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Pop-up Fitness

I help Men and Women cut the CRAP to:

�Build muscle
�Lose fat
�Gain UNBEATABLE confidence

All without
�Eating plain chicken and rice.
�Living in the gym.
�Sacrficing all the things you like.

�Chobham based PT studio �

“I help clients cut the cr! p and get amazing results”

VIP coaching programs both in-person and online. In-depth nutrition advice and meal planning

I am a friendly personal trainer no screaming or shouting here at PopupfitnessEngland instead we choose to teach you all the tools you need to have long-lasting results. On average most clients lose between 8-29 kg and gain lean muscle , confidence and more importantly the TOOLS to change.

Operating as usual


5 meals vs 3 meals for fat loss???

Now let's keep it simple....fat loss has almost nothing to do with meal frequency.

It falls to preference and this could be a process that leads to fat loss.

5 meals a day benefits.

- satisfying: some people can't resist snacking by splitting your meals up can lead to you not snacking on marsbars and coke then by all means do it.
- Smaller meals are easier to partition your protein into digestible amounts.

- Who has time to fit 5 -6 small meals in?... Hey, boss, I need to take a 5-10min break every hour how does that sound????
- Some people with diabetes find it hard to balance the carbs so they don't get huge spikes of insulin.
- When you decide it's something you can't live with forever you get this hunger like no other if you have not eaten on the hour every hour!!! Remember your brain tells the body to release signals to eat.
Any meal frequencies can work

Just keep in mind the most important part a cal deficit.

So what does the science say

from one study stating

Conclusion: in conclusion, body weight, body composition, and lipid profiling are not affected by the number of meals when weight-loss diets are prepared with adequate energy restrictions and sufficient and balanced nutrition.

Hİlal Yildiran et al. Nutr Hosp. 2019.

All in all, it's all down to preference as long as you keep in the forefront of your brain cals is king macros queen you be golden!!

Need help simplifying your weight loss journey?

Dm me now!


Yup, that's right, I love fitness trackers!!!!!

Now hear me out!

Although fitness trackers are not 100% accurate and can be temperamental, I still love them for these reasons:

📈: You get feedback that gives information about a client's activity outside of exercise. (This can account for a clients 15% of your movement )

I generally help clients lose weight and gain muscles.... Having information at my finger tips allows me to set targets and get better results.

🚀I can gauge how hard a client is working in session which can help me program for more or less intense sessions.

😇 I can't be there 24/7. But those clients that use their fitness watches keep to the habit prompts to move more.... Leading to better results.

That said you shouldn't use them for the following:

❌ accurate measure of cals burnt in session and only think of exercise as a way to burn cals.... In fact I tell clients not to count exercise as calories burnt in myfitnesspal. (largely because the calorie equation accounts for this when you enter your information.)

❌An excuse to reward yourself with s**t food because your watch tells you that you have done 10,000steps. (10,000step study was a flawed study and is not linked to optimal health. It is an indication of NEAT that can help with weight loss.)

Tell me below what fitness tracker you use?

Need help setting a clear path? Book a session now!!! DM ME CLEAR PATH to receive a free recipe

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Chocolate 🍪 to the left of me chocolate to the right I'm stuck in the middle with you! !!!

Ok, Easter is coming up and it's great fun especially when you have kids!!

But here are a couple of things you can do to stay on track.

Calorie bank... In short, save some calories through the week so you can have a mini egg blowout...

Set your limits and tell friends and family your goals.

More importantly, enjoy easter it's not just one meal or one egg that set you back it's normally the weeks that follow.

You can always donate your eggs to charities, local food banks and the Ukrainian.


You definitely can overeat in protein........

Like any macronutrient, you can overeat and gain weight.

Remember cals being the dictator of weight loss or weight gain it's important to understand that ,

Protein has 4cals per gram
Carbohydrates have 4cals per gram
Fats have 9cals per gram

When it comes to overeating it’s possible to overeat in all the above and gain that spare tyre.

Here is where it gets complicated!!!

Not all macronutrients are equal even if it's just calorie counting.

Protein is extremely filling and is used by the body to repair muscles, hair nails and other functions on a cellular level.

Protein is also excreated through urine depending on its BV (biological value).

Let's keep it simple!!!

If you have ever seen south park a very popular character (Cartmen) decided he wants to get buff so he orders protein shakes!!!!

He gains an extreme amount of weight


Because he has not changed anything in his life he is still

-Eating crap
-Not exercising

These two factors affect everything

Need help understand your nutrition and you want to get amazing results ????

DM me now !

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Fat loss method for free

That's right I'm giving you one of many ways I help clients

🔥Lose 8-23kg of fat.
🔥Gain lean muscle.
🔥Get unstoppable confidence.

It's simple and easy to apply... But only works when you apply it correctly.

Need help making it more personal and getting my full 15 years of experience behind you to get amazing results without the mistakes?

I'm taking on 5 new online VIP COACHING CLIENTS.

What you get :

🔥Tools and manuals to learn how to lose fat and feel confident forever.

😓Accountability call each week to help coach you to get amazing results

🚨Workout programming designed for you.

