Shane Cooke: Mind-Body Wellness Coach

Shane Cooke: Mind-Body Wellness Coach

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This is a reminder that you don't need to look for for the simplest and most powerful solutions they are already within you but to allow them to shine through all the bullsh*ts armour you need to put the work in!

Get a coach
This is my advice

You got this
It's simple but not easy

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane


Loving yourself first before anything is not only a gift to yourself but a gift to your loved ones and the world.


Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane


Coming soon
Watch this space
For information before launch sign up to the news letter (link in bio)

For all the beginnings and the umers and arrrrers this is for you!

a deep dive into this wonderful world of love, joy gratitude and consciousness.


The monkey 🐒 mind
Yoga breath

More info coming soon

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane


New classes start this month

Connect to your higher self, let go, Be free.

Open up, release, relax

Come and join me on Tuesday evenings for a magical journey of, breathwork and meditation. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience with like minded folk . We will start with relaxation, breath regulation and intention setting then flow into a powerful breathwork session which will allow us to connect deeply to our inner world, let go and release tension within the body and stress within the nervous system. From there we enter a soft space of stillness and tranquility with a majestic guided meditation.

From 6:45-7pm we will have an open circle where i will offer advice to all who seek it. This is a safe space of non judgemental open conversation.

Every week is the same format but with a different array of topics.

Possible benefits of regular attendance:

Release of Tension in the Body

Release of Stress 

Relieve anxiety

Clarity of Mind

Manage Anxiety

Improved Sleep

Improved Digestive Function

More Energy 

Improved Concentration 

Calm and Grounded 

Connection with Self & Stronger Intuition

Heightened Creativity


Sounds & topics 








Yoga breathing


It’s important to be fully immersed into a comfortable space throughout so please bring…

Yoga mat

Small pillow



Notebook to reflect at the end

Eye cover

Please wear comfortable clothes, gym wear or loose


Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I'm changing myself.


You win! 03/05/2022

You win!

You win! -

You win! A new beginning means a new opportunity to seek freedom, when you can see life this way you win! But action must take place x


Make sure your team is aligned or ride your own wave! 🌊💚❤️🧘‍♀️

@nipseyhussle RIP


For me meditation was a life changer! I am currently writing a new meditation program and I would love to know what difference meditation has made in your life!⏬⏬⏬

Let me know in the comments below 🔽💚✅🌟

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane


I found this quote very powerful, it will have a different interpretation for each person religious non religious so on and so forth.

For me this is about the inner world.

Interpret it as you will I'm sure in whatever way it is interpreted it's powerful so I just wanted to share it.

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane

Photos from Shane Cooke: Mind-Body Wellness Coach's post 28/04/2022

Free for the next seven days! Have you been looking to try breathwork but feel overwhelmed by everything that's out there?✅

If so this is for you, seven days of breath with simple and fun activities and techniques for you to master and begin to initiate your inner Guru!🫁⏬🧘‍♀️

Why would you not give it a whirl!!
Seven days only

Link in the Instagram bio @shane_jasperwellbeing

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane

Photos from Shane Cooke: Mind-Body Wellness Coach's post 27/04/2022

Have you ever wondered why no matter what, you can't seem to accomplish your goals?

Not making the right decisions ✅
Not feeling motivated to put the work in✅
Keep telling yourself not today ✅

Whatever goals you are concentrating on identity has a big part of either lack of accomplishment or accomplishment 💚

Does your identity possess the qualities and BELIEFS it takes to accomplish the goals you have?

Check out the post and save a s a reminder 🕉️🌟🧘‍♀️

Peace and love ❤️ Shane



I bow to the creative wisdom, I bow to the divine teacher within.......

You are your own guru, connect yourself to the divine within and universally.

Classes coming to Woking soon.......
Watch this space or until then download some meditations from the link in my Instagram bio.


Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane


Relieve stress, balance mood & energy, improve sleep and revitalize your soul! This is your total body and mind re-balance. 

Get everything you need to create a sustainable, happy, and healthy daily practice right here

The Breath of life 28-Day transformation is designed to help transform your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being with a focus on rebalancing, realigning, and rejuvenating your nervous system to bring you to a place of balance, calm, tranquillity, and mental clarity.

Over the 28 days, you will practice, practice, practice along with learning the important science, psychology, and physiology behind the breath within a wonderful community of like-minded practitioners!

No gurus, no traditions, no fluff… This is a clear, science-based learning experience.

Click the link in the bio for all the information.

This is an opportunity for major transformation x

Peace ☮️ and Love ❤️ Shane

Shane Cooke | Jasper Wellbeing


Welcome to my personal page for my business Jasper Wellbeing.

Firstly, a question I always get asked is why Jasper? I named the company after the healing crystal because it is known as the supreme nurturer and this is exactly what I do so it fits well.

Jasper Wellbeing is a holistic wellness company supporting individuals and organisation across the UK and beyond.

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