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The new educational year is well on the way now and many students are preparing to take the exams that were missed, next month in November. Although many of the UK schools and colleges provided calculated ‘predicted’ grades to their students based on their performance through out the year, often using mock or in class exams as a reference point, many were not satisfied with these results.

We know that time is an essential factor in education, and not everyone is always up to date on their grades prior to the exam. Children often give themselves leeway in mock exams as they do not see them as the end point or may have simply not studied enough yet at the time of those midyear exams. 📖

At Willow Study Hub we provide various tuition, including GCSE prep for your core subjects. If you are in need of some extra help to solidify your knowledge before your 📚 November retakes, you can contact us via:

[email protected]


Or alternatively find more information on:

Trial lessons are also available!


Willow Study-Hub and the National Tutoring Programme

How will the Government help schoolchildren who have lost some of their education because of the covid19 lockdown? 📚

The Government is giving many millions of pounds to state schools so that those pupils, who need it most, get extra help. One of these schemes is called the National Tutoring Programme (NTP). With this money the schools will either employ directly young graduates to help (Academic Mentors) or use outside government-approved private tuition organisations (Tuition Partners). Willow Study-Hub is planning to be one of these.

What can a child obtain from this? The plan is for pupils to get 15-20 extra hours of face-to-face or small group tuition.

Quoting from the NTP website: ‘There is extensive high-quality evidence demonstrating the potential of one-to-one and small-group tuition as a cost-effective way to support pupils who are falling behind in their learning.’


There are several exam boards (AQA (the most popular), OCR, Edexcel (privately owned by Pearson publishers), Eduqas, WJEC, CIE, CCEA) which set up syllabuses and write exam papers for GCSE and A-level exams.

Each school (but not the individual student) chooses which exam board they want to use for each subject. The exam boards are required by Ofqual, the government regulator, to follow precise guidelines so that the exams in the same topic at the same level are at a closely similar difficulty.

However, the actual syllabus and kind of questions may differ.
Exam boards will differ in several aspects: questions in exam papers can be different, for instance multiple choice versus written answers, the style and wording, the length and difficulty. The syllabus and set texts can be different, and the length of an exam session. Other ways they can differ is the relative weighting between questions, papers, and coursework. Exam boards also differ in the number of subjects for which they offer exams, as well as the resources they provide: texts, worksheets, and past papers.
For some subjects, such as GCSE maths, the content, i.e. the required knowledge, is specified by Ofqual and is almost the same for all boards. For others, such as English and History, the required difficulty level is the same but the actual texts, or historical topics or periods and number of topics required as well as the weighting for different skills will differ to some extent between exam boards.
There are thus significant differences between exam boards, and it is important for students to be clear about what is required by the particular board setting the exam they will take. They should study past papers from that board to get familiar with their particular types of questions, as well as the length of the exam and what skill is sought (and marked according to the mark scheme) for each question.

Exam topics and specifications can sometimes change from one year to the next, and so it is important to be aware of any changes.

Students seem to prefer AQA, saying that it is easier, more reliable and has better resources, and that OCR and CIE are the hardest. There seems to some consensus that AQA GCSE maths and science is definitely easier and their questions are more predictable and easier to understand, but with some preferring Edexcel GCSE maths.

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🌍Willow Hub offers an energetic and lively Debate Club, run by our Head of English, who has many years experience of organising this activity, in secondary schools.

🤔We aim to teach pupils to open their minds, by engaging in discussion, and to learn social skills in the process of interacting with others.

👍This activity is also extremely beneficial in preparation for admission interviews and University UCAS preparation.
Clubs can be held, on the premises or by Zoom calls.

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Willow Study-Hub is THE place for tutorials either in our walk-in centre, 150 yards from Woking railway station, or on-line. 🌍

Whether for school entrance exams, GCSE, A-levels, International Baccalaureate, extra help with the curriculum, or learning IT, we have highly qualified and experienced tutors for your specific needs.
Our centre is a newly refurbished, calm setting, where you can do uninterrupted work, one-to-one or in small groups, to overcome obstacles, absorb new approaches, and get intellectual reinforcement in your studies.