🕘24/7 support through WhatsApp

🥳Access to my VIP group share your progress with like-minded people and make new friends.

Shoot me a DM to book your phone call now.


Why you should lift weights even on a weight loss plan.

i hear weight loss myths day in day out...

I am in line for coffee and hear 👂 this.

“Lifting weight is bad for losing weight, so you should swop it for running”

Here is why I would always opt to still lift weights whilst losing weight.

-lifting weights helps increase muscle mass or keep muscle mass.

it's the difference between looking like a human sack of potatoes or maybe only losing a small amount of weight but looking great with it.

-Getting Strong is for life, as we get older the need for muscles is less....(mainly because we don't use them as much. )

So it's even more important to get strong as F!ck so you stay young 🙂

- Lifting is fun and doing what you find fun is long-lasting!!!!

Ultimately fat loss is down to a calorie deficit, 500-1000cal deficit per day to lose on average 1-2.2lb a week.

Doing this just through exercise alone is hellish and time-consuming so make it easier.

-Put effort into your nutrition.
-Do exercise that you love.
-Keep weights on your to priorities list.

Need help programming consistent weight loss and muscle gain?

DM me now!

Pop-up Fitness updated their info in the about section. 29/03/2022

Pop-up Fitness updated their info in the about section.

Pop-up Fitness updated their info in the about section.


What is online coaching?

In short, it's all the background knowledge that you get from in-person coaching.

Such as

-Education manuals explaining calories, macros, how to set up tracking systems, exercises, rep ranges.

-Accountability through weekly check-ins

-Personalised programs

-Exercise technique correction.

All of this is delivered in one app. !!!

We give you the tools to change all you need to do is show up and switch on!!!

If you can't do that then even an in-person trainer isn't going to help you!!!

I am taking on 2 VIP online coaching clients!!! DM ME FOR MORE DETAILS .


Whop what a flavour bomb 💣 littrealy lit 🔥

This little spice ball “chicken curry noodle” from @musclefooduk packs 27g of protein from mixed sources giving it a great taste with high fibre at only 360cal and about the same price as a meal deal I know what I would choose.

I have been using @musclefooduk for roughly 3 years now.... Most of my meal plans have products from them and they never disappoint.

Give them ago!!


A rare VIP slot has come available for Mondays and Fridays at 9am .

Here is what I do 🔽🔽🔽

I help clients cut the bad habits to

✅Lose between 8-10kg of body fat.
✅Gain lean muscle.
✅Get unstoppable confidence.

If this sounds like what you need leading up to summer please contact me now to book your “supercharge call”



Watched the house of Gucci and I stole this phrase.


Because I may not be the best coach but I sure offer quality in terms of what you get.

I always strive to back up what I do with clients.

The amount of time I spent creating information sheets so you completely understand the process is staggering.

From start to finish you will be
-Adherence sheets given
-Accountability tracked

I see in gyms too often that some trainers don't even have a plan for their session....

We all have our own ways of doing things but not having records of what your doing is madness.

How can you progress someone when you train clients 10-15 hours a day with no way of tracking.

Money aside from what you get to what you could get quality trumps just imitation every time.

“Quality is remembered far after the pricey is forgotten.”


Two really simple ways to get progressive overload without increasing the weight.

If you are limited on weight and not sure how to progress.

These two methods work well.

Time under tension: growth of more muscles require the most amount of time under tension this is because hypertrophy is a mix between endurance and strength muscles fibres.

Also, the benefits of slowing reps down are mind-muscle connection as well as improving technique throughout the range of movement.

Don’t have more weight?

Increase the reps or sets as long as you can still recover well the next day this method adds more volume which ticks the hypertrophy box.

Don’t want to get big muscles ????

Why not, gaining lean muscle acts as a furnace for the body not only your clothes will fit better but you will get away with eating more.

Need help progressing to the next level book your supercharge goal setting call to get a free in-site on how I can help you.

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3 really practical tips for defining your goal, understanding how to get there and applying it to every day life.

The easiest way to make sense of all the rubbish on the internet is to hire a coach that can do all of the above and give you a clear path.

Book your supercharge call now to see how I could help you

🎯Lose between 8-26kg of fat.
💪Gain lean muscle.
😁Give you “Unstoppable” confidence.



Meal plans....... Do work
Here is why I still do meal plans.

So I have clients come to me that want to see great results and have no clue where to start.

“How many cals should I eat ?”

“Is this meal ok for me ?”

“Eating after a certain time bad for you ?”

There is so much utter dog crap advice out there that some times the most simple option is to tell someone what to eat and when to eat.


It has to be part of a educational process so you don't rely on someone to tell you what, when and how.

If you don't learn to be flexible you will ever hit the f**k it button or just not bother.

The compliance rate of learning any of the below is low at the beginning regardless of your method.

Habit change
Small changes
Learning to count cals
Learning about macros
Meal plans

So why not start with a professionally calculated meal plan whilst you learn how to track and get great results for your self .

Do you know what I really think about the fitness industry not liking the idea of meal plans?????

More work for the trainer less money.

The avrage meal plan can take a lot of time and that's something most trainers don't have.

Want to find out how our process helps many men get amazing results?

Book your supercharge goal setting call now!

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