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Swipe to see your future…

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Knowing your cycle 🗓️

Before I begin, I don’t claim to be an expert but these are the things I’ve found in my studies and through helping women over the years.

A big one through these stages can be fluctuations in weight.

Which can make it feel like all your hard work is going to waste at times.

My advice, measure like for like.

If the goal is weight loss then compare each week to the respective week of the following month, this will give you a more accurate representation.

But remember,

The main focus should be nailing the basics first as this will help a lot. Once you get good at that, you can start getting a little more specific.

Hope this helps ladies.

Drop me a 🙌🏽 if this was useful!

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Diet starts Monday 🫣

Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself away at the weekend.

Using these tips you can still achieve your goals without feeling like you’re missing out.

The goal is to have a little bit of everything so you can be happy along the way 🤝🏽

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Have intent behind what you do 👊🏽


Live Better Monthly Meet Up 💙

Lovely lunch with some of the gang today, looking forward to the next one!

Community is on fire recently 🔥

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What could happen to you in 6 months?

Before Sam and I worked together, she would fall for the same things you most likely have/currently are.

Really low-calorie diets

Cutting out carbs

Doing Couch to 5k’s (even though she hated running)

…even cutting out chocolate (emoji)

You’d have thought doing all of this would have got her the results she wanted?

But something just wasn’t working.

The problem was she just didn’t have the information on how things work when it came to training, nutrition and her lifestyle.

She very much was the kind of person who would go to the gym and think cardio was the best and only option to lose weight (...yuck)

Lifting weights or using any machines was like trying to crack the DaVinci code whilst being live on stage and having all eyes watching you.

…scary stuff I know.

In just a few short months of working together, we’ve managed to achieve the results you see in that message.

From someone who was once scared of the gym and now the person you see on a mission following the guidance given to her…like a boss might I add.

And as she said, she isn’t the finished article either.

If you want to “get your confidence and self-belief back” just like she has then get in touch today and we can see what your future success looks like.

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The January Rush

Evenings can be an absolute struggle to do your workouts.

Which can be quite off putting for you.

But answer this; it happens every year so are you just going to give up every January because of it?

Hopefully the answer is no.

These tips will help you manage those crowds and ensure you get the best out of this month.

Do me favour and share this with your friends who have been moaning about how busy the gym is

Hope it helps 🙏🏽


Long Overdue Sesh 🥵

Matt and I went to school together.

We reconnected when joined my team last year and remained friends ever since

(Even tho he’s Chelsea scum)

To see transformation and journey he’s been on has been a joy to see.

And I’m glad he’s inspiring others to do the same.

Even bigger tings coming for him this year 🤩📸

Big up yourself


It’s coming to a close…

By this stage, you already know it is the only programme you will need to finally feel like the new, more confident you.

How it can help you overcome the yo-yo diets and lose fat the right way for good.

Or how it helped people like Sam go from being anxious about the gym and eating f**k all food to loving the process and herself.

AND how my clients have done this without slaving away on cardio machines and putting their lives on hold.

That means, I think you know by now whether or not Day One is for you.

If you don’t want to pass up on the opportunity then make sure to send me a DM

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So you want know what’s possible?

These are just a few of the people I’ve helped changed their bodies.

I show you this because I know you like to see visually what can happen.

But I can’t put into words the mental transformations these guys underwent as well.

From over coming yo-yo diets, having the confidence to rock an open shirt, improving their relationship with food and so much more

There are only 2 more days till the doors close for Day One.

Don’t be kicking yourself in summer for not taking action today.


I don’t want you just be a number.

I know how important it is for you to start feeling yourself again.

To rock those clothes.

To feel a sense of achievement.

To improve your confidence.

And just generally feel good about yourself.

That’s why everyone in the Live Better Team gets support not just from myself but all the others in the group.

Take control of your health and happiness…

Sign up to Day One today to start feeling amazing 👏🏽

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We leave no stone unturned!

These areas are the key to success when it comes to getting in shape and actually enjoying the process.

Plus, I’m always working hard to improve every area of the service with your feedback.

This is THE plan for you to finally succeed.

Hit the link in my bio to speak with me or DM me the word “INTERESTED” and I’ll set it up for you.

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Wanting to finally shed that weight that you’ve struggled to for years?

Think it’s time to start feeling good about yourself again?

Looking to do it the RIGHT way this time and not fall for any tricks?

Day One is for you.

This is the program to end all programs and give you the guidance you need to finally succeed.

I’m only taking 8 more people on (2 spaces are already filled) so if you’re serious about making a change then take action now.

DM me “DAY ONE” or visit the link in my bio 💯

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New Podcast 🚨

Start the new year strong.

In this episode, I cover some key fundamentals that will help you win in 2023.

