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Aesop's Touring Theatre Company


This play, a Shakespearean adaptation of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' performed 'Aesop' style was so much fun to write, direct and perform and our actors at the time Alia Wilson, Fergus Davison and our fantastic musician, Hattie Jolly, an accomplished flautist in her own right, plus professional face painter and artist Shirley Bloomfield and not forgetting my dad, Albert, were all such great company to work with and really embraced the challenge of something quite different. We are always up for new challenges and would love to perform at your garden party so if you have an idea or want a surprise party for that somebody 'special' in your life then please do get in touch for more details. In the meantime, please take a look at our website to see all ten plays we have on offer.
Email [email protected]
Telephone 01483 724633 anytime!
In this week's Editor's Picks newsletter we've got historical homecomings, pickles and penmanship, familial flicks, superb scripts and environmental activism.
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We hosted these guys on our farm on a midsummer day surrounded by trees, woods, good cheeer and lots of kids. We'd asked them to do a Shakespeare quickie: a -30- minutes narrated verrion of Midsummer Night's dream for my wife's significant birthday. They're funny, inventive, unruly and, well, Shakesperean: boys performing girl's roles, asides, hamming it up and lacing the (odd) reference to the original play with pantomime humour and bags of entusiasm. Karen is the star of course but I'm encouraged by Albert who is a reminder that you can be daft at any age. Take a bow.
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Aesop's Touring Theatre Company

We are a professional Theatre In Education (TIE) company touring nationally to schools, art centres, theatres, village halls and even people's living rooms. Performing plays and conducting workshops based on the national curriculum specifically written for nursery, infant and junior age ranges. All our plays are carefully researched for accuracy of content and are performed by professionally trained actors who hold DBS certificates.

Operating as usual


The Gingerbread Man is looking forward to meeting all the children in Chobham Village Hall today for a fun packed show! 1.45pm performance.

Photos from Blackwatch Entertainment  - BWE's post 26/09/2022

Photos from Blackwatch Entertainment - BWE's post

Gingerbread Man – a theatre show for young children 29/08/2022

Gingerbread Man – a theatre show for young children

We are looking forward to performing The Gingerbread Man at Chobham Festival on 30th September 2022
Suitable for 2- 8 years!

Gingerbread Man – a theatre show for young children Friday 30th September 2022 at Chobham Village Hall, 1.45pm The Gingerbread Man The Gingerbread Man is determined not to be eaten – a classic tale to enthral children and charm adults. If book…


Today we are back outdoors again performing in with our production of ‘The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man’. The weather is set to be good and we are looking forward to a big audience in Vine Gardens, The Vine. Bring your picnic!

@Aesopstheatre @theatre2u 25/08/2022

@Aesopstheatre @theatre2u

Lovely time performing at Pontoise Gardens in on a very hot day yesterday! Great feedback and the kids were buzzing!!

@Aesopstheatre @theatre2u

Aesop's Theatre company at Sevenoaks Community centre for " The adventures of Gingerbread man for Theatre2U
#aesopstheatre #sevenoakstowncouncil #sevenoaksdaynursery 25/08/2022

Aesop's Theatre company at Sevenoaks Community centre for " The adventures of Gingerbread man for Theatre2U
#aesopstheatre #sevenoakstowncouncil #sevenoaksdaynursery

Today’s show at Bat and Ball Centre in was very well received with excellent feedback from our audience and the Mayor and her Consort came to watch our show for a second time too!

Aesop's Theatre company at Sevenoaks Community centre for " The adventures of Gingerbread man for Theatre2U #aesopstheatre #sevenoakstowncouncil #sevenoaksdaynursery


the calm before the storm! Performing The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man in


This week we have been performing at outdoor venues across to lovely audiences and up to today the weather has been very kind. Today we are at Bat and Ball Park indoors performing our play ‘Adventures of The Gingerbread Man’ for , and Looking forward to the party and welcoming another fantastic Come and see our play!


Today we are back at in performing our play ‘Robin Hood Rescues the Forest’ and we want the weather to be kind to us please! Really looking forward to seeing everyone again as they join in the adventure, fun and frolics of Robin Hood. Lots of interaction and participation in this play too! We shall be recruiting some Merry Men of course!