The concentrated attention of a tutor is invaluable for finding and repairing weaknesses in a students understandings and study skills in the subjects they need to master for exams, and is an effective complement to school-work.
We are very flexible in arranging and changing the date and time of tutorial sessions to match your schedule and your pace of work. We are open during the week, in the evening, and on weekends. 🗓


✍️ Exams are a key part of life: school, college, university, and professional exams - and they may continue through a professional career. Students need to develop their personal efficient and effective 'exam technique', and mock examinations are an essential way to practice and refine those techniques. Mocks should not be wasted but should be exploited to the fullest. To do the this they should be taken almost as seriously as the real exam. Just as for the real exams, mocks will benefit from the individual assistance of tutors who are very experienced in dealing with GCSE and A-level papers of various exam boards and schools. At Willow Study-Hub we specialise in this area of teaching and personalise your learning to fit the requirement of the exams at your specifically chosen schools.

📚 Because the real exam may determine the direction of a pupil's life, an effort is made to provide a chance to rehearse the whole process of the real exam - the mock exams. Thus, it is worthwhile to treat the mocks as much like the real exams as possible, which means hard work and study in the months and weeks prior to the mocks. Studying for the mocks may often seem futile to the youth of today, however it is essentially going to lessen the burden of revision when it comes to the real exams, splitting your studying in parts rather than cramming it all weeks before the real exam is much more realistic and beneficial for getting high grades! The mocks also are a great chance to get used to the feeling of pressure and how to act during the real exams.

🏫 Mocks are used by the school administration for making internal decisions about each individual pupil, for predictive grades needed for applications to further study, as well as substituting for the real exam in an emergency situation, such as a global pandemic. There are many benefits of such ‘pre-exam exams’ to sharpen your knowledge and give you an upper hand in the real thing, here at Willow Study-Hub we very much believe that and aim to provide exam condition testing every period of time during your studies to check on your progress and get you more and more used to taking exams.


Dear parents
Lockdown has presented many families with unique challenges, in maintaining educational standards for children. Online teaching has helped prolong the continuity of school programmes, especially if homework has been completed and corrected, and interactive teaching has benefited many pupils.
Now we may have the possibility of returning to schools and colleges, children are anticipating the pleasure of seeing teachers and friends and, again, engaging in personal learning, with all its obvious benefits.

However, some children still find themselves with gaps in their syllabus , a situation which may not be remedied, and this is where Willow Hub tuition, by Skype, or at our premises in Woking, can offer the ideal solution to bridge the gap between now and September.


🚀Maths Quiz Challenge!🚀

💪31 MAY’2020

🦋There will be 3 winners who receive fantastic prices:
1st place – WHSmith £50 voucher+ a free maths lesson
2nd place – Amazon £30 voucher + a free maths lesson
3d place – Amazon £20 voucher + a free maths lesson

💪Willow Study Hub half term challenge.
Contact us ASAP for the maths brain teaser by 30th May to enter!

👉The Mathematical Olympiad for students aged 12-15 years old is a 45-minute on a zoom platform, multiple-choice competition aimed at students across the UK.
Taking part in an Olympiad will help a child to get exposure to a competitive exam and inculcate the habit of taking on a challenge. Olympiad exams enhance the analytical reasoning ability in a child and increase the thinking capacity, problem solving skills and confidence.
🚀It also encourages young people to attempt interesting problems and puzzles, enriches their imagination and experience in maths.
How to participate

✍️Fill out the following and either send it to us via the Facebook messaging feature or email it to us on [email protected] by 30th May.

First name:
Last name:
Year group:

The Olympiad will happen on the 31 May at 12pm in an online format in zoom.
Within 3 days we will tell you how you did, and show how the problem is solved (if you need it!)

