Global Grooves Foundation, Woking Videos

Videos by Global Grooves Foundation in Woking. Promote cultural interaction in the community, understanding between different cultures through music & artists and provide community services.

Live & Direct

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Live & Direct

Ndi Jesu Chete by Nyasha MIshie The Official & Global Grooves Foundation African Dance @ Cafe Arts

Amina Kadeya - Nyasha Mishie The Official And Global Grooves Foundation African Dance

Baba Harare for Nyasha Mishie the Official.

Makomborero Album Launch
Watch out for Nyasha Mitshie The Official

Today attend a parade at Nigel school as they were matching and we all get socked. True soldiers face the challenge.

Global Grooves Foundation with Nyasha The Official & African Glamorous Girls [email protected] Woking Party in the Park and soon w...

Winky D and Samanyanga collabo Live @ Leceister Arena 2017

Leeds Splashing Dalom Kids and Montana - Fully packed

Merry Christmas To you All with Lots of Love from DJ Langerz

Langton First camp with son Nigel. Youth Church Camp