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4 weeks 👇🏽

We’re almost at the half-way point.

Happy with the results so far but still a long way to go.

You can start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks.

So if you want to get in shape for that holiday or just the summer.

Send me a DM👊🏽

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“First plan I have stuck to for any period of time”

How great would it be to feel like that?

How long is it before you give up on a plan?

Weeks? Months? (even days? 🫢)

You may have even got the stage where you’re starting to believe you won’t ever achieve it.

As my client mentioned the biggest problem you have is that sense of overwhelm.

You want to run before you can even walk so you end up putting a lot on your plate.

Low calories.

Lots of cardio.

7 classes plus 5 training sessions.

Thinking that “the more I do, the quicker I’ll get my results?”

Though, in some cases, more is better.

For you to have a long-lasting journey like my clients, it can’t be this way.

You see, if this is going to be the last plan you embark on

You need it to set you up for life right?

You can’t just learn all those things in a matter of a couple of weeks so what do we do?

Break it down into manageable chunks so that you’re in touch with every aspect of the journey.

This way, any problems that arise (which trust me they do) can be solved there and then and you come out the other side more confident than you were before.

Amazing right?!

Or as my client would say “small daily wins which will no doubt lead you to massive results”

If you want to see how we do this at Live Better

Send me a DM and I’ll give you a low down of how the process works


Your actions speak for themselves 🗣

“Every action you take is a vote for the kind of person you want to be” - James Clear

What does that mean to you?

Well, look back on the last few days.

And think about all the times you may have taken the ‘easier’ option.

Ordering takeaway because you couldn’t be arsed to cook

Snoozing your alarm 20 times

Saying you’ll go to the gym tonight only to bin it off when 5pm comes around

Standing still on the escalator

I can go on.

See you’re under the misconception that Fat Loss is all about the BIG things

Going for 5k runs

Getting super sweaty in the gym

Having a ‘perfect’ food day

While all these things are important

They kind of don’t mean jack if you’re not doing the bare minimum.

What do I mean by that?

It’s all the little actions that compile to make something BIGGER than the above

Making sure you drink your water

Getting your steps in every moment possible

Prioritising your sleep

Practising some form of mindfulness

Of course, after 1 day of doing these things, you’ll see f**k all

Maybe you’ll feel more energised

But over time

You’ll see how much of an impact it has on your success

and whether it’s long-lasting or just another phase.

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As easy as that 🎉

Those 3 tips alone will play a huge factor in your journey.

First off.

👉🏽 Accountability

How many times have you sacked something off when no one knew about it?

It’s so easy to stop because, well, no one is going to know are they!

But as soon as you make it public.

You’re now going to have people checking up on you to see how it’s all going.

The last thing you want to say to them is you quit!

Tell a friend, post it on Facebook, make a story, hire a coach…find someone to keep you in check!

Next up.

👉🏽 Why do you want this?

You probably haven’t given this much thought.

Or at least have not gone into great detail about it.

The more you are emotionally connected to your goal.

The more likely you will have the desire to complete it.

And lastly,

👉🏽 Don’t negotiate with yourself

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

“I’ll just workout tomorrow”

“I’ll make up for it on the weekend”

You and I both know that’s complete BULL.

So when you start thinking like that just ignore it and get it done.

Those are just 3 things.

But there are 8 more if you download my free Fat Loss Chet Sheet which you can get in my bio


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“I’ve been a size 14 in literally forever, so really happy with this!”

Those were the words of my client

Who joined my Live Better 90 back at the start of April.

The biggest challenge she faced before the programme

Was that she regained the 1.5 stone that she managed to shift in lockdown

All because of the fact she didn’t have the tools/knowledge of how to keep it off.

You probably face the same problem

It’s easy to be strict and routine with yourself when there are no temptations

But that isn’t going to be the same in the real world, is it?

She also mentioned that she struggled with food

and would go through a “binge restrict cycle”

You might also fall into this cycle

Of going from one extreme to another.

Starting every “diet” attempt by banishing all the foods you love

Because you think they’re responsible for your weight gain

When it’s just a lack of accountability and guidance.

These are the 2 factors we’ve placed our efforts on with my client

Which has resulted in her achieving these numbers (so far)

📉 7cm off her waist

📉 4.5cm off her hips

But more importantly…

She’s still having social occasions and finding that balance to ensure a long-lasting journey

Want results like hers?

Send me a DM and I’ll get you the details of how the programme works

Photos from Live Better Online Coaching's post 20/05/2022

“I’m ready to see the results of my first cut”

This is just 7 weeks of work 🤯

George started this journey at the heaviest he’d been over the last 12 months.

He signed up for my Live Better 90 to get back in shape and complete his first proper dieting phase.

When we started he already knew a bit of Training and Nutrition

(Funnily enough, we did an 8 Week together when I first launched my online coaching)

This is maybe the case for you as well

You know that you have to burn more calories than you consume

But for some reason still don’t get the results?

It all comes down to accountability.

His job is very demanding and causes his schedule to be all over the place

Some early’s

Some standards

Some nights

So we needed to make sure all these things were taken into account

And focused on the right tool specifically for George.

During this time, he even went away to Lanzarote for a week

He didn’t shy away from

Food 🍟
Beers 🍻
and Partying 🎉

Yet still, he’s made incredible results.

And we’re not finished yet,

Keep an eye out for what’s to come as we’ll be turning things up a notch for the final stretch.

Ready to get results like these?

Send me a DM or visit the link in my bio for more information

Photos from Live Better Online Coaching's post 19/05/2022

Sometimes it’s not about the things you want to achieve

It’s more about the pain you want to avoid.