👉You must not ask or get help, but must think about and answer all by yourself. You are trusted on your honour to follow these rules and play fairly.

Looking forward to seeing you!


💪GMAT exam success!

Tuition with Willow Study Hub

🚀The GMAT is the most popular of the standardized tests for graduate business school entrance. It is part of the selection criteria at about 2600 graduate business schools around the world. It tests whether candidates have the basic English, Maths and analysis skills needed for such things as an MBA course. It is a performed on a computer at official test centres around the world. During the covid-19 epidemic it can be done at home. It is scored automatically in real time and the questions presented are varied depending on whether correct answers are given previously. The essay part is scored by a human as well as artificial intelligence. All this means that it is essential to understand and practice the exam to avoid being slowed down by the complexity or novelty of the exam format. Business students should understand that it is cost efficient to pay for advice and tuition on such a critical exam. As is usual in standardized tests, the types of questions and the way they are presented are in a very limited range and it is extremely useful to be familiar with them and how to approach each type. An experienced tutor can guide you through this as well as how to exploit the essay marking algorithm to maximize your score.



SAT exam!💪
Tuition, preparation and study to get you the right result first time !!

🚀The SAT is the essential high-school-leavers exam in the United States. It is the single most important exam in the US. A 3 hour multiple-choice English and Maths exam, for which it is usually necessary to get a sufficiently high score determined by the particular college or university entry requirement.

🚀It has a rigid predictable structure that you must be familiar with. You have an average 1 minute 10 seconds to answer each question - so efficiency and endurance are qualities to develop. Because of these factors, it is beneficial to get guided tuition to become familiar with the various types of standardized questions and how to answer them quickly.

🚀SAT-prep is part of the American educational experience, and one should not be mislead by siren voices saying that it is just checking the skills you learnt at school, and that you do not need to study for it. That might be the egalitarian hope, but the reality is that those that can, take it very seriously and prepare for it will benefit The English questions, in particular, can be fairly subtle, and it helps to have studied SATs enough to understand what the examiners are looking for in the answers. The maths questions are basic algebra, graphs and 'word questions', but there is not much time to answer, so you need to get your maths up to speed and have it at your fingertips by the time you take the exam!

🚀The English and Maths level tested is at the GCSE level, but, because of the style of the English questions and the fast pace, it is a 3 hour marathon which tests your concentration, speed and efficiency. That is why preparation and practice are essential, so that you get to know the layout and types of questions. Because of similarities and standardization of the questions, after preparation you will be completely confident and familiar with the paper in front of you on the day of the test! You will know what to do for each question and your mind can focus on the specific meaning of the particular question being asked!

🚀Tuition for SAT will also help recall, revise or learn those particular English and Maths skills required by SAT. Most of these you already know, but recalling and practising them shortly before the exam helps. Ironing out sources of mistakes is, of course, a very valuable aspect of one-to-one tuition.

SAT exam success!

Tuition with Willow Study Hub


Modern technology can help us rise to the occasion, in these challenging times.
Skype( Whatsapp/ Facetime/Zoom) teaching is a highly effective way of keeping your child in touch with our tutors, all of whom have a wealth of experience in getting the most out of individual or group sessions.
We have found that today’s young people respond very well to this form of tuition- even 4 or 5 year olds are capable of focusing on the screen in order to do Mathematics, reading, comprehension, vocabulary practice and story telling( in English, French or Russian)




Willow Study Hub🦋Woking


Whether you are at school, college or university, get in the right frame of mind to be successful in your studies. Shakespeare stated that, “All things be ready if the mind be so.” Here at Willow Study Hub we play our part by helping you improve your learning skills. But, remember, it is not enough trying to remember material, you have to understand it as well!

We focus on giving extensive support in all aspects of your studies to help you become a more assertive, rounded, confident and successful individual. You need never be embarrassed again because of your lack of knowledge – as Willow Study Hub are here to help.