Subscribe and share the episode to people who you think will benefit 💙

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Merry Christmas 💙

2020 ➡️ 2022

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Merry Christmas ✌🏽

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Another +1 in the box.

These were a handful of the lessons I got from this year…safe to say it’s been a ride ✌🏽

I went a little further on these points in my podcast Cafe Con Luis which you can catch on Spotify.

(Or whatever sh*tty music streaming service you use 👀)

Here’s to 2023 🎉


I can’t wait to show myself where I can get to

This is the very core of why I love doing what I do.

Helping people feel happy, confident and determined to smash their goals.

Because it doesn’t just help the way they look.

It helps every aspect of their lives.

Once you start it gets addictive.

It’ll be the best decision you make, I promise you that.


The best team 💙

First client Xmas get together and what a night 👏🏽

…despite me throwing up 🤣

Can’t wait for the next one 🥳



You can attend every class, do all the sessions, complete all the cardio and go on all the walks during the week.

But if you can’t control what goes in your gob on the weekends (and how much)

You’ll struggle to get results.

Let’s liken this to money.

You save during the week by not going out to eat, cutting down on the costas and making sure you don’t go for a midweek pint.

But if you get to Friday night, go to the pub and buy everyone’s drinks for the evening.

Then you’ll be kissing those savings goodbye, won’t you?

(maybe get yourself into some debt)

It’s the same with your calorie intake.

Having this big spender mentality is costing you your hard work.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself.

But you need to find ways to manage these occasions otherwise it’ll feel like you’re trying to put out a forest fire by pi***ng on it.

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The start of the year can be crazy 🫣

You’ve got all intentions of starting but you just don’t have a clue where it is you need to focus your efforts on?

Do I need the best protein shake? Do I need to do cardio? Do I need to starve myself because of the Xmas period?

I got you.

In this free training I’ll show you the 5 areas you need to focus on to get the biggest return without a headache

Drop an emoji in the comments and I’ll send the video over (no email required) 👇🏽


Out here doing what I do best 📸


How do you know who to choose?

With the rising popularity of Fitness Coaches.

I understand it can be hard making a decision as to who is the best person to go with.

In my opinion, go with the person you resonate with the most as that’s how you’ll ensure a long-lasting relationship with them.

But if you want to know why I might be the best person for you.

Then here goes.

I wanted to spin this in a really thought-provoking unique way.

To say that I genuinely care.

On the surface, that seems boring and a given.

“You’re a PT, of course you care about your clients”

But you’d be surprised at how far from the truth this can be sometimes.

I’ve worked with people who have been left in the dark, made to feel like a nuisance and didn’t get as much as an inch of support (until it was time for them to pay again of course)

I hate this for 2 reasons…

You get burned out on your hard-earned money

You’re left feeling like you’ll never get the results you deserve and get back on the hamster wheel of the next shiny FAD

So for the past 3 years I’ve been making sure that all my clients get the support they need to achieve their goal

And I can guarantee you that the support alone will get you more results than you ever had before

I could go into more detail but you don’t need a dissertation to read

If you want to find out more about what makes my coaching different you can visit the link in my bio and tell me about yourself

We can discuss from there how it is I’ll help you to reach your goals


Struggling for ideas for Xmas? 🎁

Why not give someone the gift of health this Xmas 🎄

Maybe you know someone who has been saying they’ve wanted to make a change for a while.

But have never taken the leap.

Now you can help!

Whether it’s a month’s worth of Online Coaching or 121 PT, I’ll make a physical version for you to give this Christmas.

If you’d like to find out more then send me a message.


Stuck on the hamster wheel?

I bet you’ve done this more times than you care to admit.

The weekend buzz got the better of you.

Drinks were flowing.

Temptations everywhere.

And now you’ve spent the best part of 3 days practically starving yourself.

(only to do the same thing this weekend)

In no way should we be “punishing” ourselves for the weekend.

(And by punishing I mean allowing yourself 0-800 calories for the first half of the week)

Because what use will that do?

Before I give you some tips you need to strip it down to its core.

Why is the overeating happening in the first place?

We all have one-off’s but if this is a regular occurrence ask yourself why.

Maybe you’re being way too restrictive during the week.

Maybe you’re trying to diet by removing every single thing that brings you pleasure.

Maybe you’ve not addressed the mindset of making one mistake and throwing the whole weekend out the window.

Whatever it is, look at that first and make sure it’s not setting you up for failure.

Got that covered?

Right next thing, move the f*ck on.

Feeling sorry for yourself is only wasting valuable time.

Come Monday go back to what you need to do and ensure that you have plans in place for the weekend to stop it happening again.

You’ll save yourself time and the headache the quicker you pick yourself up and get on with things.

Share this with someone you know who is prone to punishing themselves after the weekends.


