉

Some last minute availability for our pony day this Thursday has come up!

Pony days are fun informal days of riding and learning. Open to riders of all levels ages 5-15 pre existing or new clients! We are offering a discount code for this Thursday please book on our website and use the code PONYYAY!

We look forward to seeing you!

Photos from Laris Farm's post 17/07/2023

Meet the Horses


Owned by Paula Mcgiven

Norma is who Norma is. Norma has to be the most relaxed pony on the yard, if she’s in the field, the paddock or the stable Norma is just chilling. Norma will always look after her rider, her handler, and herself, with minimum effort making maximum satisfaction! Norma lives with Bess, but you know, I think Norma’s best friend might actually just be Norma 🥰

Photos from Laris Farm's post 16/07/2023

Could not be prouder of what this combination have achieved so far this year! So many good results but 6th at Barbury today in the worst of weather. Can’t wait to see what more is to come this summer From Amelia and Ash!

Photos from Laris Farm's post 15/07/2023

Meet the horses

Bess aka Brynbach Bess

Owned by Grace Fitz Gibbon, Loaned by Isla Mclaren

Bess, Bessy, Boo…. This horse has many a pet name because she’s so hard not to fall in love with. There is just something about the soul of this pony, not to mention her looks. Bess is a gentle quiet calm soul, but gosh can she turn it on! Bess loves her napping, hacking and chilling in the field. Bess has two best friends, Didi who is her bad influence and Norma who calms her zen! Somehow we missed a flatwork photo of Bessy, or she was so perfect we didn’t want to make the others jealous 🤔.

Photos from Laris Farm's post 14/07/2023

Meet the horses


Owned by Quest RDA

Misty. Cute as a button with a big personality, Misty instantly wins over most riders, and parents with her general swag. But as soon as you’re on her she’s quiet as a mouse. Misty is quiet, sweet, and quite happy bumbling along at your speed…. Or occasionally a little slower. Most happy when out in the field with her friend, Misty a best friend? …. Everyone!
Quest RDA Group


Meet the Horses

DB aka Diablo

Owned by Quest RDA

What to say about DB. A beautiful fell pony, who has worked out exactly how much (or little) is needed to put into any activity. Don’t be fooled by his lazy bones, out hacking he’s a different horse completely!

DB loves a cuddle, lives with his best friend Ben and is always impatiently waiting to come in.

We don’t have many photos of Diablo as he had his tooth extracted the week before we had our photos take
Quest RDA Group

Photos from Laris Farm's post 13/07/2023

Meet the Horses

Princess Hollie

Owned by Quest RDA Loaned by Grace Fitz Gibbon

Undoubtedly the cleverest pony at Laris. Anyone who’s ridden Hollie can attest to her cheeky personality, she will find all your flaws and exploit them but never with malice. She’s a real charmer and a firm favourite, but don’t be fooled, You have to learn to ride this one! Hollie turns her hand to everything and loves what she does, be it gently looking after the most nervous of riders or Galloping off into the distance with the bravest!

Quest RDA Group

Photos from Laris Farm's post 12/07/2023

Meet the horses

Magic aka Magical Millie

Owned by Quest RDA

Magic is a real favourite with many. Although she can come off a little grouchy people quickly realise this is all an act! Magic is miss reliable hacks, jumps and dressage. Magic could hack all day and all night!

Magic doesn’t have a best friend quite yet, but for now she keeps Oscar and Jack in line down in the big field!

Quest RDA Group

Photos from Laris Farm's post 11/07/2023

Livery Space Available!

Due to a change of plans we still have space for one working livery to join our team. All our horses school or not are given 5* treatment, top quality feed and year round turnout.

At Laris our horses are fed on TopSpec feeds with their diets being tailored to them by top spec nutritionists. That’s a key reason they are always so shiny and healthy. All of our school horses see Briony The Equine Balance Therapist and our fantastic Saddle fitter Sam Wiltshire a minimum of every 3 months. All horses have an allocated stable and year round turn out!