Photos from Chobham Music & Arts Festival's post 09/07/2022

Photos from Chobham Music & Arts Festival's post


Looking forward to performing at a children’s Birthday Party today in Fulham. The theme is Peter Pan and I’ve written a script that’s very interactive and participative. Lucky for us the weather is set to be good so it will be even more fun for them to be experiencing this outdoors.
Especially looking forward to playing the different characters and seeing what characters will be at the party!


This morning’s first show at Great Barford is The Hare & The Tortoise to &
Arrived early to set up before it gets too hot!


We are touring to today to perform our play Robin Hood Rescues the Forest at President Kennedy
We are really looking forward to meeting the new and welcoming them to their new school.
Today is their Day and what a lovely treat for them to see our very popular


A lovely couple of audiences yesterday at Greenfields Community Primary School in .
The children and were quite vocal and really engaged in our play. They joined in beautifully and for most children of this young age who have never experienced live theatre they adapted quickly and listened very well.


Happy Father’s Day! He’s a good sport my Dad!!

Photos from Holme Grange School's post 14/06/2022

A fantastic day at Holme Grange School yesterday performing our A Midsummer Night’s Dream presentation and conducting our bespoke workshops. Lovely feedback and a beautiful day for doing these outdoors! Such a lovely backdrop too and the children were really engaged and enthused. We hope to return with more plays and workshops soon.

Photos from Aesop's Touring Theatre Company's post 13/06/2022

Today we are conducting A Midsummer Night’s Dream with and children from Holme Grange in They will be seeing our presentation and then performing their own little . It is lovely to see the kids all dressed up as , kings and queens, knights and swordsmen and even a Harry Potter!! (Of course!)
They are beginning to learn about and this is a wonderful way to inspire their imagination.


About to perform WWII in Primary School for year 6. Looking forward to a great day with and


Jubilee Sunday at Pitchford Hall in performing The Gingerbread Man was great fun! Lovely family audience and a wonderful place to perform.

Photos from Aesop's Touring Theatre Company's post 06/06/2022

A fantastic day at Hall in yesterday performing our play The Gingerbread Man for the children and families of the Parish.
Just a drizzle of rain did not dampen the proceedings.

Photos from Aesop's Touring Theatre Company's post 24/05/2022

Just a few of the props and costumes for our one-person show TIMELINE! Lots to remember!...Well, there’s a lot of history after all!!!
A fantastic day at Blackhorse Primary School so far in performing to
The children really enjoyed participating and we were impressed with how much they knew and how well they listened.
Looking forward to our production of The Gingerbread Man this afternoon.


Today we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with three 20th Century Monarchs Workshops for and children at Alder Grove in Lots of fun getting into character and playing Kings and Queens!


A lovely day yesterday spent at Clarendon School in Hampton performing our play ‘ Not Such an Ugly Duckling’ followed by Drama Workshops with the theme of emotions. We had some wonderful interaction and participation and lovely feedback as well. A most enjoyable day!


Looking forward to our performance of ROBIN HOOD RESCUES THE FOREST today at 2pm, The Riverhouse Barn in Walton-On-Thames, KT12 2PF. Tickets available at the door!


This Sat 7th May at 2pm performing ROBIN HOOD RESCUES THE FOREST at The Riverhouse Barn, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Suitable for 5 - 12 years!
01932 253 354
[email protected].


Don’t forget to get your tickets for this Saturday’s performance of ‘ROBIN HOOD RESCUES THE FOREST’ at The Riverhouse Barn in Walton-On-Thames at 2pm. Suitable for children 5 - 12 years!
Lots of humour, music, interaction and participation and even a sword fight as Robin Hood, with the help of his Merry Men, tries to defeat the evil Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham once and for all!
Box Office 01932 253 354
Email: [email protected]


ROBIN HOOD RESCUES THE FOREST at The Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton-On-Thames on Saturday 7th May at 2pm. Suitable for 5 - 12 years![email protected]


A MUST SEE....Please spread the word...and SHARE:

AESOP’S TOURING THEATRE COMPANY will be performing ‘Robin Hood Rescues the Forest’ at The Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-On-Thames on Saturday 7th May at 2pm.
This is a very interactive production filled with music and humour that combines “myths and legends” with an important study of ecology and the environment.
Suitable for 5 - 12 years!