You see this?

This is what it’s all about.

In a world where we’re caught up with how much we weigh, how many sins are in food and how many “points” there are in what we eat.

We lose sight of what we’re really looking to achieve.

To like what we see in the mirror.

I have countless conversations with people.

Telling me they want to lose X weight or be X stone.

But scratch beneath the surface and that’s not what it really is.

They want to be confident, happy and feel sexy in their own skin.

This can happen whilst staying the same weight you are right now. (dependent on the person)

Are you going to continue being held prisoner by GRAVITY for the rest of your life?

Sounds crazy when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to get out of that mindset, especially when speaking about weight and trying to lose it is quite common these days (and has been for years)

That’s why having the right person to guide you to a different, more sustainable way of thinking can be life-changing.

I’m not saying it’s easy by any means.

But it’s for sure the way you should be attacking your fitness goals right now (not waiting for 2023)

A transformation is more mental than it is physical.

Change the way you believe/think and you transform the way you look.

I’ll stand by that forever.

If you want to start taking action before the new year and get some solid foundations in ready for the new year.

Shoot me a message and let’s chat about your goals.

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The Power Of Community ⬇️

Last weekend was an absolute blast with my mentors at the

Talks from some of the leaders in the industry packed with information that will for sure make me a better coach than I was before the event.

If there’s one thing I learned from this weekend was how it feels to be surrounded by people on the same journey as you.

Sharing your aspirations, struggles and ideas can be so powerful.

I left that weekend feeling more motivated than ever and excited for what is to come in the next few months.

Before joining the boys I was close to throwing the towel in.

The industry is hard, made harder by some f**king stupid choices I was prone to making.

The decision was almost a hail mary to see if this could be the thing that helps me make my mark on the people I work with and the potential people who I will work with.

It very much relates to our own fitness journeys.

We do it alone and for ourselves and sometimes it can be a lonely place.

But having that “tribe” of people who are trying to do their best and improve themselves really inspires you to do more.

Having their support has been invaluable these last few months.

For that very reason, I’ve made a bigger commitment to community in my business.

Bringing people together to support one another and make sure we all WIN.

So if you feel alone in this whole fitness thing then I can confidently say that surrounding yourself with people aiming to do the same will be the best decision you make.

Thanks for putting on such a great event lads


“More than just about the gym”

That’s something I’d like to pride myself on when it comes to coaching my clients.

Maybe even the thing that sets me apart.

For the majority of people, I work with, a training programme and some macros aren’t quite going to cut it.

Sure they’ll get results.

But that is just one piece of the puzzle as part of the service.

“A transformation is more mental than it is physical” - Luis Bulnes

Yes, I’ve just quoted myself and no I have no shame.

Often times the lightbulb moments aren’t because I told you to do supersets.

Or that pushing your calories a little later can help reduce your eating window making calories seem more than they are.

It’s the constant touchpoints we have as part of our time together.

Reviewing progress, talking about the week and seeing the way you view things.

Because if you don’t change the way you see things you won’t change the way you look.


Mark has been with me for over a year and safe to say had I been very militant about it all we wouldn’t have achieved some of the personal milestones he achieved both inside and outside the gym.

So yes you can get cookie-cutter plans which you can follow for a short-term result.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that when you join Live Better you’ll feel seen, heard and understood.

And once you experience that, you’ll find that your lifestyle does a complete 360.

Everything else just falls into place.

DM me the word “change” if you want to find out more about what it is we do at Live Better.

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If not now, when?

Thinking about taking action? Just go with it today!

Message me and let’s plan your success for 2023


The decision that can change your life 😳 (explained in the caption)

This isn’t going to be a post to blow my trumpet about how good I am.

I believe that ALL coaches should make their clients feel this way after working with them.

But what this is going to be about, is the possibilities of what could happen when you jump in head first.

Fitness is hard.

There are so many factors and influences at play that can so easily make you fail when going on alone.

The not knowing, the outside pressures and the mental battle with yourself can push you to so easily just give up.

When you invest in the right person, the person who takes into account where you are currently at and where you need to be.

They can be sure to give you a plan of action in order to get there.

Sure some things may be boring and simple.

But the way it’s delivered and packaged to you will truly be the decider to whether you are successful.

Sick to death of not seeing results?

Let’s change that.

Send me a message to feel the same way Sophie did after these last few months.

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Save and share to someone who needs this!

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Venture into the gym at any busy period and you’ll see the same thing 😞

People slaving away on cardio machines.

Because they think it’s a must for fat loss.



When I think of going on a stair master for 45 minutes, these are to words that come to mind.

If you’ve not been seeing results, this is the kind of training you do.

Maybe it’s time you looked to do something new.

You never know, you just might enjoy it (almost definitely will)

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