Check out photos of some of our current team. Quest RDA Group

Photos from Laris Farm's post 11/07/2023

Meet the Horses

Jack aka Jack in the Box

Owned by Quest RDA

Jack is a generally happy chap with a relaxed disposition, but at some stage in his life humans haven’t been particularly nice to him. Jack can be a little anxious when you first meet him, or if you are wearing strong perfumes or creams, but when he gets to know you… wow.

Jack is a super cob, he loves jumping, schooling and looking after his rider. He loves a hack although isn’t the bravest, he will follow the others all day. Jack may come across a little standoffish, but what he really loves is a hug!

Photos from Laris Farm's post 10/07/2023

Meet the Horses


Owned by Quest RDA

The sleepiest chap on our yard, Oscar’s likes include sleeping, laying down, eating whilst laying down, and generally taking life at a slower pace, but don’t let this fool you! Oscar can really turn it on. Oscar loves his jumping and is always up for a nice hack be it fast or slow, and he can turn his hand to a nice dressage test… if you’re sure you really mean it. Oscars best friend is Jack, who is a little more on the go, and can frequently be found giving him a work out round the paddock!
Jack Holder Dip WCF Registered Farrier Quest RDA Group


Thanks to .embroidery for getting my coat here just in time for yesterdays storm!!! 🥰🥰


Laris lost property. Both look sentimental! To claim please tell me what’s on the other side of the item you think is yours x


An exciting day today! Photo day with the fantastic ❤️ can’t wait for the finished result with theses shiny ponies!

Photos from Laris Farm's post 24/06/2023

Let’s talk honesty. I’ll be honest taking these photos I was going to write a cute caption about decompressing in our own personal wood. But honesty.
Those who know me well know that I have plenty of excuses for why I don’t ride much, and sure they’re mostly valid. Honestly just like so many others I feel unfit, incapable and unworthy. Today I decided to stop making excuses. In the wrong school, with the gate open and the wrong bra I set myself a challenge. Stop focusing on how I look, how she looks, how we look. Just actually get on with it…. But I will admit after interval training using one song walk, one song trot…. I did spend an unbelievable amount of time wandering if bohemian rhapsody does ever end 😅


Hacking this weekend!!!!
This Sunday we have space on two group hacks! Go online to avoid disappointment!!


Some pony building under way at stable club today! A nice relaxing activity on a hot humid day! 🥰🥰


Some last min Availablility tomorrow evening! Book now to secure!! 🥰🥰🥰

Photos from Laris Farm's post 09/06/2023

Exciting delivery! Yes that’s right! Merch!!! We will be taking photos once staff are wearing them, please pop us a message if you’d like to order your own merch!

Photos from Laris Farm's post 27/05/2023

Looking for a sane, sensible, quiet, leg in each corner type for an older lady who is partially sited and has hearing difficulties. She has a good level of knowledge and has owned before. Must be a weight carrier capable of walk, trot, canter and be able to leg yield. 15’2-16’1. Mid to low 4 figures don’t mind something older or that’s looking to step down in life. Must be happy in the school, hacking alone and in company and look after our lovely lady!

5* home on a knowledgable yard. Super cobs etc please apply here!!!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Woking?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Some fantastic directing from @xmollietb_ apparently Christmas is coming 🙄🙄 and apparently I’m the grinch 🤫😝 staring @fr...
As most of you know we’ve been producing this little 5 year old super 🌟 over the summer. I can’t believe how fantastical...
Silva and Nay enjoying their weekly hack on Chobham common. ❤️ Those views never get old ❤️
I am so low key obsessed with this pair, a young pony with an inexperienced jockey proving commitment is all you need. T...
Silva out for his weekly hack. Hacking is so important for the mental health of both horse and rider! @jackholder_farrie...
Jenga enjoying the views……. Rio not so much 😂
Jack enjoying the view! To book a hack with us please call or email.
Diablo having a fabulous lesson this evening. Absolute dream ponies ⭐️
Successful Sunday saving the ducks from our school 🦆
Happy Easter from everyone at Laris. Especially from our amazing Diablo 🐣
Ben loved his pampering & scratching session with our Perfect Ponies 🥰





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