You know you are more likely to move away from pain

Than you are to move towards pleasure?

If you don’t believe me

Google “Loss Aversion”

Read it? Cool.

So what does that mean for you?

Well maybe it’s time to start to flip the narrative in your head

I know you always think about how nice it would be to

👉🏽 Fit into those jeans from last year (or even years)

👉🏽 Be able to take your top off without a second thought

👉🏽 Step on the scales and see X weight

Fill your head with all the positives of getting in shape.

But yet, has anything actually changed when thinking like this?

Probably not.

So my question to you is

What is the price for you NOT taking action?

If you don’t start soon you’re more than likely

👉🏽 Going to continue covering yourself up because you’re embarrassed to show skin

👉🏽 Grow more self-conscious in your relationships because of the way you look

👉🏽 Have that looming feeling of a health scare get bigger and bigger

I’m not trying to scaremonger you

But I’m just telling you what you already know.

The only way you can make a change to this is by taking the first step

Without that first step, nothing will change.

If this has resonated with you, you’re the exact type of person who would suit Live Better

It’s time we changed you for the better.

DM me the word “CHANGE” to get the details.

Photos from Live Better Online Coaching's post 13/05/2022

Check-In 📱

2 weeks In

8 more weeks to go

Getting the boxes ticked

Looking forward to starting the 8-week programme with my coach on Monday

Somehow have got darker but I’m here for it 😂


Fallen for this before?

The evil cycle of…

“Oh my weight hasn’t gone down so let’s drop calories” 🫣

You rinse and repeat this

Only to find yourself f**king STARVING and on 1,000kcals per day (no wonder)

Most of the time…it isn’t the answer.

You need to take a more birds-eye view of the situation

Are you sleeping well?

Are you hitting your steps?

What’s your protein been like?

Mega stressed 24/7?

Are you tracking properly?

Getting enough fibre?

The likely answer is…you’re probably not doing all that you can

So before you jump the gun with lowering your calories

Focus on getting these areas right


You’re destined to fail…

Let’s talk about scale weight

The one thing that seems to be a focal point when it comes to getting in shape

I don’t blame you…the whole term is branded “losing weight”

So for you to want to see that number go down is, well, normal.

What isn’t normal however is your obsession with it

So much so that it becomes who you are

“I want to weigh 11 stone”

“I want to lose 2 pounds”

My favourite thing to follow all this is

“…then I’ll be happy”


If you aren’t happy now then that number isn’t going to make you any better.

If you’re feeling better does it matter what the scales say?

If your clothes feel looser does it matter what the scales say?

If your measurements continue to drop does it matter what the scales say?

If you can actually have a social life now whilst getting in shape does it matter what the scales say?

I’ll quit repeating myself now

But I hope you get my point.

Weight is literally the relationship you have with gravity…that’s it.

The sooner you lose your detachment to it

The quicker you’ll enjoy the journey of getting in shape.

What are your thoughts?

Share below 👇🏽

Photos from Live Better Online Coaching's post 05/05/2022


…if only it was that simple?

Kind of takes all the fun out of it don’t think?

That sense of achievement you feel when you see and feel the changes…gone.

Losing fat is a slow process

But you make things harder for yourself if you’re not doing these 3 things.

These are the first things we help the team implement at Live Better

and it’s not just a matter of doing them once and hoping for some miracle to happen.

It’s finding the strategy to be able to consistently do them over a long period of time

So if you struggle with these

or haven’t got a clue where to start.

Drop me a 💪🏽 and let’s have a chat about what you’re currently doing


One Year On (Reverse Transformation) 🫡

It’s that time of year again,

This time last year I was in the best shape of my life.

After moving back to the UK, several holidays and getting in a relationship (yes this does affect you 🤣)

I wouldn’t say I’ve let myself go

But I want something to work towards again and have the discipline that comes with it.

After all, this is what I make all my clients do so I need to be counted also.

The fact that for the past year I’ve

🍪 Eaten what I wanted
📱 Tracked maybe 1 week out of 52
🐷 I Over-indulged a good few times

I’m pretty pleased with the starting range.

It just goes to show once you spend a good couple of years tracking

You get a better understanding of foods and what your body needs

And more importantly what your limits are.

This is just a bit of accountability for me

and hopefully, it inspires you to do the same.

May is just around the corner

So if you need that extra level of support and guidance for your fat loss goals then

Head to the link in my bio and have a read



“I don’t like eating the same thing twice” 🤕

Sound like you?

The biggest thing I see when it comes to people starting a diet

Is the sudden need for variety.

I can guarantee one thing,

If you were to track all the foods you ate for the last couple of months prior to starting this diet

You’d more than likely be eating the same kind of food.

Here are a few problems with being adamant about variety:

❌ Your food shop goes up
❌ You end up wasting more food
❌ You’ve given yourself yet another thing to make a decision on
❌ It becomes harder to hit your targets

The people you see whom you would think are “good dieters”

Do one thing…

Embrace Boring.

😎 They’ve learned that not every meal needs to be a restaurant or Instagram worthy

😃 They’ve removed many little decisions throughout the day which makes them less stressed

🎯 They are able to hit their targets consistently which leads to their results

Don’t get me wrong

Boring does in no way mean bland

You can pick a staple meal and change the seasonings to make it different

But if you can choose 2-3 go-to meals for each mealtime to prep and rotate

You’ll find dieting much easier and much more successful.

What’s your go-to meal when dieting?

COMMENT down below 👇🏽

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