Join our discussion groups with other students. It’s a means to encourage interactive learning, air ideas and avenues of exploring subject matter. This is a great, effective way of boosting confidence and becoming an active thinker.


Whether you are at school, college or university, get in the right frame of mind to be successful in your studies. Shakespeare stated that, “All things be ready if the mind be so.” Here at Willow Study Hub we play our part by helping you improve your learning skills. But, remember, it is not enough trying to remember material, you have to understand it as well!

We focus on giving extensive support in all aspects of your studies to help you become a more assertive, rounded, confident and successful individual. You need never be embarrassed again because of your lack of knowledge – as Willow Study Hub are here to help.

Join our discussion groups with other students. It’s a means to encourage interactive learning, air ideas and avenues of exploring subject matter. This is a great, effective way of boosting confidence and becoming an active thinker.




Education is the key to success and a richer awareness of the world and of opportunities. Schools provide this, yet it is still the parent who has to monitor how well the child is doing. A few parents can guide their own children, but others need outside help. Childhood is the key period to acquire good study practices and create solid foundations. A whole array of skills and qualities have to be acquired in and outside school for academic and later career success.

In today's competitive environment where exam grades are the door to progress, it is important to make the right decisions. One of these is ensuring students keep up to speed with the curriculum. Many children do not make best or even good use of what schools have to offer, especially if they fall behind. They often fail to pay attention or ask questions in class, where they can get lost in the group. Some have difficulty concentrating while others are distracted or not interested. Rarely is this the case in a one-to-one or very small group tuition session, as the form of communication here requires the child to be responsive, because the tutor can have his full attention on him. Tutors can gauge their pace and level, and provide an opportunity where the student can clear up misunderstandings and gaps in his knowledge and develop confidence with gentle encouragement. The concentration of tutoring makes for efficient work, and just an hour a week at Willow Study-Hub, will likely make a significant difference, complementing the school coursework. Our experienced tutors can also monitor if the student is covering the entire required syllabus and homework, and guide him in exam technique. A tutor can also provide mentoring because he gets to know the student's skills, corrects poor or inefficient work habits, and aids him in general understanding of topics, giving an additional perspective to the school classroom teaching.

The tutorial service at Willow Study-Hub can also tailor the lessons to the requirements of particular exam boards or schools and can provide advice to parents about these and the educational system.

Tuition is a distinctive and useful supplement to school with very clear benefits. Let our top teachers navigate and boost your child’s knowledge.


Be a real winner in life and make your dreams become a reality and study with our experts. Einstein stated “The world we see, the world we are.” Don’t feel a failure or demotivated. Believe in yourself. We will support you and help build your confidence by making studying an exciting adventure and no longer a chore.
You can become a creative thinker and become more effective in your work. Our highly qualified tutors provide the tools to enable you achieve your goals.
All our educators have a proven record of success in the public and private sector. They are higher achievers who have a passion for education and encouraging others to understand the powerful benefits of knowledge.
Perseverance and belief in oneself are key factors in success.


Join our discussion groups with other students. It’s a means to encourage interactive learning, air ideas and avenues of exploring subject matter. This is a great, effective way of boosting confidence and becoming an active thinker.



Friday 20, Mon 23, Fri 27, Mon 30

December 2019

Explore Ideas and Have Fun with Recreational Maths in an Informal Setting

We are hosting the activities in three classes during specified days: 1pm – 2pm,

3pm – 4pm

5pm – 6pm

Multi-player games like draughts, chess or go, but where the rules have been changed, as well as word games like `just a minute’.

Puzzles involving objects, like unknotting strings, folding paper, jigsaw-type, magic square rearranging-type, arranging matchsticks, packing coins.

Puzzles where you use paper and pencil: word logic brain-teasers, number crossword, shape and geometry riddles.

Willow Study-Hub, Unit 6 Centrium, Station Approach, Woking GA22 7PA.

(150 yards SW of Woking Station, opposite HM Coroners Court)




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Unit 6 Centrium

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