Our next Theatre Production at The Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-On-Thames on Saturday 7th May at 2pm is ROBIN HOOD RESCUES THE FOREST Suitable for 5-12 years. Bookings online or 01932 253354


Wishing a very happy Easter to all the many thousands of children and adults we have entertained over the last 23 years! We have shows and workshops on offer for every occasion! Our next Theatre Production is ‘Robin Hood Rescues the Forest’ at The Riverhouse Barn in Walton-On-Thames Saturday 7th May at 2pm. Suitable for 4-14 year olds. Remember to book your tickets online or call Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre on 01932 253354 for tickets or see their online booking system


The Gingerbread Man is in this morning at CHIPS Playschemes. Looking forward to our !


What a fantastic day in Lowestoft yesterday performing our production of Robin Hood Rescues the Forest to the whole school and
They are currently studying ways in which we can all help conserve and look after the environment. Our play covers many subjects including recycling, pollution, ecology, effects of littering, photosynthesis, importance of tree planting, wildlife and nature.
This play is very popular right now as it is certainly very topical, but it also has the right amount of entertainment, music and humour. Audiences love to be involved and we make sure they are with plenty of participation and audience interaction. This all becomes an important part of the learning process. We hope to visit your school soon!


Performing a Peaky Blinders Murder Mystery at Leeds Castle in Kent! Fantastic fun!!


A fantastic day in Birmingham yesterday conducting a Little Red Riding Hood for followed by a Workshop for and . In the afternoon they enjoyed our play and we had some great feedback. We look forward to returning to Elms Farm Community with more plays and bespoke workshops next time.


Celebrating 23 Years of AESOP’S TOURING THEATRE COMPANY since The Ides of March, 1999
Long may we Carry On!!


Celebrating 23 years of Aesop’s Touring Theatre Company since this day, The Ides of March, 1999
Long may we Carry On!!


Today’s performance of The Gingerbread Man at The Aisha Nursery in Stanmore was great fun! Lovely ladies and the children really enjoyed the show! Lots of laughs!!


Today we returned to Manorfield in to conduct a Great Fire of London with children. They performed short scenes depicting the story and worked so well together sharing ideas and listening to each other. Definitely a few budding actors in this class!


We love our papier-mâché half masks for our play ‘The Story of Aesop’s Fables’


Last week we were back at Maltmans Green in Chalfont St Peter near performing our play “Henry VIII” to girls. We have been many times before and they relish the interaction and participation. We do, of course, reenact the beheading of Catherine Howard which they absolutely love!
After the play, we conduct and the year group are able to devise their own and culminating in a performance.
Lots of fun while being educational at the same time.
We look forward to returning again next time.
In the meantime, all our ten plays are available to book and we also conduct bespoke workshops. Whatever you’re studying or the current topic, we can provide a suitable workshop that will be hugely fun and both and


Looking forward to performing TIMELINE to Infants and Juniors at Churcher’s College Junior School in Liphook today.
The play is performed by one actor who portrays over 23 different characters covering a period in history from Stone Age to Present Day. Plenty of interaction and participation with the audience, SFX, music and comedy abound to make this an extravaganza and visually entertaining production. A wonderful way for children to learn the chronology and immerse themselves in .


Yesterday’s performance of ‘The Story of Aesop’s Fables’ was so much fun. This particular is one of our regulars. Sadly, there were about 15 children at home with Covid but they managed to zoom in and watch our show. Naturally, we included them as we would all our audience in the performance and it was just as if they were sitting enjoying the play with the rest of the group.
We are well versed in adapting to the needs of our audience and relish a challenge. Everybody should be made to feel a part of the action, even if it means participating in 2D!
Hurry now and as enquiries are coming in thick and fast and all our and are currently available to book.
We hope to visit your school soon!


Just performed “The Hare and The Tortoise” South Vale Pre School in Sudbury. Wonderful staff and children! Thank you for being such a great audience! Happy Christmas to you all!


Today we performed The Adventures of The Gingerbread Man at Little Birds Forest in Amberley. The loved the and sat beautifully all the way through. They were very good and helped the Gingerbread Man find his way home. It wasn’t long ago when I spotted the Man running through the bushes! I managed to get this photograph of him as he ran past!!


Really enjoyed our day at Harmans Water Primary School yesterday performing and conducting for . Terrific feedback and thanks for being a brilliant audience too!

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